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  1. 90
    A bolt out of the blue, Avicii Invector is both a brilliant rhythm action experience and a fitting tribute to the late Tim Bergling. For the price of a greatest-hits album, Avicii Invector is a brilliant way to experience a deep cut of the discography, while also offering plenty of replay value in the form of further difficulty modes and an immensely playable experience in single or multiplayer.
  2. Dec 23, 2019
    Avicii Invector is a high intensity rhythmic game centered around the largely praised electronic musician Avicii. The tap-to-the-beat game play coincides with many of Avicii's greatest works, joyfully playing against an illuminated theme park track, that is reminiscent of the EDM scene as a whole. Although the story in Avicii Invector leaves much to be desired, and some higher difficulties will prove too challenging for the fledgling rhythmic gamer, Avicii Invector is a faithful tribute to the late musician and his work.
  3. Dec 18, 2019
    Rhythm action at its finest, Avicii Invector celebrates the life of a musical genius with an adventure across the stars that is challenging, enjoyable and euphoric in its celebration of an icon’s legacy.
  4. Dec 16, 2019
    As a fan of music games, AVICII Invector is an easy recommendation. It might not take any big risks evolving the genre, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a grand old time to be had. It looks great, sounds amazing, and makes for a surprisingly excellent party game for the Holidays. Even if you aren’t familiar with AVICII’s back catalogue of tunes, I still suggest you give it a shot. Who knows, you might find yourself becoming an unexpected fan of his music. If so, then I can’t think of a better way to honour his memory.
  5. Jan 10, 2020
    Avicii Invector follows a path that led Harmonix to greatness and while I don’t think Hello There Games will go the same distance, they made a really solid and fun music game to play. The only real criticism that can be levied against the game is its moderately short length. A 25 song setlist is a decent amount of content but once you’ve gone through them, there’s really nothing else to do except challenge yourself to higher difficulty settings. The game is a nice tribute to the artist, though I feel there’s more that could have been added to make it a little more personal. Regardless, Avicii Invector is a fine celebration of a talented performer that sizzles with high energy.
  6. Jan 6, 2020
    In terms of the rhythm genre, AVICII Invector doesn’t necessarily blow me away overall, other than the cathartic connection I had during some of the levels. But if you’re a fan of the genre or AVICII and his music, AVICII Invector is definitely a well-executed game that should be added to your collection.
  7. Dec 25, 2019
    Fans of rhythm games or Avicii or both definitely need to play Avicii Invector with its unique and creative spin on the genre.
  8. Dec 19, 2019
    Avicii Invector is a beautiful tribute to the late artist Avicii (Tim Bergling). With a fantastic soundtrack, sci-fi visuals, and challenging gameplay, you'll want to keep on playing. The lack of online multiplayer is a bummer and the length is short, but it's a great time.
  9. Dec 12, 2019
    It's heartbreaking that Avicii isn't around to experience a project that he had so much passion for come to fruition, but he'd be proud of what's been accomplished here. It harkens back to rhythm gaming greats while scorching ahead on a path of its own, and for a good cause to boot.
  10. 80
    It’s a fitting tribute to an incredibly talented musician, with proceeds going to a good cause, and I hope it will help to champion the artistry of AVICII’s body of work.
  11. 80
    Avicii Invector is a wonderful tribute to the EDM artist and celebrates his work by creating a diverse tracklist from across his career. The rhythm gameplay has its own unique twists and provides a challenging experience. The visual effects can get a bit much at times, throwing off your streak, but the game is still a wonderful way to surround yourself with some of the best EDM music from the past decade.
  12. Dec 16, 2019
    Quotation forthcoming.
  13. Jan 9, 2020
    Avicii Invector is a music game that feels more like a space rhythm adventure. It’s a bit truncated, sure. Lacking a little in its setlist length, being devoted wholly to one artist. Featuring some tricky mechanics and only having three difficulty levels. Meaning that longevity will always be an unknown. But fans of the artist and the EDM genre will still appreciate this entry in their libraries.
  14. 70
    There are a few quirks in Invector’s design, most notably that it forces you to play through the game on normal difficulty before it’ll let you attempt songs on hard – annoying if you’re a rhythm game veteran. I also struggled to set up the latency properly, with the in-built calibration tool setting it way off and requiring that I tweak it through trial and error. But this is otherwise an enjoyable rhythm game that gave me a new appreciation for Avicii’s music.
  15. 70
    AVICII Invector is a music game where the spaceship theme makes it feel more like a rhythmic adventure. It’s a bit of a truncated one, to be sure. There are only three difficulty levels, where many of its contemporaries have four, and its song list is limited due to only championing the one artist and only offering 25 tracks. It’s an adjustment, to be sure, but fans of AVICII and the genre will likely be pleased to have this option for their libraries.
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  1. Dec 22, 2019
    This is Thumper meets Guitar Hero. Don't think you can just watch the notes come in and mash the right buttons either, you've gotta spin andThis is Thumper meets Guitar Hero. Don't think you can just watch the notes come in and mash the right buttons either, you've gotta spin and flip on top of everything... a great mix with great music.

