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  1. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Jan 4, 2021
    Original Devil May Cry 5 on steroids. Glorious hack’n’slash looks as good as ever and while you won’t find an actual new content, it is still fun to play. [Issue#308]
  2. Dec 9, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is every bit as good as the original release, if not even more, thanks to the many additions like playable Vergil, Turbo Mode and Legendary Dark Knight difficulty. While ray tracing and DualSense support are not massive game-changers, they round up the package nicely and help making it a worthy purchase for every Devil May Cry fan and for those who did not have yet the pleasure to experience one of the best character action games released in recent years.
  3. Dec 4, 2020
    The ultimate version of an already fantastic game, the special edition of Devil May Cry 5 looks great, sounds great and - you guessed it - plays pretty damn great as well. Adding Vergil as a playable character is the icing on this delicious cake. A true must-buy.
  4. Nov 30, 2020
    There is no doubt that all players can enjoy one of the best action games through DEVIL MAY CRY 5: SPECIAL EDITION.
  5. 92
    Devil May Cry V debuts on the new consoles with a definitive Special Edition, which confirms its status as the best stylish action of the last generation. The new modes and the presence of Vergil as a playable character are great additions, while the Ray Tracing does not feel like it adds much, and certainly not enough considering it comes at the cost of a slashed frame rate or resolution.
  6. CD-Action
    Jul 23, 2021
    Faster and more fluent – is there anything else to wish for, especially that the game itself is still amazing? Actually, the Special Edition has much more going for it, including a new difficulty level, new rendering modes (up to 4K 30 fps with ray tracing), and the ability to play as Vergil. Sadly, the new character doesn’t come with his own levels. I also need to point out fps drops in the 120 Hz mode, and lackluster use of DualSense’s features. [02/2021, p.48]
  7. Feb 19, 2021
    If you haven’t yet played Devil May Cry 5 and you have a new console at home, don’t waste a second and go buy this brilliant action game. If you’re a veteran, just buy the Vergil DLC and be done with it.
  8. Nov 30, 2020
    Devil May Cry V is still an outstanding title rooted in the tradition of Japanese-style character-action games. The play and content enhancements are both substantial and worthy of a “Special Edition” moniker. There’s enough here for fans of the original to return, and newcomers looking for something to play on their new consoles are in for a whirling-dervish of a good time.
  9. Nov 30, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is more Devil May Cry 5, one of the most gratifying, fun, and deep action games ever created. Now there’s just a few more toys to tinker with, and they’re more readily accessible than ever.
  10. Nov 26, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is the definitive version of an already outstanding action title. In terms of gameplay, we'd go as far to say that Vergil is one of the best designed characters that the genre has ever seen, and his inclusion alone is enough to have us grinning from ear to ear. Devil May Cry 5 is still an utter joy to play, and remains one of the greatest action games to ever grace PlayStation.
  11. Nov 23, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is yet more proof that Capcom can remaster a classic, even one as young as Devil May Cry 5. Visually it’s stunning, the mix of characters and abilities will keep gamers engaged, and that music is certainly going to let you know that you’re playing an over-the-top angsty demon hunting game.
  12. Nov 23, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition doesn’t offer any massive surprises for veteran fans, but as a fresh chapter for newcomers? It makes one of the best action games of the last generation one of the most thrilling of the new generation.
  13. Nov 16, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is arguably the game Capcom should have always released. While the original was a powerhouse in every sense of the word, its pristine quality simply meant any imperfections were all the more noticeable. Vergil's return rounds out an already tight cast of characters playable with some of the most in-depth combat in the franchise. Turbo mode picks up the pace to challenge a player's physical and mental reflexes on every level. Legendary Dark Knight pushes the power of the PlayStation 5 by rendering large swarms of enemies on-screen, all for the player to kill. Devil May Cry 5 was already one of Capcom's best titles in years, and this Special Edition only elevates it.
  14. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Nov 15, 2020
    Special Edition raises the character-action bar even higher than the original, with high frame rates and Legendary Dark Knight mode seriously wowing. [Issue#182, p.139]
  15. Nov 11, 2020
    Devil May Cry V Special Edition is far from being the perfect edition. Despite this, the new modes are enjoyable, and Vergil is the real plus one.
  16. Nov 11, 2020
    It might not change anything fundamental, but this special edition not only looks and plays better but has an impressive amount of new content too.
  17. Nov 10, 2020
    Newcomers will experience one of the best 3D beat'em all of the past 10 years, in the best possible conditions.
  18. Nov 10, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition makes a great game even better with a new character, new modes, and overhauled visuals for next-gen consoles.
  19. Nov 9, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is the ultimate version of Devil May Cry 5. Including all of the additional content released for the original version and more, it makes a great game even better, it’s as simple as that. It’s a shame that ray tracing comes at such a cost when playing at 4K, but it still looks glorious without it, and if you want to make use of Turbo or Legendary Dark Knight Modes they can’t be used in conjunction with it anyway. The real draw for most, though, will be the chance to once again take control of Vergil, and he doesn’t disappoint. If you’ve been itching for more of the high-octane action that only the Devil May Cry series provides, you’d be mad to let Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition pass you by.
