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  1. Apr 23, 2014
    You want honesty? Ill be the one to give it to you. Call of Duty Ghosts is COD 4 with yet another new paintjob. The same core concepts and features as featured prevoiusly are here, but they're just dressed up to look new and exciting. Dont get me wrong, the concepts were revolutionary and reinvigorated the FPS genre. But after 7 years of constant recycling, its time for this to end. Final verdict: if you've played COD 4 or any game after, than you've played this one too. Save youre money for something more worthwhile. Expand
  2. Apr 22, 2014
    I've played COD since cod4 and I'm sorry to say but I feel like the developers are trying to hard these days.. Making it way to easy for the average person or ( Noob ) to get into a game lobby and be able to enjoy it. Less recoil with all guns, able to unlock late game guns, attachments, and perks just with a few squad points.. Cod4 and mw2 are the best in the series because of the fact that you had to earn everything. I love cod but it definitely needs more touch on gameplay and less on cosmetics Expand
  3. Apr 21, 2014
    Outright terrible,anyone looking for a FPS for their console should look the other way,the horrible hit detection and frustratingly awful amount of lag compensation make this game painful to play,the story itself is very interesting but ruins the premise with a horrible cliffhanger that just irritates you more at the fact that yes,there will be a Ghosts 2.Bad experience.
  4. ECU
    Apr 18, 2014
    Suprisingly bad. Some ore elements of the CoD franchise still existing like solid gun-fights and exciting set-pieces like the train level(which *is a cliche) but that's it. There is nothing more to this game. The whole campaign is worse than a B movie. Cliche dialogs, cliche over-used moments are everywhere. A hint to the producers: If you use "last moment jumps", "slow motion scenes", "one bullet-one kill" moments every damn level, like every five minutes, it WILL NOT excite the players. I have to say again the story feels like it has been written by a 15 year old who's seen 5 or 6 war movies in it's entire life. The graphics looks worse than Black Ops 2 and I think it's meant so to make the next-gen version look way more better. Sound design also lacks the quality of the CoD series. IW, Neversoft and Raven are all respectable and talented studios but they wasn't ready to work together it seems. Activision should cancel the "one CoD every year" policy and start thinking about a fresh start with a lot more time and creativity. Expand
  5. Apr 14, 2014
    infinity ward went backwards, how can you mess up the formula so bad that you go backwards with your game? All assault rifles (which are less than the prequel) do kind of the same damage, have the same recoil, the same freaking everything. if that wasn't enough, you die so freaking fast that it is just a game of stealth now. and to top it all off you have to pay extra money to buy some new weapons that are more powerfull than the other ones. The single player is worthless, i got bored after an hour of gameplay. There is a cutscene that have the same motion of a previous game. I feel violated by infinity ward for buying such a horrible game. Modern warfare 1, 2 and 3 were amazing, but ghosts... lets just say I rather use it as a frisbee than play the game again. Expand
  6. Apr 13, 2014
    Call of Duty ghost is the worst game infinity wards ever came out with I am never going to play that game ever. If infinity wards is seeing this than smd you dirty basters
  7. Apr 12, 2014
    COD: Ghost may mark the begin of the downfall of COD. In the past there was at least some consistency between the different COD games from different developers. However Ghost has readjusted the levels forcing player to pretty much relearn how to play the game. The biggest being damage levels. Regular mode multiplayer feels almost like Hardcore on previous CODs and Hardcore mode might as well be insta-kill. That along with large difference on how to play different classes of weapons to even the weapons themselves calls for a decent amount of learning, practice, and proper class setups to make them work. Single player mode retains most of it previous CODs theatrics, cinematic moments, and just plain gimmicks to make it as interesting as always. The create a player for multiplayer ended up as just another gimmick rather than an engaging, personal touch. The lack of selection, customization and sheer work to get even somewhat interesting options completely take away from the worthwhile aspect of this feature. ( Why is it that you have to unlock some of even the regular character heads not to mention 1 or 2 versions of each head with paint on them.) This is an aspect I have had for a FPS game for a while now and was excited that it was finally being done. However even before it came out I knew it would be poorly executed and not executed correctly to give the players the true customize, personalized feel. (There is no pride in the characters I have created. They are just another random soldier that doesn't stick out and looks like a dozen others) Finally however there are a few cool gimmicks that Ghost has offered that do bring an element of interest to the game and salvage a part of its reputation. First off the Micheal Myers and Predator field orders. These two are really cool and highly sought after additions to the game. They add a whole different feel, twist, and exhilaration to the game. ( Your blood pumps just a little faster when you hear the music change and know that Micheal Myers or Predator is out there on the prowl.) Finally there is the addition of some of the classic levels from previous COD series being brought back in map packs. While this is one that I have always wondered why they didn't do in previous COD titles I have to say that now I may know why. It is good to see some of these return however they seem to fall short and not feel as interesting as before. Also some of these have come back under the wrong pretenses. While it is advertised as a new map pack your are really getting an old map and then a few new maps. Also the names for these maps should stay the same as the old maps. (Ultimately they probably should just be bundled together in a old school map pack.) The final enhancements of new dog/wolf skin and villains map pack have been interesting and a small step in the right direction to giving the game a slight bit of a custom feel. COD: Ghost overall however has been a let down. Now we will just have to wait and see if next will continue the downward slide or if Activision will be able to redeem itself. Expand
  8. Apr 11, 2014
    Call of Duty is back (again) but once again, it disappoints to reach the level of awesomeness as both CoD Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2

    The Campaign is much better than the Black Ops II Campaign, also the original Black Ops, but not any better than the other CoD's, its campaign gives us the same intro as any other CoD game, war has started, your losing the war and you
    kill Russians (why Russian's, why not Chinese, Japanese, or Germans again) but the second mission has a bit of stealth, the game overall has a bit of stealth (like most games have now) but you can control a dog, which may seem awesome for a bit, but there is a problem with it, is there any point of stealth (and how did you get pass so easily?) answer is no, whatever you do, is shoot, there going to find you one way or another
    Campaign = 7/10 It gets 7 because its ending makes you wish for more, and ends with a cliffhanger, which nearly confirms a sequel

    Now im going to get some hate i guess for this, but the multiplayer is the bad thing in CoD, and has been since Black Ops (Black Ops was the game that destroyed CoD) but it tries to be good, it just is the same as all of the other CoD's
    Multiplayer = 2/10, gets 2 for being the same, only above 0 because it has some new stuff which can be entertaining, for about 30 seconds

    So i had no interest with this mode, but i gave it a go, and this is a ok mode, but it won't be replacing Zombies with its fun, its a story based mode, which is very annoying to do, it even has strategy (IT HAS!... for once), thing is, it feels boring quick, feels like Zombies mode with Aliens and no Zombies, with taking away the windows.
    Extinction = 5/10, Could have got a higher score if it wasn't for it being boring easily

