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  • Summary: The world famous mobile suit Gundam series and notorious head-to-head smash hit series, Gundam Versus, is coming for the first time for home console, this time built from the ground up exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system. Battle in explosive online two-versus-two and three-versusthreeThe world famous mobile suit Gundam series and notorious head-to-head smash hit series, Gundam Versus, is coming for the first time for home console, this time built from the ground up exclusively for the PlayStation 4 system. Battle in explosive online two-versus-two and three-versusthree team battles in this all-new title built from the ground up for the PlayStation 4 system. Each playable Mobile Suit comes equipped with its own weapons systems to learn and master.

    In battle you, as a player, will be allowed to go all out with blazing and lighting fast melee action in a robust selection of offline and online game modes. New quick actions bring more technical and strategic gameplay options. Call upon striker support characters to assist you in the heat of battle. Enhance your experience by choosing between two different Burst Systems: Blaze Gear and Lightning Gear, each with their own unique fighting characteristics to enhance melee combat, augment lock-on range and more!
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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 32
  2. Negative: 2 out of 32
  1. CD-Action
    Jan 10, 2018
    One of the best and most popular series from Japanese arcades finally travels to the West. The single player mode is solid at most, but the multiplayer is worthy of a Game of the Year, mainly thanks to an amazing movement system. [13/2017, p.51]
  2. Oct 18, 2017
    Gundam Versus has really cut into my fighting game time. It appeals to me for many of the same reasons that more conventional fighting games do: a laser-sharp focus, the layered and complex mechanics, the mind games and the sheer speed and intensity of the battle. That it involves giant battling robots is just the cherry on top.
  3. 77
    A great action Gundam game, penalized by instability during online matches and the lack of some modes that should have been implemented. Not only, but mostly for fans of the anime series.
  4. Oct 2, 2017
    Gundam Versus is OKish: it's actually pretty fun when played with or against friends, but the manipulative roster, the lackluster single player content and the connection issues will end up annoying even the most hardcore fans of the franchise.
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 22, 2017
    For fans of the franchise, or anyone with an urge to battle robots, there's much to love here, but its technical flaws and stingy mode options may disappoint others. [Dec 2017, p.95]
  6. Oct 12, 2017
    I’m happy to finally have an official English release of Gundam Versus in my hands, but confused as to why it feels less feature rich than the last game. There’s the amazing framework and attention to detail that makes this such a fun game to play, but there’s just very little for you to sit down and actually put those gameplay systems to use in. Having a group of friends to duke it out with will add a lot more value to the experience, but without that, you’re looking at a delicious burger that’s missing a bun and maybe just has a little piece of lettuce on it.
  7. Oct 13, 2017
    It really is a shame that Gundam Versus has so many technical problems. It's obvious that there's a lot of content here that a true mech action fan could spend dozens of hours exploring, and as one of those true mech action fans I am beyond disappointed at my ability to dig in and see just how deep the game might be.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 14
  2. Negative: 5 out of 14
  1. Sep 29, 2017
    Very good game for Gundam fans with a PS4. Network is ok when it works, but some people could really use a internet upgrade. Plenty ofVery good game for Gundam fans with a PS4. Network is ok when it works, but some people could really use a internet upgrade. Plenty of Gundams from pretty much every series besides Mobile Suit Fighter G Gundam. Works just as good with a controller(if not better imo) than a fightstick which I've both used. Audio is excellent, true to the Gundam series in every fashion. Only disappointment is for the BGM, you can't turn the volume all the way down, just down to 1. Enough single player content to keep you occupied till your Gundam Pilot enough to test your mettle online.

