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  1. 85
    Disc Room is a shining example of how developers can take a simple concept and elevate it into something extraordinarily magical. It's obvious that the team behind it put a lot of love and effort into its creation, and it shows. If you're even the slightest bit interested in Disc Room, you should give it a try.
  2. 85
    Like Minit and Gato Roboto before it, Disc Room is another compact but wonderful title from publisher Devolver. Leaderboards for each room and an unlockable Hard mode give players ample reason to continue playing even after conquering all 50 rooms, which is no small feat in itself. Unfortunately, as of review, one room seems to be suffering from a game-breaking bug, and to roll credits I needed to unlock the final area of the ship in the options menu to proceed, so hopefully that gets fixed at or before launch. Regardless, the meat of Disc Room is more than enough to warrant a pick up, especially if you think flinging a cartoon scientist into sharp, spinning discs is a good way to spend your time.
  3. Oct 31, 2020
    Like a lot of other releases in the Devolver line up, Disc Room is a wonderfully unique release that stands out well on the eShop. That premise of "a shoot ‘em up without the shooting" seems silly at first, but very quickly shows itself to be an interesting idea that’s taken in plenty of fun directions. Disc Room is tough as nails in all the right ways, and this combined with plenty of secrets, solid accessibility options, and an intriguing premise makes for an experience we can easily recommend. Don’t pass this one up, it’s definitely worth your time.
  4. Oct 30, 2020
    Disc Room is fast, frantic, smooth and inventive. It folds death into the progression loop and makes score-chasing in each gore-tastic room an enjoyable challenge. The choice of skill can massively influence your chances of survival and domination of a room, which adds experimental longevity.
  5. Oct 22, 2020
    The game is fraught with dangers and failure, but it frames the handful of seconds you are able to hang on as something exciting, something to be proud of. Disc Room helps you feed on those tiny bursts of success, in addition to providing success in failure, to keep you moving and pushing through all its trials. Maybe we could all learn something from these... rooms full of discs. Like all great twitch-action games, Disc Room is at once exciting and stressful, challenging and fulfilling, and its spinning saw blades can seep into your everyday thoughts. But moreover, Disc Room feels like a pleasantly positive take on difficulty-first games--you didn't die after 10 measly seconds, you managed to survive for 10 whole seconds. And that's good enough for Disc Room. Thanks, Disc Room.
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  1. Mar 1, 2021
    I’ve never seen time move so slow as when you’re trying to stay alive for the countdown in this game. Not a lot to describe here because whatI’ve never seen time move so slow as when you’re trying to stay alive for the countdown in this game. Not a lot to describe here because what you get is what you see in the trailer. It’s kinda fun, but gets kinda old kinda quick. Full Review »