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  1. Oct 6, 2015
    The football here is unpredictable and undefinable. Matches take on their own personality, depending on who is playing, both on the pitch and behind the controller. You are given enough control and room for expression that you don’t need to conform to best practice. Instead you need to play to your and your team’s strengths, negating the opponent’s and managing the tempo of a game.
  2. Sep 14, 2015
    An utterly essential purchase. PES 2016 is the best there is, and the best there's been in a very long time.
  3. Sep 22, 2015
    Hand on heart, I can’t remember ever being so consistently thrilled, surprised and delighted by a football game before.
  4. Sep 22, 2015
    PES 2016 is a stunning football simulation. With more animations, better controls and some incredible players 3D models, is a no-brainer for every football enthusiast out there.
  5. Oct 9, 2015
    I'm glad I had a chance to check out PES 2016 as it would have flown completely under my radar during this busy video game time of the year. I can say I will no longer be an exclusive FIFA player and already have recommended some friends to check out Pro Evolution Soccer
  6. Play UK
    Oct 25, 2015
    We would like some improvements to modes and presentation, but the on-pitch action is of such stellar quality that PES 2016 remains the champion. [Issue#262, p.66]
  7. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Oct 16, 2015
    So it’s official, last year’s game wasn’t a fluke. PES really is back to where it belongs: at the top of the league. [December 2015, p68]
  8. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Oct 10, 2015
    Works as both an arcade kickabout and a tactically broad sim. PS4's best footy game yet. [Nov 2015, p.96]
  9. Oct 5, 2015
    None of these problems keep PES 2016 from being the greatest football game of all time. The question is no longer whether PES can catch FIFA, and in truth hasn't been for a while. Instead, it's the other way around, and may well be for years.
  10. 90
    Meanwhile, PES is the football game for people who love the elegance, grace, and flow of the sport. PES has always been good at that, and this year's edition, while only making subtle tweaks to the on-field engine, has done so so effectively that it has become the definitive take on the sport.
  11. Sep 29, 2015
    Konami’s hard work has finally paid off. The gameplay feels more dynamic, precise and balanced than ever before. PES 2016 is a new high for the series, and is arguably the best football game of the year. Let’s hope for more of the same in the coming years.
  12. Sep 28, 2015
    PES 2016, while not being perfect, feels true to its title - it's an evolution.
  13. Sep 24, 2015
    With individualized players, explosive tactical potential and unparalleled realism, PES 2016 redefines what a soccer game can be.
  14. 90
    The football is sublime in PES 2016. There are small improvements made to other areas of the game, and some are still needed, but on the pitch the series is in title-winning form once again.
  15. 90
    A new physics system allows Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to feel and play more like its real-life counterpart. Although this change results in a lack of foul calls, it complements a fantastic game that delivers a great-feeling version of interactive soccer and builds upon what was the best soccer title ever made.
  16. 90
    Thanks to the smooth, physical gameplay, the amazing animations, and the various and strategic game modes, PES 16 is easily the best title in the franchise. To go one step further – PES 16 is likely one of the best sport games out today.
  17. Sep 21, 2015
    Konami polished almost every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, eliminating most of the disadvantages of previous titles. This anniversary edition is undoubtedly the best one in PES history, and perhaps the best virtual football in general.
  18. Sep 21, 2015
    By delivering an even better, prettier and more refined game than last year, Pro Evolution Soccer keeps paving the way to the perfect football game.
  19. Sep 18, 2015
    The best football sim to date.
  20. Sep 17, 2015
    Pro Evolution Soccer is finally back to its best, in what is undoubtedly one of the greatest sports games of all-time.
  21. Sep 15, 2015
    PES 2016 is about more than just a few additions for the year. It ushers in a new era for the franchise that needs to be experienced.
  22. Sep 14, 2015
    The improved Master League mode is a godsend, adding substance to the package and complementing the excellent gameplay. With the advanced collision system, Konami has done in a year what EA has been trying to perfect since FIFA 12. The added physicality and increased number of animations has done wonders for the gameplay. The introduction of an excellent edit mode (see ‘edit it up’ for more details) to the PS4 version even makes the usual lack of licenses a relative non-issue.