    Overall = 6/10, Call of Duty Ghosts buries Multiplayer dead, Campaign misses the trick and a game mode which has fun, but only for a short while, would've given 4/10 if it wasn't for the new tricks
  9. Apr 9, 2014
    I'm just going to flat out say this is one of the most boring game I have ever played. It's the same game, but with larger maps and less players. I borrowed this game from a friend who was borrowing it from his cousin and both me and him are thankful we didn't waste our money on this. In a match I spent the entire time just running around looking for something to shoot. I didn't like the other Cod games for their generic and unappealing gameplay, but at least in those games there was frequent action. If you want a good shooter for the 360 than I'd recommend Halo or Battlefield. Expand
  10. Apr 8, 2014
    Es un CoD mas de lo mismo, algunas cosas novedosas, pero son muy pocas, un motor grafico que es ya algo desfasado, un ritmo un poco lento comparado con otro CoD, pese a todo es un buen shooter, pero que tarde o temprano aburre.
  11. Apr 7, 2014
    Another great entry into the COD series. New multiplayer really makes building a soldier much more strategic. Campaign kept moving and was not bogged down by tons of dialogue. I loved Black Ops 1 but Black Ops 2 just had too much talking I couldn't finish it. This campaign I finished however. Graphics don't take a great step forward but I'm sure when they design a game specifically for the next gen systems it will. Played Extinction some and seems like great fun so far. No one ever points out that COD basically gives you 3-4 games in one its one of the best values around for $60, and I got this one for 360 for $29.99 brand new, presumably because of the Xbox One being out. For the crybabies who complain that is looks just like all the other COD games: if you dont want a game that looks and plays like a Call of Duty game, don't buy a Call of Duty game! Duh Expand
  12. Apr 2, 2014
    AWFUL! I liked any other CoD game, but this is a complete garbage, "Oh, new game, it is really awesome" NO Graphics are HORRIBLE, gameplay is Ok, history not at all, but about all: Graphics, maybe a CoD fan boy liked MW 1 and 2, but this... is horrible. I was playing and after 2 minutes i was vomiting in my Xbox. It is the same than other CoD game, but with a dog.
  13. Apr 1, 2014
    This game is bad , the campaign is OK the multiplayer is **** and extinction is very fun, not as good as zombies,but still very good. The multiplayer suck mainly due to the maps and how well people blend in and the fact that all guns, except 3 or 4 are terrible no I dont' hate COD I just hate this one
  14. Mar 31, 2014
    (NOTE: I am reviewing the base game and will not be referring to any of the DLC.) After thoroughly enjoying Black Ops 2 I was hoping this would be an improvement, or at least just as good. But this is a huge step backwards. I'll start with Single Player: It's a cliche story with uninteresting characters and extremely linear boring missions that give the player little to no choice. Now on to Multiplayer: The maps in this game were larger than normal for the CoD series, which they obviously did to compete with Battlefield. However, the large maps just don't fit the gameplay style of Call of Duty and the multiplayer suffers. You'll end up using either rifles or submachine guns as they will be the most effective. This gets very boring though because you'll end up doing the same thing every match instead of trying something new and interesting. Like most CoD games, there were also "perks" to choose from. They were done in a different fashion where each perk was worth points, the better ones being more expensive and vice versa. You had a limited number of points to choose perks from. This sounds balanced in theory though sometimes perks were to expensive and were bad, or too cheap and were extremely powerful. There were also killstreaks in this game, though you'll probably only stick to a few of them as most of them are not very useful. One thing I did like about the multiplayer was the customization that you could do on your character. You could change your characters outfit, gender, etc. This was purely cosmetic but was still a nice way to make a unique character. Now, there is one more mode to talk about. The mode is called "Extinction" and is very similar to Treyarch's "Zombies" mode. In Extinction you and up to three other people fight aliens and try to destroy every hive the aliens are coming from. You also earn points along the way to buy new guns and upgrades. This was by far the most fun mode in the game, though it didn't feel as fun or polished as Zombies. The one level you get with the base game get's old very fast and isn't that interesting to begin with. Extinction also lacks the interesting weapons that Zombies has and you'll just be using the same weapons from multiplayer and singleplayer. Overall I can't recommend Call of Duty: Ghosts to fans of the series or new players, as I feel both will most likely be disappointed. The game is a huge step backwards from previous titles and doesn't offer the same enjoyment. Expand
  15. Mar 27, 2014
    Sorry Acitvision, this game wasn't the best. It had a good enough storyline and multiplayer, but the maps that come with the game are just bad. Nothing unique about these maps, they make one play one certain map over and over. (In a bad way.) I might say this game doesn't deserve even a low 5..
  16. Mar 26, 2014
    alright it's basically the same **** just a different title. Campaign brings a bit of fun shooting gallery arcade style gameplay as always that has a very unique story. The new Squads mode adds more to the AI in game and let's you attack other squads on set maps. Extinction mode brings new strategic fun to the "survival modes" the games have started. My main gripe is the multiplayer. Few maps and Weapons makes it feel sort of useless and the unlock system is annoying as you can purchase the best weapon at any level and make it pointless to grind for xp like other games. The multiplayer is also just filled with campers and people who exploit to win the games causing it to be annoying to play (back to BF3 or any old cod or even GTA for that matter). This game was a waste of the full 60 bucks (i payed 40 on xbox for on demand at christmas) recommend you play anything else or just wait for the price to drop. This is a good game don't get me wrong it is just annoying to play sometimes Expand
  17. Mar 24, 2014
    Atleast this game works right, I'm having a much more pleasant experience playing this than Bf4.

    Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 demonstrates that there are pros and cons to everything, but when a game is worse than the other but works right, it's a better game and has a big advantage. Three months ago I went to play Ghosts, still playing it now and I'm done with Bf4, sorry EA.

    However I judge COD and other franchises in their own rights, I'm just making a point the people at EA needs to see.
  18. Mar 24, 2014
    Ok there's a little upgrade in the graphics, it has 3 new movements, and finaly dedicated server for next gen. But that's it. It's still being the same game.
  19. Mar 17, 2014
    Pro: Nothing Con: Kill streak sucks and no variety. Same old kill streaks. Snipers are so **** easy to use. There is still quickscoping Maps **** suck. Siege you cant **** see **** Chasm the ****tiest map in the call of duty series Guard Dog that thing is the most annoying thing You cant dodge an IED There are flank routes to flank routes Some many head glitches and camping spots
    Spawns are **** up
    Get knifed from a mile away because of lunging in the game
    Lag, no dedicated servers as they promise
  20. Mar 17, 2014
    To be shamefully honest, I was excited for this game and it succeeded in disappointing me...

    Multiplayer is still good
    Interesting new game modes (Infestation etc.)

    Recycled Graphics
    Dated Gameplay
    Uninspired Campaign

    At the end of the day, this game is just a clone with some new modes. Yep, that's it...
  21. Mar 17, 2014
    As a call of duty player who has played call of duty for almost 3-4 years I've had high expectations for this game. And overall I think they did a good job here is how I see it. Graphics: 10 Campaign:9 Multiplayer:8 Replay value(How long the game keeps you hooked):9 (Varies on how good you are on the multiplayer.) Overall:9 Personally, I think this game is only suitable for hardcore FPS shooter fans. Ones that play competitively and live for killing and stomping people in multiplayer. That being said a lot of people who hate this game aren't very good at it... As it's not a very easy game to master. So I recommend this game to either people who like to challenge themselves who people who like to put there skills to the test. No I have found two things that I didn't like about the game that I felt brought it down to a 9 over a 10. The story dialog is very poor, it's not at all dramatic and for a war game like this I think it's crucial. And the last thing is the multiplayer kill streak awards should be buffed. Expand
  22. Mar 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I didn't buy Call of Duty: Ghosts, I didn't have spare cash laying around and I was starting to itch to play a new iteration of the franchise. I am now very very glad I didn't spend money on this game. Multiplayer is a joke. You will spawn 5 feet from the man that previously killed you and he WILL kill you again. The weapons are so similar its really down to whether you like the look of your gun instead of its stats. I've never felt like I've had a good gun-fight with someone in Ghosts, it's usually a case of seeing someone, unloading an entire assault rifle magazine into them, and not being rewarded with a kill. Instead, he will kill you, because he is using an SMG and on the Killcam, he saw you first. You will have been around a corner. You will have been out of that mans line of sight in your point of view. But you were not. The maps are boring, with washed-out colors and ruined scenery that is completely uninspired; what's more, it doesn't help that the pieces of debris on that ground start to blend into the characters themselves crouching next to them, lending more to getting killed before you even know whats going on.