    9+ for Avicii fans
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  2. Dec 11, 2019
    Decent game. Fitting tribute. However it does fall short in a few aspects.

    The rhythm game scene has many unique ways to play along to your
    Decent game. Fitting tribute. However it does fall short in a few aspects.

    The rhythm game scene has many unique ways to play along to your favorite songs and this game continues that trend with a unique take on the 'Audio Surf' track layout. You have a combination of L1, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, Left and Right as your input buttons which can be a bit confusing at first but it eases you in quite well over the intro songs. There's 3 different difficulty levels allowing you to find the right level for you, however the difficulty ramps up pretty quickly as you move down the 25 songs.

    There are 3 main 'track modes' the game will switch between depending on what part of the song you are playing. The first is the main mode which is a triangle layout with notes appearing on each side. You have to turn the triangle round to hit notes that are placed on each side. This can be quite disorientating at first but you get used to it (until you hit the harder songs).

    The second mode is the flat 3 lane mode, think audio surf that kind of layout. This is my most preferred mode as it never gets too hectic and the bounce of the ship to the beat of the song is very satisfying. This mode has you switching between three lanes hitting the usual buttons but with no orientation changes.

    The third is more of a chill mode which has you flying through hoops as the ship. This mode is only used in the calmer parts or buildups in the songs and fits quite well. In some cases this is a welcome respite whilst you pick your eyes back up off the desk, in others it feels a bit boring as there's no difficulty to this section. Maybe could be improved by adding floating bombs on harder levels that you have to shoot or something to add a bit more interest.

    Now. All these modes flow together quite nicely and the music syncs up perfectly with the ship (bar a few places in quicker songs). However, this game has 2 big flaws for me that have hindered my enjoyment.

    1. The winding path. The path that you fly on isn't stationary. Meaning it winds around curves and has dips and climbs. This would be all good as other rhythm games also use this kind of path. However there's something about its design that frustrates me. In certain scenarios you simply cannot see the notes approaching. Meaning you have to react with lightning speed to hit them. This combined with the boost mechanic make it almost impossible to hit all the notes on the harder levels without some prior knowledge that they're coming. Its most noticeable on the flat 3 lane mode but also causes annoyance in the triangular section as well.

    2. The speed up/slow down mechanic. Imagine guitar hero but the more your multiplier goes up the higher the hyper speed setting gets. It would get quite difficult to hit notes if it was constantly slowing down/speeding up wouldn't it? Well, this is a major mechanic of this game. Not too noticeable in the early levels as the notes are quite spaced out and when slowed down there's still a good gap between them. But in the later levels and on hard difficulty this becomes a nightmare. Miss one note and you're guaranteed to miss the next 4 which shoots your speed down to 0 and before you can say 'claustrophobia' all the notes are bunched together making it impossible to differentiate them never mind hit them. Add in the corner problem and you've got yourself an impossible to play track. Definitely needs to have an option to turn this effect off as more often than not it just hinders game play.

    Overall I think the game still needs a bit of play testing. Some areas of the songs don't seem to match the song or seem to randomly switch which part of the song they're tracking. The speed up/slow down is the main issue for me, if that were fixed or you had the ability to turn it off, i think this game would score a bit higher.

    I don't know what the future for this game is either. I feel they should have maybe changed the title to INVECTOR and had Avicii as a main focus as then they could add other artists without it feeling out of place. A fitting tribute with a few flaws.
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  3. Dec 11, 2019
    Great rhythm game with beautiful music. Visual style amazing too. 25 songs.