Generally favorable reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 32
  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. May 21, 2019
    I was really surprised by Everybody’s Golf VR, in the most pleasant way possible. Not being a golf fan by any means, I thoroughly enjoyed what Clap Hanz has done here. If you have a VR, I highly recommend this title, even if you don’t like the actual sport of golf, you will have fun here. It may be a little skimpy with content, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking this one out. This one definitely should not be missed!
  2. May 21, 2019
    Everybody's Golf VR's devotion to (and immersion in) the ambience of golf transcends its simulation-oriented peers. As I swing a virtual club with one of my physical hands on a course populated by dinosaurs, instead of feeling lost in the abstract, I'm committed to refining and improving my shot. Everybody's Golf VR's affable pragmatism and judicious feedback grant access to a sport I had always considered too distant and aloof to negotiate.
  3. May 21, 2019
    In the end, Everybody’s Golf VR is an excellent new way to experience golf without the funny pants or rising greens fees. What it lacks in localization, it more than makes up for with immersive and light hearted fun. Tee up, this one is fun for the whole family.
  4. May 27, 2019
    Everybody’s Golf VR mixes the arcade soul of the series with a pseudo-simulative approach of the gameplay.
  5. Jun 15, 2019
    Everybody’s Golf VR is an excellent first outing for the series if a little on the thin side in terms of content. Thankfully, what’s there is fun and rewarding, and well worth a look for fans of the series or the sport.
  6. Jun 6, 2019
    Because of the lightness in content, Everybody’s Golf feels like an early access version of the game. At least the game is priced accordingly. Fortunately, the paucity of content is offset by the strong technical and gameplay aspects of the VR presentation. Further, the VR mode really captures the finesse of setting up a shot. You can take practice swings which will project how the ball will fly before you switch to address mode and ‘really’ hit the ball. Everybody’s Golf VR is another shining example of a VR implementation of a game that has to be experienced to feel how immersive it is.
  7. May 31, 2019
    If not for the lack of multiplayer modes, Everybody's Golf VR would be one the best golf games ever made. It gives you the illusion that you're actually standing on a golf course and that's quite an impressive achievement.
  8. May 24, 2019
    For the ultimate golfing experience, look no further. Everybody’s Golf VR may be missing some of those multiplayer options and a meaty career mode, though fits itself in a tidier, more focused package pitched at a great price.
  9. May 21, 2019
    With different gameplay options designed to suit quick or extended play, cosmetic goodies to earn, and multiple courses, Everybody’s Golf VR offers good value for its thirty dollar price tag. I was concerned about using the Move wand at first, knowing that certain VR games I’ve played before suffered tracking issues, but I had absolutely no problems here. And it’s way, way better than using the Dualshock. Sadly, the Move couldn’t help me with my own physical failings, meaning that many, let’s be real, all missed and failed swings were my fault. Everybody’s Golf VR is challenging and more physically demanding but is just as fun and spirited as any other game in the series.
  10. May 20, 2019
    You can get a feel for Everybody's Golf VR in a few short hours, but if you're anything like me, you won't want to move on quite so fast. It's an earworm of a game. Just thinking about it makes me want to dig out my PlayStation VR and clear the room. That's no small feat.
  11. May 20, 2019
    Everybody’s Golf nails the most important thing: hitting the ball feels great. It’s just disappointing that there isn’t anything in the way of multiplayer to test your technique against your friends.
  12. May 22, 2019
    Clap Handz implements its enjoyable vision of golf in the virtual reality realm, and motion controls, with remarkable results. A fun and accessible golf game that lacks gameplay modes and options (there is no multiplayer, career mode...). If you forget about that, and want some fun sports in VR, that's just what if offers.
  13. May 22, 2019
    Everybody’s Golf VR has the great limitation of providing little in terms of contents and game modes, but what it offers is great for any golf fan.
  14. May 23, 2019
    Everybody's Golf VR is hands down one of the most immersive sports game ever made: however, it demands some true dedication to be mastered and it's really poor on content, so it's hard to recommend it to everybody as the title suggests.
  15. May 30, 2019
    If the idea of a rewarding and delightful game of golf in a virtual reality world sounds appealing to you then you'll love your time with Everybody's Golf VR. I just wish that the courses allowed more than 1 person to play at a time.
  16. May 21, 2019
    As a golf experience and gameplay-wise, Everybody’s Golf VR is just fantastic. The lack of content and the lack of multiplayer modes and options not so much. However, we think it’s a great addition to any PSVR owner’s library.
