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  1. 80
    Left Alive is a bundle of genuinely brilliant ideas, let down by frequently shoddy execution. A resoundingly anti-war war game, with a deep understanding of the way that war complicates personal and societal morality, Left Alive asks all the right questions that a game about war should. It also does a great job of making that sense of survival as desperate as it should. If only there was the technical competence behind it, to support those great ideas.
  2. 70
    I often found myself willing to overlook all the obvious flaws in favor of engaging with what sits at Left Alive’s messy core, a sort of ultra hardcore, Metal Gear-looking-but-not-really, room escape-slash-solo-board game sort of deal that really got my brain juices flowing.
  3. Mar 8, 2019
    Left Alive is a tough game, hard and even unfair (because of the enemy's AI), with a highly non-responsive control, a questionable checkpoint system and other shortcomings, even from the technical side. Mechas, stealth, action... none of its elements shine completely. But, even given that, it has "something" that can hook you in to keep playing.
  4. Apr 12, 2019
    Left Alive is a reason to question the reason. A game to question taste and good will among gamers. It is not a superb title, it's clunky, unpolished and can drive you insane, but there is just that one weird part of it that could make it up to you... It's surprisingly cool, for reasons unknown. If you consider yourself a brave man, give it a go. You just may find something worth your while.
  5. Mar 8, 2019
    Left Alive has many good ideas. Some of them are well-executed and many others are not. It’s a shame that many of these issues are on the gameplay side, but if you really like the concept, you can manage to enjoy it.
  6. Mar 11, 2019
    Left Alive has an interesting approach, but is defenestrated by so many things: game mechanics, level design, control scheme and execution, AI... that barely manage to lead the player to see what the game has to offer.
  7. Apr 12, 2019
    The only people that will truly enjoy the game are either those that actually love a challenge, or those of you that are more interested in the story aspect of a game than the mechanics, since this is the only department where Left Alive impressed me.
  8. Mar 18, 2019
    Left Alive could have been a fantastic game with a little more work. It has some phenomenal moments, but often drowns in frustrating scenarios.
  9. Mar 8, 2019
    Unfortunately, Left Alive ends up being the heir of a period of Japanese development that we thought was extinct. Neither its stealth nor its shootings convince.
  10. Mar 5, 2019
    The problem is that Left Alive really misses on too many things: it presents itself with clearly limited gameplay, which only in the number and in the diversity of gadgets succeeds in convincing. When it comes to infiltration and shooting the problems are overwhelming, and they concern the responsiveness of the control system, the artificial intelligence, the variety of stealth approaches, the structure of the missions.
  11. Mar 25, 2019
    Overall, Left Alive was not a fun game to play. It lacked personality, even though it wanted to be an MGS clone so bad. It lacked complication for a stealth game, as well as comfortable character movement and slow ramp-up of difficulty. I think if the devs could have had more time to smooth out these rough areas, then the game would have been decent, if not good.
  12. Mar 11, 2019
    In concept, Left Alive could have had the potential to bring about the revival of Front Mission and fill the void left by the absence of Metal Gear at the same time, but none of its elements click to become a cohesive whole.
  13. Mar 31, 2019
    The unique way in which Left Alive approaches the survival theme is easily its most appealing aspect. However, from graphics to enemy AI, there are just way too many issues. And while it’s high difficulty might make sense from a survival standpoint, the lack of stealth kills and hard to utilize weapons make it so hard that for most players it will be beyond simply “challenging”.
  14. Mar 27, 2019
    Anyone who like unfairly hard games may enjoy this but everyone else should just skip this game. I waited to see if a patch would maybe make it better but that patch never came. I can’t say it isn’t worth the time or money because I’m sure someone will enjoy it, but there are so many better stealth and action games out there that I refuse to put a price point on any half baked recommendation I could give this. Just don’t pay full price because that is highway robbery.
  15. Mar 18, 2019
    This was a poor attempt at reviving the franchise, and Front Mission deserves better.
