• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Dec 10, 2009
  • Also On: PC

Generally favorable reviews - based on 50 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. 100
    Among the already-unique PixelJunk games, Shooter manages to stand out.
  2. A fantastic piece of downloadable software, PixelJunk Shooter becomes another reason that the PSN stands on its own two legs against Microsoft's XBLA.
  3. 95
    If you consider yourself a gamer and fancy the online stores, there is no excuse not to play Shooter.
  4. Play UK
    Don't miss this. [Issue#187, p.86]
  5. 91
    A brilliantly simple and addictive title, which is basically what we've come to expect from Q-Games. The mix of elements and the way they're handled is nothing short of fantastic, and all of the collection mechanics make for an experience that you can really dig in to. Absolutely do not miss this.
  6. 91
    Fun and constant self-challenging are key to PixelJunk, to take apparently simple ideas and take them to practice with amazing mastery. Shooter is the best example of that, you won't be able to leave the gamepad until exploring the last gap of this changing world.
  7. Pelit (Finland)
    A really interesting combination of a cave shooter and a action puzzler. The liquids are fun and they work really well. [Jan 2010]
  8. There can be no doubt that the game's over too soon, but the journey is still worth travelling. When water meets lava... Well, that's worth the asking price alone.
  9. Pixeljunk Shooter is a unique and addictive shooter, its got plenty to keep you thinking and every minute playing it is a joy. For the asking price its hard to fault, Highly recommended
  10. PixelJunk Shooter is simple, fun, and addicting, but a tad short. Nonetheless, Shooter is quite possibly the best bang for your buck on PSN.
  11. Briskness, innovation, charm and intelligence. That's what Q Games' PixelJunk series stands for. In those regards Shooter definitely is no exception. Easily one of the best downloadable titles of the year.
  12. The fourth instalment in the PixelJunk series is perhaps their best, but wherever you stand, this shooter with adventure elements is original and full of style.
  13. games(TM)
    So good that the old adage of "quality, not quantity" has never felt more appropriate. [Issue#91, p.111]
  14. It’s rather difficult to fault the game on any conceivable level, but one minor criticism is that the game-length-to-game-price ratio is a bit uneven.
  15. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    The animations and interaction of on-screen elements ooze character, and add a good dash of humour. [Jan 2010, p.113]
  16. PixelJunk Shooter is another great new entry in the pixelJunk series: an accessible but challenging work of art, with great visuals and addictive gameplay. One of the best PSN exclusives yet.
  17. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Extremely well made. [Feb 2010, p.76]
  18. PixelJunk Shooter combines the best aspects of old school shooters with its own unique brand of environmental puzzles to create a shooting experience unlike any other.
  19. 89
    Q-Games has succeeded in bringing a classic game genre back to life for the fourth time in a row, this time with a very innovative PixelJunk Shooter. Puzzling with water, lava and ice – while shooting enemies and saving miners – is surprisingly fluent and offers quite some challenge without getting frustrating. This game comes highly recommended. We look forward to PixelJunk Shooter: Encore.
  20. Yet another stellar title for the team. They have taken what is a classic concept and gone against the grain to produce something clean and fresh for us gamers to enjoy.
  21. 89
    A new great part in the PixelJunk franchise. The gameplay is really simple, but fun and playing this game with your friends will be more fun. Q-Games delivers with this new part a great one and all of the fans of the previous PixelJunk games shouldn’t miss this one.
  22. Games Master UK
    Arguably PixelJunk's finest game, which is quite something considering their back catalogue. [Feb 2010, p.77]
  23. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Another superb PSN offering from the Pixeljunk team. [Feb 2010, p.92]
  24. PixelJunk Shooter isn't my favorite entry from Q-Games (Eden holds that distinction), but it is one of my favorite games of 2009 - arcade or otherwise.
  25. At the end of 2009, if you were of the mind that twin stick shooters had been done to death, please allow PixelJunk Shooter to quietly defy your expectations.
  26. When it comes down to it, there's no denying that Shooter is over too soon. Far too soon. Even for completionists, there's likely less than five hours' worth of play in the singleplayer, with the only real replayability in the local co-op. If there was online multiplayer this wouldn't be an issue, but it is. Not a huge issue, not a deal breaking issue, not something worth complaining about too much, but an issue.
  27. This game shows how a flash-based shooter should be: simple to use and fun as hell!
  28. PixelJunk Shooter is slick, addictive, and memorable, and more than worth the $10 dollars it'll set you back. It's also clear that this is just the first installment in what we're hoping is a long, ongoing inquiry into the science of fun.
