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  1. 100
    This game simply doesn't belong on the PSP; it's too early for a game of this caliber to show up on Sony's little portable system -- hell, it took nearly five years before "God of War" showed us what the PS2 can handle. Not only is Dark Mirror a damn fine game, it may very well be the best game on the system.
  2. While complicated at first, the completely customizable schemes work extremely well. Nearly every control parameter can be adjusted and tweaked, and it would be difficult to not find a method that works.
  3. There are a ton of multiplayer modes, using ad-hoc hosting, wireless Internet multiplayer, in-game chart with mic/headset - in fact, every mode the PSP supports. It's enough to raise the game to the status of PSP must-have.
  4. By turning round the normal rules so that the D-pad operates the functions and the right hand buttons deal with the camera, this intuitive system gives the gameplay a huge boost and also reverses the law of diminishing returns for sequels.
  5. Pure Magazine UK
    Looks good, sounds good and plays like a dream...A stunningly executed shooter and a real joy to play.
  6. Everything a player could want in a game: the story mode is of the perfect length and difficulty, the game is extremely replayable, and the multiplayer offering is both fun and robust. And, arguably most importantly, there are negligible loading times.
  7. Reminiscent of the classic PlayStation originals while adding a healthy dose of fresh stealth and action moments throughout, this game will hook you from start to finish.
  8. The latest chapter, Dark Mirror, has great graphics, great sound, great gameplay and a very robust multiplayer mode all neatly wrapped up in one big package.
  9. 93
    Dark Mirror packs an uncommon amount of detail, variety and overall quality. It blends intense action sequences with stealth in a way no portable game has before, and it does so with style to spare.
  10. Simply put, Syphon Filter is the best PSP game to date. The singleplayer campaign is diverse and compelling, and what it lacks in terms of length is more than made up for by the equally wonderful multiplayer component.
  11. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is not only the best action game on the PSP, it’s better than many console action games.
  12. With superlative controls, a fun and deep single player experience and enough online options to keep you entertained for a long time, Dark Mirror is a strong contender for best game on the PSP.
  13. It combines engrossing and detailed online play with a smart and difficult single player campaign, and wraps both packages up in style, with solid graphics and great audio. So make like Narcissus, and get lost in this reflection.
  14. Taken as the sum of its parts, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror isn't just one of the best games on the PSP; it's one of the best games to come out for any platform, period.
  15. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is the game that the PSP has been waiting for - one actually made for a portable that is also fun in long stretches. This game will definitely help to sell systems.
  16. 90
    That sense of design pervades Dark Mirror, making it the best shooter yet released for the PSP. Don't be put off by the learning curve, which demands a bit more effort at the front than most action titles. Once Syphon Filter's rhythms are familiar, you'll find depth and replayability in spades.
  17. It's intense, exciting and varied. Not since the original has a Syphon Filter title felt and played this good. Welcome back, Gabe.
  18. A welcome comeback for the series, packing tons of superb gameplay quirks amidst a gorgeous presentation and multiplayer options that, while slightly limited, still offers hours of brutal, fun play.
  19. The game’s multiplayer mode adds a lot of replay value, though. This and the excellent presentation make Syphon Filter one of the best games on its series and one of the best games available on the PSP.
  20. Computer Games Magazine
    You've got a surprisingly full-featured shooter slickly adapted to Sony's PSP. [May 2006, p.93]
  21. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    This slick spy shooter makes it easy to pretend "The Omega Strain" never happened. [May 2006, p.91]
  22. Game Informer
    In a market that is overflowing with console ports, having a high-profile title like Syphon Filter offer an experience that is unique to the PSP goes a long way. [May 2006, p.110]
  23. A perfect merging of sneaking and shooting missions, Dark Mirror’s gameplay flows rapidly from scenario to scenario.
  24. 90
    The controls are damn near flawless, the visuals are stunning, and the multi-player will have you coming back for months on end. If you only buy one PSP game this year, make sure it contains Gabe Logan and company; I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
  25. Sony's other stealth-actioner favorite debuts on the PSP with an impressive story and gameplay mechanics, backed by a solid control scheme and plenty of game modes.
  26. Great wireless online play, wonderfull offline missions, a decent story, solid presentation and better-than-PSP-ought-to-have graphics and sound make for one of the best experiences on the PSP yet. Buy this game.
  27. Its properly configured controls and simple interface make it relatively easy to pick up and play.
  28. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    An incredibly addictive, satisfying and inventive stealth shooter that's packed with character, style and replay value. [June 2006, p.90]
  29. The sound is phenomenal, just like the graphics.
  30. The PSP's lack of dual analog sticks has handicapped other action games, but Dark Mirror copes admirably. Players can control the camera, quickly access weapons and gadgets, kick open doors and change stance with ease.
  31. You do get the feeling that Sony has gone all out with Dark Mirror. It looks lovely, but more importantly you won't feel like switching it off in order to play a 'proper' console version.
  32. An action adventure on the most ambitious scale – a stunning achievement, and a showcase PSP title.
  33. The first portable Syphon Filter is one of a rare breed for the PlayStation Portable--a shooter that offers not only intense stealth and action sequences, but also a control scheme that works.