  16. Mar 14, 2019
    Establishing expectations high almost never goes well and unfortunately this game does not meet those expectations.
  17. Mar 11, 2019
    Left Alive fails to deliver a modern stealth experience. A good story can't save this total mess of a game which sports too many flaws and too many frustrating moments.
  18. Mar 11, 2019
    Every single positive element is completely squandered on a gameplay foundation which is barely playable and utterly devoid of merit. On a fundamental gameplay level, there's nothing in Left Alive that wasn't done twice as well fifteen years ago.
  19. Mar 19, 2019
    Anyone looking to get involved with Left Alive needs patience and tremendous frustration resistance.
  20. Mar 8, 2019
    I’d stay as far away from Left Alive as possible. For all of you hardcore Front Mission fans hoping for a proper sequel in the series, you can bury those hopes and dreams. With a team consisting of so much talent behind it, I truly wonder what went wrong with Left Alive. I love Square Enix games to death typically but this is frankly unacceptable…and it’s $60.
  21. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Apr 10, 2019
    Left Alive is most disappointing because it had such potential to revitalise the stealth genre. Instead you get something far behind even the titles it tries to emulate. [Issue#161, p.85]
  22. Mar 25, 2019
    Left Alive falls short in many areas. What could of been an interesting title ends up being one you best avoid.
  23. Mar 15, 2019
    Ultimately, Left Alive was such an awful experience that I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it for its full $60 price or even half that. Throughout my time with the game, I thought about how money someone should spend to buy this game and I eventually decided on an amount: No more than three dollars.
  24. Mar 15, 2019
    Left Alive’s half-baked nature feels like a real pity because quite a few elements of the game are actually really interesting.
  25. Mar 15, 2019
    There’s almost no joy to be found in playing Left Alive, only bitter disappointment.
  26. Mar 15, 2019
    Left Alive is one of the most serious contenders for one of the worst games of this generation, at least compared to other AA and AAA productions. Both the stealth and the action approaches are extremely derivative and lacking utterly important features (such as stealth kills function) to the point that the game looks as if has been published in its alpha state.
  27. Mar 14, 2019
    Left Alive is simply not worth your time or money. It has a fairly interesting story to unravel, but only the most patient and persistent of players will be able to enjoy it, even if they pop the difficulty down to its lowest level.
  28. Mar 13, 2019
    With so many narrative, technical and gameplay issues that pop up at almost every turn — all wound up within some of the worst third-person stealth mechanics imaginable — Left Alive is both a horridly-conceived experience and a fundamentally unenjoyable product to even attempt to immerse one’s self in.
  29. 30
    The sort of crushing disappointment that only comes around once in a while, Left Alive feels like an emaciated, innovation bereft meditation on Metal Gear Solid and in matching up so poorly with its inspiration, provides the Front Mission franchise with arguably its weakest entry in years.
  30. Mar 11, 2019
    Left Alive is dated, boring, and simply not fun, and in 2019, this deep into a generation, a game like this should not be released.
  31. Mar 8, 2019
    Nothing in Left Alive is a success, except perhaps for the Front Mission universe and the artistic design. Unbalanced AI and weak, outdated graphics and a tremendous number of game design mistakes.
  32. 30
    A game bursting with interesting ideas but dragged down by a lack of technical competence and some very outdated ideas about game design and controls.
  33. Mar 19, 2019
    Yoji Shinkawa's contribution is obvious and together with the variation in weaponry these are the only positive aspects of Left Alive. The rest is garbage. Graphics are horrible. The AI is incredibly stupid. The story is non-existent. The user interface is clunky. There is no variation in levels. Do you want us to keep going? Take our word for it, don't buy this excuses for a game.
  34. Apr 5, 2019
    Plenty of good games are being released right about now. Left Alive is definitely not one of them. Even if you looked through a microscope trying to find something, anything, good about this trainwreck, you’d still fail.
