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Summary: The next generation of survival horror rises in the form of Resident Evil Village, the eighth major entry in the Resident Evil series. With ultra-realistic graphics powered by the RE Engine, fight for survival as danger lurks around every corner. Years after the tragic events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Ethan Winters has started over with his wife Mia, finally living in peace and putting the past behind them. However, Chris Redfield, the legendary hero from previous Resident Evil games, suddenly disrupts their life, throwing a devastated Ethan into a new and twisted nightmare in search of answers.
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Rating: M
Developer: Capcom
Genre(s): Action Adventure, Survival
Number of Online Players:No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Jun Takeuchi Executive Producer
Kazuya Takimoto Dynamic Mixing Engineer
Hiroko Ihara Lead Facial Animation Artist
Azusa Kato Composer
Kazuhisa Inoue Dialogue Director
Keisuke Ando VFX Artist
Yoshihiko Wada Sound Designer
Wataru Hachisako Audio Director
Shusaku Uchiyama Lead Composer
Yuichi Akimoto Character Artist
Wataru Hama Dialogue Editor
Kota Suzuki Composer
Masato Miyazaki Presentation Director
Hiroshi Tamura Sound Designer
Masachika Kawata Producer
Carol Stanzione Voice Actor: The Hag
Carol Stanzione Voice: The Hag
James Michael Localization Director
Shinya Fukumatsu Voice Actor: Woodcutter (Japanese)
Shinya Fukumatsu Voice: Woodcutter (Japanese)
Tsuyoshi Kanda Producer
Makoto Kadono General Manager
Koichi Okada Game Designer
Yoshizumi Hori Senior Project Manager
Makoto Fukui Technical Art Director
Yosuke Yamagata Character Artist
Tomonori Takano Art Director
Tomonori Takano Level Designer
Kazumasa Kuroda Lead VFX Artist
Todd Soley Voice Actor: Ethan Winters
Todd Soley Voice: Ethan Winters
Kenji Kojima Sound Programmer
Sumire Morohoshi Voice Actor: Eveline (Japanese)
Sumire Morohoshi Voice: Eveline (Japanese)
Isamu Hara Lead Game Designer
Antony Johnston Scriptwriter
Yukari Watanabe Sound Designer
Tetsuro Noda Lead Programmer
Norifumi Wasada Technical Art Director
Kenji Irie Character Artist
Yuya Takasaki Lead Animation Artist
Jumpei Mashiba Lead Environment Artist
Neil Newbon Voice Actor: Karl Heisenberg
Neil Newbon Voice: Karl Heisenberg
Hajime Horiuchi Game Designer
Rie Tanaka Voice Actor: Bela Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Rie Tanaka Voice: Bela Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Chafurin Voice Actor: The Duke (Japanese)
Chafurin Voice: The Duke (Japanese)
Hidenobu Kiuchi Voice Actor: Ethan Winters (Japanese)
Hidenobu Kiuchi Voice: Ethan Winters (Japanese)
Kikuko Inoue Voice Actor: Alcina Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Kikuko Inoue Voice: Alcina Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Hiroki Touchi Voice Actor: Chris Redfield (Japanese)
Hiroki Touchi Voice: Chris Redfield (Japanese)
Shinichiro Komizu Graphic Designer
