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  1. Game World Navigator Magazine
    Nov 18, 2020
    Moderately hardcore, a tad nostalgic, devoid of AAA luster, but engaging nonetheless – Squadrons is a nice choice for those who miss Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. [Issue#249, p.56]
  2. Edge Magazine
    Nov 5, 2020
    That conviction gives it charm next to the bloat of certain other Star Wars games, but when you're skimming the hull of an exploding frigate, it's hard not to wish for more. [Issue#352, p.102]
  3. Nov 4, 2020
    Star Wars: Squadrons is an incomplete but satisfactory experience for anybody who has to scratch that Rogue Squadron itch. It plays relatively safe and can provide a dozen fun hours, but is still pulled down by its lack of content and lacklustre support for controllers.
  4. Oct 12, 2020
    The real reason that you're driven to keep playing Squadrons is for the pure joy of dogfighting, whether that be in the game's team deathmatch mode, campaign setpieces, or perhaps in VR on PS4 and PC, where the sensory deprivation and head-tracking give you an extra layer of physical response to your flight maneuvers, which can be exciting for as long as you can stomach it. The campaign's narrative leaves you wanting, and the flagship Fleet Battles can be incredibly uneven. But the feeling of Squadrons' core flight combat is gratifying enough to sustain you through it all. The involved nature of juggling all tasks required to operate your cool starfighter at peak efficiency while soaking in the more mechanical sights and sounds of Star Wars is a stimulating experience that Squadrons just gets right.
  5. Oct 11, 2020
    Star Wars: Squadrons is a solid Star Wars game, but it will only have legs for a specific kind of player. If you are okay with more sim-based fliers instead of arcade ones, be sure to check this one out.
  6. Oct 7, 2020
    It is a pleasure to pilot a spaceship in Star Wars Squadrons. That is actually the most important thing. Especially in VR it is an unprecedented spectacle. It is a pity that at some point you get bored of that due to the poor story and the sparse multiplayer modes.
  7. Oct 6, 2020
    You could argue that Squadrons breaks no fresh ground, that it is merely the latest in a prized patch of genre; but the ground, fresh or otherwise, was left behind long ago, and being the latest is no bad thing.
  8. Oct 1, 2020
    Star Wars: Squadrons offers an exhilarating take on dogfighting in a galaxy far, far away, which helps elevate a functional single-player story and provides a strong foundation for a focused multiplayer experience.
  9. Oct 5, 2020
    Star Wars: Squadrons has its heart in the right place and a comprehensive, in-depth set of flight mechanics go a long way towards realising that childhood dream of piloting an X-Wing. It achieves the vision in some ways, but in others, the package lacks excitement and content. While excellent PSVR support will be enough for some, a boring story and inadequate multiplayer modes leave a lot to be desired.
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  1. Oct 5, 2020
    An immersive space sim that's dazzling in VR, Squadrons provides an exhilarating multiplayer experience, even if the story feels pedestrian. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  2. Oct 3, 2020
    Star Wars: Squadrons is good. For folks who have been wanting a Star Wars game all about X-wings and dogfighting, you’ll more than likely be happy with what’s on offer in Squadrons. Bugs and some multiplayer issues prevent it from being a totally smooth experience, but I’d still highly recommend Squadrons to anyone who thinks it sounds fun to moonlight as a hotshot Star Wars pilot.
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  1. Oct 4, 2020
    Very poor story with completely unforgettable characters. I’ve been a HUGE Star Wars fan for over 40 years, but they have lost their way.Very poor story with completely unforgettable characters. I’ve been a HUGE Star Wars fan for over 40 years, but they have lost their way. Can’t take anymore of the SJW being crammed down our throats. Star Wars was always inclusive and diverse, WAY before it was fashionable to be, now it’s just over the top and this game is the epitome of it. Aside from that, the story is boring, the game play is SOOOO weak, I was hoping for a Rogue Squadron experience, but this isn’t even close. Should have been 3rd person view not 1st, the controls are a mess and with everything that’s going on, it feels like you need a PhD to use them at times. Graphics look pretty good, but that’s about the only positive. Severely disappointed in this game, I’d much rather hook up my N64 or game cube and play through the Rogue Squadron games, or even play the Starfighter Assult missions on the Battlefront games. Both are superior to the mess that Squadrons is. Full Review »
  2. Oct 3, 2020
    the gameplay is fine and looks good but is lacking in much to do outside of the campaign (of which youd be better playing star wars roguethe gameplay is fine and looks good but is lacking in much to do outside of the campaign (of which youd be better playing star wars rogue squadron) the multiplayer isnt much to speak of either in general not that wont have some fun but still but overall id say a 3 for now until they show more and if not wait til the games on sale to get Full Review »
  3. Oct 5, 2020
    Initially fun, but quickly turns into a tedious grind. The story was basic, disappointing. The urge to remain politically correct has renderedInitially fun, but quickly turns into a tedious grind. The story was basic, disappointing. The urge to remain politically correct has rendered elements of the game redundant. I would recommend waiting for a sale on this one rather than paying full price.

    [Character Customisation/Creation]

    You can clearly tell that the desperate attempt to remain politically correct was given higher priority than other essential aspects of this game.

    Each pilot (New Republic/Empire) has a default name which can't be edited. Which is absolutely pointless as it's not used at all during the entire campaign. They always refer to you as your call sign. You also pick a voice which is only used for one line in the entire game "I need a resupply" when you request one.

    Then you've got the appearance. There are a male and female variation of every race available, However they've been very careful to not mention gender anywhere and allow you to use male voices for female and vice versa to check that politically correct box. The whole game is also in first person so you never see your customised character either.

    The fact that voices aren't used, names aren't referenced and you never see your character during the entire game gives the impression that something was intended here, but the politically correct brigade stepped in last minute to make it redundant.


    These were awful, even by the end of the campaign they didn't seem right. Yes you do have the ability to remap them entirely, but the issue is that every single control is already in use, so it's hard to move anything from the thumb sticks.

    For example the throttle up and down is on the left thumb stick, along with roll, which means you're constantly accidently affecting your speed when trying to manoeuvre or vice versa. Also worse is that if you click the left thumb stick it boosts your engine, which resulted in scenarios where I boosted into an obstacle several times.

    If I were to remap, due to every button being in use, something hand to replace where the throttle sat and so would cause the same issue. Compared to other combat flight sims this was a poor.


    Tedious. I was hoping for a little more variety with the environment. Perhaps a land map where you're attacking ground targets. Instead everything is in space where you're either dog fighting or attacking the same capital ships over and over. It was initially fun, but quickly turned into a grind after the first few missions.

    The ship selection is good, they've done well to ensure each ship has significant roles to play.

    [Virtual Reality]

    Fantastic! You can see this was one of the key considerations. For me personally motion sickness is definitely a risk and I found myself requiring a good break between missions to recover. In fact for the last few missions I avoided using VR. The very fact that I did feel rough when barrel rolling and flying upside down is a credit to the realistic flight simulation this game provides.


    Standard. From the trailers and initial revealed gameplay I was hoping for something deeper. Instead the Titan Squadron were the stereotypical bad guys who all possessed English accents (missed out xenophobia on the political correctness list there guys). Vanguard Squadron on the other hand all had American accents and played the underdog as usual.

    I was hoping for more interaction with the members of the squadron, instead you get a brief dialogue with them sporadically in between missions where all you can do is listen, no interaction or opportunity to build a relationship whatsoever.

    There is one point in the game where it gives the impression of a morale choice, but as it's one of the objectives anyway you have no choice.
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