  20. Nov 9, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 was one of the best hack´n slash games of the current generation, and gets even better with ray tracing, up to 120 FPS (in performance mode) and the new Dark Knight difficulty level. The new character, Vergil adds new gameplay mechanics to the original crew.
  21. Nov 9, 2020
    From a purely technical perspective, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is a triumph. Delivering gorgeous ray traced lighting, blistering framerates, and high resolution, coupled with speedy load times and eye-popping visuals, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is the best possible rendition of the game. Returning special features like Turbo mode, Legendary Dark Knight mode, and Vergil himself is sure to keep any air-juggling Devil May Cry fan happy.
  22. 90
    A fantastic way for newcomers and lapsed series fans to get back into the Devil May Cry franchise alike, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is a value stuffed offering that lays a coat thick, next generation paint across the surface of one of the best hack and slash yarns of recent years. If you've not played Devil May Cry 5 before and you're looking for something new to show off your shiny new PlayStation 5 console, you really, *really* cannot go wrong with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition.
  23. 90
    Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition pulls out all the stops to give players enough reason to come back. The loading is insanely fast, the ray-tracing is absolutely delicious and the frame rates are buttery smooth. If you've previously struggled to get into Devil May Cry, this won't necessarily appeal to you any more than previous games have. But if you're looking for a killer app to show off either your precious new hardware or television, then you should look no further.
  24. Dec 3, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition makes a great action game even better. Although it doesn't quite contain as many additions as I was hoping it would, it's still an excellent game, especially for those who don't already own the vanilla version.
  25. Nov 24, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition isn't groundbreaking, but it's a nice touch for the fans as vergil's new gameplay is quite enjoyable. We would have liked a bit more TLC on 9th gen consoles tho, but at least the loading times are gone and we got ray tracing, even if that takes a hard toll on framerate.
  26. Nov 10, 2020
    One of the best hack & slash of the previous generation jumps into the new one with a new character and visual features. It’s not revolutionary, but it gives us more DMC.
  27. Nov 9, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is Devil May Cry at its finest. If you skipped the original release this is a must buy: otherwise, the add-ons are fun but far from being essential.
  28. Nov 9, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 holds up, and I had a good time revisiting it in different ways. Vergil, turbo mode, and the Legendary Dark Knight difficulty are good additions – but fans have already seen all of those features in the series’ previous special editions. They are still worthwhile, but don’t expect any big surprises here. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition is the best way to play an already-good game, but the fine-tuning doesn’t elevate the experience to new heights.
  29. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition takes the action to a different level with updates such as 120 FPS.
  30. Feb 27, 2021
    While light in the storytelling department, there’s enough here to keep fans happy and more than enough stylish demon slaying to keep this series engaging.
  31. Nov 23, 2020
    This game is kind of a rare beast. The gameplay is more accessible than ever, while the story has reached a new plateau on Mount Convoluted. Players who missed it the first time will be thrilled, but even experienced fans will have good reasons to double dip. The features included make this an excellent Special Edition while being a decent PS5 release. I’m not so invested I want to go back and play the games I missed, though I am glad I came back to the series. If smooth gameplay is your yardstick, then this is the definitive version for you. On the other hand, there are better graphical show pieces for the PS5 out there. Even so, I can easily recommend Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition for new and old fans alike.
  32. Nov 18, 2020
    Longtime fans will no doubt get a kick out of the new modes, although I’m unsure if they’re worth the repurchase for that alone. It’s a matter of whether or not you want to experience Devil May Cry 5 in a next generation, with the options of 4K resolution, ray tracing or a fluid 120fps readily available. It’s a diverse offering from Capcom, allowing gamers to play how they want. Devil May Cry 5 remains a magnificent game and the next generation offering allows you to experience it like never before.
  33. Nov 9, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is still a very good game, with graphics enhancements for PS5 and Xbox Series X and a few bonuses modes for the fans.
  34. Nov 9, 2020
    Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is a simply unmissable opportunity for those who have not yet had the opportunity to play the game: with its exceptional visuals and a steady framerate, it's an excellent trailblazer for the upcoming 9th generation of gaming.
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  1. Nov 9, 2020
    You can also wait and just pick up the Vergil DLC on current generation platforms. The choice is really up to you, but I'm happy with the change.
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  1. Nov 13, 2020
    This game is the main reason that I got a PS5! What we have here is the absolute pinnacle of the Hack and Slash genre. Vergil feels perfect toThis game is the main reason that I got a PS5! What we have here is the absolute pinnacle of the Hack and Slash genre. Vergil feels perfect to play, the game looks amazing and it basically has endless replayability due to its exquisite core combat and abundance of modes. If you want to experience what a true hardcore Action game at blistering speed is like, then getting this masterpiece is an absolute must! THANK YOU CAPCOM! Full Review »
  2. Dec 5, 2020
    One of the best game i ever play and my first ps5 game finally i can play as Virgil.
  3. Nov 13, 2020
    Vergil is aaaawesoooome!!! I **** love this game!!! Waiting for the dmc 6!!!