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  1. Great for a quick game on the bus, perfect for those extended sessions on the train, Burnout Legends is right up there with Lumines and Virtua Tennis on our PSP must-have list. Truly brilliant.
  2. The courses are as crisp as ever, while the bone-shattering mayhem on the roads looks and sounds just as convincing.
  3. 95
    Burnout Legends is certainly the best racing game on PSP, and let's face it, it's up against plenty of competition. Its structure is perfect for a handheld experience, as none of the challenges it presents last more than a few minutes.
  4. With 175 single player events and ad-hoc multiplayer (support for infrastructure mode would've been great) for up to four players, Burnout Legends will likely stay in your PSP for a good long time.
  5. The best aspects of the first three Burnout titles have been combined to create the handheld masterpiece that is Legends. Even if you’re not an avid fan of the genre, Legends’ intuitive gameplay offers challenge right from the start and expands on an in-depth adventure throughout the vast racing world.
  6. Fans of the Burnout series will be hard pressed not to be impressed by what was crammed into such a small disc.
  7. It’s not often I can wholeheartedly recommend a game for mandatory purchase, especially at full price, but Burnout Legends is one of those games that is just so much fun that you won’t be able to resist.
  8. Simply makes fantastic use of the PSP technology, providing a profoundly impressive audiovisual experience and fast, frantic racing, both of which easily rank with the best the platform has to offer.
  9. A very good game, but minor issues, and lack of new material make the game fall just short of the high expectations that surround it. Don’t be mistaken, it’s a blast to play, and anyone who has enjoyed any of the previous games will certainly be happy.
  10. A tour de force of high quality gameplay that doesn't suffer from the "leftovers" syndrome of so many other PSP titles, even though the courses found within the game are tweaked tracks from previous games. Even if you've played every Burnout title to date, including the recent Burnout Revenge on the consoles, BL is still going to rock your world.
  11. 90
    Criterion pumps max performance out of the PSP and succeeds in delivering every last ounce of console chaos from the Burnout series in a handheld package.
  12. Legends is exactly what you need on PSP - short, punchy, high-speed action presented in perfect style on the handheld wonder. It plays like a supercharged hybrid of Burnout, Burnout 2 and Burnout 3, features the best elements of each and goes like mad on the mini screen. [PSW]
  13. 90
    What's amazing is that Criterion was able to create such a tight control scheme, when other PSP racing games have felt floaty and flaky. By any standard, Burnout's control is rock solid. It's possible to dodge right though the same small spaces that entice players on the console game.
  14. 90
    Whilst Burnout Legends feels more like Burnout 3.5 it is still a highly recommendable arcade racing game, it is easily the best racing game on the PSP, and quite possibly the best title on the handheld yet.
  15. This is not some chewed up port, but an incredibly fast and fun racing title that manages to exceed all expectations and be one of the best reasons to own a PSP.
  16. The game manages to take the best features of the series, shrink it into portable form, squeeze every ounce out of the PSP, and deliver a compelling experience.
  17. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    A fantastic package, and to my mind it's easily the best racer on the system. [Nov 2005, p.120]
  18. Cramming all the cars, events, options, and even a large soundtrack into one UMD is nothing short of masterful, providing exactly what the PSP needs to grow – games designed to be played in spurts, yet as massive as the same sort of game on the home systems.
  19. Fact is, we like Burnout games because they're big and shiny and fast and loud and fundamentally ridiculous. Burnout Legends is all of these things, in portable form, and so we like it an awful lot.
  20. The interesting bit is that it builds on such a well-designed franchise tweaked to near-perfection that its rehash status matters very little. New or not, this is the best that racing experience that the PSP currently has to offer.
  21. This game is an absolute ripper, with all the traditions of Burnout remaining intact for a mostly perfect move to the handheld. Another belter from Criterion.
  22. Legends is easy to get started with and the concept of quick aggressive races is perfect for the PSP.
  23. games(TM)
    Legends is essentially a Burnout’s greatest hits; a best-of compilation of past glories, while the new album Revenge moves the series in a different direction. [Nov 2005, p.102]
  24. Burnout Legends is the best racer available for the PSP and may be one of the top five best games for Sony's handheld.
  25. With its wide variety of vehicles, numerous tracks and racing modes and its undeniably addictive sense of speed, Burnout Legends is by far the best racing experience to be had on the PSP.
  26. Computer Games Magazine
    less noisy, flashy, and chaotic, but still full of crashtastic goodness. [Dec p.91]
  27. The speed at which everything shifts and the level of detail is absolutely stunning. It could easily stand alongside its PS2 and Xbox counterparts without looking like the cut-down ‘diet’ version you might expect for a handheld and full credit to Criterion for pulling it off without making sacrifices in gameplay or longevity.
  28. Not only does it look amazing but it plays just as fluidly and as gorgeously as the big boys do so do yourself a favor and pick this one up right away.