    As for the Single Player campaign, boy oh boy, that was a **** train-wreck (literally, in the end, SURPRISE). At first the story is interesting, you witness San Diego getting shelled from orbit, and then you're on the satellite SHELLING Earth from orbit as a large coalition of South American nations attack the USA, it's crazy action you expect from a Call of Duty campaign. What I don't expect, at least, is the 4 hours of boring **** that comes AFTER that 15 minutes of action. Yes, 4 hours, the game is exceptionally short. None of the characters are interesting or likeable. The Ghosts are all dicks, your father is a pretty rigid "I'm so proud of you boys" stereotype, and the main antagonist is just a **** smug **** He's not such a bad villian that you want him to die. You just want him to die. You just want to kill him and end the whole game because he's that stupid of an antagonist. You no longer want to suffer this horrible boring uninspired nightmare. At one point you capture him, unable to shoot him. "Just kill him," you tell yourself "Kill him and end this farce." Instead you capture him, bring him aboard an airplane, and then he pulls a Bain, his comrades yanking the plane in half and shaking your ass out like the last peanut in a jar of salty bland **** nuts. Great, so you establish you cannot capture him, and you didn't kill him when you had the chance. You suffer through a bunch of missions, only ONE of which uses their highly-touted dog companion. In later levels he does come back; as an escort mission. You have to carry him to a helicopter while a bunch of heavily armored South Americans shoot at you in Las Vegas. It's annoying, the dog as a character was pointless, and I felt nothing for him. In the final mission, you hop on the villains train, going on top of the train, car to car, dodging the improbable aiming skills of 30 Brazilians as they shoot tracking bullets at you on top of a train going at breakneck speeds around a 90 degree bend. You get to the lead train car where Rourke is waiting and there's a scuffle, you fire your death-missiles from orbit and knock his train into the ocean where you, your brother and the big bad fight. Your brother holds the big bad and, wait... doesn't this seem familiar? Isn't this the ending to Modern Warfare 2? You grab the some way to kill the big bad, a convenient .44 Revolver that the big bad drops, sacrificing your brother and piercing them both with the absolutely incredible stopping power of the weapon. It busts a window behind them, flooding the train-car. You swim out, carrying your very injured (probably at this point should be DEAD) brother out of the train car. You swim ashore, propping your bodies against a rock as you watch the Federation troops get their asses smashed by your orbital bombardment. You think it's over. You pray it's over. The big bad, who has been pierced by a .44 MAGNUM, who should have a GIANT HOLE IN HIS CHEST, kicks you in the face, dragging you away so he can turn you into what he was turned into. It is the most obvious sequel hook ever, it practically screams "We know you'll buy our game every year, so you'll have to wait for the next to finish this!" It spits in the face of anyone who is even remotely a fan of the series, and does not stand up to previous installments in any way. I am so glad I did not spend my money on this played-out ****. I wish I could get my time back.
  23. Mar 13, 2014
    this game is the best cod game I have ever played I bet those other reviews haven't even played the campaign or extinction this is the best game I have ever played
  24. Mar 12, 2014
    What is hilarious is that you have these people giving this franchise low numbers, and yet they buy the games anyway hoping that the next will be better.... I will tell you right now that if a game only takes 1 year to come out, then chances are that the game will be very similar to the last, it's not rocket science.... I played this one at a friends place and it's no surprise that it's the same thing.... opps forgot they added a dog that you can play as for a couple missions, oh and those fish physics......that has never been done before right>?? You idiots complain every year but you are the first one to put money in the pockets of the one of the worst companies (Activision) Ohhhh Activision, I remember the days where you use to work for Atari back in the 70s and got sick of working for a sweat shop and were sick of bad business practices... Now Activision is a company that became the thing they once hated..... Greed.... You keep dising out the money like that, they will keep making the same stale POS game, and anyone who gives this game a positive review.......please try and play other games other than COD because if you give this game a good score it is evident that you do not play many games... I think the reason why people do like this game is because it's a casual shooter that everyone can play and takes no skill... 10 year olds play this game..... I'm not saying Battelfield is the holy grail of shooters either, Battlefield use to be good but now it is following a grim path aswell.....Now you guys can buy titanfall and have an orgasm for 2 months because it's just like cod but the bots are worse and its only multiplayer online..... CoD should be buried, this game is popular for no reason, it's the most generic shooter ever and has not brought anything but BS to the gaming industry since coD 4 Expand
  25. Mar 11, 2014
    Playing Call of Duty Ghosts is kind of like pulling teeth. You start and you're like "Oh this is fine.. Nothing wrong with it." Then as it goes you realize how mistaken you are and it's as painful as hell.

    Campaign you're supposed to be an elite group of marines called "Ghosts" experts in Gorilla warfare, and stealth. Not that you'd know playing this game. Rush an enemy base in a tank.
    Dogs flying out of front windows, no silencers, no stealth sections. Its "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4: We didn't have Makarov and we wanted to rehash old stuff for you" It's as enjoyable as eating old mouldy leftovers.

    Multiplayer is the Lag comped crap we know Ride to Hell Retri- I mean Call of Duty for. You have little variation in maps. Usually maps are small. Not in Ghosts. Nope. Ghosts lives up to it's name. All maps are LARGE empty maps that either shake a little, or have something that blows up if someone gets a Nuke- er I mean care package.

    I go on call of duty weekly to see what 8 year olds my mom has been in bed with.

    Overall I gotta say, compared to Ride to Hell Retribution call of duty is a sub par game at best. Compared to GTA 5, BF4, Portal, L4D, or any other game you see on the shelf. Call of Duty is a over priced piece of bargain bin crap.
  26. Mar 11, 2014
    what can i say COD is DANGER close to being forgotten in the gaming community. its the same content every time and people are starting to notice it is. there's not much to say about it really, but what i can say is this... worth a rental only, multiplayer in my opinion is best played offline, the story is rather disappointing maybe the story might get better towards the end. but what i got out of the story so far its a let down. Expand
  27. Mar 5, 2014
    COD Ghosts is the best ignore the haters, its an absolute 10! Definitely worth getting! The haters can hate but its a great game they hate it cuz their bad at it.
  28. Mar 5, 2014
    This game, oh goodness, I've never really like CoD the classics aren't bad at all, but this is probably the worst so far, my friends are large CoD fan, and the majority of the problems don't just stem from the game, but the fanbase, this series doesn't have an end in sight because of the large collection of 1st graders swearing at me and wanting to have sex with my mother.
  29. Mar 3, 2014
    As someone who played every call of duty, I think this game bring some new point, like replacing the useless dolphin dive with a slide that allow to shoot and those mechanic are not changing anything, call of duty need to stop making a game every year and only make a game when they have good idea to improve it, even if the alien mode is fun, it is not innovating and lack of special mechanic like the zombie mode of call of duty black ops 2 had. Expand
  30. Mar 2, 2014
    Playing Call of Duty Ghosts is like playing Black Ops 2, or Modern Warfare 3, or Black Ops and even Modern Warfare 2. It's the same damn game every year, and every year I find myself waiting in line to buy it again. The campaign seems nice, but it literally has a frame by frame exact scene from MW2 except a different background and different characters, but they go through the exact same movements in both games. The campaign was severely easy, I have never beaten a campaign on the highest difficulty as fast and as easily as I had with this game. The multiplayer however was good as always, sure it's the same as last year, but new guns, new maps and a chance to start over and get a higher KD is enough to make me come back. Expand
  31. Mar 2, 2014
    I'm 12 and have been waiting for my mum to buy it, and after crying she finally bought it! Yay!
    So like I was playing and I just run to everyone and knife them haha! And when I die I cry and swear at people because it justifies everything.