  29. PixelJunk Shooter is another great game in this series, though it’s an experience that ends quite a bit sooner than its predecessors that left us wanting more in the best way possible.
  30. PixelJunk Shooter is another great game in this series. A simple and condensed package of fun.
  31. PixelJunk Shooter is still an absolute blast (no pun intended) to play, with enough charm and originality to make it another strong addition to Sony's already solid downloadable game library.
  32. The concept is original, the aesthetics are striking, and the game behind it all is a simple, condensed package of fun.
  33. If you’re lying in wait for some Christmas presents and don’t have anything to play, and there just so happens to be a winter storm blowing outside, jump online, quickly download this 108MB game, and be satisfied for quite some time.
  34. 84
    PixelJunk Shooter is the fourth good PixelJunk game in a row. Playing this game is a pleasure for all senses and therefore it's a shame that the game is so short. Developer Q-Games throws a bull's eye with this PlayStation Network title.
  35. It has that old-school feel of a game like the original side-scrolling Gradius, all wrapped up in a brilliantly simple veneer with smooth controls, amazing physics, and all-around satisfying gameplay.
  36. PixelJunk Shooter is a taut, well-made and original game that's been lavished with good design and slick coding. It won't detain you long - and without giving too much away, the post-credits kill-screen suggests a DLC expansion is highly likely, as does PixelJunk's past history. But for every minute of those few hours, it's an unpredictable, fluidly entertaining blast.
  37. Being a massive fan of the PixelJunk series I couldn’t help but wish there was a little more to Shooter. Sure, what there is is great fun, but the experience is over rather quickly and replaying the game is for purists only.
  38. 80
    After playing PJS to completion -- about three hours, altogether -- I feel like I've completed half of an awesome puzzle game.
  39. Despite feeling like the tutorial mode for its eventual Encore-style follow-up, PixelJunk Shooter's unique mechanics and terrific audiovisual design still make it stand out in ways that most downloadable releases lack.
  40. Cheery aesthetics and unique puzzle elements make this a wild underground adventure.
  41. The best PixelJunk game yet and an inspired mix of Thrust style exploration and elemental puzzles.
  42. PixelJunk Shooter is one of those instantly-intuitive games that only takes a minute before completely clicking with the player—once the controller is in hand, everything makes sense and flows effortlessly.
  43. 80
    PixelJunk:Shooter is a blast to play through and an addictive game at that, and is sure to please many of the shmup fans out there.
  44. Edge Magazine
    Shooter feels accomplished and robust, a rounded and consistently enjoyable achievement. [Jan 2010, p.94]
  45. The fluid dynamics of Pixeljunk Shooter touch something that is inside every human. The satisfaction of setting up a chain reaction and and letting all elements interact almost can't be topped. The addition of a co-op mode only adds more to the fun. The low difficulty and the omission of a level editor is a bit unsatisfactory.
  46. Despite the name, this is more of a puzzle-game than a shooter, and the wonderful fluid-physics create a very enjoyable experience, although the game is fairly short and much to easy. For the price though it is still a good game and a nice addition to the PixelJunk-series.
  47. 78
    In the end this latest little offering from developer Q-Games (little in terms of file size - good, and story length - not so good) probably should have been called PixelJunk Puzzler. But, it has a great control system, enough enemies to shoot, and the concept of mixing the lava and water, ice and gas is inventive and fresh.
  48. Just when you think you know exactly how to solve a certain puzzle, Shooter gets the last laugh by springing an unexpected surprise on you, making for that rarest of shooters: One where you must be paying attention and thinking at all times.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 55 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 44 out of 55
  2. Negative: 4 out of 55
  1. Oct 13, 2010
    What can I say about Pixel Junk Shooter? First and foremost it!s a game that I've been dreaming for years! It's a game that has been madeWhat can I say about Pixel Junk Shooter? First and foremost it!s a game that I've been dreaming for years! It's a game that has been made by game enthusiasts to game enthusiasts. I enjoyed every minutes, every seconds of this game. It made me feel the excite mend that I was feeling when I first played legendary game Another World years ago. Pure fun. Pure addictive. Plus state of art genius levels and bosses designs. You can't get one which is better than this! Simple mechanics yet, truly, truly a beautiful game. Full Review »
  2. RonnyM
    Dec 12, 2009
    Pixeljunk games are the best!! A bit short, but lovely all the same!!
  3. PhilM
    Dec 11, 2009
    Excellent fun game. The physics are brilliantly done Q-Games have produced probably their best game to date by far!