  17. May 21, 2019
    Everybody's Golf VR feels like a good first step in getting the sport on to a new technology. Once you get used to the controls — specifically controlling the shot direction and amount of power needed — you'll find the game to be very immersive due to its presentation. It may take a while to unlock everything, and while the number of courses isn't as abundant as the older games, there's still enough here to keep you coming back. The lack of multiplayer is a disappointment, though, and the repetitive lines from your caddies can be tiresome, but Everybody's Golf VR is still a game that'll make you spend more time with your VR headset.
  18. May 20, 2019
    Everybody’s Golf VR is a solid adaptation of the franchise for the PSVR. The gameplay is extremely fun and engaging, even if lacking in terms of accuracy a bit due to the limitations of the PSVR as a platform. I was left wanting multiplayer support and more courses to pick from, but the variety offered within each course and amount of unlockables available provides plenty of goodies for fans to dig into.
  19. May 20, 2019
    There's a stark lack of content on offer here, but that shouldn't detract from what's one of the best digital recreations of Golf available. There's not a lot of it, but what there is, is a joy to play.
  20. 75
    This is a niche spin-off of an already niche series on a niche platform, so it’s understandable why this might not be for you. However, the beauty in its simplicity, its slow-paced nature, and fun factor are enough for anyone to enjoy, if given a shot.
  21. 75
    It shouldn’t be surprising that Everybody’s Golf is a good fit for PSVR, but the manner in which Clap Hanz has interpreted its accessible take on the sport into the realms of virtual reality is indeed surprising. Though it may be relatively limited, it has essentially kept the spirit of Everybody’s Golf intact whilst changing the very way it’s played, and done so by stripping back the fluff and keeping things relatively simple. That’s very much the Everybody's Golf way.
  22. Jun 18, 2019
    Everybody's Golf VR is one of the most ambitious golf games ever made. Virtual reality gives the player the idea that he is a professional golf player.
  23. Jun 6, 2019
    Everybody's Golf VR takes videogame golf to a whole new level. Although the fact that the gameplay is amazing, makes the lack of content it even more disappointing. Given the relatively low price tag, the number of courses is acceptable, but the lack of online play and even single player tournaments hurts the overall enjoyment.
  24. May 24, 2019
    What it lacks in content Everybody's Golf VR almost makes up with its superb gameplay and wonderful implementation of VR mechanics. It's not the best game that has come out from Clap Hanz, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.
  25. May 22, 2019
    Everybody's Golf debuts in PSVR with an enjoyable and always fun version, only flawed by its limited quantity of options and game modes available.
  26. May 21, 2019
    Everybody's Golf VR has managed to exploit the potential of virtual reality to establish itself as the most immersive and engaging golf game around, becoming at the same time one of the best 1: 1 sports simulators available on PlayStation VR, all without neglecting the accessibility that has always characterized the Clap Hanz series
  27. May 20, 2019
    Everybody’s Golf VR loses a little of the series’ trademark accessibility as part of its transition to PSVR, but putting in some practice is a worthwhile endeavour, as this is a seriously rewarding arcade sports game. The presentation is top-notch throughout, and while the package is a little light on content, everything that’s included has been polished to a sheen. This is the second time Clap-Hanz has reinvented its legendary PlayStation property for the PS4, and once again it’s registered a Nice Shot.
  28. May 20, 2019
    Colourful golfing action with a fascinating complexity to each swing – and a stealth workout – but relatively few courses.
  29. 70
    Everybody's Golf VR is yet another great PSVR experience to show off how cool VR technology can be, but the lack of game modes compared to its predecessors can quickly burn you out on what could have been one of the showpiece titles for PSVR.
  30. May 21, 2019
    Quotation forthcoming.
  31. Jun 17, 2019
    Everybody's Golf VR offers the same gentle style of golf that the previous entry had, and the golf feels pretty realistic. Unfortunately, there's a lack of modes and limited variety of courses that bring the overall experience down.
  32. May 21, 2019
    Though it runs out of steam quickly, Everybody's Golf VR is fun while it lasts, and there are satisfying goals to chase for a time. Everybody's Golf VR's best feature is its assortment of customization and accessibility options, though, as they allow both golf newbies and veterans to curate their desired experience and just enjoy playing a round.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 36 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 6 out of 36
  1. May 25, 2019
    An immersive masterpiece for all. Read the help files on play technique for both real-life and cyber players only. The preponderance ofAn immersive masterpiece for all. Read the help files on play technique for both real-life and cyber players only. The preponderance of negative comments generally seem to come from those in the learning phase...a modest amount of time and attention paid to swing technique will glean rewards.

    Incredible fun....for golfer and non-golfer alike!
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  2. May 24, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. very very good golfgame~!!!!♥
    must play~~!!!!
    very very good golfgame~!!!!♥
    must play~~!!!!
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  3. May 23, 2019
    This is a fantastic vr golf game. If only it had online multiplayer it would be perfect. Perhaps they will patch it in if it sells enough?