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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Dec 31, 2018
    A packed fighter with gaming mechanics you’ll enjoy after the initial ten punches. Full of cinematic effects, cliches, big biceps, huge boobs and giant swords. [Issue#290]
  2. 100
    There’s plenty of addictive fun to be had without ever going online. Whether you’re taking your battling to the lobbies, or playing alone, you’ll spend plenty of time with this fighter.
  3. Oct 17, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is undoubtedly one of the finest fighting games of this generation, and one worth exploring even if you can’t get into the broader fighting genre. With rich and complex campaign modes and robust gameplay, SoulCalibur VI is a game I will return to for years to come.
  4. Oct 17, 2018
    This is a game that makes it easy for people of all skill levels to hop in and find a mode that suits them. You have over 20 possible fighters to choose from. If you like the feel, but not the look, of one, you can make your own using its playstyle and weapon. The various campaigns do a good job of telling a story while also giving people plenty of interactive fighting or exploration segments. The battling options offer shorter experiences against virtual and actual opponents to test you on what you have learned as you try to fight evil. There is so much to do here, which people willing to invest a lot of time will very likely appreciate.
  5. Oct 28, 2018
    New system and new changes make SoulCalibur VI become more friendly to new players than usual, and still remains the depth of strategy. What is more, you can spend plenty of time in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode, because it provides so much content that you will never get bored.
  6. Nov 12, 2018
    Soul Calibur VI is a beautifully produced game that should keep fans coming back for more and newer fans understanding just what the fuss is about. I know I certainly do now. This is one amazing game that should turn the heads of all that play it.
  7. Oct 26, 2018
    As a fighting game, the single player content is only half of the equation as most people will want to go head-to-head against their friends. The combat system in Soulcalibur VI is nuanced and deep enough where those who want to master craft can devote hours to perfecting their battle skills, but it’s also accessible enough for newcomers to have a chance. The Soulcalbur franchise never became bad, but has dulled with some of the more recent titles. Soulcalibur VI blends what made the first couple games so memorable and incorporates modern elements to move the series forward, resulting in the most enjoyable Soulcalibur title since 2003.
  8. Oct 25, 2018
    SoulCalibur is back, and with a victory it is! With an enormous amount of story content and background information, you're set to enjoy the solo playing as much as the multiplayer. This is the fighting game you wished SoulCalibur 5 would have been.
  9. Oct 24, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI has a lot to offer: solid gameplay systems that balance depth with fun, a lot of content, and amazing customization. The end result is our favorite fighting game in this generation so far.
  10. Oct 24, 2018
    On the whole, Soulcalibur VI does an excellent job of advancing the series while also stay true to its roots. Character creation, two new battle mechanics, new playable characters, two story modes, online play — there’s a lot of meat here for fight-hungry fans to dive into and it’s crafted and presented with the skill we’ve come to know from Project Soul.
  11. 90
    Soulcalibur VI is an excellent fighter that takes the 2.5D fighter further into the 3D realm. Great characters and interesting lore provide an unforgettable single-player experience, while multiplayer is just as great, thanks to a deep, yet accessible, fighting system.
  12. Oct 19, 2018
    Without a doubt, this is the very best place for newcomers to jump on, but there’s still plenty of depth for vetaran fans. In all respects, from the guest character to the presentation and new mechanics, this is the best that SoulCalibur has been in a long time. It’s not just one of the best fighting games of the year, it’s one of the best games of the year, period.
  13. Oct 17, 2018
    It feels like a real sequel to SoulCalibur 2, in a way that none of the others managed. It’s an immediately fun fighting game that has clear depth but never seems intimidating. It has one of the better rosters of any current fighting game, some beefy single player content and solid netcode. An essential fighting game.