HIroshi Shirokuma Voice Actor: Karl Heisenberg (Japanese)
HIroshi Shirokuma Voice: Karl Heisenberg (Japanese)
Tom Virtue Voice Actor: Grigori
Tom Virtue Voice: Grigori
Sayaka Kinoshita Voice Actor: Mother Miranda (Japanese)
Sayaka Kinoshita Voice: Mother Miranda (Japanese)
Paula Rhodes Voice Actor: Angie / Eveline
Paula Rhodes Voice: Eveline
Paula Rhodes Voice: Eveline
Shigeo Kiyama Voice Actor: Night Howl (Japanese)
Shigeo Kiyama Voice: Night Howl (Japanese)
Sachiko Kojima Voice Actor: Cassandra Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Sachiko Kojima Voice: Cassandra Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Tomo Muranaka Voice Actor: Daniela Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Tomo Muranaka Voice: Daniela Dimitrescu (Japanese)
Haruo Yamagishi Voice Actor: Umber Eyes (Japanese)
Haruo Yamagishi Voice: Umber Eyes (Japanese)
Tadashi Noyama Character Artist
Chie Nakayama Graphic Design Artist
Katie O'Hagan Voice: Mia Winters
Katie O'Hagan Voice: Mia Winters
Kazuhiro Fusegawa Voice Actor: Canine (Japanese)
Kazuhiro Fusegawa Voice: Canine (Japanese)
Peter Fabiano Producer
Tetsuhei Asano Lead Cinematic Animation Artist
Hirokazu Nishida Sound Designer
Kiyoko Miyazawa Voice Actor: The Hag (Japanese)
Kiyoko Miyazawa Voice: The Hag (Japanese)
Shinnosuke Ogami Voice Actor: Sniper (Japanese)
Shinnosuke Ogami Voice: Sniper (Japanese)
Jeannie Tirado Voice Actor: Adult Rose
Jeannie Tirado Voice: Adult Rose
Kane Murray Voice Actor: Umber Eyes
Kane Murray Voice: Umber Eyes
Jeff Schine Voice Actor: Chris Redfield
Jeff Schine Voice: Chris Redfield
Nicole Tompkins Voice Actor: Daniela Dimitrescu / Elena
Nicole Tompkins Voice: Elena
Nicole Tompkins Voice: Elena
Toshihiko Tsuda Lead Level Designer
Shinya Yoshimoto Lead Character Artist
Tomohiro Goto Graphic Design Artist
Steve Kniebihly Cinematic Director
Dai Tanaka Graphic Design Artist
Moe Kataoka Graphic Design Artist
Shotaro Nakayama Sound Designer
Sarina Takeda Sound Designer
Hinako Takahashi Voice Actor: Elena (Japanese)
Hinako Takahashi Voice: Elena (Japanese)
Wakana Kowaka Voice Actor: Mother (Japanese)
Wakana Kowaka Voice: Mother (Japanese)
Michelle Lukes Voice Actor: Mother Miranda
Michelle Lukes Voice: Mother Miranda
Morimasa Sato Director
Atsushi Yasu Game Designer
Hirofumi Nakaoka Lead Character Artist
Seiya Iwasaki Character Artist
Kohei Shiomi VFX Artist
Masahiro Takayama Lead UI Artist
Kentaro Inamura Sound Designer
Yusuke Kinoshita Sound Programmer
Jakub Jabłoński "Village Of Shadows" Cinematic Director
Jakub Jabłoński Cinematic Director: "Village Of Shadows"
Masaharu Kamo Lead Programmer
Tsutomu Ohno Lead Character Artist
Shogo Takahashi Lead Gimmick Artist
Natsumi Furuya Lead Environment Artist
Petr Zapotocky Lead Rigging Artist
Hideto Yoneda Lead Lighting Artist
Yoshitaka Kosugi Game Designer
Isshin Sakurai Level Designer
Mai Okura Level Designer
Kana Teraguchi Level Designer
Masaaki Kosaka Level Designer
Te-Yu Liu Level Designer
Rintaro Komori Level Designer
