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    Nov 30, 2022
    It’s no PS5 revolution, but it is one of the most finely crafted adventures we’ve ever played, mixing thrilling combat with fab storytelling. [Issue#21, p.68]
  2. Nov 21, 2022
    Every once in a while a game comes out that makes you appreciate being a gamer, and God of War Ragnarok is definitely one of those games. You will be surprised how every single moment of the game is thought through and how its world pulls you in. Santa Monica has reached a whole new level of maturity with the latest entry in the God of War series, and to go even beyond this level in the future is something that only a handful of studios might be capable of doing, and Santa Monica is one of them.
  3. Nov 18, 2022
    If you haven’t played God of War Ragnarok, what are you even doing with your life? Playing Gotham Knights? Get the hell outta here. Buy the game before it gets Game of the Year…AGAIN.
  4. Nov 16, 2022
    There’s not a single quest, not a single action, that isn’t without a reason, a story to tell, wrongs to address, a sight to see, or a direct emotional through line to follow for at least one of our menagerie of travelers. Every new quest in the game enriches these characters or the world they inhabit, sometimes both.
  5. Nov 16, 2022
    An incredible adventure from beginning to end, God of War Ragnarök is epic in scale and nuanced in character. Its combat and gameplay haven’t changed much but why fix almost peerless systems? Ragnarök is an absolute must-play on the PS5 and a worthy contender for Game of the Year.
  6. Nov 16, 2022
    It’s hard to find much of anything to complain about when it comes to God of War Ragnarok. The complex characters and storyline provide a plethora of feelings. The developers have breathed so much depth and life into this series that previously focused on combat over narrative substance. There’s still plenty of violent combo-focused action, but the option for exploration and puzzle-solving balances out the mechanics and adds a bit of curve to the otherwise linear storyline.
  7. Nov 8, 2022
    Balancing a heartfelt story with over-the-top excessive video game action, Ragnarök is completely self-aware. It improves upon the previous title in all the ways we could have hoped for and delivers a huge experience with stunning visuals, beautiful storytelling and buckets of fun. This is a must have for any God of War fan and an easy recommendation for anyone new to the series.
  8. Nov 5, 2022
    With gorgeous visuals and well-thought-out level design, God of War Ragnarok’s magnificent tale has the potential to reach out to many people. It utilizes next-gen hardware to the maximum to create an experience that only a videogame can offer.
  9. Nov 4, 2022
    If you’re at all invested in these characters, this world, and their adventures through Midgard and beyond, God of War Ragnarok is a supremely worthy sequel.
  10. Nov 4, 2022
    For a plot that’s rooted in prophecy, “Ragnarök” still manages to surprise at every turn, pulling off a jaw-dropping twist at its eleventh hour. Its storytelling is simply unmatched, with several cutscenes bringing me to tears (both of laughter and sadness). It sticks the landing, too, with an emotional gut-punch bringing its tale to a close...God of War Ragnarök is a 10 out of 10, checking every box with a combination of pulse-pounding action, humor and character development that will stay with players long after they’ve completed the campaign. It’s a masterpiece that proves even an old god can learn new tricks.
  11. Nov 4, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarok manages to wrangle the best of blockbuster gaming under its muscular control. Spectacle. Excitement. Empowerment. And, well, we all know how that feels, don’t we?
  12. Nov 4, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a triumph in designing an epic adventure on an established mythology. Nothing less.
  13. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is beautiful, rich, exciting, and even bigger and better than the 2018 adventure, which shows that passion and quality work has gone into its creators. I had many doubts about whether a sequel to something that reinvented the wheel of the god of war would be able to surpass its predecessor and admit, with great pleasure, that I was wrong. This is a must-do adventure for action-adventure fans, and probably Kratos' best adventure in a video game. It's a work of art, a retelling of the hero's journey and a game that delivers on everything it promised and more, and serves as an excellent conclusion to the Norse arc of Kratos and Atreus.
  14. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarök is an unforgettable journey filled with epic and intimate moments that can range from slaying one of Asgard's gods, to how deep and complex the relationship between father and son is. Supporting all this, we have a brilliant action and adventure game that surpasses its predecessor in everything and that also teaches what are standards when we talk about a super production within the medium. Game of the Year Candidate? Of course, probably the only tangible and realistic rival to everything that Elden Ring achieved a few months ago. The closure of this new saga of Kratos is one that has achieved and far exceeded our expectations and that, of course, makes it a jewel of what Sony has achieved in recent years with its first party developments.
  15. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is a spectacular sequel, retaining the same ultra-satisfying combat as its predecessor, but with a more grandiose story to boot.
  16. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a once-in-a-generation game. It doesn't just live up to its high expectations, but it subverts them and expands beyond them all the same. There is nothing quite like it on PS4 or on the PS5 yet, and it would be hard for anything to live up to the same heights. God of War Ragnarok may not make full use of the PS5's features, as there is nothing necessarily groundbreaking that couldn't be experienced on a PS4, but it's absolute proof that vision, artistry, and creative direction far outweigh hardware.
  17. Nov 3, 2022
    Though not the same tectonic shift as its predecessor, God of War Ragnarök represents one of the finest pieces of interactive entertainment available. By expanding on all the ideas set forth in 2018, Ragnarök culminates in an emotional, enthralling finale for Kratos and Atreus.
  18. Nov 3, 2022
    It continues to plunder that wonderful rich vein they’ve been tapping of a brilliant single-player story combined with first-rate gameplay and graphics.
  19. Nov 3, 2022
    Santa Monica did it once again. God of War Ragnarok offers us pretty much everything, relatable characters, the evolution of the combat that won us over in 2018, epic and stunning settings and a huge world to explore, with a guarantee of dozens of hours of gameplay and a set of characters of curious characterization, something that we know will be widely discussed. Until November 9, stay away from spoilers and enjoy, Ragnarok could be just around the corner.