  14. 90
    Ultimately, that's what you want from a fighting game; something that anyone can pick up and enjoy on their terms. SoulCalibur VI offers an enjoyable story for people who want to get into the lore and characters, fanservice for people that like sex appeal in their fighters, as well as a blend of instantly accessible action and a learning curve for people that want to dig further into the mechanics of it all. Because it is so accessible and enjoyable, I suspect that SoulCalibur VI will become one of my most played fighting games, because it's just that versatile and enjoyable that I'll just default to it when I'm in the mood for a fighter (or looking to play with someone else).
  15. Oct 17, 2018
    I personally loved that so much attention was paid to the single-player experience, and because of the depth of the story and fluid combat, I found this to be one of the most enjoyable fighting games I’ve ever played.
  16. 90
    SoulCalibur 6 is a brilliant return to form for the series, combining a robust single-player campaign and intense, dynamic combat to bring the franchise to a level it hasn’t been at in years. It's time to leave your mark on history once again.
  17. Nov 12, 2018
    If you're an SC fan, you will most likely enjoy SoulCalibur VI even if SC5 left a bad taste in your mouth. A series reboot is probably the safest way to keep the storyline fresh in the series while giving us new plotlines to enjoy in the existing story. SC6's single player portion has been improved greatly from its predecessor, so that alone is a major plus. The single player content will last you tons of hours since playing Libra of Souls is much like playing an rpg. SC6 is definitely a great fighter to pick up for both hardcore and casual fighting game fans - it's easily got both groups covered extremely well!
  18. Oct 18, 2018
    Soul Calibur VI is probably the best game of the series and the most exciting title of its genre for 2018. The 22 fighters to master, Libra of Soul mode and the new Reverse Attack system and special moves will keep novice and veteran players fighting for hours. The history reboot and reinvention of the combat mechanics are the main weapons of this new installment. The battle to destroy Soul Edge is only beginning.
  19. Oct 17, 2018
    Despite some minor issues, the soul of Soulcalibur 6 is so strong that they don’t do much to bring down what is one of the best entries in the series. The new Reversal Edge and Soul Charge mechanics add new layers of strategy and mind games while the one-two punch of Libra of Soul and Soul Chronicle will provide hours upon hours of fantastic single-player content. Beyond that, Soulcalibur 6 is just straight up fun for players of any skill level.
  20. Oct 24, 2018
    Soul Calibur 6 is the best entry into franchise since Soul Calibur 3. Great roster, solid mechanics (sidesteps are as dynamic as SC2) and one of the best single player experience in any fighting game.
  21. Oct 19, 2018
    Whether you’re a newcomer or a dedicated fan, the latest retelling of the story of souls and swords is a captivating one.
  22. Oct 17, 2018
    Soulcalibur VI is one of the most approachable fighters I've played in years while offering plenty of depth for players who wish to attain true skill.
  23. Oct 17, 2018
    A brilliant fusion of the competitive elements of the fifth chapter and the mass of content that characterised its predecessors, SoulCalibur VI is fun, fast, more technical than it looks and an all around joy to play.
  24. Oct 17, 2018
    Soul Calibur 6 remains a spectacular, intense, technical brawler, also suitable for those who do not want to throw themselves into the fray of online meetings. There could be no better relaunch for the series, which finally returns to its original splendor.
  25. Oct 17, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is actual proof that “legends will never die”, they just evolve into something else - in this case, something better.
  26. Oct 17, 2018
    An excellent fighting game that has almost everything that we loved about the original Soul Calibur games, but still improves on its formula.
  27. CD-Action
    Nov 14, 2019
    A very well done fighting game – nuanced and demanding, but also fun in simple instances of waving some big swords around. [13/2018, p.70]
  28. Mar 6, 2019
    Precise and dynamic fighting system, great looking maps and characters, and the best customization system in any fighting game to date.
  29. Nov 11, 2018
    Soulcalibur VI has it's problems, but it's still a great return to form for the franchise and fine fighting game we'll probably see in next years EVO going full swing.
