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  • Summary: The remote city of Okunezato is shaped like a crescent moon and shrouded in dark myths and legends. Assume the role of a brave young woman journeying into the unknown to uncover dangerous truths and locate her missing brother with her childhood friend.
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  1. 85
    I will say that while it has a couple of predictable elements, every other revelation blew me away. I may not have liked how it all ended, but I enjoyed nearly every step of the journey to get there.
  2. Jun 29, 2018
    7’scarlet is by Otomate, which means that you need to go in expecting the story to take more than a few seemingly unnecessary romantic detours. But, like Bad Apple Wars and Psychedelia of the Black Butterfly before it, has a decent story underneath all that romance, and if you’re willing to give it abit of a chance, it definitely pays off.
  3. Nov 26, 2019
    7'scarlet is an enjoyable otome work that provides an intriguing mystery, but it isn't the strongest visual novel offering on the Vita or PC.
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  1. Apr 23, 2021
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I first want to say that the art in this game is gorgeous, everything from the character art and CGs to the UI.
    The romances were cute but one of the characters having like a split personality (acting kind and sweet at first, then throwing you in a secret bunker the next moment with anger issues surfacing) threw me off since it was just so out of nowhere, and he's never shown in that light in any other route either.
    The overarching plot with the mysteries surrounding the town's murders is gripping when it's being set up well but it eventually falls flat when the identity of the perp becomes obvious and predictable just by playing through one of the routes and going through the process of elimination, not to mention they just act suspicious as heck in general. Then there's the reveal of the "revenants" which I thought was an interesting concept. There were some twists that I didn't expect like one of the guys being a revenant which added some tension and emotion in that route. In general though, the routes felt rather lacklustre seeing as all the guys actually met the MC many years ago so the romance felt severely underdeveloped and undeserved, but they were still sweet.
    Then there's the MC's brother, or "brother"... His route was the most boring being a massive text dump reviewing what you already know of the town's story and filling in any holes in the plot that may have been left in the other routes. But what gets me anout this route in particular is the romance. The MC has known this dude as her brother for basically her whole life, and when he reveals he's not actually her brother but a revenant that basically kidnapped her to "keep her safe" from the others that wanted to kill her, she suddenly has romantic feelings for him?! Wtf?!

    Despite all the flaws this game has though, I still really like it, and Im not sure exactly why.