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  1. Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK
    This will feel fresh and immediate even to those whose Tekken-love was waning. It's engaging, exceptional and essential. [Sept 2006, p.82]
  2. PSP owners, this is a certain hit, an instant classic that's likely the highest-quality game yet released for Sony's handheld system. It's a must-buy for fighting game fans.
  3. If there was a way to make the Tekken series better I certainly don't know what it is. It’s like somebody took all the previous Tekken games and put them in a blender then filtered out the bad stuff and out pops Tekken: Dark Resurrection.
  4. A game that is so polished in pretty much all areas is pretty hard to come by, especially on a portable machine. Namco has definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty to bring the best Tekken experience to their fans on a portable medium. [JPN Import]
  5. Virtually guaranteed to become an instant classic. It's fast, furious, fun and fantastically florid and flagitious.
  6. Though it's probably impossible to get a proper online fighting experience Dark Resurrection comes about as close as we can hope for -- and it's completely portable. Few games are this uncompromising, and every PSP owner needs this game. Yep, all of em.
  7. It is easily the best fighting game to ever be released on handheld and is every bit as enjoyable as its console and arcade counterparts.
  8. Regardless of the size of the screen, the sometimes awkward combo controls or the shape of the console in your hands, Dark Resurrection simply transcends its medium and creates a magical experience where action, depth and skill supersede everything else.
  9. 93
    The content on offer is frighteningly good, and even more so because Namco-Bandai didn't simply scale the portable modes down along with the screen sizing.
  10. 92
    New modes, new characters (the slow-but-powerful Dragunov and the speedier mash-friendly Lili), incredible graphics, and plenty of other add-ons not only make Tekken a fantastic fighting experience, but one hell of a great PSP game as well.
  11. It's one of those amazing portable games that raises the bar and resets your expectations about what a portable machine can do.
  12. Dark Resurrection is so great, that many will argue that it's the best Tekken game ever – and I’d agree. It plays tighter than "Tekken 5" (because it's based on the updated Dark Resurrection arcade update), and it has tons of features not found in the home release.
  13. Play UK
    As well as being by far the best beat-'em up on the PSP, Tekken: Dark Resurrection is one of the machine's standout games: it looks great, controls well and is everything anyone could ever want from a handheld Tekken. Truly unmissable. [Issue 143, p.84]
  14. This PSP Tekken manages to be everything you could possibly want from a portable 3D fighting game...and a whole lot more!
  15. The greatest handheld fighter ever developed, by a mile.
  16. Dark Resurrection is simply is the best portable fighting game ever made, hands down.
  17. The complete package for the PSP. It is easily one of the best fighting games I’ve played all year.
  18. One of the best, if not THE best game for the PSP. If you own a PSP and are a fan of fighting games, picking this up is a no brainer.
  19. After more than 10 years of arcade mastery (and 10 years of dreaming of an arcade-perfect portable adaptation), Namco has finally brought the game to a handheld powerful enough to reproduce Tekken’s unrivaled fighting engine.
  20. 90
    Tekken: Dark Resurrection is proof that the PSP is powerful enough to handle a super-speedy, high-resolution 3D fighter without breaking a sweat.
  21. 90
    The game knows about a dozen different ways to kick ass and just about all of them happen to be pretty entertaining.
  22. 90
    There's no fighter on the system that even vaguely competes. Sure, "Street Fighter" was nice to have, but this feels like it belongs on the PSP, while Capcom's game never escaped the feeling of "port."
  23. For now, local wireless matches will have to suffice. But with only one relevant complaint, and a staggering list of positives, Dark Resurrection rules the portable fighting ring with an iron fist.
  24. PSM Magazine
    Despite its issues, though, Dark Ressurection is a truly remarkable game and easily one of the best games the PSP has to offer. [Sep 2006, p.81]
  25. It is remarkable how skillfully the gameplay and graphics have been transported to the smaller platform.
  26. Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
    It's all very, very solid, but perhaps the biggest surprise was what a good fit the arcade mode is for a portable system. [Sept 2006, p.84]
  27. Play Magazine
    In so many words, it feels like the PSP's killer app. [Sept 2006, p.63]
  28. Games Master UK
    A stunning return to form for Tekken, and a perfect fit for the PSP. [Oct 2006, p.60]
  29. Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP could have been better, but when the only notable problem with the game – its repetition - is a genre wide problem, then you know you have a winner on your hands.