  30. Oct 29, 2018
    Combining a hearty single-player campaign with interesting new combat mechanics, decent netplay and a character creator that’s honestly worth the price of admission alone, Soulcalibur VI takes its rightful place on the stage of history as one of the best fighters out right now.
  31. Oct 25, 2018
    Leaving aside the fact that its a reboot from the series, Soulcalibur VI is a great fighting game that retains most of the elements that have made the franchise one of the best among the genre. Yes, it doesn't add many novelties to the gameplay formula and some modes lack some charm, but nevertheless, its an awesome game worth your money and time, more if you love fighting games.
  32. 85
    A decent campaign is paired with a beefier custom story mode, to provide for dozens of hours of gameplay, even if most of the cutscenes are more visual novel than actual cutscene.
  33. Oct 22, 2018
    I would love it if Soulcalibur VI was prettier and offered more warriors. But what I got was great nonetheless - a superb beat'em up game with a well-designed fighting system, tons of single player content, a solid multiplayer and a unique atmosphere. The legend is back.
  34. Oct 20, 2018
    Lacking only in its multiplayer modes, SoulCalibur VI takes the franchise to a whole new level of storytelling while keeping alive and even improving on the great fighting style and mechanics we know and love for more than 20 years.
  35. Oct 19, 2018
    A grand return to form for a fighting game series that’s been overstuffed for decades. It’s simple to play, tough to master, and incredibly fun. The best the series has been since SoulCalibur2, the game doesn’t do much new. Instead, it adeptly refines something we’ve played before to deliver one of the most enjoyable fighting games in years.
  36. Oct 19, 2018
    Solid gameplay that has a lot of depth due to the new additions. Whether you're playing on- or offline, you won't get bored because of the insane amount of content. SoulCalibur VI is a fine continuation of the franchise and fight fans will love it. The arenas in which the fighting takes place sometimes feel a bit void of action apart from the one on one matches going on but don't let that detract you from what is a great game.
  37. Oct 19, 2018
    SoulCalibur 5 is a true success with it's awesome gameplay and the feeling players can have while fighting. We only hoped the technical side of things would have been better with what current hardware can do.
  38. 85
    Soul Calibur VI has the heart and soul of what makes a great fighter great. However, Reversal Edge is a mixed bag, and some presentation elements lack visual investment. Regardless, Soul Calibur VI is the complete package, accommodating to newcomers and veterans alike.
  39. Oct 17, 2018
    While I think this game is really fun, especially with another player, it isn’t for everyone. If you’re someone who doesn’t like repetitive gameplay, you’re best bet is to turn the other way. If you were looking for innovation, it simply isn’t here. It’s a step in the right direction but, there’s still a lot to go. That being said, if you’re a fan of the Soulcalibur franchise, by all means, pick it up, it isn’t a bad game. Just not a perfect one. If you’re looking for more information relating to the backgrounds of many of your favorite fighters from the series, you can’t go wrong with Soulcalibur VI.
  40. Oct 17, 2018
    SoulCalibur is back with a great game that is a pleasure to play. We are not very happy with the DLC policy or the Reversal Edge moves, but everything else is very, very good.
  41. Oct 17, 2018
    Soul Calibur VI is a great fighting game. Warriors catalogue is a bit too conservative (just three new characters that weren´t in previous games), but we love the story and mission modes. Geralt de Rivia feels like the perfect guest character.
  42. Oct 17, 2018
    For someone who’s barely touched a Soul Calibur game, I can definitely say that Soul Calibur VI was a lot of fun.
  43. Oct 17, 2018
    The six years waiting for a new Soulcalibur game have been worth it. This is fantastic combat with plenty of depth, and even the new Reversal Edge mechanic is a godsend.
  44. Oct 17, 2018
    This is a larger than life series that deserves a lot of love and care from its creator: and with VI, it got it.
  45. Oct 31, 2018
    Soulcalibur VI is a fun and robust fighting game. More user-friendly tutorials would have made the game even more accessible, but with a wide variety of online modes and a deep character creator, this is already a fighting game anyone can pick up and have a great time with.
