Description: Though the tabloid alien-abduction plot feels a bit dated, there's more than enough splatter and gags to compensate.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Apr 28, 1997
  • Xatrix
Publisher: Interplay


Drew Markham
Directed By
Burton Gilliam
Cast: Leonard
Drew Markham
Cast: Bubba,Billy Ray,Skinny Ol' Coot,The Turd Minion
Mojo Nixon
Cast: Sheriff Lester T. Hobbes
Peggy Jo Jacobs
Cast: Alien Vixen
Greg Goodrich
Produced By: producer
Carlos Serrao
Jim Spurgin
Sound: sound designer
Claire Praderie
Art Direction
Barry Dempsey
Visual Effects: cgi supervisor
Stephen Sobisky
Production Management: production manager: Viewpoint Datalabs
Amit Doron
Animation: animator
Dominique Drozdz
Animation: animator
Jason Hoover
Animation: animator
George Karl
Animation: animator
Corky Lehmkuhl
Animation: character designer
Chad Allison
quality assurance director
Tim Anderson
game tester
Barry Dempsey
technical director
Darrell Jones
lead tester
Sverre Kvernmo
level designer
Erick Lujan
game tester
J.P. Manoux
motion capture performer
Alex Mayberry
level designer
Rafael Paiz
game programmer
Colin Totman
assistant quality assurance director
Tien Tran
game tester
Jim Spurgin
Music Department: composer: additional music,guitars