  20. Nov 3, 2022
    So much information is communicated to you so naturally by subtle things – the clunk of an inert attack on an armoured enemy, or the slight twinkle of a fully-charged swing – that finding your own style within the skillset is instinctive. And that’s without the jarring stops and slowdowns that give knuckle-cracking impact to every hit and have you throwing yourself into each shot, like a football manager kicking every ball for their team on the sidelines. You get the biggest sense of this in the many, passionately fierce boss fights that punctuate the game. They do a great job of incorporating unique mechanics without coming off as cheap or overly simple. And, really, these boss fights are emblematic of what makes God of War Ragnarok great: they’re hugely successful meldings of an involving story and brutal action that not only produce an eye-popping, absorbing spectacle, but an impassioned investment in the outcome as well.
  21. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a complex, thoughtful game that takes everything that made its predecessor an unmissable experience to even greater heights. Its story is full of memorable characters, woven seamlessly into a series of worlds that feel more alive than ever, and its combat continues to add interesting new wrinkles dozens of hours in. Ragnarok is here, and it is glorious.
  22. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a masterpiece, dense in its strewn spectacle and narrative bulk, nearly overwhelming in its vast scale.
  23. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a testament to the franchise that exceeded our expectations and can easily compete for the title of best game of the year. A true love letter to God of War fans and a masterpiece that will be remembered.
  24. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarok is, simply put, the complete package. It tells one of the best stories in video games, one that will have you run the gamut of emotions while playing through it. Fighting the enemies of the realms feels a lot like the previous game, but there's enough new and refined elements to help it stand on its own.[...] Ragnarok may be coming, but this is one world-ending event I'm excited to experience over and over again.
  25. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok surpasses its predecessor in every way.
  26. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is an almighty achievement and creates a new high that makes many of its peers look mortal by comparison.
  27. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok represents a culmination of the two decades Santa Monica Studios spent working and learning about this franchise. This game will be remembered for a long time for not only its impressive visuals and script, but also gameplay improvements over its predecessor.
  28. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is one for the ages. An epic journey with astonishing visuals, memorable characters and one of the best gameplays ever. Just like the fans expected, it’s truly a masterpiece.
  29. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarok is simply fantastic. The story is excellently told, the characters outstandingly written, and the many gameplay innovations so well thought out and fun that the entire game is just a joy to play. From the first hour to the last, I found myself emotionally rooting along and worrying about the fate of the characters. The twists and turns in the story and all the sometimes really ingenious ideas captivated me time and time again.
  30. Nov 3, 2022
    The God Of War experience has never felt better, it’s more satisfying to play through than ever before, and possesses more heartstring-twisting moments than you’ll likely be able to bare. God Of War Ragnarok is proof positive just how exceptional this medium can be, and a game that, especially when paired with its predecessor will rock you to your very core once you’re through with it.
  31. 100
    God of War: Ragnarok is the perfect sequel. A carefully iterative offering that beautifully maintains the essence of 2018's Game of the Year while making meaningful improvements to augment its already stellar combat and progression systems, God of War: Ragnarok is a meaty and deeply emotional epic that effortlessly secures its place as one of the best games on PS5 and a sure-fire Game of the Year candidate.
  32. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarok is a natural evolution of the 2018 title, featuring an excellent story, an amazing technical side, new gameplay features, incredible battles and lots of varied content to explore. Easily a game of the year contender, Kratos and Atreus' new adventure is unforgettable and satisfyingly concludes this chapter of the Norse mythology.
  33. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is phenomenal. Even amongst PlayStation Studios' typically stellar output it's a showpiece — a masterfully crafted game that smashes expectations at almost every turn. The sheer, often ridiculous scope of Ragnarok makes 2018's God of War feel like a prologue — and that's perhaps the highest praise we can bestow upon a sequel.
  34. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is as slick and beautifully crafted a game as you will play this generation, and my experience with it has been delightfully bug-free.
  35. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok presents a fantastic conclusion to the Norse saga, pushing Kratos and Atreus to a level in storytelling matched by few. Every character is impeccably written, having me in stitches one minute and in tears the next. The Nine Realms are stunning to explore with an exceptional level of detail, an abundance of different enemy designs and significant side-missions that are frankly unavoidable. Sony Santa Monica has quite possibly delivered the greatest one-two punch in video game history.
  36. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok builds upon its predecessor achievements with a far more ambitious campaign. It's way more diverse visually and design-wise, while telling a compelling story about — ironically — very human themes. Absolutely, the best in the series and a must-play for all PlayStation fans.
  37. Nov 3, 2022
    After the dust has settled and the credits have rolled, God of War Ragnarok is as strong a continuation as anyone could have hoped for, and a fitting end to Kratos’s latest chapter...Few game loops have been as engaging to experiment with and ultimately master than Kratos’s own brutality, but by adding new dimensions to an already intoxicating equation, the game successfully manages to deliver on the high expectations its predecessor laid bare at the altar…On its own merits, it’s difficult to fault but on the foundations of 2018’s God of War, it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.
  38. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is the epitome of cinematic gaming experiences. It's an unforgettable, magical adventure teeming with treasures to find, legendary opponents to slay, and relationships to forge along the way. At its core, the experience is built around a near-perfect core gameplay loop that sinks its Chaos Blades into you and refuses to let go.
  39. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is an incredibly special game. It's vital in a way few releases are. With captivating performances that carry an amazing story to a jaw-dropping final act, it’s a game that achieves everything it sets out to do to the absolute highest standard.
  40. 100
    God of War Ragnarok is a masterclass in storytelling and design, and it'll easily stand the test of time as one of PlayStation's finest games.
  41. Nov 3, 2022
    Despite its shortcomings and eagerness to wrap things up, God of War Ragnarök feels like a better game than its predecessor in almost every aspect.
  42. Nov 3, 2022
    Nothing about God of War Ragnarok feels anything less than meaningful. Refined to the highest degree, every hour you spend with Kratos, Atreus, and the memorable characters of Ragnarok feels fulfilling – whether it be journeying across the Nordic realms with your companions, taking in the beautiful sights and enjoying idle chit chat, overcoming the odds in invigorating and varied melee combat encounters, or sharing in the deeply emotional connection between incredibly strong and nuanced characters.