  46. Oct 17, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is a solid new chapter that evolves the combat system and adds new missions to the main mode. It is not a revolution, but it is the best game in the series.
  47. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 14, 2018
    As a package Soulcalibur VI lacks the polish of recent fighters, especially in the story mode, but the core gameplay, honed over many years, offers some of the sharpest duels on PS4. [Issue#156, p.88]
  48. Nov 9, 2018
    Soulcalibur VI falls into some of the same pitfalls that plague the genre, namely poor storytelling and a lack of robust and polished online options. Still, the game gets so much right. The fundamental fighting feels great and the new mechanics only enhance what was already excellent. Soulcalibur VI sets out to revitalize the series and it largely succeeds, making Soulcalibur genuinely thrilling in a way it hasn't been for an extremely long time.
  49. Nov 6, 2018
    Another worthy entry into the series that still distinguishes itself from the rest. Diverse characters, unique mechanics, and pick-up-and-play nature make it extremely accessible. Despite a few fumbles in training modes and mediocre story elements, Soulcalibur VI is a great fighter at its core.
  50. Nov 1, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is trying very hard to be not only a fighting game, but fights are actually the best part of it.
  51. Oct 23, 2018
    In spite of some odd missteps, Soul Calibur VI is overall an improvement over its predecessor. Its new and updated mechanics bring a breath of fresh air to the Soul Calibur formula to keep veterans interested, and as a reboot is an ideal starting point for newcomers.
  52. Oct 23, 2018
    Given all the recycled and only slightly re-touched assets and somewhat underwhelming presentation in the story modes, SoulCalibur VI feels more like a re-release with some additional content than an entirely new entry. It plays perhaps a bit too safe, wary not to change anything too much, apart from making fighting feel flashier and easier. However, it’s also somehow comforting that the game finds its footing in the familiar turf. Now, I can carry on where I was left off ten years ago in SoulCalibur IV (let’s just pretend that SoulCalibur V never existed) and quench the thirst the way-too early axed Lost Swords left me with.
  53. Oct 23, 2018
    Soul Calibur returns with a new battle system and lots of improvements since Soul Calibur V. However, Soul Calibur VI still far from the excellence of the big entries of the franchise.
  54. Oct 23, 2018
    Soulcalibur VI is a fighting game for the masses. Its excellent for wasting a few hours. The game is not perfect, but there is enough there to make the seventh entry in the series amazing.
  55. Oct 22, 2018
    Overall, SoulCalibur 6 is a solid reboot of the franchise. It doesn't reinvent the wheel but focuses on sanding off the rough edges and returning the gameplay and storyline to the basics. The result is a game that's a distillation of what makes the SoulCalibur franchise fun. There's enough room and depth for people to get into the real -gritty of the gameplay, but there's also a lot of room for enjoyable fighting. It's a bit difficult to justify the purchase just for the single-player portion, but it's excellent for a couch party game — just like SoulCalibur should be.
  56. Oct 22, 2018
    Quotation forthcoming.
  57. Oct 22, 2018
    Soul Calibur VI revives a series that may have been lost to time by learning from what worked best and introducing creative and unique mechanics to its already solid gameplay.
  58. Oct 21, 2018
    Soulcalibur VI feels like a game that’s fighting to make a comeback in a world where it isn’t sure it’s welcome anymore, and the downside of that is that many of its parts feel like they were under-developed to keep costs low. However, much more important is the upside, which is that a fantastic fighting game series has finally come back to us, and it’s still just as good as we all remember.
  59. 80
    With robust single-player offerings, as well as a fast paced and dynamic fighting system, Soulcalibur VI represents the best the series has been for a long time. It has a great and diverse roster of characters, and Geralt fits right into the world too. It’s just a little bit of a shame that it’s missing a few things from previous games. Despite this, Soulcalibur VI is easily the best Soulcalibur game and one of the best 3D fighters you can play right now.