    Nah but seriously this game is pretty **** Graphics are old and stale multiplayer is as bad as ever, story is uninspired, all the guns are just
    pointless, all u need is a good smg, Expand
  32. Mar 1, 2014
    I remember when COD was good. I remember pulling those all nighters playing MW2 and COD4. I miss those times. I just wish they could make something new, improved, and actually not so damn repetitive. The only fun thing in this game, which MW3 has it better, is infected. I guess really that's the only thing decent. I used to love COD. I have every single game and this... This just made me sad.
  33. Mar 1, 2014
    I simply don't understand what people hate about this game. Okay, it's the same engine since... 10 years, but hey, there is some explosive action in the single player. You get what you expect from the single campaign. The multiplayer however is the same over and over again. But I enjoyed the single so much that I give it 8... and haters will hate.
  34. Feb 27, 2014
    It's not a bad game. If this was the first call of duty I'd played, I'd probably really enjoy it! The problem is people don't make the distinction between a bad game and a predictable formula. It is safe to say that for avid call of duty fans, IW has run out of ways to blow your mind, and it's probably time to move on to a different franchise. I only wish that they would have retired the project gracefully instead of tarnishing it's legacy by beating a dead horse. Infinity ward has a lot of talent and they were clearly doing their best to mix it up, but the truth is there is no more that this franchise can offer and they should instead focus on creating something new and exciting. Expand
  35. Feb 27, 2014
    it was good but not still as good as battlefield 4 so the grafics need to get changed but it was still good
    one of the good things is that you need to pay for the weapons
  36. Feb 26, 2014
    This games campaign was cheesy but not terrible in my opinion. Multiplayer is just pathetic. Game modes like sabotage , demolition gone? Epic fail... I can say i am done with this franchise. Long live demon/dark souls / 2
  37. Feb 24, 2014
    Absolutely 0 realism as always; and they also added the invincible knifer as one of the kill-streaks. The same game over and over and over again except with addition of even worse crap. They need to learn something from battlefield, Knifing a soldier isn't easy especially if you're trying to stab them in the front, they HAVE tactics to avoid being stabbed. They don't just take it and unless you knife someone in the skull it won't kill them instantly. Expand
  38. Feb 24, 2014
    This is the best game ever. When i got this game i shoved my 10 year old penis through the disc hole and cummed all over my t.v. The best part was calling everyone a noob online knowing they cant do anything. I also found out that annoying people was easy due to my squeaky ass voice. best game ever 10/10. nothing beats this masterpiece.
  39. Feb 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Everything is awesome! I've played this game for like six hours at a friends house and I loved everything about it. I am buying it as I am writing this. yay! Expand
  40. Feb 23, 2014
    I really don't see how everyone hates this game so much, I for one love this game and it is one of my favorite call of duty's to be released. The multiplayer is amazing and I like it more than the other ones. Tired of hearing "its always the same" many game franchises have the same concept in games like call of duty. And please stop comparing battlefield to this game, completely overused and annoying. Its a completely different game. I recommend you guys to buy this game Expand
  41. Feb 22, 2014
    Look im not one of the ones that onky reviews this game bad cuz of the flow but literally this sucks if you are a camper or alia play this if not dont
  42. Feb 20, 2014
    it is garbage. played it on and off for first two weeks.. i couldn't stand playing longer than 1 match usually before i'd turn my xbox off. even winning wasn't satisfying. it just wasn't a fun game to play. It's just more of the same. I haven't played it since the launch. this is the absolute worst. squad mode is a joke. ai is horrible. using the same builds i use to mop the floor with the enemy on my squad members produces poor results. characters i customized tend to play worse than if I had not unlocked them and tweaked them to begin with. the game doesn't make u feel like your hard work pays off in the end.. it just pushes you to waste more of your free time. blizzard activision is really going down the toilet.. wow expansion fails, starcraft 2 fail, diablo 3 fail, and now this. i can't trust anything they do anymore. Expand
  43. Feb 19, 2014
    No. Just no. This game was supposed to have all of this "Next Gen Gameplay." Well so far, I've seen none of that. This "Freefall bonus map" was supposed to have all of this levolution. The only levolution present is the occasional animation of the building falling, which in my opinion, isn't even levolution. Half of the guns in the game were taken from previous games and thrown in CoD Ghosts with a new name. The Remington RS (ACR in MW3) is overpowered as usual. But! They've put in a new class of weapons, marksman rifles! Can you say overpowered much? These things are more overpowered than LMG's! No kick, two shot kill, huge ammo capacity. You can even put burst fire on it! LMG's are still very overpowered though, typical CoD. Riot shields are more overpowered than ever, using C4 and danger close. Now there are a few decent improvements, such as being able to customize your characters, but the levelution that was supposed to be very present, isn't anywhere to be found. You can get KEM Strikes (MOAB from MW3) in care packages now, making them less special. You can be a pro and go 25-0 while some other person is going 3-17, but he gets a KEM Strike too. The guard dog is insanely overpowered, as it takes three shots using a bolt-action sniper with increased damage to kill. There are also IED's, which are pretty much miniature IMS's that can be equipped as a lethal. You can no longer go prone to avoid IMS's as well, you here that sound and you go "Yup, I'm dead." The game feels exactly the same as MW3, even the sounds and animations. In a nutshell, this game isn't worth half of the money that they want for it. The campaign was honestly decent, and I'll give them props for that. That's really the only part of the game that doesn't make me want to rip someone's head off, along with extinction. Extinction is actually quite fun. It isn't like that promised "Zombie Campaign" that was promised in Black Ops 2. There is actually a strong storyline that you're forced to go through, unlike in Black Ops 2 where you just went through wave after wave and nobody really cared about the storyline. It's your typical CoD game, and that doesn't surprise me one bit. Not worth buying unless you're only in it for the campaign. The campaign doesn't make it worth $60, though. Expand
  44. Feb 18, 2014
    Call of Duty: Ghost is, well, it just "is"... The game not anything very impressive or innovative with most of the work was in the foundation in the first place. I'm not going to say the developers didn't try because it's hard to change something this big and something that sells so much. It's a great case of "if it's not broke, don't fix it" but that doesn't really work when your releasing 10+ different games. But I'm forced to give it this score because it's a repeat of the same games over and over, while there are better games that are a lot more fun that deserve the spot light. This games features are, well, ordinary for a Call of Duty game. I can say the game is polished, feels nice, and does what it is supposed to. But this is just Call of Duty 4 updated over and over. I can't say its a bad game (As much as I want to) but it is getting old as well as annoying to see the success of this game because, as I said before, there are better games that deserve the spot light. Expand
  45. Feb 17, 2014
    This game is a huge disappointment. The multiplayer is very slow paced because of the huge maps. They brought back one if the most annoying perk in the cod franchise, Danger Close. Theses Battlefield sized maps causes people to camp with snipers. The gamemode Cranked doesnt make the game any better because the maps are huge and it can take forever to find person to kill before you die. They left out many great gametypes in the past like CTF, drop zone, demolition, and headquarters. Whats really stupid is that they have 2 Seacrch and Destroy variants but no Demolition. Blitz is too simple and requires no skill since u just have to just run into the enemy portal to score. There is no theater mode which is VERY disappointing for me. Horrible game. You are better of playing Black Ops 2. Expand
  46. Feb 17, 2014
    This game sucks mw3 is 100 times more fun and is 5 times less money don't buy this game all guns and maps r bad and dark and getting camps now sucks to mw3 is the game game plain out sucks also my mode I only play was taking out demolition and infected I love but it sucks on ghost
  47. Feb 15, 2014
    COD is getting worse every year. I find my self playing Black Ops 2 more but since I cannot stand Black ops 2 for another year, I decided to try Bf4 which is much beter and highly reccomended as superior to this game.

    Singleplayer was fun, nothing we haven't seen before.