    Graphics are good for a fluid gundam game. The only problem is the amount of DLC per suit....a whole whopping $5.00 USD. Very costly but I'm probably Gundam nut enough to buy it all. Gundam Age just had DLC so there might be hope for G Gundam.
  2. Sep 29, 2017
    Great game for the series. Graphic quality is great, pacing feels great, but a little slower than it's older counter parts. and the network isGreat game for the series. Graphic quality is great, pacing feels great, but a little slower than it's older counter parts. and the network is unstable so far and I would like to get that fixed, but the roster and play-styles of each mobile suit makes the game very fun to pick up, choose the mech you desire, and start practicing. Practice is VERY big part of the series. I highly recommend people who buy this game to go straight to the tutorial. Once you know the ropes and how to fight, the games a blast.

    (Below I'm just gonna answer some of the questions you guys might ask.)

    Not too good and you don't want to get squashed by better players? No worries! You can setup a room just for beginner or how you would rate your skill with the game.

    Need help? There are guides for the game already out there just waiting to be watched. If that doesn't suit your fancy, you can DM me on twitter for tips @Gundamwolf17 .

    Should I wait for a sale? If you don't want to buy the game at it's full price, thats understandable, but I STRONGLY recommend people get this game on sale, worth every penny.

    Is there local coop and should I get the game to play with friends? They removed local coop sadly, however if you both have the game and if you have more friends, why not set up a private room to test your mettle against each other. I fun alone, amazing with friends (IMO)

    Should I have prior knowledge of the series? No actually. If you want to sit down, pop a cold one, and bench the series you can do that, but it is not required to enjoy the game.

    Can I change the song that plays for my mobile suit? Yes. you can change the songs for the MS you want by going to the "Set BGM" screen.
  3. Sep 30, 2017
    + Over 90 Playable Mobile suits
    + Addicting competitive online play + Great nostalgic music + Share Play Cons - The way you block
    + Over 90 Playable Mobile suits
    + Addicting competitive online play
    + Great nostalgic music
    + Share Play