  60. Oct 20, 2018
    As a course correction to an aging series, Soulcalibur VI is unimpeachable. More significantly, as a fighting game with a singular identity, this game could shed its name entirely and impress on its own merits. The game world is enveloping, full of posh art and luxurious conflict that evokes a waltz more than a brawl. The soul, against all odds, still burns.
  61. Oct 20, 2018
    Quotation forthcoming.
  62. Oct 19, 2018
    Where SoulCalibur VI goes for broke are the areas that make its vibrant world and its motley crew of characters endearing to the capable but casual player.
  63. Oct 19, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is an incredible package, only bogged down by a few minor issues, and one that should be near the top of any fighting game fan's library.
  64. Oct 19, 2018
    Like all the best titles in the genre, it has a low barrier to entry and high skill ceiling. For those looking to get in a few games with friends it's welcoming and immediately enjoyable. For those committed to ploughing the depths of its systems to get tournament ready, it has plenty to unpack and understand. Better still, those that want to play alone will find SoulCalibur VI has some of the most substantial single-player content in any fighting game today.
  65. Oct 19, 2018
    In many ways SoulCalibur VI is the same old “SoulCalibur.” Nothing will replace the original, but “VI” iterates on the combat formula in smart ways and Libra of Soul adds hours of unique challenges, even if the storytelling wears a little thin. SoulCalibur VI doesn’t seize the crown from its forbearer, but it does build an entire city around the throne.
  66. Oct 18, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is an accomplished package and a fighting game that just feels great to play. In many ways it returns to the series' roots with a confidence that's been missing from previous entries, and the result is an approachable, entertaining, and rewarding weapon-based brawler. This is the most assured SoulCalibur since SoulCalibur II, and it certainly shows. At the time of publishing this review, we haven't been able to test the game's online features. Once online multiplayer is up and running and we've spent some time battering filthy casuals, we'll update this review with our thoughts and republish.
  67. Oct 17, 2018
    SoulCalibur is back! Even if it feels visually out-dated, and it is, SoulCalibur VI brings many new mechanics and game modes which make it the best entry in the serie since SoulCalibur III.
  68. Oct 17, 2018
    This new installment of Soul Calibur feels like a kind of reboot, a return to the beginning of the saga where the fight is not only important, but also the universe created around the characters under a gameplay that involves a return to the beginnings, offering a much more technical and entertaining title than in other occasions.
  69. Oct 17, 2018
    The best SoulCalibur VI of recent generations, with an accessible but tactically deep combat system. But while the single-player options are much improved they’re still far from perfect.
  70. Oct 17, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is a solid fighting game that offers good mechanics and a lot of content to enjoy some legendary fights with weapons. But the roster feels limited and, in terms of visuals, the game seems to have the same design than SoulCalibur V.
  71. Oct 17, 2018
    With a polished fighting system, deep story mode, and buckets of content, Soul Calibur VI is easily one of the best fighting games of the generation.
  72. Oct 20, 2018
    After all is said and done, there's no denying that SoulCalibur VI's core gameplay is solid while offering some fresh mechanics. However, even though it's been years in the making, it feels like it could have used a couple more.
  73. Oct 29, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI’s combat could crack even the toughest case of fighting game-phobia; it’s strategic, fluid, and deep, but remains as accessible as ever. It’s unfortunate that it’s hampered by a lack of interesting modes, and that its hefty single-player offerings attempt to shift the focus away from the robust combat system and towards stale, cumbersome stories.
  74. May 6, 2019
    SoulCalibur VI tries to go back to its roots and mostly succeeds. It is far from being the game expected after waiting so long for the sixth entry, with low quality visuals, long loading times, and not much improvement over the same old combat, but if the return of old character favourites and that classic gameplay is what is sought after, this will do the job, with plenty to do for the solo player in story modes, although there is a lack of options outside of that.