  43. Nov 3, 2022
    There's so much more we could say about God of War Ragnarok, but to do so would spoil the experience for you. Ultimately, all you need to know is that this is bigger and better than 2018's God of War in every single way. Its boss battles are the definition of epic, its world is more rewarding to explore, and its combat has been refined to perfection. Throw in a story that grips you from the outset and has you wondering where it will go from one moment to the next, and you have a game that sticks you to your seat like glue. Sit down to play and minutes turn into hours – it's so hard to pull yourself away from it. All we have is love for this God of War.
  44. Nov 3, 2022
    Another masterpiece from Santa Monica Studio. God of War Ragnarök is the highly anticipated sequel to 2018's God of War that delivers on all fronts.
  45. Nov 3, 2022
    It’s rare to see a sequel nail it this hard, but God of War: Ragnarök has once again raised the bar for every action adventure title. It’s the best game I’ve played in a very, very long time, and is, in a word, perfect.
  46. Nov 3, 2022
    Sony Santa Monica has created something special. To take one of the best action games of the last decade and improve it to such a degree, in every single way, is mind-blowing. It tells an epic yet intimate story about connection, trust, and ambition while letting you tag along for the ride with combat that is flawlessly varied, fluid, and so much fun. God of War Ragnarok is the perfect sequel.
  47. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is the definition of a masterpiece, featuring some of the best combat of all time, a gripping, poignant, and ambitious story, with so much to do you'll never want it to end.
  48. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök straight blows up your mind. It is a way better game than whatever you might imagine and it is definitely the best game in the whole franchise. It actually does it all: its narrative, story-wise, the characters or gameplay, and of course the visuals; it simply is outstanding. The game lasts for about 40 hours and provides one surprise after another, it just does not make any sense at all.
  49. 100
    God of War Ragnarok is an outstanding game that will stand as a beacon for what storytelling greatness should be. With an improved combat system, impressive new enemies, immersive environments, and unparalleled storytelling, God of War Ragnarok delivers one of the deepest, richest gaming experiences to date.
  50. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is an absolute masterclass! Visually fantastically beautiful, it offers an adventure with a controlled, extremely generous, strong, human narration, with incredibly well-written characters, reversals of situations and dantesque fights with gameplay that is still just as nervous and even richer than that of the episode preceding it. The quality of Santa Monica's work is once again at the rendezvous with this pure video game masterpiece.
  51. 100
    God of War Ragnarök is more of the epic God of War that we loved in 2018, but it builds on those foundations in every single way to create a compelling and addicting adventure in its own right that improves across the board. Combat is furious and intense, exploring every nook and cranny of each Norse realm is captivating, and clever puzzles are seamlessly intertwined with abilities that change, evolve, and make you feel like a master of all crafts. Narratively, the heartfelt and fascinating story is supported by incredible writing that makes its whole cast of characters shine, and the production values are through the roof, with a gorgeous soundtrack and visuals that push the limits and stun at every turn. Santa Monica Studios have again managed to create something truly memorable and entirely special.
  52. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is a worthy continuation of (and conclusion to) 2018’s God of War, building on that already strong foundation to deliver an experience deserving of a spot in gaming’s pantheon. New tools and greater enemy variety elevate combat, and the expanded environments and cast give this sequel the epic scope its story demands. But the beating heart of the game remains its characters, and Ragnarök delivers an immensely satisfying next chapter for just about everyone—Kratos and Atreus, returning friends, and new faces alike.
  53. Nov 3, 2022
    If you are on the fence with this game, trust me, this is a title that you will regret missing out on if you wait for the price to go down. It is so heavily story dependent that there is no way you will be able to go on social media without inadvertently finding out things that should be a pleasant surprise discovered within the game itself! I employ you to make sure you grab your copy at launch so as not to miss a single special moment by yourself and not through the experience of others. God of War: Ragnarok is just that; an experience to be treasured.
  54. Nov 3, 2022
    It may no longer have the impact of its predecessor, but it is the perfect example that it is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel and that, sometimes, it is enough to polish and improve what already seemed unbeatable to make history again and leave a mark. indelible in an industry that, with titles like this, reminds us why we keep playing. Simply essential.
  55. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarok is an unforgettable title. I will remember every epic moment, and also every emotional sentence. Because the new adventure of Kratos and Atreus is not just another sequel in the videogame world; it is a work that has a clear idea of what it wants to tell, it gets it right in the way it does it and it will also move you as few games have done.
  56. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is an amazing feat in storytelling, combat, characters, and spectacle. This gripping adventure about a father and son trying to do what is right keeps you hooked throughout while putting you through the wringer both in its gameplay and emotional storytelling. Ragnarok builds on 2018 in every aspect cementing it as a masterpiece in gaming.
  57. Nov 3, 2022
    The New Gold Standard: The Adventures of Krateus and Atreus sets the standard in many respects - an absolute must-read for anyone who loves action games.
  58. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a work of art, from narrative elements to the construction of the Nine Realms. A sequel worthy of a god, capable of making us cry and tremble with the fury of combat.
  59. Nov 3, 2022
    Though it is hard to be certain that this is the greatest game of all time, It definitely has its rightful place around the masterpieces. The relatively simple narrative has become more complex but solid, characters' individuality and Santa Monica's directing skills combined to show the best-ever narrative delivery. The level design and combat sequence, which were close to the best, have also been able to take a step further. The one and only drawback to this game is that this is the last of its great saga.
  60. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is a masterpiece. Even though the game maintains many elements that were established in its predecessor, it refines them to create an unforgettable experience. The quintessential storytelling is a highlight of the medium and its impeccable combat will keep you enthralled throughout. Although Santa Monica Studios set a high bar with their previous outing, Ragnarök soars above it.
  61. Nov 3, 2022
    This is unarguably a beautiful game, perfectly doing its job of continuing and improving its predecessor. The game has one of the best graphics of the current generation and the gameplay is characteristic of its creators. It needs more integration with the Dualsense and the loading screens should have been a little shorter, above all else this has been my best mythic journey.
  62. Dec 1, 2022
    God Of War Ragnarok is an instant addition to the collection of PlayStation classics, standing as one of the best games of all time. It manages to outdo its predecessor in every way possible and despite some of its issues with its ending and a few plot points feeling rushed, it does not take anything away from the masterpiece this title is. Santa Monica Studio continues to produce excellent and masterful experiences with Kratos, and the door is most certainly open for more.