  34. With a huge multiplayer online component and a well constructed single player game Syphon Filter is a must play PSP game. I’m hesitant to say must buy due to the control problems, the sound technical issues, and the retarded AI but other than those issues it’s a solid outing for 989 Studios.
  35. PSM2 Magazine UK
    The slickness and variety on offer makes this stand head and shoulders above its competition. After "GTA," Syphon Filter is definitely THE action game to own on PSP. [June 2006, p.74]
  36. Syphon Filter Dark Mirror showcases all of the possibilities of the platform and executes them flawlessly.
  37. Games Master UK
    Dark Mirror works because the controls work. [June 2006, p.65]
  38. Pelit (Finland)
    Makes all the right moves. It is a real pleasure to play, both simple and deep at same time. And there is a multiplayer heaven included, too. [Sept 2006]
  39. One is simply awestruck that so much can be squeezed into such a tiny package... Dark Mirror is everything a PSP game should be — an extravagant interactive movie with intricate gameplay and an elaborate story.
  40. This could be the best Syphon Filter game, if not the best action game so far for the PSP. The depth is something out of a console game, but it’s tailored to the tiniest stitch to work best on a handheld – and it does.
  41. PSM Magazine
    The fact remains that this is one of, if not the best game in the series, and it's got some great multiplayer modes(playable online!)to further sweeten an already sweet game. [May 2006, p.84]
  42. Everything about the game is top-quality. The artificial intelligence provides plenty of interesting moments, the save points are frequent, the story is more accessible than Splinter Cell's dry politi-babble, the voice work and graphics are the best I've seen on the PSP, and the entire game drips with polish and care delivered by people who know what they're doing.
  43. 80
    Better than any PSP shooter yet, Dark Mirror functions without a second analog stick. The extraordinary grace of the remaining controls is enough to almost forget how nice dual-stick control would be.
  44. Add stunning (for PSP) visuals and a compelling story, and Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror stands out as one of the best shooters on Sony's handheld.
  45. I'm hesitant to call this the best PSP game yet because it still carries so many of the flaws of previous games – mostly in terms of control – as well as having fairly trite single-player moments.
  46. 80
    Despite the difficult control scheme, Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is a gripping title. There’s a lot to do both online and off with this handheld game. And it handles both single and multiplayer gaming masterfully.
  47. 80
    Syphon Filter Dark Mirror achieves its goals and more with aplomb. Yes, the controls can be a bit cumbersome at times but such is the enjoyment that this minor irritation is soon overcome.
  48. Plays brilliantly thanks to the control system, Dark Mirror is far and away the best action title on PSP to date. Quite honestly it wouldn't look out of place as a PlayStation2 title.
  49. Providing you can find yourself a dark and secluded enough place to play it, Dark Mirror is the first great shooter for the PSP and, despite its lack of personality and unremarkable story, arguably one the most consistently enjoyable genre entries of the past year.
  50. 80
    It combines a proper level design and engaging gameplay. It’s definitely a great return to form for the series. While the control scheme is one of the most functional, it has a few quirks and the game in general does somewhat lack some personality.
  51. A great showpiece for the PSP. It has action, impressive visuals, a solid muliplayer component, and above all, a workable set of controls.
  52. The new control scheme is great and needs to be implemented for more third-person action games that seem to feel hindered by whatever control scheme they think they should use.
  53. Syphon Filter is a series that felt a bit dated in its PlayStation 2 incarnation, "The Omega Strain." But Dark Mirror perfectly makes the jump from consoles to hand-held systems for the series.
  54. Edge Magazine
    The frenetic, bite-sized missions are perfect for PSP, bursting with combat and highly detailed. Not before time, Sony has proved that PSP can run and gun with the big boys. [May 2006, p.96]
  55. With so many games promising the Earth and only serving up dirt, it's reassuring to know that good old-fashioned balls-out action, when produced with such care and skill, is still as reliable and thrilling as it should be.
  56. games(TM)
    A stellar multi-player and strong Campaign mode mark a return to form for Sony’s favourite son. [June 2006, p.124]
  57. Levels are well-paced and in bite-sized chunks, full of variety and always coming up with unique set-pieces. It recaptures the spirit of the original games and adds a modern twist.
  58. This measured, almost plodding gameplay ups the tension and works well in campaign mode, but the faster-paced chaos of multiplayer only heightens your awareness of the innately awkward controls. Multi's a bit short on maps and modes, too.

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  1. Dec 27, 2012
    Syphon filter dark mirror could have been made better. Logan's shadow is way better than this one! A very big down fall for this game is thatSyphon filter dark mirror could have been made better. Logan's shadow is way better than this one! A very big down fall for this game is that it graphics during the videos is very poor. But the one in Logan's shadow makes you feel like you are playing it in a ps3 but in actual fact it is a psp! Full Review »
  2. Sep 23, 2020
    This game is just bland. There is pretty much no stealth gameplay which i thought the game would have but instead you have a game with just aThis game is just bland. There is pretty much no stealth gameplay which i thought the game would have but instead you have a game with just a bland story, terrible voice acting and meh gameplay. Couldn't recommend. Full Review »
  3. Jul 1, 2020
    Although I have forgotten the story, I can never forget that I wnjoyed playing this.