    - The way you block is pressing down and then up on the analog or d-pad and it kinda is tough to pull off in the heat of battle. Espcially since the Vita version of this series had it set to one button
    - Lack of customization for online lobbies, no ability to increase the total cost, modify the room from one mode to the next or ban certain mobile suits from being used in your lobby (only cost tiers can be banned)
    - Badai Namco not allowing the Share Button for Broadcast and Recording
    - The removal of many popular Gundams like Mobile FIghter G, Endless Walts and 00 Second Season when we all know they'll just bring them back as DLC
    - Not option to turn off button combinations, if an attack is circle I don't need square and triangle being pressed at the same time doing a move that equals the circle button's move this can mess up combos and even make you activate your Ex Burst when you didn't want to. I know it's for the arcade sticks but the Gamepad players shouldn't have to suffer.
  4. May 23, 2020
    To start, lets start with how the game itself starts. After loading an update for about 5 minutes, (no big deal there), you are greeted byTo start, lets start with how the game itself starts. After loading an update for about 5 minutes, (no big deal there), you are greeted by that annoying thing saying you can’t record how bad this game is for the world to see unless you have the coin for a capture card. It will never go away, because that’s how desperate Bandai is to prevent let’s plays of this. Then you are greeted by everyone’s favorite part of a console game, a EULA! You have to scroll through the whole **** thing and it takes like a full 30 seconds to a minute because it’s full of so much corporate **** everyone just assumes these days. Then you have to accept. Then you have to do the same thing with a privacy policy. Next is a decent looking cutscene. Accompanied by the least Gundam music EVER. What focus-testing asswipe thought dubstep was a good match for an epic clip of two Gundams smashing a ruined building in midair for no discernable reason? Whatever. At least the game will be good, right?
    Changes from the previous game:
    1. There is a “level-up” system.
    This isn’t a bad thing, it’s kind of appreciated to make you want to experiment more and give you some direction in playing the Arcade mode endlessly if you’re a fellow hermit with no internet. But if I read the EULA right, there may be microtransactions here. Which would explain why you need to play Arcade missions like 15 times to unlock a new operator.
    2. The intro clips are now of a camera epically dancing around a still scene of 3-D models of an more or less iconic fight or scene.
    3. The AI is **** outside of the hardest difficulties.
    4. The “arcade” missions are a little ****.
    The missions are almost all set in Universal Century, specifically around One Year War, and rather than being like 2 v 2 or 2 v 3 battles between units you could fight online like normal, you are mostly fighting mass-productions who die in 1-3 hits and can be mowed down in LITERALLY SECONDS if you rush them with a melee specialist, because their reactions are that slow sometimes. They try to balance this by making the later levels feature the type of guys you’d normally fight as minibosses following a couple of waves of these mass-productions, but it just comes off as weird, even if it does feel a tad more realistic in terms of battle flow and health balance.
    5. A wave mode. Good job.
    6. No split screen.
    7. Destiny, Gundam X and G-Gundam, plus almost everything from 00 Season 2 and the movie are replaced with the detestable Reconguista.
    8. There are more mass-productions than ANYONE ever asked for and they all play the same. Basic rifle, basic beam saber, grenades. Theres about 10 of those.
    9. Music Edit Option has been disemboweled and can’t include outside tracks.
    10. Strikers…. Yay?
    Strikers have been added, a twist on NEXT’s support moves, where you can buy and choose your supports. Not bad, but they made a key **** up. They’re ALL ATTACKS. They have Virgo, which used to be a shield, but instead just fires a pew-pew cannon. They have a unit called a Reconnaissance Type, but it doesn’t do any kind of recon. It just attacks. And to top it off, they all just attack and then disappear. None of them provide support fire while you shoot. None of them provide defense or buffs, they're all one-off attacks so they all feel nearly identical.
    11. Operators/Navigators
    You get a nice little character telling you about battle conditions and giving advice. But I’m pretty sure they just say random ****.
    12. They MKXed it with on-disk characters that are locked unless you pre-ordered or buy them as DLC.
    The good:
    There is a new Gundam Versus game and it’s in English, so I can read the level-up screen this time.
    The new Arcade mode is okay.
    The waves mode is good I guess.
    There’s one or two suits I wanted in Extreme they removed after NEXT, and one or two that they retooled in questionable ways that they kind of fixed. There’s also a few new suits that look tempting.
    Alternate pilots, but not enough. Where’s Quess with accompanying custom Jagd Doga? Where’s Lino in a Zeta Zaku? Where’s Sayla in the RX-78 or as operator? (okay, so her voice actor’s dead, just replace her or use old clips.)
    The strikers are okay, but need more variety in the types of support they provide outside of just being an extra gun you can choose.
    Operators are a decent touch, but may need some work.
    In short, I swear for good this time, this is the last game I EVER buy immediately on release without checking reviews or waiting for a price drop. No Man's Lie should have taught me my lesson. Scamco Bandai can eat a dick.
  5. Oct 30, 2017
    This is a game for fighting game fans, not Gundam fans. Of all the Gundam games to come West, this is one of the worst.

    End of the day,
    This is a game for fighting game fans, not Gundam fans. Of all the Gundam games to come West, this is one of the worst.

    End of the day, it's just not fun unless you are already good at fighting games. This game does a terrible job pitting rookies against other rookies and this is not a forgiving game if you are a rookie. You will get outmaneuvered and absolutely destroyed with no idea what is happening.

    The controls stink. These controls are NOT designed for a PS4 controller, at all. Several Mobile Suits have charge attacks but you can't charge a move on Square and dash by double tapping X, the human hand just doesn't do that. So you're at a disadvantage if you don't have a fight stick right from the get go. Also, a rookie will button mash but this game does not forgive that and will screw up your moves, say transforming a dash attack into just a regular dash. You're somehow supposed to execute all your moves flawlessly while everything moves just shy of the speed of light. Congrats to those who have those kind of reflexes but for the rest of us, we're just left being cannon fodder.

    There are single player options that are actually fun but they're repetitive and get dull quickly. This game needs more robust single player like Injustice 2 has.

    There's also tons of lag and I know it's not my connection because I've played Destiny and Paragon with zero hiccups.