  63. Nov 4, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is an example of when to not mess with perfection. It features powerful themes we can all somehow relate to and offers a rollercoaster of emotions that keeps you hooked until the end.
  64. Nov 3, 2022
    Kratos and Atreus continue their journey in a new adventure that delivers dozens of hours of gameplay. God of War: Ragnarök mainly offers more of the same as you played the previous part, but in every way slightly more refined, better and more extensive. Do not expect major innovations, but that is not a bad thing. The gameplay is wonderfully smooth in combat thanks to the excellent performance. The alternation between exploring, puzzling and the many dialogues means that you will not be bored for a second, thanks in part to the very diversely designed realms that you will visit. Add to that magnificent voice acting, a strong soundtrack and impressive graphic presentation and the message is clear: God of War: Ragnarök is a worthy sequel that you can buy blindly.
  65. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is a spectacular action game with a monumental scale, filled with moments that will go down in gaming posterity, accented with visceral and brutal combat. A production of the highest budget, worthy of gods.
  66. Nov 3, 2022
    The quality of God of War: Ragnarok exceeds expectations. If you are looking forward to a sequel that is fully enhanced on the basis of God of War, then Ragnarok is definitely the game you want. Its gaming experience is completely an enjoyment. Most importantly, The plot of Ragnarok is based on respecting both the character and fans. For Kratos, a beloved character, we may not hope he will be the "God killer"again, but he can get a good home and someone will inherit his legacy and continue the story of "God of War".
  67. Nov 3, 2022
    An epic and exciting journey for a game that embodies the best of the new essence of God of War.
  68. Nov 3, 2022
    We certainly appreciated both the expansion of the explorable scenarios, as well as that of the environmental enigmas that mark the progression, among the meshes of a world capable of kidnapping the senses in a continuous succession of breathtaking views. In short, net of some small roughness, the latest work by Santa Monica Studio has given us an extraordinary experience, destined to leave an indelible mark in the collective memory of the videogame audience. we certainly appreciated both the expansion of the explorable scenarios, as well as that of the environmental enigmas that mark the progression, among the meshes of a world capable of kidnapping the senses in a continuous succession of breathtaking views. In short, net of some small roughness, the latest work by Santa Monica Studio has given us an extraordinary experience, destined to leave an indelible mark in the collective memory of the videogame audience.
  69. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarok is one of the best games of the year and simply one of the biggest evolution for the action-adventure genre to date.
  70. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a beautiful, moving game, no longer purely centered on a father getting to know his son, but also about vengeance, forgiveness and attempting to change both prophecy, and the people we used to be, both of which prove to be equally difficult. It’s almost impossible for me to imagine those who loved the last God of War will not also appreciate this one just as much, minus a lagging stretch here or there, and the fact that it can’t be as transformative as the initial leap from the Greek games.
  71. Nov 3, 2022
    The surprise effect of the new formula is gone, but its power remains. The first game was already pushing the limits of what we could expect from a blockbuster on consoles, this sequel only widens the gap. More than the colossal work of Santa Monica, it's also the result of a vision of action-adventure with a high narrative content explored for a few years now by Sony PlayStation and its first party studios. A total success on which we can find very few things to say: God of War Ragnarök is definitely a title that commands respect.
  72. Nov 3, 2022
    Trust us, you'll love experiencing the prophetic end of the world in God of War Ragnarok. This new episode contains a moving, epic, generous and extremely dense epic. Santa Monica does at least very well in every aspect of its game and promises to make you feel a string of emotions, enough to brush aside its few weaknesses. And then if the sensations in terms of gameplay are not upset by drastic changes, they remain exceptional and are filled with very beautiful additions. If you thought that the Nordic saga would have nothing new to offer, the adventure of Ragnarok quickly shows you the opposite.
  73. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök feels a lot like God of War (2018), which is a compliment considering how fantastic that game is. Sony Santa Monica was right to not break what wasn’t broken and it has expertly continued the story threads that were left hanging from the previous game. Any complaints about the overall experience (familiar combat, collecting and leveling up equipment isn’t particularly interesting) are quickly forgotten in the face of the compelling narrative, believable character relationships, and incredible visuals and animation. Even from its early PlayStation 2 days, the God of War series has always set a high, quality bar for itself, and with few exceptions, it manages to leap above that bar. God of War Ragnarök is no different.
  74. Nov 3, 2022
    Once the first 5 hours of God of War Ragnarök have passed, which look like a giant tutorial, the adventure finally really begins and becomes an epic odyssey, much more ambitious than the first episode. The gameplay gains in depth with relevant or ingenious additions, the fights slam hard, especially the bosses (finally colossal monsters!) and exploration will take you to sometimes immense and visually very varied kingdoms. But we especially retain from this God of War Ragnarök a breathtaking staging which multiplies the spectacular and emotive sequences. A truly must-have.
  75. Popular entertainment these days is obsessed with lore to a fault. Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars franchises have entire councils of people devoted to keeping lore straight across these stories. Even 2022′s biggest game, “Elden Ring,” was essentially a story all about lore. Despite tapping into well-mined Norse mythology, “Ragnarok” is focused squarely on seeing and hearing its characters. Like Kratos, you will actually like spending time with them. The memories of these people will stay with you long after the credits roll. By the end, you will believe that even a god of war can earn himself some peace.
  76. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is a clear example of how a sequel to a successful game should be approached: it is not just more and better, but it is also a title that does not shake its pulse when it comes to making weighty decisions (playable and narratives) and get most of them right. We are facing a work that offers more vertical and dynamic combat, with a much more choral development and a perfectly adjusted rhythm of events, which maintains the base that made it great in the past and adds surprises, epics, and exciting moments.
  77. Nov 3, 2022
    Ragnarök is here, and it is everything you expect from a God of War game (and some more). It has the personal, emotional storytelling of GoW (2018), epic and brutal battles of Greek-era and a unique, interesting take on Norse mythology. It's a beautiful and satisfying sequel through and through.
