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  1. Positive: 29 out of 30
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  1. Oct 17, 2019
    $29.99 is a great price for this level of digital pinball perfection. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking this collection up. I’m looking forward to what Zen Studios is cooking up next!
  2. 100
    Zen Studios has a knack for making great games; Star Wars Pinball is no different. They have taken all the great aspects of seemingly every pinball game and put together a package that is by far the best in its class. Even if you are not a fan of the Star Wars brand, the simple but engaging gameplay, the amount of content and modes, and the fast pick up and play sessions make this pinball game a must own on the Nintendo Switch.
  3. Nintendo Force Magazine
    Apr 28, 2020
    Never before has my enjoyment of a video game been so diminished by a relentlessly persistent pop-up ad. [Issue #42 – October 2019, p. 70]
  4. Nov 3, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball pushes the bar of the pinball genre and delivers an experience that will be cherished and appreciated by every Star Wars fan out there. With its wide amount of content, high production values, and a gameplay that is hand in glove with the experience of a real pinball table, Star Wars Pinball is without a doubt yet another gem to land on the Nintendo Switch.
  5. Oct 28, 2019
    While Star Wars Pinball is all pinball, the number of available tables and modes make for a good variety of gameplay. It's a perfect game for the Switch, providing you with bite-sized to hours long play while on the go, and connected play options while you're at home and logged into your WiFi. The game is a real treat for Star Wars fans, but even those with only a casual interest in the saga will find themselves enjoying the excellent pinball action.
  6. Oct 7, 2019
    For Pinball on the go, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than Zen Studios’ Star Wars Pinball. From design to execution, Zen did an excellent job.
  7. Sep 27, 2019
    Zen Studios bring a top-notch level of quality that you’d expect from a company established in video game pinball supremacy. Whether you’re a casual fan or a pinball enthusiast, you’re bound to find enjoyment with Star Wars Pinball. This package is a real bargain on Nintendo Switch too, with replay value as high as Bespin’s Cloud City. Zen Studios has done the Star Wars license proud.
  8. Sep 27, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball is a great collection of themed tables, and it manages to fit as many references from the series to please any Jedi or Sith Lord. Of course, if you’re not a fan of either Star Wars or pinball, I would first recommend Zen Studios’ other pinball tables or other Star Wars games. But if you adore the franchise, this is a fun and addictive way to re-experience the galactic fantasy world. The Force is strong with this one.
  9. Sep 23, 2019
    The Nintendo Switch is already like a portable ’90s arcade of nostalgia. So, what better way to top it off than have a whole library of Star Wars-themed pinball tables to match. Now all we need are some tables dedicated to some of Nintendo’s finest. In this day and age, surely it has to happen at some point!
  10. Sep 18, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball is the total package for pinball fans with a penchant for Star Wars. Or vice versa. You can even rotate your Switch 90° and play in vertical mode for more of an authentic pinball experience. If I had to nitpick, I’d point out that some text is awfully small when playing in handheld mode but that’s about it. Zen Studios pretty much perfected video game pinball with Pinball FX 3, and so it stands to reason that Star Wars Pinball is equally impressive.
  11. 90
    For the price, Star Wars Pinball is a fantastic package for fans of the science fiction franchise as well as those who just like a good game of pinball. Sure, some of the new features are better than others, and any time you have a large collection of themed tables, some are going to be more enjoyable than the others, but they are more the exception than the rule. With all kinds of tables offering a variety of sound effects, music, visual flair, ramps, multiple levels and a nice sense of progression, there is a lot to enjoy here. That makes it an easy to recommend package that I am going to spend a lot of time with in the coming weeks, months, and probably years.
  12. Sep 13, 2019
    There’s a lot of pinball games on the Switch eShop at the moment, and a lot of them aren’t great. Star Wars Pinball is not one of these games, it's yet again Zen Studios flexing its Pinball prowess and giving Star Wars fans an amazing array of tables to play, no matter what era of Star Wars you love. You could piece together all the Star Wars tables on other platforms, but then you’d be missing out the game's really fun career mode and Force Powers. The force is strong with this one.
  13. Sep 13, 2019
    Engaging, surprising, and hella fun, Zen Studios’ Star Wars Pinball is a must for pinball fans, Star Wars fans, and fans of videogames in general. With tons of features, modes, and options, this is the definitive Zen Star Wars collection. There is something here for everyone, and as a budget title, Star Wars pinball provides amazing bang for your buck. Simply put – this is a must have for Switch owners.
  14. Sep 13, 2019
    If you’re a fan of pinball and have a Switch, then it’s a must-purchase. Big fans of Star Wars will probably get a kick out of it too with all of the tables focussed on one aspect of the franchise or another.
  15. Sep 13, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball is packed full with content, and offered at a more than reasonable price given all the goodness found therein, even for owners of the same game on 3DS and Wii U which both only received a fraction of what is on offer here. Moreover, this one brings the same level of graphical fidelity found on the base versions of competitors' consoles, with HD rumble, TATE mode, and portability added on top for good measure. This is a serious contender for best pinball game of all time right here, especially for fans of the Star Wars universe.
  16. Sep 13, 2019