    Multiplayer was over complicated, they tried to introduce too much and failed to fix simple problems such as lag,
    exploits etc. I find my self dieing to lag compensation 90% of the time. I was able to keep a 2.1-2.2 k/d through out Black ops, and in ghost I couldn't even go above 1.00 all because of bad design and lag.

    The amount of hype that was built up over many months led to a piece of crap. Dissapointing and pathethic, this game officialy ruined Cod and i'm never going back.
  48. Feb 15, 2014
    It is the worst game i have ever played do not buy it the maps are freakin bigger than China the sniper aim is messed up and it is a complete failiure overall imregreting that i bought it so much that I cant sleep at night its totall ****
  49. Feb 10, 2014
    I had to change my review after playing it more. After a few months., they have finally added Gun Game and Search and Destroy. Storyline is mediocre at best. Graphics look like COD 4 which is outdated and had only put effort to the dog and fish. Extinction is just some half assed crap.. Welcome to COD 4.5
  50. Feb 9, 2014
    SO i'm not a huge fan of cod but ghosts was really good sometimes. The game does look signicantly better then MW3 the controls are tighter the multiplayer is better balanced squads is fun as hell and extinction is meh. Now what about the campaign oh dear god the story idea was okay and the missions were nice and varied BUT NO FREAKING STEALTH its called ghosts for a friggin reason gosh. THIS GAME GETS MY COMPLETIONIST RATING OF: PLAY IT Expand
  51. Feb 9, 2014
    I almost didn't bother getting this instalment of COD because as most people say it is the same game over and over with the occasional add here and there, that really may be good for the first few days but then just doesn't impress anymore and the prices go up and up. The single player was enjoyable but not spectacular, as always it is short, but the only reason I bought this game was because of Squads. I stopped playing multiplayer on COD a few titles back as I couldn't be bothered with all the mouthy players and boosting etc. Also didn't appreciate getting forced out of parties and made to go in game chat, when I wanted to talk to mates not playing the game while I played it. I enjoyed the training modes on Black Ops so would just play that with mates instead, squads in Ghosts added to that experience with far better AIs.

    I jumped in and yes Ghosts covered it all in Squads for me, the moment I loaded it I was able to play every game mode with my squad and mates. Except for some bizarre reason I couldn't play against my mates squads when they were online, you could only challenge their squad while they were offline which was odd, I was only able to play against a stranger with their squad randomly selected. The first few days was great, so why the low score?

    Simple after a few days I noticed I was unable to play every game mode in squads, it had somehow removed all game modes except Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search and Rescue, Cranked and Blitz. We could no longer play Search and Destroy, Grind, Infected or Hunted, now these were available when it was first released as I don't play multiplayer and I played these in squads, Not having Free For All from the beginning was understanding as it was a squad based game but why the hell were the rest removed.

    Even though this ticked us off we kept playing, it was challenging, we got our butts kicked regular enough that it was no walk in the park, but now I have noticed that you can sit in Squads for an entire evening and the only game mode that is generating is Team Death Match, every Squad we play seems to be set to Team Death Match only which is seriously tedious, what made it enjoyable was the fact multiple modes generated with each game you played but now you are lucky to get one different mode from Team Death Match in 20 games.

    It feels like squads was just a lure to make people like me who aren't interested in COD multiplayer buy the game, like everything else then what made it fun was taken away in a heart beat. I am more of a battlefield fan, but I am one who still enjoyed playing COD from time to time with friends, it's a shame but this game has let a lot of people down. Games are rarely perfect and you can get over some issues but they have to have something to keep you coming back sadly not as impressed as I was to begin with, don't appreciate being given something to play with and then have it taken away with no visible explanation.

    I liked the HQ set up to start with, where you set your squad a HQ map and a game mode, I would go in and change it up so they weren't always doing the same ones, but not everyone plays squads or sets it up, so when you play their squad it is always set to TDM, Infinity Ward should have given you an option to decide on a different game mode when you were playing another squad, so you don't find yourself playing the same mode continuously unless you choose to.

    Also on a final note was very ticked off when we found we couldn't unlock character heads and gear on squads by playing on there and using the squad points like on every thing else but again Infinity thought it would be good to try and force you onto multiplayer to unlock these, for crying out loud you should be able to unlock it in squads you have to use squad points to unlock everything else in this game mode so why not be able to unlock this stuff.

    Obviously this is just my gripe because it's how I play, I could not comment on the multiplayer issues, whether they are good or bad, so that is for someone else to talk about.

    It would be nice though if they read these comments and returned things to how they were in the beginning with access to all the game modes, but give us the option to override the game mode in squads so we aren't stuck with TDM constantly.

    Apologies for the long post, I find it impossible to do short write ups but hell it's off my chest now.

  52. Feb 7, 2014
    Pros: Extinction mode is a nice addition. New point based class system really allows you to customize your loadout to your playstyle. Graphics best so far in the series. It's still basically the same old COD.

    Cons: Campaign is very short and unremarkable. In multiplayer, matchmaking, lag compensation and lack of dedicated servers (there's a few dedicated servers up but it's mostly
    still the same crappy player-hosted system) make your multiplayer experience vary from good to unplayable. The connection bars were removed so you can't tell how bad your connection is before the game starts (although once the shooting starts you find out pretty quickly what kind of connection you have if you start seeing people warping around and your shots don't register) Maps and spawn location are not very good, you often will get opponents spawning extremely close to you, I've seen many times where the enemy spawns and they are basically lined up right with you and just have to pull the trigger. Killstreaks are uninspiring. It's still basically the same old COD. Expand
  53. Feb 7, 2014
    This game is cool, and I don't understand why people despise it... I myself hate some elements but that's just some parts only like how your pistol is useless unless you down an enemy and shoot them point blank in the face, I also like how it parodies Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater with the mission 'The Hunted' because you are in a jungle with a knife and a silenced pistol in CQC stance... The exact same way Snake goes in.
    I LOVE the multiplayer, especially the fog map where you can become Michael Myers who is my favorite movie icon, Heck... Roarke references my game world later in the campaign.
    I'm Kenny from the walking dead and I review to save lives.
  54. Feb 6, 2014
    Call of Duty needs to take a break
    -It runs at 60 FPS ._.
    -Bigger Maps
    -A New mode (Extinction)
    -Well Voice Acted
    -Same old Gameplay
    -Graphics look even worse than BO2 or the previous games
    -Shotguns are weak
    -The Story is like MW2 in MANY ways
    -Same thing each year
    -The A.I. is stupid
    -Create-A-Class is a disappointment
    Recommendation: Hardcore Call of Duty Fans
  55. Fac
    Feb 6, 2014
    Well, let's see, the campaign has no redeeming factors. There is no amazing story, the Veteran Mode is a joke, and all the guns are the same. In the Multiplayer, all the maps are either too small or too large, the Snipers and Shotguns are broken, and all the high costing, "fancy" guns are useless. Squads is a joke, and Extinction is a discount Zombies. The only cool thing in this game is that you can customize your character!!! WOOOOOOOOOO.... no. Expand
  56. Feb 4, 2014
    Ever since I first hit the cod scene, I found people complaining about issues that simply were not there, hating to sound cool more than anything. I'm not too hardcore a gamer myself, so I generally ignored them. Black ops 2 turned out to be my favorite title so far, taking every aspect we've come to love about call of duty and launch it to new hights along with a very balanced and non glitchy multiplayer, they even improved the now aged campaign and zombies. So, following this great game, I was ready for what I thought was going to be a great new title, especially with the new consoles... And boy was I WRONG. Ghosts ended up being the worst expierience I've ever had with call of duty. It's not even the same infinity ward team anymore. THEY went over. To respawn entertainment making titanfall.
    So, what exactly is wrong with this game?... What's NOT wrong with this game! That's the shorter question!