  78. 95
    God of War Ragnarok is a triumph. Santa Monica Studio has successfully taken everything that was great about the last game and amplified it while correcting just about every problem area and then some. There are slight stumbles, but it's a constantly surprising, epic adventure that shows genuine growth in its characters, backed up by best-in-class combat and a menagerie of breathtaking scenes. This makes Ragnarok an easy GOTY contender and one of the best games I've played in years.
  79. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is one of the best games of the year, and it's a game you'll remember for a long time. It will appeal to you with well-written characters, fun action gameplay and audiovisual presentation. Only annoying bugs can spoil this great gaming experience.
  80. Nov 3, 2022
    There is a venn diagram for God of War 2018 fans where some liked the combat, others liked the story, and many enjoyed both. Ragnarok is everything you loved about the previous title, but amplified. The longer story and expanded worlds gives way for characters to develop in meaningful ways, making the whole game feel very much like a sequel worthy of its predecessor.
  81. Nov 3, 2022
    With vivid environments and incredible acting, God of War Ragnarök is the sequel that we have been waiting for.
  82. 94
    Brutal, deep but above all fun: the combat system of God of War Ragnarök is worthy of the god of war himself! The exploration shows the side of a certain repetitiveness that in the long run tends to tire, but the epic nature of the plot and the sumptuous technical realization make the conclusion of the journey of Kratos and Atreus a show worth living to the full.
  83. Nov 3, 2022
    In the end, I can't shake how captivating the chemistry among the characters was in God of War: Ragnarok. I probably laughed and got misty-eyed more times in the first few hours of playing this than I did for the whole first game. Plenty of heavy themes are tackled here other than life and death: alcoholism, abusive relationships, codependency, depression, emotional breakthroughs, true father-and-son bonding, manipulation, etc. You could call this game God of War: Families, Amirite? I've deliberately been vague about many of the key plot points, funny exchanges and gut-punch moments because I think people need to experience them for themselves. I probably already said too much regarding the bears, but they left an impact. The rest of God of War: Ragnarok will make quite an impression as well, and perhaps provide lessons that can outlive us all.
  84. Nov 7, 2022
    Captivating story, rad gameplay. God of War Ragnarök masterfully blends established features with new ideas.
  85. Nov 3, 2022
    Ragnarok is the brilliant finale that fans of the predecessor dreamed of, with a slight drop in pacing.
  86. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is an epic action adventure game. The story is solid. It uniquely interprets Norse mythology and takes you by the hand through an entertaining narrative. The combat mechanics fully serve their purpose, and the progression system goes hand in hand with exploring the 9 Kingdoms, which was a great idea. We will talk for a long time about God of War Ragnarok for everything it contributed to gaming in a time when games are developed between two generations with very different capabilities.
  87. Nov 4, 2022
    Everything in God of War Ragnarok is carefully crafted to create a superb experience both cinematically and when it comes to gameplay. It may not break any new ground in the world of gaming but what's here is still undeniably awesome.
  88. Nov 3, 2022
    I came away from God of War: Ragnarök very impressed with what the team at Santa Monica Studio were able to put together, and I think you will be too. It’s a fantastic sequel to one of the better game releases on Sony hardware in the past decade, and delivers fully in every meaningful way, making this a true showcase game for current-gen hardware. It also doesn’t skimp out in the gameplay department, offering up lots of hours of enjoyment, while pacing itself out in a way that puts a lot of other open-world style games to shame, keeping you hooked throughout. I’d highly recommend checking out God of War: Ragnarök when it drops on November 9th, you will not be disappointed.
  89. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök isn't free from weak spots, but the game is better in nearly every aspect than its great predecessor. There is more variety in combat. There are more spectacular boss fights. And you will visit all nine regions of Norse Mythology, all of them looking amazing on PS5. There is no way around this great adventure, if you love the series, action games in general and own a current PlayStation.
  90. Nov 22, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is truly excellent. Quality seeps out of the thing, with so much effort put into even its less consequential elements. Richly detailed, terrifically written, all with a massively entertaining blend of combat and puzzles. The overwhelming amount of content can most certainly grow tiring at points and there are moments of disruptive meandering. Nevertheless, for a game to offer so much and retain such a high caliber is worthy of applause.
  91. Nov 21, 2022
    If you love northern mythology, while also can enjoy stories about fatherhood and can appreciate deep combat systems, then God of War Ragnarök is something you should not miss.
  92. Nov 16, 2022
    Few games released in 2022, or any year for that matter, are as well designed and made as God of War Ragnarök. While it doesn’t completely move beyond its predecessor, it eventually offers enough fresh content to stand apart, and additional variety helps make it the stronger game of the two, even if it’s perhaps a bit less focused. A beautifully told story that carries the themes of the prior game while allowing Atreus to stand on his own kept my interest until the very end. If you didn’t care for 2018’s God of War, then Ragnarök won’t change your mind, but everyone else should absolutely check it out.
  93. Nov 16, 2022
    Kratos' reboot signs-off after just two games, expertly unifying story with gameplay and proving a safe sequel can be brilliant.
  94. Ragnarök is well worth playing even if some of its callbacks fly over your head. We only get a handful of single-player games each year that deliver such high-calibre storytelling, finely tuned action, and gorgeous graphics in a single package, and Sony’s Dad of War ranks high among them once more.
  95. Nov 3, 2022
    The story of God of War Ragnarök may not be as straightforward as it was in God of War, but that’s to its credit. It’s messy and complicated, but that makes the emotional payoff all the better. The gameplay remains largely unchanged, which unfortunately does lose it some points with me, but it does feel enjoyable when the player can settle into a rhythm. God of War Ragnarök is an exceptionally good game, and if you loved the last one, you’ll almost certainly love this one too.
  96. Nov 3, 2022
    When the God of War saga makes its Playstation 5 debut, we are treated to a grand adventure with strong characters, bombastic scenes, beautiful vistas, and exciting battles. At the same time, it is a very faithful sequel where it is noticeable that the roots are partly stuck in tech from 2013. In the end, Ragnarök is a worthy sequel and an excellent action game, but we cannot deny that we would have hoped for a little more.
