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Summary: [Xbox Live Arcade] 1942: Joint Strike takes inspiration and influence from the 194X series of World War II-themed vertical shooters. The art, sound, and gameplay of the new game takes cues from the original 194X games, but stands out as its own unique entry. Gameplay resembles the classic 2D style that gamers expect, but the game utilizes a full 3D engine. Set in a World War II-themed locale, stages, vehicles, and weapons have the look and feel of WWII with some stylistic differences. The world in which 1942 takes place is not our own and the events that transpire are not historically accurate, nor are they intended to be. This is an alternate world where history and technology developed along their own paths. As a result, players jump into the cockpits of WWII-era aircraft to take on huge waves of incoming enemy fire, dodging explosions and missiles while challenging huge bosses at the end of each stage. New co-op "Joint Strike attacks" combine the powers of two aircrafts into a devastating barrage. [Capcom]
Rating: E10+
Developer: Backbone Entertainment
Genre(s): Action, Shooter, Shooter, Scrolling, Scrolling, Shoot-'Em-Up, Vertical
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Fantasy Violence
Sound:Dolby Digital 5.1
Offline Modes:Cooperative
Online Modes:Cooperative
Number of Online Players:2 Players Online
Cast Credit
Melissa Bachman-Wood Developet Director
Martin Yee Artist
Norihiko Hibino Music
Isaac Bender Senior Engineer (Reaper Engine)
Mike Badillo Technical Artist
Ian McLean Senior Engineer (Core Engine)
Patrick Burke Art Support
Owens Rodriguez Senior Engineer (Core Engine)
Catherine Dinh Additional Production
Eric Heitman Designer
Karl Raade Artist
Adam Boyes Director Of Production [Capcom]
Kraig Kujawa Director Of Design [Capcom]
Chris Chin Art Support
Kevin Wilson Assistant Lead Engineer
Tanio Klyce Lead Engineer
Tracey King Artist
Bob Baffy Sound Designer
Ronnie Fike Art Support
David R. Sullivan Technical Director
Nathan Fulton Art Support
Dan Halpern Engineer (Reaper Engine)
Albert Yale Engineer (Reaper Engine)
Ryan Shevlin Artist
Gary Johnson Art Support
Christopher Joon Miller UI Engineer
Morakoth Tang Designer
Chris Bauer Assistant Lead Engineer
Kevin James Artist
Dan Miller Designer
Liz Stuart Additional Production
Chris Marsh Engineer (Reaper Engine)
Gary Lake Director Of Technology [Capcom]
Rey Jimenez Producer [Capcom]
Takashi Kubozono Technical Director [Capcom]
Francis Mao Sr. Director, Creative Services [Capcom]
Christine Converse Creative Services [Capcom]
Stacie Yamaki Creative Services [Capcom]
Jose Gonzales Designer
Brian Steffel Senior Aritst
Arvin Bautista Lead Artist
Micah Russo Creative Director
Diana Fong UI Artist
Sach Steffel Art Support
Justin Rosenthal-Kambic Artist
Marty Newcomb Additional Design
Ian Sherman Assistant Lead Engineer
J Wilburn Assistant Lead Engineer
JP Castillo Artist
Vlad Dumitrascu Artist
Dana Jakobson Artist
Dave Marino Artist
Nick Monroe Artist
Tom James Creative Services [Capcom]
Marcus Montgomery Lead Designer
Kyle Tunison Designer
Michelle Abraham Engineer (Reaper Engine)
Max Fitzmaurice Producer
Mike Boccieri Additional Production
Norman Badillo Art Director
Chad Pfarr UI Director
Lindsay Young Creative Services [Capcom]
Kevin Converse Creative Services [Capcom]
Kevin James Artist
Paul Wu Artist
Chris Bauer Assistant Lead Engineer
Chris Marsh Engineer (Reaper Engine)
Dan Miller Designer
Liz Stuart Additional Production
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