    As opposed to black ops 2s excellent, multi range designed maps that disproved camping and kept the action moving, ghosts features some of the dullest, most poorly designed maps ever. The weapon balance in BO2 was PHENOMENAL, the best since cod 4. Ghosts; honey badger dominates, the end. Plus, noob tubing has returned!. What was infinity ward thinking!?

    Aside from the boring as hell multiplayer and terrible balance, the campaign was pretty lackluster too. This was one of the biggest selling points for ghosts: a campaign full of characters you grew attached to and cared about with more depth. By the end of the game however, I had forgotten most of the people's names. It was probably the least bad feature of the game, and in some respects can be good, but with the lack of cinematic awesomeness from previous games, its just a generic cod campaign, not horrid, but not awesome either.

    I'm not going to waste time with squads mode and extinction. Extinction is a somewhat lackluster ripoff of zombies, and the squads mode is just dumb. Why would you want to fight bots when you can play league play against other skilled players? You wouldn't, that's the answer.

    Overall, this game just doesn't stand up well, even against the standards of Cod! The multiplayer is garbage, squads and extinction are really lame compared to zombies and even survival in MW3 (also a bad cod title). The campaign, ironically, is the best part of the game, and it isn't as good as many critics are claiming it to be. Maybe the game, with its insta killing weapons (also a bad factor), OP equipment, and camper friendly ugly maps could be liked by the noobiest of players, but for all you cod veterans out there, this is just sad. That's all the gam is really, it's just a weak, weak game

    I give ghosts a 2/10 (and that's cupcaking it...)
  57. Feb 3, 2014
    Hands down the worst installment of COD. The problem is that the game is almost solely connection based. I mean beyond the uninspired maps, lack of dissimilar weapons, and an incredibly weak kill streak line up. The main reason most people get COD is to play online, most importantly to compete. But in Ghosts (to save money) it's more based on who has the better connection then who is the more skilled player. Similar to it's predecessors you can clearly see this in kill cams. When watching the kill cam from your opponents perspective you can see it looks nothing like what you experienced. For example if you fired at the opponent before losing the battle and it doesn't show you firing in the kill cam for his perspective. That shows a clear connection advantage that the other player has to the game. This is something completely controllable by infinity ward/activision but it's all based on how much money they are willing to spend on the experience. I for one will not be purchasing another product based on their cheapness in this instance. I hope that more gamers will chose to look to other developers/publishers (Respawn/Bethesda/Ubisoft) who are more geared towards the gamer experience. Expand
  58. Feb 2, 2014
    There was nothing new in the game. Its basically same old shoot, hide and run. No great cutscenes, no eye catching graphic views and even story is below par. Black ops 1 & 2 had much more gripping storyline and a variety in gameplay. the graphics made me think if we really are in 2014.
    Bottomline - Singleplayer campaign is just recycled ****
    Multiplayer - Have not tried it yet.
    In the
    end all I can say it wasnt worth the hype and the wait that I had to get my hands on the game!!! Expand
  59. Feb 2, 2014
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a lack luster experience in comparison to previous titles, whether they were from Treyarch or Infinity Ward. This title release did nothing more than tie players over till the next release. Nothing new or innovative, instead stealing ideas from past games and recent popular films.

    The Campaign: The story is dull, lacking any form of originality or character. The
    lead character once again suffers from being a dull boring mute. The problem with being a mute also, is that is done for the sake of giving the player a sense of connection, so that they can feel like it's them and not just some burly white dude, but the game's side characters make it abundantly clear who you're playing as since they won't shut up about it. Constantly talking directly to you by your character's name, Logan Walker. Very few moments exist in the title where you're not the center of attention making character building for others pointless.

    The only other character in the game that's of any interest is the villian, Rorke. He provides that omnipotent character styling Infinity Ward so loves to butcher. They did it with Makarov, making him always one step ahead, up until the ending of MW3. With that styling though, the storytelling seems to believe the players have the I.Q. of eight year old. The main supporting character, Hesh Walker, can't seem to be quite with his concerns about where he is.

    Overall, the characters are boring and cliche. That's all there is to them.

    The story steals from alot of it's predecessors cliches. Things like a sequence when the villain is captured far too easily, or an injured user is QTE'd into killing a significant foe. These are okay, if used moderately, but alas, this rail shooter can't get over how "AWESOME" the past titles were and has to keep going back.

    One of the biggest flaws is in it's marketing. "How?" you ask, well the game made itself out to be a longer, more diverse story telling the tale of a broken U.S fending off the world, but it opens to showing off how the U.S. has a Orbital Kinetic Weapons System that could pretty much wipe entire countries off the planet. I'm sorry, but if another country had that floating above our heads, I'm pretty sure we'd react the same and attempt to take it by force to.

    Sequences of stealth are lax and far between with action taking center stage instead of what was advertised. The levels I've enjoyed the most in videogames are the ones that have the player avoid or silently eliminate foes. The kind that can only be won by intelligence, instead of pure force. CoD: Ghosts advertised this, but didn't come through.

    The presentation was also a killer for me, the score was boring, or just plain lacking half the time. The use of graphic content was no were to be found, and every decent moment of action aside from the ending sequence were revealed in trailers before the games release. An older engine didn't help either. Honestly, you're both sponsored by Activision, Infinity Ward, why not just call your cousin Treyarch up and borrow their engine, is that so hard to do?

    Race was also brought into the game once again, but no, this time they utterly ran out of ideas and just drew an ethnicity from a hat. The winner this time? ALL OF SOUTH F&$#*#$ AMERICA!! Congratulations I.W., you just won the dumbest idea for a invading country award. I mean really, you could've gone out and stole from Homefront and brought about a decent version of that game, one with a much larger budget. I mean you stole from everything else. Why not a decent idea too?

    Now, I'm done going on about the campaign, though it is the worst of the series by far.

    Extinction: Extinction is the only bright spot about this game. It brings a relatively decent idea and makes it fun. Fun, yeah, that thing that games are supposed to do. Though limited, the experience brings out some good things. I'll actually be looking forward to new installments in the series, since Nightfall has started the episodic, story driven experience. Though don't misjudge this, the story story is just about as weak as a wet paper bag, but still decent, and a step up from the campaign. The use of mystery instead of narration is good.

    Multiplayer: I don't really feel talking about the multiplayer is any good, since if people are going to buy this game for this sole reason, they probably have already. A few tweeks, some decent chance to Treyarch's Pick Ten, and an overall balanced player system is all fine. The new map design is alright as well. Just... it's not anything I'm going to care about after the next title. Way to keep the trend I.W.

