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  • Summary: Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a mechanic? What if you could repair buses?
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  1. Jul 30, 2019
    Overall, Bus Fix 2019 is another poorly, rushed out game, that could use a rework. Bus Fix 2019 combines modern-day elements with terrible graphics, ultimately, into an inaccessible package‚Äďand respectively, it seems to be Ultimate Games latest cash grab effort, in addition to their numerous ones already on the Nintendo eShop.
  2. Jul 18, 2019
    If Bus Fix 2019 is some kind of joke then it's done a great job of punking me with its downright unplayable gameplay and lame premise.
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  1. Jul 16, 2019
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the story of my experience with bus fix 2019.

    It all started on Wednesday the 17th 2019. I was browsing the Nintendo switch inquisitively. when all of sudden I noticed a very very interesting game. It was called cuphead. I had seen my favourite youtuber the excellent jack Septic eye play this video game before. But my fat finger slipped and I tapped on bus fix 2019 because they were both on the sales page. I thought to myself "A videogame about a mundane task that has gone on sale only days after release?" My mother looked at my strangely as I had said that out loud by accident. It was then that I knew I would not purchase this obviously garbage game.

    But then I made a decision at the time I would regret. Of course now I have my infinite wisdom that comes from being eight and a half years old rather than only eight and a quarter years old. Hohoho how naive I was. I wandered into the proceed to purchase button because I wanted to show my sister how dumb this game was. I said to her " Look at this stupid game I bet this game is very bad! ". " And it is so cheap I can afford to buy it with only my Nintendo coins" Unbeknownst to me however I had actually pressed the a button and purchased the game. My sister with shock and horror written all over her face said "Oh no brother you purchased the video game!". I was amazed because my sister had never spoken before. Then I realized what I had done. I exclaimed quite loudly "Oh no I appear to have purchased the video game Bus fix 2019 for my Nintendo switch console." "This cannot be?!?!" But it did be. It very did be. My sister died at that very moment. But I did not care I knew at that moment my 299 Nintendo gold points were gone forever. Unsure if I could ever recuperate them I tried frantically to get a refund. I asked everyone I could for help I contacted my uncle who works for Nintendo and my mom. Unfortunately my mother was to grief stricken from my sister's untimely demise to help me. Realising at that moment that family is useless I abandoned my family and moved to California. After a brisk 20 years of being unable to cope with the loss of my Nintendo points and living I thought to myself "maybe that stinky looking game wasn't bad". I booted up my Nintendo switch and turned on the game. At first I was taken aback by the excellent graphics on the bus. I removed and replaced parts like I saw the bus fixer man do before. I wasn't convinced that this was the best game ever made untill I realised four days had passed. "Oh my george I have been playing this video game for four day and it feels like only twenty minutes have passed" In an instant I propelled the message "Bus fix 2019 is the best video game ever" from my vocal chords. Then and there my sister came back to life. I thought it is a miracle. Although her long since rotten corpse squirmed and screamed in pain. Eventually it got annoying so I cleaved her skull in killing her to make her stop. "Oh well sucks to suck I guess" I said.

    Realising the importance of family I once again moved into my mother's house. she was not appreciative of my excellency and would not allow me to live with her if I "spent all of my time playing that stupid bus game" of course I moved back to California once I heard her call my entire lifestyle a "stupid bus game" I now live in the jungle with only my Nintendo switch and a charger I live and breath bus fix 2019. It is the best game ever made. That is why I give it a 4/10