  97. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarök, as a sequel, played with an advantage, and therefore had to overcome what was exposed by its predecessor. My impression is that it succeeds, and that is the best news that, I think, I could give you today.
  98. Nov 3, 2022
    It’s God of War 2018, only bigger, prettier, more detailed, more open, more complete and much more intense. It’s more of everything from the sequel that both revived and killed the old franchise at the same time. If you loved the new God of War, this game has nothing but means to blow you away this time around.
  99. Nov 3, 2022
    All in all, God of War Ragnarok is a complete product and a true continuation of a game that was already almost perfect. Sony Santa Monica kept the aspects that put the original at the top and solved some of its problems, such as the level structure, the little variety of enemies and the lack of balance in the combat system. This is God of War at its highest level.
  100. Nov 3, 2022
    Kratos and Atreus are back to bring an epic Ragnarök to your PlayStation - and it’s going to take significantly longer than last time. The action is great, the puzzles inventive and the story gripping. The only thing that’s possibly missing is a bit more innovation here and there.
  101. 90
    While God of War Ragnarok manages to “be better” with its presentation, combat, and exploration, its story falls a little flat with too many should-be standout moments failing to land. However, for those who can focus on the near-perfect journey rather than becoming all-consumed by the disappointing destination, Ragnarok delivers an epic sequel that is better in almost every way, further bolstering the catalog of must-play exclusives wielded by PlayStation.
  102. God of War Ragnarok follows in the footsteps of the first game and is a quality production that players will love with the innovations and improvements it offers in every sense. If you loved the first game, you can be sure that you will love this one.
  103. Nov 3, 2022
    Still, these issues, while notable, don't bring down everything that's achieved here, and I'm looking forward to spending more time hunting down monsters, finding treasure, and admiring the Nine Realms in the future, as well as wondering just what will be next for Sony Santa Monica and God of War as a series.
  104. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is a triumph. It’s a swansong for the PS4 and one of the best first-party games for the PS5 so far. It’s bigger than its predecessor in every way. The game’s only flaw is the weak climax. Everything up to that part is gold. However, it’s hard to find a conclusion that’ll satisfy everyone when the stakes are basically everything.
  105. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is perhaps neither technically nor in terms of gameplay the giant leap forward from the previous part that we had hoped for. But it is a fantastic, grand and compelling adventure that is impossible to put down; nothing short of essential for players of the 2018 game.
  106. Nov 3, 2022
    This is, without any doubt, one of biggest PlayStation games ever made. It's polished beyond belief, with great writing, voice acting, graphics and sound design. The combat and puzzles are, yet again, a subject of taste, but it did the job for me. If you loved God of War 2018, then this is a must buy for you.
  107. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is more God of War, but in the best way possible. If you enjoyed the last game and wonder if the sequel meets expectations, than the short answer is: yes. You won't be disappointed.
  108. Nov 3, 2022
    The expectations were huge, but Kratos' shoulders are wide and even though the automatized actions are regrettable and offering more freedom to the player would benefit the game overall. Its story, its combat and its realization are outstanding. Santa Monica Studios manage to deliver a work of art, yet again.
  109. Nov 3, 2022
    By the time the credits finally rolled on God of War Ragnarök, I was in bits. There’s so much I still want to tell you about, but I know that if I do I’ll be robbing you of the same joy I experienced. So I’ll leave you simply with this: Ragnarök is a fantastically impressive sequel that delivers in every conceivable way. It expands on and improves the formula established in 2018’s God of War hugely, offering up blistering action, gut-wrenching twists, and truly cinematic boss battles with real emotional heft behind them. This is a high-stakes, high-fantasy rollercoaster from start to finish, and an instant PlayStation classic.
  110. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a worthy follow up to the 2018 masterpiece. It’s easily one of the most epic games of the year, but it’s hard to shake the sense of safe familiarity, diminishing that rare, magical feeling that came with its predecessor. Combat is undeniably superior and more polished, but the story can drag on for long stretches of time, while the limited exploration is saved by excellently balanced puzzles, meaningful side activities, and engrossing conversations. Expectations are enormous, and despite some limitations, God of War Ragnarok delivers another precious entry to the tale of the Ghost of Sparta.
  111. Nov 3, 2022
    I found God of War Ragnarok an oddly split experience overall. There's a light start that feels padded – still good but missing depth – which leads into a weighty finish that's every bit the equal of its predecessor. But despite feeling like a 15 hour story trying to fill a 30 hour game, God of War Ragnarok is still easily one of the best PS5 games of the year. Even when it feels a bit thin, that's largely in comparison to the last game, with this maintaining that same absurd level of polish, and entertainment, even when the story feels like it's filling for time. When the dial does finally crank up to 11 you can feel it kick in, and by the end there are some incredible beats and a hugely satisfying resolution overall.
  112. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is as good as the previous title from 2018, but for completely different reasons. Its gameplay is more complete, deep and with a more rewarding combat system. But, as a sequel so similar to the prequel, it doesn't show any real innovation and all the exploration could show some fatigue. It is a "more of the same": an awesome, marvelous, fun and long-lasting more of the same.
  113. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok builds upon everything the 2018 reboot established to deliver a greater gameplay experience that's filled with emotion and hard-hitting combat.
  114. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarök manages to set a new standard, striking the right balance between profound storytelling and invigorating gameplay.
  115. Nov 3, 2022
    Santa Monica Studio has captured lightning in a bottle for a second time. God of War Ragnarok left me speechless; it’s such a beautiful game both visually and narratively. The team has somehow managed to take what made the original such a wonder and expand upon it, delivering to players a masterpiece, an experience that sits atop the God of War pantheon.
  116. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a clear GOTY contender, as the deserved sequel features an action-packed narrative, satisfying combat, a luscious Norse world, and some fantastic character development.
  117. Nov 3, 2022
    Kratos has come a long way since first flinging himself into the Aegean all those years ago. God of War, as a series, has come a long way too, pushing the boundaries of hack and slash action to their goar-soaked limits, then breaking free of a years-long slumber to become one of the biggest names in modern gaming. As our own winter approaches, God of War Ragnarok makes for the perfect adventure to lose yourself in.