    Overall, this game isn't bad, it's not good!! But it's not bad. On a list of CoD games, this would be somewhere near the bottom. Probably THE bottom actually. It's lack luster effort to create something, ANYTHING, is rather apparent. Sorry I.W., I'm going back to Treyarch, oh and Activision, give your developers more time too. That would help.
  60. Jan 30, 2014
    boycott this franchise please! All COD has done is just recycle, recycle, recyle. If you compare the characters and maps etc from the previous titles in the franchise, they just take the same stuff and repackage it. I used to be a huge fan of MP of the series, but just got bored after they just repackage the same stuff repeatedly.
    It's just terrible! guys, boycott the franchise so they
    will actually put some energy into creating new titles instead of recycling old ones!
    don't buy this game if you played previous title/titles!
  61. Jan 29, 2014
    Great game on the XBOX 360
    Ultra fluid 60 fps gameplay with no framerate problems and still very acceptable overall graphics, and great bots and maps to play offline.
    You may want more, but they delivered all that the XBOX 360 was able to give.
    It really is not their fault if the game doesn't look better, and still to me it looks a lot better than BF4
    I don't play much online, but
    offline with bots is very impressive and really easy to aim without auto-aim.
    To me this is the way a game should be done, using the hardware to the limit but never losing the 60fps goal and never removing the gameplay experience from the top to get better graphics. Good job
  62. Jan 28, 2014
    HONEST REVIEW: They finally made a game with bigger maps! Finally you can actually SNIPE instead of running and shooting with a sniper gun. They took out tactical insertion (BOOO!!) Some maps actually change due to Kem Strikes like BF4. Great guns that really PUNCH. They started a new line of guns called Marksman that's in between Sniper and assault. You don't gain XP on weapons but you gain Squad Points that serves as currency and added "Operations" in 5 categories that gives you mini-missions or things to do like 120 kills with no attachments or with Red Dot sight or fall without damage using Resilience Perk etc. Those give you big XP and a Point. It's a huge improvement over-all with new stuff added. Quite Honestly I cannot figure out why anyone would not be VERY HAPPY playing this game. Expand
  63. Jan 27, 2014
    The Multiplayer mode game server is always down. I get a error code stating the server is down. I can rarely connect. Its not my internet or connection. I have performed several standard steps for the best connectivity to my Xbox 360. The main reason I buy these types of games is for online gameplay. They need to step their game up. Otherwise risk losing a loyal buying customer. AT THIS MOMENT, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BUYING THIS GAME. Expand
  64. Jan 26, 2014
    It would be an OK game, if you could ever get connected, and on the odd chance you do, the lag wasnt so bad, you can make it through a match without leaving in disgust. Ive shot people running at me across the map, emptying the mag and getting hit markers, only to have them kill me with one shot. I shoot more people and die, than I kill them.
  65. Jan 26, 2014
    Gameplay is as expected. Mildly entertaining and instantly forgettable.

    Yes artistic license is one thing, but is it really wise to support a franchise that is consistently xenophobic and borderline racist? Content seems to appeal to white male supremacists who fetishise the military. To be fair, some of this criticism may be unwarranted. We seem to have no problem with Rambo gunning
    down the Viet Cong. We hold some appreciation for 80s action stars and their exaggerated macho appeal. Perhaps the reason why COD rubs people the wrong way is due to its lack of self awareness. It's seriousness and supposedly "realistic" depiction of warfare. This removes its ability for self-parody. And when you don't have that the game just comes off plain offensive. Expand
  66. Jan 26, 2014
    Usually, I like to praise a COD game when it first comes out, but for Ghosts, it was different. I've hated this game since day one. The campaign was garbage and was way to short. It had potential to be another fun COD campaign, but it didn't meet my expectations. For multiplayer, it's the same old garbage as every COD game. From the cheaters and the inconsistency in gameplay, it has proved to bey least favorite multiplayer ever. IW could've really had a fun multiplayer, but once again, they failed to impress me. As for Extinction, I love the idea of aliens and I enjoy playing this mode, however, it becomes boring after a while due to the lack of variety within the mode itself. Overall, this is by far the worst COD game I've ever played and I would never recommend buying this game to anyone Expand
  67. Jan 25, 2014
    I absolutely hate how some people hate this game because it is a "Copy and Paste" of other Call of Duty games. I swear if this is copy and pasted why the **** do you hate it and absolutely adore the other games. It doesn't make any ****ing sense. Also why in hell should I listen to critics. They are no different than the average hater. This game was definitely decent.
  68. Jan 25, 2014
    The multiplayer is worse than previous call of duty games. The spawns are terrible. For example, on strike zone domination, the teams spawn right next to each other. I can't move 10 feet without someone spawning behind me.
  69. Jan 24, 2014
    Let me start off by saying I am Very disappointed in myself for purchasing this crap again! This entire game could have been DLC for black ops 2. Same bull **** from all the other COD games. People, just because the trailer looks fantastic doesn't mean it's actual game play. All the maps are unimpressive there's still to much going on in the game for a new comer to quickly get discouraged and frustrated, completely unbalanced monotonous regardless of the mode you playing. It's disturbing to me how these game developers are using Apples tactic in monopolizing DLC content. I thoroughly hate this game. It could never be compared to Battlefield 4. I'm not hating I'm despising! If you liked playing MW3 and Black ops then you will enjoy this because it's the same **** with different colors however standard and hardcore are the same **** You get killed with one shot in standard mode. Last but not least This game needs an enima. Expand
  70. Jan 24, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. *Sighs* This everyone, is what is known as a fairly good game. I see everyone just rating it 0, and for what reason, IT SUCKS BECAUSE OF FANS AND THEY MAKE TOO MUCH OF IT AND IT EXISTS! Gg guys. I see other people who say BEST GAME EVER PLAYED IN LYFE! 10/10 would CoD again. And then there is people like me who REVIEW the game based on how GOOD it is and not based on things that don't actually effect the game play like 'the fans are a tad bit annoying' or 'there is quite a few of CoD games'. So this game, decent story, bland by a fair bit, but decent. Nice plot, simple, but it works. Pretty good ending, surprising a bit, doesn't work though *cough cough Rorke couldn't of survived that at all and then somehow teleports away from where he died by coming from the opposite direction*. The gameplay, was pretty damn good, you had the guns-blazing action and the run and shoot and grenades and boom and death and splosions was all good. Gotta love those slow-mo door break ins. But the thing is this game is bland, it's just the same thing in lots of different ways. Characters are portrayed nicely, however there is no real character development. Overall a generally good game, the sharp corners just need to be re-done and polished up. Expand
  71. Jan 23, 2014
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is nothing more than a rip-off.
    All they did was to pick the same engine (AGAIN), throw in a dog and some small maps and release it as if it were a whole new "revolutionary" game.
    Do not buy this game.
  72. Jan 22, 2014
    I will say that the Campaign Story was very engaging, though predictable. But that does not save it from the wretch of a multiplayer it claims to have.

    They took everything that was fun from COD: Black Ops 2 out, and polished up the graphics. That's all.

    I remember when this was announced, that one of the biggest claims they had was this was going to have little "camping" areas ,and
    more assault style game play. This got me excited for the game. However after playing, this should be renamed: Call of Duty: Spawn Camper's Paradise.

    I put off buying this game for a while because of the bad reviews I heard, but figured I would give it a try. I regret purchasing this, even on sale. I am absolutely beyond words about how much I regret buying this game.
  73. Jan 21, 2014
    Wow. I have really enjoyed call of duty from world at war up until this debacle. I bought it for the multiplayer and wow what a flop. My favorite game mode (headquarters) is gone apparently it's too much trouble to include in their yearly reatreaded release. Everything is so busy and overdone on the multiplayer it feels like being a senior citizen trying to play. There is dumb **** flying around everywhere, along with tracking scopes and kill streaks where you don't need a kill streak. Everything is so busy the maps are stupid and confusing also way too big to play the game at any reasonable pace. Call of duty ghosts is not focused on the actual shooting more on the dumb busy nonsense. If they accepted returns on games mine would be going back, such a shame too because i enjoyed previous call of duties so much. vote with your dollar buy something else Expand
  74. Jan 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Let's do this review like CinemaSins

    Everything Wrong With Call of Duty: Ghosts in 7 Minutes or Less


    - Same old generic campaign
    - Awful multiplayer spawns
    - **** DOG killstreak
    - Awful multiplayer maps
    - Stupid campaign characters
    - Stupid campaign ending
    - No campaign choices/loadout customization (BO2 Did it....)
    - 850 **** kills with a chrome barrel for a ghillie suit? What if i'm no good with snipers?! UNFAIR!
    - Marksmen rifles overpowered
    - Shotguns overpowered
    - Snipers overpowered
    - Extinction is stupid
    - Squads are stupid
    - Why would Hesh be so insistant on killing Rorke himself? Why not just jump off the train, then have the space guys ODIN the **** out of the train? Boom.... Problem Solved
    So far Total Sin Count: 14 But LETS GO ON! :D
    - Main character's family dies cliche
    - Main character obsessed with catching bad guy cliche
    - The doggy gets shot :'( *sniffle sniffle*
    - Why not just launch guys up into space earlier then just ODIN the **** out of the array complex?
    - Oh isnt it just **** convenient that the guys tell riley to hide and then she just HAPPENS to show up at JUST THE TIME they need her?
    - Giant maps... ONLY 6 V 6
    - Overpowered guns
    - Riot Shields and C4 in search

