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  1. Jun 26, 2020
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is unironically the worst "game" I've ever played. Its only an hour and a half long and theres only 3 characters in the game: Makoto, Akane and Nozomu besides the navigator, doctor, hacker and tv anchor which just sort of exist or are walking plot devices. They didn't even bother to translate what the tv anchor says in his scenes. There was another character, Nene, but she had to have been cut because she never showed up in any of the scenes. The storys awful, they also quickly explain the entire mystery very early on.

    The game is just watching a movie and sometimes you'll be given two choices, aka the right choice and the choice that makes you loop back and make the correct choice. At the very end you're given an option for a good end or a bad end and thats basically it. The story is full of plot holes and only worth considering if you're just crazy into FMV games I guess.

    Its really really pathetic that the only thing of note in this whole game is the game over screen which is the games high point. It looks pretty cool and it changes over the coarse of the game.

    If you want me to save you the time, this is the whole story:
    Makoto was a newbie detective and Akane was his detective senpai gf, eventually she was murdered. She was murdered because another detective, Nozomu, was working with criminals for some reason so he put a hit on Akane since she was close to finding him out.
    Makoto, sad his gf died, somehow knew about some secret VR machine called "Come True" that was still in early beta stages that let you go into VR even with a dead persons brain, so he got them to let him use it along with his dead gf Akane so he could be with her again.
    Then, for some reason, a hacker hacked into the VR machine somehow, and this caused Makoto and Akane to lose their memories for some reason as well as think Makoto was a serial killer for some reason. This is where the game starts.
    The hacker then just starts killing them over and over for some reason, each time causing them to loop back to the start. He also progressively "hacks" the VR machine more and more making it bug out. You then use the looping to figure out who they are and why Akane died, and what Nozomu did.
    You decide if you want to leave the "Come True" machine to use the information Akane had to imprison Nozomu for her murder and his other illegal activities or stay in VR with her while it just bugs out until it quits working.

    The story is very stupid to me.
    I have no idea why he wouldn't just leave the VR machine, use the information Akane had to imprison Nozomu and then just return to the VR machine to spend time with Akane.
    Akanes dead and has been for awhile and is plugged into the VR machine, so they're preserving her mind somehow, either by data or some sci-fi garbage to make her not rot.
    I have no clue why the hacker was doing what he was doing or how he could invade the "Come True" machine when its in beta so this tech isn't common place and you need to physically plug your brain into it but for some reason he could do it over the internet somehow. It seemed like it was just for **** and giggles honestly which is trash writing.
  2. Jun 25, 2020
    I don't know how to rate this game. I would only advise playing it if you are already following Kodaka's career / his new production company Too Kyo Games. It's less than two hours long. It's an FMV game, so it's more like a movie than a game. The narrative is *very* linear. I thought the writing was kind of hacky. The actors are doing their best. I thought the costumes were cool. That's about it.
  3. Jun 29, 2020
    It's certainly more of an interactive film than an actual game so keep that in mind going in, it has some unexpécted twists and interesting characters, I'm not sure if the price itself is justified which is why I've decided to give it this rating.
  4. Jul 5, 2020
    Death come True is a japanese FMV for Under the price of a regular movie or around the price of a ticket to see one. It shows an inside look into expensive production and set pieces while keeping the price of the fmv relistic and fans new and old something to chew on while the next Danganronpa or Zero Escape is being made. There are several devcesions to be made in this mostly linearDeath come True is a japanese FMV for Under the price of a regular movie or around the price of a ticket to see one. It shows an inside look into expensive production and set pieces while keeping the price of the fmv relistic and fans new and old something to chew on while the next Danganronpa or Zero Escape is being made. There are several devcesions to be made in this mostly linear story but for under half the cost for a Telltale game and comes jam packed with bloopers, side branches adding a bit of lore to the world and how japanese directors differ on movie scripts as well as replayability for extra information through side branches. This game is for a few people to be open minded enough to give japanese media and thought process a try without any other preconcieved notions of what a FMV or a game should be and ticks all the boxes to be one. Branched story? Yes! Smart acting and good quality movie? Definitely! Extras to add to the lore expanding on things? Mostly. There are a few missed branches trimmed down to keep the game easy to understand or time constraints/ Money constraints. There are a few youtube like clips that a'rent subtitled yet and there are medals for every outcome possible/ achievements but for its price it did what it set out to do. highly recommended if you got a few hours to kill just don't turn it off until you play through it at least once to actually save it. Expand
  5. Aug 3, 2020
    Very bad game. Very bad production. Report any one stream this game?? It's idiot idea i have seen before. Whether the game became famous quickly or not was partly due to the famous broadcasters. Be serious about that

Generally favorable reviews - based on 8 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 8
  2. Negative: 0 out of 8
  1. Sep 12, 2020
    Death Come True is a fascinating and well-directed interactive movie with interesting characters, multiple choices, and the replay options, which are unlikely to open up additional layers of story, but will leave you with the best impressions. The purely Japanese atmosphere of the project with a reference to the classics of detectives and horror should please fans of the genre.
  2. 85
    Death Come True is a great FMV game from a creative mind. The characters and choices you make are really interesting, and everything is wrapped up quite nicely. I don't think players will have anything to return to in the long term, but the experience is enjoyable while it lasts. Hop into a strange hotel and let the journey take care of you.
  3. Jul 8, 2020
    Death Come True is an enjoyable but all-too-brief trip into a disturbing live-action mystery world that is a blast while it lasts. Unfortunately, when everything ends and the credits roll, you're left longing to spend more time with the characters and world you just experienced. Death Come True's throwback gameplay definitely scratches an itch, but it ultimately leaves you wanting for more.