  23. Sep 14, 2015
    There's little worth in assessing soccer sims by the weight of their game modes, or indeed, the breadth of their official licenses. All that truly matters is what unfolds in those virtual ninety minutes, either against a friend, an online stranger, or the computer. On that test alone, PES 2016 represents the best game in the series since the PlayStation 2 era.
  24. Critical Hit
    Oct 5, 2015
    PES 2016 trades authenticity for fun in most facets of its design, but it’s a decision that ultimately pays off. What you’ll get is a fast, tightly-designed football experience that isn’t matched yet anywhere else. EA needs to start taking some notes.
  25. Oct 11, 2015
    Konami once again take their franchise to a whole new level that easily makes PES 2016 one of their best attempts at virtual soccer on any console.
  26. Sep 14, 2015
    We hadn’t enjoyed PES this much since the era of PS2. It could be better in some aspects, but the gameplay shines brightly again, and that means victory in the sports genre.
  27. Sep 22, 2015
    There are many improvements that you can feel when you're on field, and less when you check the gameplay features, licenses and online play. It's still a great soccer game, and a further step in the right direction for Konami.
  28. Nov 9, 2015
    This years PES reminded us of the great PS2 era titles. Gameplay absolutely shins this time around. Football fans should not miss PES 2016.
  29. Nov 2, 2015
    Quotation forthcoming.
  30. Oct 14, 2015
    The second iteration of Pro within the current gen returns to its old PS2 glory, thanks to a revamped gameplay that offers deep gameplay mechanics and great visuals. Konami took a step forward in creating the feeling of a genuine football match.
  31. Power Unlimited
    Oct 8, 2015
    After years of mismanagement and poor sportsmanship, PES is finally able to compete with FIFA again. Best football game of the year? Too early to tell, but a contender it is. [Oct. 2015, p. 063]
  32. Sep 27, 2015
    Pro Evo 2016 is without a doubt the best soccer simulator we have ever played. That special feeling you get when playing soccer, is exactly what you will get when playing this game. The menu's are a bit messy, but even so this game deserves to be in your collection.
  33. Sep 21, 2015
    PES 2016 is a delightful soccer game in which Konami found the ideal balance between simulation and arcade gameplay. The addition of a great amount of animations does not only make the game look awesome, it also brings depth into the gameplay. There are a few small annoying issues you will have to cope with, but online PES 2016 is strong and highly addictive.
  34. Sep 16, 2015
    With PES 2016, Konami makes a statement: they are back in the game. And at the heart of this final mutation is finely carved gameplay, based on the traditionally precise construction phases of the series and enhanced by new animations and collisions. The result is a game which is, at last, very nice to play.
  35. Sep 14, 2015
    The last iteration of Pro Evolution Soccer confirmed the series was back in good shape, but with PES 2016 we finally see the brand approaching something close to its best form.
  36. Sep 14, 2015
    PES 2016 is a great PES game and a great football game in general. More fluid, more realistic and fun as always, Konami and PES Team are on the right course to restore its reign.
  37. Sep 14, 2015
    The Konami soccer saga is back. PES 2016 is a really fun game, which has improved the control of the game, player movements and ball physics.
  38. Sep 13, 2015
    PES 2016 is arguably the best PES game to date, and combines dynamic and addictive gameplay with beautiful physics and graphics. EA had better step up their game this year.
  39. Sep 18, 2015
    Even though there's still is room for improvement, we think it's one of the best PES we've played in a long time. If you enjoyed those PES on PS2, you'll probably feel some of its magic is back.
  40. Oct 14, 2015
    It might not be the most fully featured game or the most polished. And the list of things to fix for 2017 is pretty obvious. But, PES 2016 feels right. And for me, fun beats features every single time.
  41. Oct 5, 2015
    So, is Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 better than FIFA 16? If you want an easily accessible game where you can mash the tackle button without fear of being sent off, or tap the shoot button to fire in a bicycle kick from outside the penalty area, and if you don’t care about having all the big name clubs, strips, and squads, you might decide that yes, PES 2016 is better than FIFA 16. Otherwise, no, it’s not.