  118. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is an impactful story about the complicated relationship between father and son in the face of unforeseen circumstances, and a rich adventure that is full of combat and discovery. Similarity with the first game doesn't stop it from being an excellent sequel.
  119. Nov 3, 2022
    Ragnarök chooses iteration over innovation, but continues to operate in a league of its own in terms of its nuanced gameplay and otherworldly technical execution. This is the new posterchild for what the PS5 is capable of, and the passionate product of a development outfit that can seemingly do no wrong.
  120. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarök is a modern epic poem, a great tale of change, a crucible full of content. It requires the user to understand - and above all choose whether to welcome - the creative ambition of the authors: powerful in the message, bittersweet in the story, undoubtedly distant from the historical soul of the God of War “video game”, but undeniably majestic. To date, there is no video game that can boast action sequences of the same quality as those that emerged in God of War: Ragnarök, just as there is no title that can count on the same staging.
  121. Nov 3, 2022
    For every moment of brutality, there is one of genuine and relatable emotion. How they land will vary from person to person, but there were multiple that left me with tears welling up. If nothing else, God of War Ragnarok further cements Sony Santa Monica's narrative team as one of the best in the business.
  122. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is to God of War (2018) as God of War II was to God of War. God of War II may not have changed much mechanically, but it made nuanced improvements to gameplay, story and level design, all while injecting much-needed variety into the enemies and environments. These improvements yielded a fantastic sequel that remains one of the best entries in the franchise.
  123. Nov 3, 2022
    Where does this leave God of War Ragnarök when stacked against its Game of the Year foundation piece? That’s a hard question to answer. Diehard fans will eat this up, no doubt, but we can’t help but feel it could have gone to another level. There’s just a lot of familiar content and not enough new, from a gameplay sense, to really elevate it above God of War (2018), despite there being room with this iteration of God of War as a generational franchise to do that… unfortunately God of War Ragnarök’s fate wasn’t to be that game.
  124. Nov 3, 2022
    Some say God of War Ragnarok is a below-par effort from Santa Monica Studio, because in reality it’s just a glorified PS4 game. You know what? Just ignore those voices. It’s an excellent sequel whose story perfectly sets the evolving relationship between Kratos and adolescent Atreus against the backdrop of key events from Norse mythology. The scale, the visceral combat, the end of the world looming on the horizon… Play this game, it’s worth it.
  125. Nov 3, 2022
    Despite having a couple of problems with God of War Ragnarok, it's hard for me to say that the game is anything less than excellent. Even with high expectations, Ragnarok ended up being a game that I thoroughly enjoyed from its bombastic opening to its character-driven conclusion. Some issues that the previous God of War entry had became more apparent to me with Ragnarok, but otherwise, this is a game that I believe fans are without a doubt going to be happy with.
  126. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a fantastic showcase of what this series has to offer, and a sterling example of how it still has life left in it.
  127. Nov 3, 2022
    Grandeur and epicness have caused a little bit of harm to Ragnarok - the 2018 God of War is by all means a better game. Not all new things work in the sequel. Still, I believe that this is a game worth checking out, and if you liked the first one - you simply HAVE to.
  128. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is an outstanding game with some questionable pacing and flow at times. There are moments in this game where I was simply in awe of what was on screen. Then there are times when the game feels like it is doing everything in its power to keep me from progressing or enjoying its playground.
  129. Dec 1, 2022
    It’s a satisfying conclusion to the modern God of War saga, but it’s hard to walk away and not feel like this could have been something greater.
  130. Nov 23, 2022
    God of War: Ragnarok is a fantastic title, building from its predecessor's already phenomenal combat, though the story wasn't everything that I hoped it would be.
  131. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is a good game but never particularly surprising. Shifting the focus onto Atreus’ story feels like a smart move and the universe painted here is as beautiful narratively as it is graphically, but some players may feel like they have ridden this ride before.
  132. 80
    But I can’t help but wish for something more. Not in terms of visuals or gameplay. Those technical elements are fundamentally flawless. Rather, in this story-driven, narrative-focused experience I want a game that is brave enough to actually say something, and give me something to think about. Challenge me on a level beyond my ability to press buttons. God of War: Ragnarök manipulates emotions expertly and people often mistake that for depth. The relationship dynamic between Kratos and Atreus is appealing enough and I’m sure plenty of other reviews will talk about how it made them feel things. There are also plenty of big moments that we’re not allowed to talk about because of spoilers but, yes, those narrative set pieces really are dramatic. These things aren’t depth, though. Ragnarök is popcorn entertainment, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. This game’s going to sell a billion copies for a reason. It’s just worth drawing the distinction, because Sony could also be pushing for much more than what it does with these blockbusters.
  133. Nov 3, 2022
    There haven’t been many interpretations of ancient mythology as gripping, detailed and imaginative as this, in video games or any other medium. It brings the stories and characters of an ancient era to life in a way that only modern technology could realise.
  134. Nov 3, 2022
    Kratos and Atreus’s latest adventure will tick a lot of boxes for fans of the 2018 game. But some odd narrative choices hold it back from joining the immortal pantheon.
  135. 80
    A more flawed experience than its predecessor, with a sense that the formula is already starting to wear thin, but the character-based storytelling with Kratos and his son is handled masterfully well.
  136. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is an innocuous sequel that continues on the path laid out by its predecessor. The writing and narrative leave something to be desired, but with solid gameplay and great presentation, there's plenty to see and do in these Nine Realms.
  137. Nov 3, 2022
    From a gameplay perspective, I got more than I anticipated from Ragnarok. It manages to introduce new systems and gameplay mechanics consistently from beginning to end, keeping combat and exploration fresh and exciting the entire time - you can check out the most in-depth analysis of the combat here, in my preview, and in this non-exhaustive deep dive. Gear has similar progression problems that 2018’s God of War had, but now you can actually craft complex builds with cool synergies that feel impactful. There’s an unbelievable amount of variety in the places you go and the kinds of enemies you fight compared to the previous game, and your options in combat are a lot more involved and meaningful as well. These improvements and refinements make Ragnarok a great sequel, and the increased length will please the ‘time spent = value’ crowd, but the path from Faye’s final resting place to the final battle of Ragnarok is not nearly as composed or worthwhile as it could have been.