    What more could you ask for from a themed pinball experience? Zen’s love for the most entertaining sport and its source media is unquestioned at this point, and with their latest foray onto the Nintendo Switch they’ve more than proven their passion. They’ve created the ultimate Star Wars pinball experience for fans old and new alike, a collection of nostalgia that has unlimited pinball power.
  17. Oct 23, 2019
    Zen Studios is our only hope and I like it that way. The passion they have for the Star Wars franchise AND virtual pinball is undeniable. With over 15 tables, a career mode, online tournaments and challenges, this game will keep you busy for quite some time. Star Wars Pinball is a fantastic pinball game and a fantastic Star Wars game, all wrapped up into one package. No one needs to use any Jedi Mind tricks to make you play it though as I cannot recommend Star Wars Pinball enough.
  18. Sep 18, 2019
    Zen Studios builds a solid arcade experience, combining the world of Star Wars with the world of arcades in a fantastic way, delivering a truly accurate work in every detail.
  19. Sep 29, 2019
    While I don't have much pinball experience, Star Wars Pinball is easily my favorite game in the genre. It isn't just a love letter to Star Wars; it's an anthology of love poetry that spans the breadth of a galaxy long ago and far, far away.
  20. Oct 15, 2019
    The best pinball video game for Nintendo Switch. Lots of tables, many game modes and extras to collect. Take full advantage of the console features.
  21. Sep 18, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball continues to bring credit to the developers of Zen Studios. If you want to experience the thrill of a pinball machine on the move, this title is really for you.
  22. Sep 13, 2019
    One of the most complete pinball games on the market, with 19 tables, lots of game modes (including career) and a strong online community element -choose your side of the Force- that make it one of the better pinball games on the market. Add all the Star Wars charm, characters, music... and sure you will fall in love if you try it.
  23. Dec 19, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball is a collection containing all the Star Wars tables that were previously released as downloadable content for Pinball FX3. Most of the included tables are very well-made and offers good diversity and fun mini games. Although, if you have no interest in pinball games, or Star Wars for that matter, you will not find much joy here. For everyone else, however, this is a great warm-up for the final part of the Skywalker saga.
  24. Sep 16, 2019
    A solid pinball game that makes full use of the Switch.
  25. Sep 15, 2019
    Star Wars has finally come to Nintendo Switch. While it might not be in the form that appeals to everyone, that doesn’t make it any less accessible. With short and snappy missions, it’s perfect for bursts of short play on a commute or longer sessions in search of high scores and holocron shards. Switch-exclusive features such as the Career mode, the updated Galactic Struggle, an unlockable soundtrack and support for vertical play make this a fine addition to the platform’s growing pinball library, and a silly yet authentic ode to all things Star Wars.
  26. Sep 13, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball is a superb time-waster, packing in plenty of fan service and some well-crafted pinball tables. If you're a Star Wars fan you need to play this.
  27. Nov 25, 2019
    This game is an unbeatable way to remember the entire story of Star Wars so far. With its 19 tables and hundreds of actions to do on them, you will enjoy it if you are a Star Wars fan or if you like pinball games in general.
  28. Sep 13, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball is a fun and complete experience for fans of pinball and star wars alike, but it could bring boredom rather quickly for those who are not big fans of the good old pinball.
  29. Sep 13, 2019
    Star Wars Pinball is a great game that makes a great use of a great license. However, for a system like Switch, we miss some options that make the most of its hybrid nature, like a local multiplayer mode.
  30. Sep 23, 2019
    This is the Pïnball game you are looking for... especially if you are a Star Wars fan. There are 19 digital tables inspired by movies and animated series, a career mode with a lot of challenges, and you can experience them with the configuration that suits you the most en Switch (touch controls, vertical play, HD Rumble...), which makes Star Wars Pinball something very attractive, preferably on handheld mode.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 39 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 39
  2. Negative: 5 out of 39
  1. Sep 16, 2019
    Best pinball game for Switch at the moment.
    Music,Effects,Voices,Graphics,Hd Rumble ... all converge together for an excellent experience
  2. May 2, 2023
    A perfectly-good pinball game from the experts at Zen Studios, with Star Wars trappings.

    Positives: - Great pinball gameplay - Lots of
    A perfectly-good pinball game from the experts at Zen Studios, with Star Wars trappings.

    - Great pinball gameplay
    - Lots of tables
    - Interesting table designs and mechanics that work wonderfully with the source material
    - No Grogu

    - Only uses music from the original film trilogy (1977-1983), which feels very out of place with tables based on the newer movies
    - Sound-alikes are used for most voice lines instead of the original actors, and they just sound "wrong"

    Recommended for:
    - Star Wars fans who enjoy pinball

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    - Pinball FX3
    - Star Wars Pinball (Wii U)
    - The Pinball Arcade
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  3. Aug 26, 2021
    If you love Star Wars and pinball you're in for a good time here! 19 tables provide lots of variety and the sound effects and extra visualIf you love Star Wars and pinball you're in for a good time here! 19 tables provide lots of variety and the sound effects and extra visual effects add a lot to the overall experience. There are a number of novel challenges which help to keep things fresh and everything is very shiny and professionally finished to a very high standard. The addition of minigames as features of some tables is also a nice inclusion. An absolute bargain at 40% off but also worth a full price purchase if you are a fan of Star Wars and pinball games. Full Review »