  35. Mar 22, 2019
    Left Alive falls flat on its face at nearly everything it attempts to do. The story and characters aren't that compelling, the piss-poor stealth is thrown out the window thanks to the forced combat, and the combat at its best made me burst out laughing in pure disbelief at how terrible it was. So, at least it has that going for it.
  36. Mar 13, 2019
    Left Alive is an ambitious new development from Square Enix. Unfortunately, that ambition is squandered. The gameplay is dreadful, the enemy AI is broken, and the visuals are bland as all hell. Those issues are complemented by a boring story and a slew of audio and gameplay bugs that simply make Left Alive a failure on all fronts.
  37. 20
    With the exception of the story, everything about this ill-conceived Front Mission spin-off feels totally broken, horribly dated, and entirely unloved. Left Alive works better as an unpolished frustration simulator than an action/stealth game.
  38. Mar 8, 2019
    Left Alive categorically fails at everything it sets out to accomplish. Wonky and unreliable AI makes engaging in stealth a frustrating chore, poor gunplay leads to numerous misplaced shots whizzing past the bullet-sponge enemies, and an unfair difficulty means you’ll need to repeat those enraging moments over and over again. This game could have filled a gaping hole in the market, but instead it needs to be taken round back and put out of its misery. This is a truly miserable experience for even the most die-hard supporters of the genre.
  39. Mar 7, 2019
    In a few days, once the papers are about to finish it, Left Alive will return to anonymity from the beginning, carrying with it the secret of its existence. Thanks to it, we remembered the charisma of PlayStation's Front Mission years ago and how incredible Metal Gear is on so many aspects. An incomprehensible and catastrophic attempt to survive and infiltrate, bad on all fronts, Left Alive deserves now to rest in peace.
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  1. Mar 8, 2019
    This unlikely Front Mission spin-off's occasional charm can't make up for its seriously broken fundamentals.
  2. Mar 6, 2019
    Left Alive is a clunky disaster whose good ideas are undercut by horrible gameplay.
  3. Mar 9, 2019
    Left Alive is Metal Gear Solid fan fiction gone horribly, horribly wrong...It's cheap, ugly, hideous, boring, broken, and not worthy of anybody's time.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 1624 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Mar 5, 2019
    I just cant believe it i paid 54€ for this... This gameplay mechanics are horrible. Stealth game without takedown and silence moves. TheI just cant believe it i paid 54€ for this... This gameplay mechanics are horrible. Stealth game without takedown and silence moves. The movements are horrible... Square Enix paid more for the concept art than the proper game. Shame. Full Review »
  2. Mar 13, 2019
    This game was an amazing experience.
    The first 2/3 chapters start more slowly to give a lot of information about tutorials and the game
    This game was an amazing experience.
    The first 2/3 chapters start more slowly to give a lot of information about tutorials and the game world.
    But when you begin to settle into the atmosphere of the plot the game captures you and always intrigues you more and more.
    From my point of view, if a game manages to capture me thanks to its narrative compartment in an adventure like this, even with its high value of challenge that brought me enormous satisfaction in the strategies that I have carried out with success, sometimes saving even some people, then the game is saved.

    And thanks to these qualities, that represent the only reason why I still play video games, I can say with certainty that Left Alive is a good game at the end.
    Full Review »
  3. Mar 16, 2019
    A remarkable experience from the beginning to the end.
    This game is able to leave you with a sense of high satisfaction.
    Which happens to me
    A remarkable experience from the beginning to the end.
    This game is able to leave you with a sense of high satisfaction.
    Which happens to me only with the most difficult challenges. As with the most complex bosses in the Dark Souls saga.
    The plot is good, and the soundtrack turns out to be really impressive in some situations.
    Beautiful, fulfilling, it is with excellent ideas for a large narrative story.
    I feel fortunate to have played today in a game that contains, in such a complex way, those characteristics that make it one of the undervalued masterpieces of this generation.
    Full Review »