  138. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarök is bigger and grander than its predecessor in every way. More destinations, more enemies, vaster environments, more difficult puzzles and bigger stakes. Predecessor ‘God of War’, however, set the bar so immeasurably high for itself. 'Ragnarök' is a rock-solid game and highly recommended, only we're quietly getting used to sequels like this from Sony.
  139. Nov 3, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok is much bigger than its predecessor, though not inherently better. It’s more reminiscent of the jump between the original God of War in 2005 and God of War 2, offering a largely similar experience down to its plot beats. That larger scope makes for a messier story that loses some of the previous game’s intimacy, but the trade-off is even sharper combat that further establishes the franchise as the God of action games.
  140. Edge Magazine
    Dec 1, 2022
    The combat is beefy enough to carry you through the slower stretches, but even when you're lopping heads off dragons it can feel like what you're really killing is time. [Issue#379, p.100]
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  1. Nov 4, 2022
    God of War Ragnarok isn’t just an amazing game and one of the best action adventures games in recent years, this game is also the legitimization of Sony’s way of making AAA games. [Recommended]
  2. Nov 3, 2022
    If you come to God of War Ragnarök hoping for a story that's as tightly focused and emotional as its predecessor, you're likely to come away disappointed. But if you go in looking for a well-written and well-acted romp with the same kind of high-impact, tactical action combat as the 2018 game, you'll come away with a smile on your face.
  3. Nov 3, 2022
    In the end, the growth of Kratos and Atreus as parent and child, protege and apprentice, is mirrored in the game’s making. And the game is all the better for it. When God of War reboot genius and maestro Cory Barlog announced he would not be directing Ragnarök, there was fear and worry from players. Would the sequel surpass the first? Could anyone else fill Barlog’s shoes? The proof is here. There is a moment in Ragnarök where Kratos realises he needs not to show Atreus to survive, but how to live. The result is the PS5’s crowning glory to date. By relinquishing control, trusting in Ragnarök’s director Eric Williams and the rest of the team – by giving them stewardship but not domineering their destination – the growth of Sony Santa Monica is right there on the screen.
  4. Nov 7, 2022
    That air of familiarity permeates the whole game and never really dissipates. It's a welcome familiarity because Ragnarok builds off such a strong foundation. Revisiting the Nordic realms in God of War: Ragnarok is sensational -- even if it's not as memorable as the first trip.
  5. Nov 3, 2022
    Much like its heroes, God of War: Ragnarök learns to love itself for what it truly is: gargantuan, excessive, and wonderfully absurd. [Eurogamer Recommended]
  6. Nov 3, 2022
    Yes, the axe is cool. Sure, the fights are tons of fun. And I definitely enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny of the large worlds you get to visit. But what kept me glued to my PS5 for nearly 40 hours was the story of a son becoming a man and a father trying to figure out how he feels about that. I probably could have enjoyed this story a tad more with about half as many puzzles and skill menus, but even so, I found myself smiling, feeling satisfied, as the credits rolled. As I said at the start, God of War Ragnarök is very good.
  7. Nov 3, 2022
    There is nothing life-changing about the way Ragnarök wraps up, but it delivers the same pleasant satisfaction that I get from finishing a Marvel movie that lets me run on autopilot. Even where the game can be frustrating, rote, and uneven, it’s also safe and comforting, like a rerun of Cheers where everyone knows your name and you know that you’ll never get thrown out of the bar. God of War Ragnarök, as the sum of its many disparate and often conflicting parts and influences, isn’t here to reinvent the wheel. But its single-minded desire to emulate all the hallmarks of an epic Hollywood narrative will remain both its biggest weakness and its enduring source of success. And like many, many Hollywood success stories, it shouldn’t feel this weird to say that something of this scope and scale is just OK.
  8. Nov 3, 2022
    The fact is that God Of War Ragnarök is a brilliant, beautiful game, blending compelling play with impressive production values and emotionally intelligent storytelling, all in ways this medium often struggles to do. If you were put off by the first game’s associations with the franchise’s tawdry past, or its past embrace of twitch-gaming difficulty, now might be a good time to re-evaluate that position. God Of War 2018 already had plenty to recommend it—we can now add “prelude to one of the best games of 2022" to its list of accolades.
  9. Nov 3, 2022
    When I look at this game and compare it to its predecessor, God of War, Ragnarök feels like what God of War was supposed to be. This narrative of a terrible man trying to ensure his son does not repeat his mistakes while on this epic journey is better reflected in Ragnarök than in the first game. There were so many great moments, large and small, that left me breathless, like I had experienced the very best of what video games can be in both narrative and gameplay. When non-gaming people find out what I do for a living, they usually ask me for recommendations if someone wanted to understand the appeal of video games. I don’t keep a list; that’s too hard a question to answer because video games encompass so much, and what Sonic or Mario or Joel may do for one person will almost certainly not work for another. But despite its design frustrations and perfectly fine, if ho-hum, combat, God of War Ragnarök is now on that list.
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  1. Nov 10, 2022
    An OG GOW fan since day 1 and I’m thankful for the work out into this masterpiece of a game!! Enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. Nov 10, 2022
    Overrated sadly

    - underwhelming first 7 hours - bad lvl design with invinciblle walls - boring platforming and slow walking - reused
    Overrated sadly

    - underwhelming first 7 hours
    - bad lvl design with invinciblle walls
    - boring platforming and slow walking
    - reused old realms and enemies
    Full Review »
  3. Nov 11, 2022
    GOW Ragnarok maximizes and perfects everything that was already great about the prequel. Storytelling, artwork, dialogue, audio,GOW Ragnarok maximizes and perfects everything that was already great about the prequel. Storytelling, artwork, dialogue, audio, game-play-mechanics and combat are crafted with so much love for the smallest detail, its simply astonishing. The game is so ultra polished that it comes pretty close to perfection. And man, what an eyeopener the graphics are. One of the few real next-gen-titles. And one of the best games ever made. 10/10 Full Review »