    So, if you like a lag fest where actually good players will mercilessly cream you. Buy this game. If you like to have fun, don't.

    I hate to say this because I really love Gundam and was excited to see a Gundam game come West for PS4, more of them should. This was just a terrible game to bring West though, unless you're very talented, you're in a for a bad time. On the plus side the game is pretty, the mobile suits are cool and do feel iconic with some of their signature moves, and that's about all the good things I can say about it.

    The mobile suit selection is decent but there's a lot of notable absences including SEED Destiny (the show stinks but some of the MS are awesome) and 00 season 2. Mobile Armor bosses are also insanely annoying to fight with spammy nigh undodgeable beam cannon attacks and melee attacks that they can turn around and execute on a dime, meaning most melee MS just cannot fight a boss effectively in the slightest.

    Really really disappointed Gundam fan here. Just, zero fun playing this game except against the AI and again, single player mode is just lackluster.
  6. Oct 2, 2017
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is lazy and a waste of your money. Just find someone who can post screenshots of the game's tutorial to you and play Full Boost instead. The biggest Kill was the roster. No Johnny Ridden but this idiot with an abomination on his back who sounds like a generic anime protagonist and looks like a rejected Cowboy Bebop character. He's not even an ace why is he even here..?
    Sooo the roster sucks. More than half of Full Boost's MS aren't even in this game (this includes everything from G Gundam, 0080:War in the Pocket, Stargazer, Mobile Suit Variation (much to my dismay :c), Seed Destiny, Endless Waltz, and others, as well as no Arche Gundam or Seven Sword Gundam). The AI is terrible (so far every MS just flying away from me in fear, spamming shots from afar and keeps running while I try to get close), and on top of that you can only save Screenshots. You CANNOT save any video clips EVER and you cannot broadcast it on the PS4. It's almost like they weren't thinking with this game. Honestly porting Maxi Boost ON! to the PS4 would probably make an infinitely better game (at least the Roster and AI don't **** suck). And the navigators have a pisspoor selection. Really? The only Zeon navigator is **** GIHREN?! No one likes Why not Dozle, Garma, or even Kycilia? But nope the biggest douche of the first anime is Zeon's only navigator (and he only ever showed up a few times in the anime anyway). >_>, while the Federation ones are Haro, Fra Bow, and Noah Bright. One of my few praises I'll give the game is that the Dom has an amazing moveset (I don't see the Jet Stream Attack anywhere though.), the Gouf's moveset is prety good, and my biggest praise is that Shiro's movesets have been revamped Gundam Ground Type retains its old moveset but with some moves removed, including his "Baigaeshi da!" attack removed (as only Ez8 has it now). Ez8, on the other hand(while I do prefer the machine-gun over the beam rifle and prefer the design of Gundam[G] over Ez8's), is absolutely amazing. In Full Boost he was extremely hard to pull off comboes as he knocked enemies too far away to follow up with much aside from shots, but here he can actually combo with the rest of them, not to mention his new BURST Attack and his neutral and side Melees are absolute phenomenal! As much as aI prefer the design of Ground Type, I can't deny that beating the **** out of Amuro with my right arm is both funny and awesome as all hell! Shame everything else about this game sucks all to hell though. Prior to finding out about the recording/livestreaming blunder, I considered this game at least a 6.4/10, but **** that, 4/10. Especially considering since its roster announcement, the only thing I really got it for was that I would livestream it and/or record video clips with me having a blast with Shiro. But nope, **** you BandaiNamco. The only way for me to ever actually enjoy this game is if the Crimson Lightning Johnny Ridden himself gets added as DLC, but considering how much were removed compared to the Maxi Boost ON! roster...that's not likely. Honestly, we wait 7+ years for an American release of these games and this is what we get instead of a port and localization of Maxi Boost ON!, **** you. Guess we have to Japan just to play Maxi Boost ON!, eh? >_>
    Also Full Boost had several cutscenes for when you do the arcade made pathway thing. They were fully animated 3d cutscenes. Gundam Versus? ONE Super duper high quality 3d image that pans and zooms while a voice RIPPED DIRECTLY FROM FULL BOOST plays. The line norris and Shiro says are so low and clearly ripped it's not even funny. You couldn't ANIMATE a LESS THAN A MINUTE cutscene?! Are you serious Namco?! - .-c
    As for the Music. MSG only has Dashing Char, the Earth deployment track from Federation Vs. Zeon, and the anime opening song. Seriously? No 'Char ga Kuru'?? No Soldiers of Sorrow? No **** Meguriai?! >m>
    I honestly got bored in 40 minutes and went back to Full Boost. The only use this game has is the Dom's and Shiro's moveset and that the game is in English. For me personally, Full Boost is far better because at least I can play as more than one character I like. Because I can actually play as Johnny Ridden, Shin Matsunaga, Strike Noir, Seven Sword Gundam, Shiro Amada, Deathscythe Hell Custom, Heavyarms Custom, Arche Gundam, and many more.
  7. Feb 26, 2020
    Can we please get a good Gundam game in the US? I know Japan is getting good ones. Its such a disappointment to have to write this, but thatsCan we please get a good Gundam game in the US? I know Japan is getting good ones. Its such a disappointment to have to write this, but thats how infuriated this game will make you after playing it.