  30. Without question the finest portable beat-'em-up ever released. Not only that, it also represents the pinnacle of the series overall, which is an incredible feat for a handheld title.
  31. 90
    Tekken: Dark Resurrection is quite easily the best fighting game available on the PSP and probably all other handhelds as well. It is also arguably the high point of the series thus far.
  32. Sporting the best graphics the system has to offer, a kinetic play experience unhindered by slowdown or load times, and massive replayability, this Tekken is a must buy for any PSP owner.
  33. Hardcore beat em’ up fans and casual players alike have something here available to keep their heads faced towards their handheld consoles for a long time to come. If they had included a fully online fighting system, this would be nearer to getting a perfect score, but even without this much wanted feature, the game is a great accomplishment.
  34. AceGamez
    It is as most games aim to be - easy to learn yet wickedly hard to master, in a way that keeps you coming back time and time again.
  35. This is one of a few rare killer apps on Sony's portable console, and truly one of the best fighting games ever made on any portable platform.
  36. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Home console-quality scrapping that doesn't hurt your thumbs. An essential purchase for fight fans. [Sept 2006, p.70]
  37. One of the PlayStation 2 's best fighters in a portable format, and it made the jump without sacrificing a bit of the quality.
  38. If what you're looking for is a very fun game, with a large variety of well-structured and well-presented options, Tekken: Dark Resurrection is a good bet.
  39. It's not the "perfect" game, but when you combine great visuals, massive depth, multitude of modes/characters, load times better than most consoles, and then put it on a portable platform it's hard not to be impressed.
  40. Game Informer
    Whether or not Tekken is your fighting game of choice, this portable bruiser puts up features and performance that could convert some of you non-believers out there. [Sept. 2006, p.100]
  41. Its arsenal isn’t as robust as it could be, but it makes up for it with a flurry of awesome modes and some deadly fast gameplay.
  42. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Pick up Resurrection and you'll discover how robust a PSP game can be--the great fighting just sweetens the package. [Sept. 2006, p.109]
  43. 80
    The D-pad issues are too problematic for this to be a perfect fighting game, but, as a game you can take anywhere, it's very close.
  44. 80
    The Dojo Mode, Ghost Mode, and Tekken Bowling are worth the price on their own, and the fighting looks and feels just like it always has.
  45. The most comfortable fighting game for the handheld yet. Despite some slight issues with the control scheme, the game still delights with its arcade-faithful presentation and its various modes.
  46. Slightly bruised by its host hardware, but otherwise a technically outstanding, impressively comprehensive and hugely enjoyable fighting package.
  47. 80
    Besides some of the best graphics and sound on the PSP, this Tekken has enough breadth and depth to match its console cousins.
  48. 80
    One of the best games on the PSP and one of the best handheld fighting games ever. Whilst the game isn't that much of an upgrade from Tekken 5 you're still getting more characters, as well as more game play options and the ability to play against downloaded ghosts.
  49. The biggest problem is a hardware issue: it can be difficult for players to hit diagonals on the PSP's directional pad. But once mastered, experts should have few frustrations.
  50. The quick and relatively uncomplicated fighting fix that Tekken provides is ideal for a handheld format, and if that's what you're looking for this may be the best example yet.
  51. A nice innovation is the use of the PSP’s internet access, through which you can download the ‘ghosts’ of other players whose fighting style will be utilised in place of the ordinary AI the game draws on to control your opponent.
  52. Edge Magazine
    The series is so hemmed in by its own history - and the demands of fans - that it is largely unable to innovate. As such, the PSP version, while a solid iteration of an eminently playable formula, is able to grow only in width rather than concept. [Sept 2006, p.85]
  53. games(TM)
    The conversion is spot on, the graphics, sound and control are superb, and short bursts of the single-player are a joy. It's such a shame, then, that the multi-player is a let down. [Sept 2006, p.108]
  54. It is unfortunate that the solo experience feels uncompelling; despite every effort to do otherwise, it's not likely to maintain interest except to hone your skills for the next time you face a worthy opponent, or earning a few more gold points to buy yourself a silly hair-do.

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  1. Apr 17, 2020
    It is like Tekken 5 but with even more characters and stories to explore, really good game and highly recommende for every person that likesIt is like Tekken 5 but with even more characters and stories to explore, really good game and highly recommende for every person that likes fight games. Full Review »
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  3. Feb 13, 2018
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