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  1. Sep 30, 2022
    While it might be listed as a cute and creepy summer adventure in a PR blast, that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what it truly offers. Rather, it’s wonderful coming-of-age story about a young boy still grieving, creating powerful friendships, and finding his “true” happy ending.
  2. Sep 28, 2022
    If you like adventure games or just want to enjoy an interesting, well-written story with a pleasingly dark vibe, Beacon Pines will serve you well. It’s a thoroughly engrossing tale that pulls you in further the more you play it. Perhaps a little too substantial to explore in a single session, but you’ll likely find yourself wanting to see it all the way through in one go. Add in a superb presentation with gorgeous visuals and excellent narration, and you’ve got a winner.
  3. Sep 23, 2022
    Beacon Pines is easily one of the top ten games I’ve played this year and one of the first recommendations I’d give to players looking for something quick but layered. With a lovely art style, cozy setting, exceptional character development, and an edge-of-your-seat story, Beacon Pines is a unique blend of sweet and sinister that proves difficult to put down — in fact, I couldn’t stop myself from playing it from start to finish in one go! If you’re looking for something charmingly cute yet deceptively dark with a clever mechanic and rich world, Beacon Pines invites you to solve its many mysteries and find the true end to this troubled tale.
  4. Sep 21, 2022
    As a straight story of Stranger Things meets Sylvanians, Beacon Pines is written beautifully, drawn evocatively, and compelling to play. But as a deconstruction of narrative that lets you rebuild your own story from the pieces, it’s stellar, captivating stuff. An unfettered joy from start to finish.
  5. Sep 21, 2022
    Beacon Pines is a fantastic game with clever systems that enrich its characters, world, and masterful storytelling. With a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass, this is a must-play for fans of narrative-focused games and leaves one excited about what Hiding Spot Games will make next.
  6. Oct 1, 2022
    Beacon Pines is an adventure that takes shape before the player's eyes, but the gameplay feels so much limited because of the narrative. Despite that, it tries to tell a meaningful arc that overshadows its shortcomings by delivering a coming-of-age story in which it is worth diving.
  7. 85
    Beacon Pines is an incredibly neat narrative adventure game that feels unique in terms of its mechanics. The story and mystery presented in the game’s world feel fun to discover, and the drastic differences noticed while going back and forth between different branches will likely be enough to keep your attention for the game’s 6 to 7-hour runtime. I especially enjoyed the game’s narrator, as she gives a delightfully enthusiastic (if not cheesy) performance throughout. If you want a complicated story with a simple delivery method, and a fun way of branching around, Beacon Pines is definitely a game to give a try.
  8. Sep 21, 2022
    Beacon Pines is an unexpected horror-filled romp – one that’ll keep you locked in suspense for as long as loveable protagonist Luka is in danger. Keep your mind on the branching paths, and eventually you’ll discover a way out of this strange, body horror-infused nightmare. But be wary – the paths off the beaten tracks will stay with you long after the game is over.
  9. Sep 21, 2022
    As Beacon Pines releases, it is amongst other adventure games Wayward Strand and Return to Monkey Island. Adventure game fans have been spoiled for games, and with Beacon Pines, we have another enjoyable story to play through. As every story branch unlocked, I looked forward to where it led next. If you want a narrative adventure game with an exciting mechanic, then you should make the trip to Beacon Pines.
  10. Sep 21, 2022
    Beacon Pines is a cozy and fun game with perfect comic-style graphics and an addicting story. The perfect adventure for those who love dark atmospheres but don't like to get too scared.
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  1. Sep 22, 2022
    This is a splendid creation, superbly written, with spellbinding art, and a unique approach to telling a story. It’s also a fascinating exploration of grief, loss, and more than anything else, how we react to change. That and secret underground organizations and their evil plans to control towns through fertilizer production.
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  1. Oct 1, 2022
    I got this game at 15% off, which ended up saving around three bucksish. By halfway through I was wishing I'd paid the full twenty; I feltI got this game at 15% off, which ended up saving around three bucksish. By halfway through I was wishing I'd paid the full twenty; I felt the devs *earned* it. I'd pay 25 easy for this experience. Now, it IS a heavily narrative driven game, somewhat of a walking simulator if you're quasi thorough. However, not only do the characters of Beacon Pines take on a life of their own; the town itself does. I truly felt like this is a place I should be able to go to and check in on how everyone's doing. Very well written, and the true star of the game is the narrator: she never fails to sum things up with gentle snark, or maybe toss in a feel or two. This is one place I'll definitely be revisiting again sometime. It's too charming for just one viewing. Full Review »
  2. Sep 25, 2022
    "I would never have thought I would appreciate this game. After playing hours and hours, I feel like it’s a really good and fun game. The"I would never have thought I would appreciate this game. After playing hours and hours, I feel like it’s a really good and fun game. The replay value through the roof, the graphics are gorgeous and the game play loop is really addictive. Most people will have a great time traversing this game and getting to know the characters. Ultimately I would advise most gamers to pick this one up and give it a shot."
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