  42. Sep 14, 2015
    Quotation forthcoming.
  43. Feb 2, 2016
    PES 2016 is a fantastic game that has clearly sent a message to it’s rival and all around the world that the series has made a comeback. Everything about the game has been tweaked and perfected when you compared this year’s game to it’s predecessor (PES 2015)
  44. Nov 22, 2015
    Sure, it is a game riddled with issues and raises more gripes and tantrums than a game should. But once you whittle down all the issues, bugbears and negatives, PES 2016 manages to be a wholly comprehensive footballing experience and the best available this year.
  45. CD-Action
    Nov 14, 2015
    PES 2016 is a football simulation for gamers, not for football enthusiasts, because in terms of realism it falls way behind EA Sports FIFA. Pro Evo simply chose another path and doesn’t even try to convince you that what you see is an attempt to recreate the real thing. It goes back to the roots – to wonderful PES 6 – and that’s why I had so much fun with PES 2016 and fell in love with it. [11/2015, p.34]
  46. Oct 27, 2015
    Many fans will appreciate the choices Konami made in terms of gameplay, others won't like where the series is going, with its open and unpredictable matches where everything could happen. We like the changes, and had a lot of fun with the new PES, but there's still a lot that could be perfected. The peak of the series hasn't been reached yet.
  47. Oct 9, 2015
    PES 2016 is a fantastic sports game that every avid football enthusiast should own.
  48. Sep 26, 2015
    The Pro Evolution Soccer series has been steadily improving over the past few years, and with PES 2016 it seems the dev team has finally cracked that winning football formula, despite some rough edges.
  49. Sep 21, 2015
    PES 2016 celebrates entertaining soccer. But career is stagnant.
  50. Sep 19, 2015
    PES 2016 doesn't live this year great expectations. The game shows a shiny I.A., a beautiful graphics and the best competitions in the World, but it still has some problem with the physics in the midfield and hasn't any game mode that can compete with the deepness of FUT.
  51. Sep 17, 2015
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 keeps the series in the correct path, demonstrating that the most important thing to Konami is the gameplay. The changes from last year’s game to this one are subtle, but effective, nevertheless, the lack of more club licenses prevents it from being the ultimate football experience.
  52. Sep 14, 2015
    An excellent and spectacular football game. New animations and more accurate physical interactions bring to the last edition formula some great ways to play - that remind us of the glorious era of PES. A.I., especially attackers and keepers, can be relied on, it's smooth, fun to play and quite deep, and there's a lot for players to master in terms of construction and tactical options. It lacks some novelty in terms of game modes, but on the field, with all those improvements, it acts like a champion.
  53. Games Master UK
    Nov 3, 2015
    Though under-developed in places, PES 2016 is solid - but it makes no great strides forward. [Nov 2015, p.76]
  54. Sep 24, 2015
    PES 2016 stumbles under the weight of all its divergent modes and duties
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  1. Dec 9, 2015
    Despite its presentational flaws, PES 16’s skilled mechanics make it an instant classic, showing that sports games are at their best when the fundamentals are respected and imitated as a priority.
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  1. Sep 15, 2015
    PES has huge improvements comparing to fifa 16 demo which fifa not showing any improving or changes only some fixes and adding woman teams IPES has huge improvements comparing to fifa 16 demo which fifa not showing any improving or changes only some fixes and adding woman teams I consider as add on not new game
    really this year I am on PES side
    Full Review »
  2. Sep 15, 2015
    Best football game of all time, the fox engine makes it stunning. And the gameplay is so much better than pes 15. Also the impact engine isBest football game of all time, the fox engine makes it stunning. And the gameplay is so much better than pes 15. Also the impact engine is great looks like real football 10/10 Full Review »
  3. Sep 15, 2015
    i was big fan of PEs 2004,2005,2006. but from that time ps3 come out I was disapointed every year when pes come out on ps3. so I was forced toi was big fan of PEs 2004,2005,2006. but from that time ps3 come out I was disapointed every year when pes come out on ps3. so I was forced to buy fifa for they were much better from the time ps3 come out. Nw I have ps4 and finally pes is back. im so happy for that. Ladies and gentlemen now is time for PES Full Review »