Norihiro Kameyama Character Artist
Kota Tsuchikawa Character Artist
Wilson Ong Character Artist
Go Nishimura Character Artist
Raymond Fu Character Artist
Erika Tsuji Character Artist
Tomohisa Kawaguchi VFX Artist
Koki Murakami VFX Artist
Keiju Suwa VFX Artist
Kazuhiro Tomiyama VFX Artist
Zihao Hu VFX Artist
Taisei Fujiki VFX Artist
Atsushi Takai VFX Artist
Masamine Horie VFX Technical Artist
Sanka Praneeth Akarsh VFX Technical Artist
Takeshi Kida VFX Technical Artist
Keisuke Suzuki VFX Technical Artist
Jumpei Yamada VFX Technical Artist
Shogo Kinosada VFX Technical Artist
Shunichi Suwa Sound Designer
Ken Usami Sound Designer
Nao Sato Composer
Yuki Komoto Sound Programmer
Naoyuki Tsuchiya Graphic Designer
Mizuki Kurimoto Graphic Design Artist
Jesse Pimentel Voice Actor: Salvatore Moreau / Iulian
Jesse Pimentel Voice: Salvatore Moreau
Jesse Pimentel Voice: Salvatore Moreau
Andi Norris Voice Actor: Donna Beneviento / Tundra
Andi Norris Voice: Tundra
Andi Norris Voice: Tundra
Maggie Robertson Voice Actor: Alcina Dimitrescu
Maggie Robertson Voice: Alcina Dimitrescu
Jeanette Maus Voice Actor: Cassandra Dimitrescu / Roxana
Jeanette Maus Voice: Roxana
Jeanette Maus Voice: Roxana
Bekka Prewitt Voice Actor: Bela Dimitrescu
Bekka Prewitt Voice: Bela Dimitrescu
Aaron LaPlante Voice Actor: The Duke
Aaron LaPlante Voice: The Duke
Robert Fleet Voice Actor: Leonardo
Robert Fleet Voice: Leonardo
Sara Coates Voice Actor: Luiza / Mother
Sara Coates Voice: Mother
Sara Coates Voice: Mother
Dove Meir Voice Actor: Anton
Dove Meir Voice: Anton
Conner Marx Voice Actor: Sebastian / Canine
Conner Marx Voice: Sebastian
Conner Marx Voice: Sebastian
Brendan Bradley Voice Actor: Agent
Brendan Bradley Voice: Agent
Paula Rhoaes Voice Actor: Daughter
Paula Rhoaes Voice: Daughter
Rey Silva Voice Actor: Lobo
Rey Silva Voice: Lobo
Rez Kempton Voice Actor: Night Howl
Rez Kempton Voice: Night Howl
Akari Higuchi Voice Actor: Mia Winters (Japanese)
Akari Higuchi Voice: Mia Winters (Japanese)
Taisuke Nishimura Voice Actor: Salvatore Moreau (Japanese)
Taisuke Nishimura Voice: Salvatore Moreau (Japanese)
Yurianne Eve Voice Actor: Adult Rose (Japanese)
Yurianne Eve Voice: Adult Rose (Japanese)
Miyuki Satou Voice Actor: Angie (Japanese)
Miyuki Satou Voice: Angie (Japanese)
Shouzou Sasaki Voice Actor: Leonardo (Japanese)
Shouzou Sasaki Voice: Leonardo (Japanese)
Yoshiko Takemura Voice Actor: Luiza (Japanese)
Yoshiko Takemura Voice: Luiza (Japanese)
Kosuke Sakaki Voice Actor: Lobo (Japanese)
Kosuke Sakaki Voice: Lobo (Japanese)
Farahnaz Nikray Voice Actor: Tundra (Japanese)
Farahnaz Nikray Voice: Tundra (Japanese)
Shohei Kajikawa Voice Actor: Sebastian (Japanese)
Shohei Kajikawa Voice: Sebastian (Japanese)
Kaoru Tsukasa Voice Actor: Roxana (Japanese)
Kaoru Tsukasa Voice: Roxana (Japanese)
Hiroya Egashira Voice Actor: Anton (Japanese)
Hiroya Egashira Voice: Anton (Japanese)
Minami Iinuma Voice Actor: Daughter (Japanese)
Minami Iinuma Voice: Daughter (Japanese)
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