  29. The most accomplished racing game on the PSP by a mile, and it might just be the second best game on the system across all the genres.
  30. Despite a few complaints about the in-game graphics quality, the full Burnout experience has really made it to the PSP.
  31. I'm not thrilled about the step back in gameplay; meaning sticking with the Burnout 3 stuff instead of some of the Revenge features. But that doesn't stop Burnout Legends from being a handheld Tour de Force for racing.
  32. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The thing that really impresses me about Legends is the way the developers managed to translate the breakneck pace of "Burnout 3" to a handheld. [Nov 2005, p.154]
  33. The lack of Infrastructure mode was a bummer, but the great single-player mode more than made up for the lackings.
  34. With a great sense of speed and deep gameplay inspired by Burnout 3, Burnout Legends is one of the best racers available on the PSP. This is one of those games that you can sit down for a few minutes and enjoy or get lost in for a couple of hours.
  35. 85
    While first-time Burnout gamers who are torn between picking up Burnout Legends for the PSP or Burnout Revenge for either Xbox or PS2 may want to go with the latter, Burnout Legends is the perfect remedy for those who want to do a little burning while on the road.
  36. PSM Magazine
    The all-important sense of speed - something "Burnout 3" had in spades - feels slower. [Nov 2005, p.98]
  37. With 175 events (100 crash, 75 race), there's enough here to entertain for weeks. Part of the problem, though, is that most will have burned out (hurr, punny) on the experience before the game's through. It's a fine racer, just not quite classic Burnout.
  38. 85
    The best way to describe Burnout Legends is "Burnout 3" on the PSP.
  39. An ‘original’ title based on previous games. Think of it as "Burnout 3+."
  40. The only other notable problem with Burnout Legends is that it doesn’t really offer anything new to fans of the series. If you’ve played "Burnout 3: Takedown," expect a remarkably similar game.
  41. 80
    The kinetic energy that the series is known for is perfectly intact, and the game looks and plays just as wonderfully as it ever has. The fact that it has classic goodies and exclusive cars significantly boosts its value.
  42. Any Burnout fanatic needs this in their collection and it’s a must-have for PSP owners looking for the finest arcade racer available; thrills, spills, crashes and carnage it’s got it all, what more could you possibly ask for???
  43. The crashes look as great as they always have, even with a little lack in detail here and there. The sound is plagued by some bad EA Trax picks, and, unfortunately, you're not able to play your own songs from the PSP.
  44. Game Informer
    You're going to have to decide for yourself if loading is a dealbreaker. [Oct 2005, p.152]
  45. It’s not the best racing game on the system (a title I still contend is held by "Ridge Racer"), but it is probably the one that’s going to keep you entertained the longest.
  46. If you’ve played the console versions of "Burnout," you’ve played Legends.
  47. A wonderfully fun and exciting romp through Burnout's history without feeling staid or terribly repetitive. It's also a technical marvel that will wow even the most jaded gamer.
  48. Play Magazine
    The developers did a nice job of capturing Burnout's breathless sense of velocity as well as its wicked series of car crashes and explosions on the PSP. [Nov p.98]
  49. The crashes all by themselves are an absolute blast. You will never get bored here, and everyone will find points of challenge at some point in the racing.
  50. Audio is superb – from the excellent EA Trax to the sounds of metal crashing into medal, you want to make sure you hook up the headphones for this game.
  51. 70
    In the end, Crash Mode really saves the game. The problems with translating the fast nature of racing to a small screen are nullified by the high fun factor involved with Crash Mode.
  52. Edge Magazine
    There’s nothing here to keep you away from the bigger brother versions, unless you’re always playing away from home. In such environments, however, it’s a solid tribute to a storming series. [Nov 2005, p.111]
  53. 70
    It’s already been established that Legends is a ‘Best of’ rather than a fully-fledged sequel. Therein lies its greatest failing – in fundamental terms it offers nothing more than ‘Burnout on the go’.

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  1. ChrisP.
    Nov 29, 2008
    Magically tranformes Burnout 3 into a handheld game. Certainly the best racing game on the PSP, some might say Legends is the best Burnout Magically tranformes Burnout 3 into a handheld game. Certainly the best racing game on the PSP, some might say Legends is the best Burnout ever - its essentially an updated and fleshed out version of Burnout 3 with extra courses, modes and cars. Perfection. Full Review »
  2. Feb 12, 2014
    Best racing game with MotorStorm in PSP. The crash mode is fantastic. You never get bored with this mode. Race mode is very good too but crashBest racing game with MotorStorm in PSP. The crash mode is fantastic. You never get bored with this mode. Race mode is very good too but crash mode is better for sure. Full Review »
  3. Aug 5, 2022
    I love this game Burnout is so good game
    Graphics and music and gameplay is perfect