  75. Oct 22, 2018
    Soul Calibur VI is the best looking and best playing game of the series, but the number of available options and characters is lacking. Fighting game fans will still have a blast in this stage of history, but don’t be surprised if it leaves you wanting more.
  76. Oct 17, 2018
    SoulCalibur VI is a fantastic looking entry in the series, but beyond that feels like something of a missed opportunity. The core combat remains as vibrant, weighty and enjoyable as ever, but the Reversal Edge adds in an element of chance that feels at odds with what most fighting games set out to achieve. The two interminably dull story modes don’t help either, with players left to rely on the the straightforward arcade and online modes for their kicks.
  77. Jan 22, 2019
    When I’m up against players at a similar skill level and we’re all using the default characters, Soulcalibur VI can be a beautiful dance between players who are one with their weapons. This is a rare occasion, though. More often, I’m stuck trying to fend off oversized custom characters spamming Reversal Edge. With so many people killing what could be a good time online, I think I’ll stick to Tekken to get my fighting game fix.
  78. Oct 17, 2018
    On paper, it seemed great. A new Soulcalibur game with 20 characters launching on the current generation of consoles! But what we got looks like a copy and paste from something we’ve played before.
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  1. Oct 19, 2018
    Snappy and responsive weapon-based fighting let down by a boring new story mode and loading issues.
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  1. Oct 19, 2018
    And here I am writing a review, scoring it above what I planed to seeing as some people scored it way to low, one even saying it uses the sameAnd here I am writing a review, scoring it above what I planed to seeing as some people scored it way to low, one even saying it uses the same engine as SCIV, little did I know that SCIV used unreal engine 4, well riddle me silly (sarcasm).
    This game is somewhere around 8 or 9 to be honest, with a few things dragging it down, so let me jump right into it.

    The good.
    The most important thing, that being the combat, is great, that part is a clear 10 out of 10. It feels responsive and it is easy to get into with a dept there that will be fun to explore.
    The character customization is good, would have likes some more pieces of cloths but all in all it is better then Tekken 7 in this department.
    The Libra of souls has this far been way more fun then I thought it would be.

    Hit or miss
    The visuals can be good or bad depending if you like the art-style or not, personally I do like it but I can see some people not liking it.

    The bad.
    The way in which the story is presented feels cheap, Don't get me wrong here, I do enjoy stories told to still pictures as well, just that they could have had more pictures while showing the story. Often you are shown the same old picture with a picture of a character and some enemy. This is the weakest part of the game.
    The day one dlc. The character in that dlc fits better into the story then some of the character in the base roster. This easily avoided PR mess up is something they need to learn from

    I get the feeling that Namco gave the devs very little money for this project, and as such they needed to focus on some things, thankfully they focused on the right thing. It is not a perfect game but it is at this moment the best 3D fighter on the current gen consoles.
    Full Review »
  2. Oct 19, 2018
    10 out of 10. Awesome designed characters and stages, incredible mechanics, cool new features. And on top of that breathtaking music.
  3. Oct 19, 2018
    Soul Calibur is back. At last! After four hours of the online game I can say — this is my favorite game for a few next years. Fast, flashy,Soul Calibur is back. At last! After four hours of the online game I can say — this is my favorite game for a few next years. Fast, flashy, bright. It is really AAA title. The perfect good base mechanics and interesting new features as like Reversal Edge, Soul Charge (new incarnation) makes the gameplay really fantastic! The roster contains 90% of the most popular characters of the franchise, the rest maybe will appear in future DLC's. And all of them are good-looking and attractive — everybody will find favorite characters for playing. Yes, the inputs are different and the dynamics are not the same as like SC5 or SC4. It is more similar SC2. I think the game is the really successful mix of old good things and some new ideas that make the game more interesting and impressive. I strongly recommend to play this game if you are a fan of previous games — you will be impressed and pleased very well. Full Review »