    So I will try to keep it short and sweet so I will try not to go over things other reviews nailed on a lot.

    First off I am surprised not as many people are criticizing the game for not having an English dub. We finally get a Gundam game in the states and they cant even put the language we speak in it. What makes this worse is that the game doesnt even have an option for subtitles. Sure you navigate the menus, but im talking about in game.

    The graphics and sound are decent probably should have rated it slightly higher just based off of that, but thats how you feel after playing this game, at least I am giving it a 1 and not a 0. I am kind of surprised by some of the tracks they picked for in game, its not that they are bad, I just feel there are better ones from the respective shows they hail from.

    The choice of mobile suits is quite odd too. They tried to cram way too many mass production/fodder types and not enough of the Gundams and other high end machines. Which compared to other Gundam VS games (in Japan) this game has almost nothing. Then a worse slap in the face is how expensive the DLC units are. I am not even sure the DLC is DLC, because when I first got the game they already had slots in the roster for these "DLC" units, so yea nice greed. O and if you don't have Playstation Plus the game will constantly harass you to get it, and if you don't have it not only does the multiplayer not work, but some of the functionality in the single player "Ultimate Battle" modes doesnt work either.

    Now for content there really isnt that much. Theres multiplayer, and 2 different single player modes and thats it. Theres no customization or anything like that in this game either. Now in these modes there is really only 1 difficulty you will use and I will elaborate more on this in a bit. Basically though, easy I doubt you will even bother with, medium you might get used to the game on, then after that its all hard mode.

    So now to the reason this game will make you hate life or break your equipment. So like I mentioned most people will quickly graduate to the hard modes. Now the hard modes are ok for the first bunch of fights, but when you start getting to the end of the hard modes, the game stops working correctly. You will see enemies running right into your fire not taking damage, then proceed to do an untold amount of damage on you. What makes this really bad is that there is a cap to how much damage it will let you put on the AI or computer at once, but they do not have that cap when attacking you. What makes this worse, is for example in "Ultimate Battle" it takes probably 30+ minutes to make it to the last waves of hard. Then you get to especially the last round, 50, and its like playing I win with a 4 year old. I will spare you every little detail, but basically the game decides when you die and if you can damage the computer, it has little to do with skill and player input. The computer will make enemies faster(temporarily just so they can avoid you and then combo you), negate your attacks, give enemies infinite boost and ammo while allowing them to do somethings that by nature of the game shouldnt happen just to name a few of the general problems. I have actually beaten it, so its not like this is coming from an inexperienced player, I have put hours into this game and really want to like it but nobody in their right mind can. So after the game decides to make you lose, you have to start all over again, and you just wasted 30-60 minutes of your time.

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