Description: Sunset Overdrive and the Mystery of the Mooil Rig! features new story missions, two weapons, two Amps, one trap, two vanity items PLUS new quests, challenges, Chaos Squad missions, a Night Defense base, and a new boss that promises to keep you busy and distracted from the horrors of reality.


  • Xbox One
Initial Release Date: Dec 23, 2014
  • Insomniac Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios


Marcus Smith
Directed By
Ross Berger
Written By: narrative designer
Gerry Duggan
Written By: writer
Jon Paquette
Written By: lead writer
Stephanie Lemelin
Cast: Female Player
Yuri Lowenthal
Cast: Male Player
Larry Herron
Cast: Floyd
Sam McMurray
Cast: Walter
David Blue
Cast: Sam,Comic Book Store Announcer,Fargarth #2
Scott Whyte
Cast: Fizzie,Scab
Tara Platt
Cast: 4Kim,Bora Bora Intercom,Las Catrinas
Mark Allan Stewart
Cast: Fizzco Mole
William Salyers
Cast: King Ignatius
Laura Bailey
Cast: Wendy Tarth,Calista
Blair Bess
Cast: Buck National
Brian Bloom
Cast: Jess
Fred Tatasciore
Cast: Two-Hat Jack
Jess Harnell
Cast: Two-Hat Jack
Ben Diskin
Cast: Stanley
Hope Levy
Cast: Teddy Bear,Sick Kid
Max Mittelman
Cast: Scout
Mike Vaughn
Cast: Scab
Scott Menville
Cast: Chandler, Game Shame Announcer, Larry The Leper, Farmer Fong
Buzz Osborne
Cast: King Buzzo
Jefferson Cox
Cast: Overcharge Drinkers (OD)
Adrián Viador
Cast: Male Player (spanish voice)
Brandon Winfrey
Cast: B-Win
Jessie Coombs
Produced By: producer
Laura Pepper
Produced By: cinematic producer
Ted Price
Produced By: executive producer
Herschell Bailey
Sound: sound designer
Eliot Connors
Sound: sound designer
Serge Courtois
Sound: voice over recording engineer
Daniel Davila
Sound: dialogue recording and editing
Jeff Dombkowski
Sound: sound designer
Steve Heithecker
Sound: recording engineer: courtesy of Pyramind
Bryan Higa
Sound: associate sound supervisor
David Jobe
Sound: foley mixer
Bret Johns
Sound: sound designer
James Moriana
Sound: foley artist
David Nazario
Sound: associate audio designer
Zachary Quarles
Sound: sound designer
Daniel Raimo
Sound: sound designer
Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
Sound: foley artist
Brett Voss
Sound: foley mixer
Jeffrey Wilhoit
Sound: foley artist
Nicolas Franceschinel
Sound: dialogue editor
Jacinda Chew
Art Direction
Grant Hollis
Art Direction
Habib Zargarpour
Art Direction: senior art director: Microsoft Studios
Ryan Beagan
Visual Effects: motion capture pipeline supervisor
Gerhard Borchers
Visual Effects: lighting artist
Jennifer Hendrich
Visual Effects: cinematic rigger
Jean Ho
Visual Effects: visual effects coordinator
Arda Koyuncu
Visual Effects: digital character artist: Blur Studio
Gary Roberts
Visual Effects: virtual production supervisor
Bianca Seul
Visual Effects: visual effects artist
Al Shier
Visual Effects: executive producer: Blur Studio
Gavin Goulden
Art Department: lead character artist
Jefferson Cox
Stunts: stunts
Timothy Eulich
Stunts: additional stunt coordinator,stunts
Aaron Hawley
Stunts: stunts: cinematic trailer motion capture
Jesse La Flair
Stunts: stunt performer
Thom Khoury Williams
Stunts: stunt coordinator
America Young
Stunts: stunts: all female characters
Leon W. Gittens
Animation: cinematic animator
Kevin M. Grow
Animation: lead animator
David Hancock
Animation: lead animator
Khoa Quoc Le
Animation: animator
Darrell Vasquez
Animation: animator
Harry Walton
Animation: animator
Jeff Williams
Animation: animator
Mark Cerny
special thanks
Dillon French
Honorary Insomniacs
Dan Johnson
Honorary Insomniacs
David Kaye
Honorary Insomniacs
Tony Lee
Honorary Insomniacs
James Arnold Taylor
Honorary Insomniacs
Jim Ward
Honorary Insomniacs
Ben Anderson
Music Department: additional music: courtesy of Pyramind
Kevin Dusablon
Music Department: additional music: courtesy of Pyramind
Taylor Elsasser
Music Department: additional music: courtesy of Pyramind
Mike Forst
Music Department: additional music advisor: courtesy of Pyramind,composer, additional music, courtesy of Pyramind
Greg Gordon
Music Department: composer: additional music,music supervisor
Laura Katz
Music Department: music supervisor
Jason La Rocca
Music Department: music scoring mixer
Nick Soole
Music Department: composer: additional music,musician: bass,musician: guitar