    Total Sin Count: 23
  75. Jan 21, 2014
    Let me start by saying I LOVE CoD. I have been a fanboy since MW2. Love the series... Let me say this game is not CRAP. This game has A LOT of potential. But its not... that... great :/ Lets get to pros and cons.. Campaign Pros/Cons PROS: - Weapons have a nice feel to them - Finally... Some TANK missions - Not TOO many slo-mo breach and clears - OMFG A SPACE MISSION!!! - Underwater Missions
    - Lots of stealth missions (me like :D )

    - Seems like the same old CoD campaign (do this, kill these people, defend this guy, use this turret..)
    - Short (can be beaten EASY in one day
    - Characters don't really seem like i can connect with them. I didn't care if they died or not. Like in Black Ops 1, i legit LOVED that campaign. It was new ideas... New concepts... It was one of my favs!
    - The helicopter mission seems like its dragged out too long

    Multiplayer Pros/Cons (prepare yourself... it's long)

    - Sorta like the squad points idea... Nice how you don't have to wait until certain level to unlock something. Also like how you don't have to get tons of kills with the weapon to get attachments. You can unlock them as you wish.
    - Like the whole squads idea...
    - LOVE search and rescue!
    - Blitz, Cranked were nice additions!
    - Some weapons have integrated attachments in them
    - Different soldiers to prestige. You don't lose everything.
    - Almost no lag...
    - Hit detection is AMAZING

    - No; Ground War, Demolition, or Hardpoint...
    - THE GOD DAMN DOG KILLSTREAK! It eats bullets and explosives for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday! Oh... and did i mention they have the range of only THE ENTIRE DAMN MAP!
    - The maps are TOO big. Unbelievable... 6 v 6 on giant maps like stonehaven... it means for very slow gameplay.
    - Of course... The CoD players worst enemy... SHOTGUNS. SO overpowered! Especially on Free Fall! #NerfShotguns!
    - Snipers are rather underpowered in my opinion.
    - Adding marksmen rifles was a bad move in my opinion. Semi auto assault rifles with the range and damage of snipers? If you have a modded controller you are practically INVINCIBLE!

    Extinction Pros/Cons



    Umm infinty ward. Look. You guys did AMAZING on MW2 series... I loved them! You really went downhill on ghosts. Sorry. But its true. This game has SO much potential! Just... FIX this please. And i think i speak for a good chunk of your fan base. You don't want to become hated like David Vonderhaar. Hated and disrespected. Fix parts of the game...! ADD DEMOLITION PLEASE! Thank you! :D
  76. Jan 21, 2014
    Call of duty ghost gets a 1 in my opinion for its amazing graphics but the multiplayer is just terrible. I have put up to 100 hours in to that game and it is always the same shot here shot there through a grenade and then get instantly killed by a pistol from across the map it is the same every day on the god damn game. So the next time you get killed remember I am jumping off a sky scraper when it is falling and land just to find a tank and I blow it up with c4 whale explosions are going of in the distance with shots flying over my head and my squad is there to help with the attack and we win the game. Expand
  77. Jan 21, 2014
    Call of Duty: Dog Ops, I thought was gonna be a change. I kept hearing people say same COD same **** but I wanted to see and play the game for myself and man I just wasted 50 bucks. The game touted the use of the dog, but his use is very minimal with the exception of it's use in multiplayer. The story could have been more interesting if the enemy was actually believable. Really, a South American Union? The graphics are fair for the most part, but what's the point of interesting levels if you're simply moving upon a set path with no branching ways to take. Also if the squad you're controlling is suppose to be stealth killers, then shouldn't the game have way more stealth aspects to it? I'll take it Ghosts will be the new COD story arc for the next-gen gaming systems til they start talking about the next new COD storyline. Oh, well guess I'll go outside. Expand
  78. Jan 21, 2014
    COD went from being a strategic multiplayer game to more or less an arcade game. I guess too many 12 year olds complained they can't kill anyone from running around trying to snipe with shotguns. The only good thing I liked about this version was the point system to upgrade and buy weapons. However I find it really stupid that you have multiple characters and each item you buy is not carried over to another. Spawning is by far the worst ever, almost reminds me of halo. I watched a kill cam of a guy seeing me spawn in front of him and shoot from 10 yards away.

    To sum up, if you enjoyed playing any of the call of duty's from the previous game titles, do not buy this game. It will ruin your impression of the cod experience. I never thought I'd say this, but I may be switching to Battlefield..that had a sour taste..
  79. Jan 21, 2014
    It's just not that much fun. As another reviewer so correctly pointed out, you just don't get immersed in the game. I've been a big fan of the Modern Warfare series and didn't enjoy Black Ops quite as much, but with all the hype and granted amazing advertisements for it, I was hoping "Ghosts" would be something special. How naive. My biggest mistake was purchasing it as a download on I would've taken it to GameStop as a trade by now. I've only had it for about three weeks. I started the campaign and quickly became bored, so I went to the "Squads" mode to develop my skills and slowly improve my equipment options. This is a painfully slow process. It takes FOREVER to continually earn "squad points" that you can spend for simple upgrades. And you need them for virtually everything. There's no more of the standard leveling up of a weapon. But here's the thing. You never really feel like you need a launcher, or additional explosives, or tactical gear. They're seemingly pointless in how the game modes play out. One of my personal favorites of MW3 was Special Ops, playing alone or with a friend in survival mode. This was a great mode that did NOT need fixing. Now its "infected" hoards coming at you with random support being dropped around you. You no longer earn points to select how you want to defend yourself. Just pick up a sentry gun. Place it. Now watch as it "expires" after a certain amount of time. That's right, it just "expires", you lose it for no reason. It wasn't destroyed. I'm just not a fan of random aid being dropped from the sky. It eliminates the fun of actually establishing a strategy. And don't think you can setup in any decent defensive position. The maps are so open that nearly every time you think that you may have a decent defensive position it's probably compromised at some angle. Oh, Capture the Flag is gone (one of my personal multi-player favorites). I could go on and on. I keep wasting my life playing a bit more to see if anything grabs me. How can such a great title go down like this? Did they even beta test it. Did people really think it was that much fun? I need to find another source of entertainment as this game has now taken even more time from me in the form of a ranting review. Expand
  80. Jan 21, 2014
    I have played Cod 1 to ghosts. and i must say that the newer cod keeps getting sadder. I would say Ghosts is great for it its brilliantly developed engine but it lacks potential in almost everything to the single player and multiplayer for it kinda feels like a plain old Modern Warfare. If the games story, features, and accessibility were more thought of i would actually buy it instead of just playing it in my friends computer. Plus I found out that Ghosts DOES NOT HAVE VAC PROTECTION or at least isn't working. So saying to developers is to make an actual good Call of Duty, look back to Cod 3 if you have to. cuz that was the bomb of the whole war experience Expand
  81. Jan 21, 2014
    This is the worst call of Duty made thus far, the maps are huge for no reason. The guns suck. No spy planes. Oh and dad I mention, maps are enormously gigantic, making you have to run a freaking mile before you see someone. So while looking for the opponents, they're camping waiting for you around the corner. There's not enough assault kill streaks. No gun game. I play it on my ps4, so I got rid of my ps3 and black ops 2 (bad mistake). I mean, all of Treyarchs call of dutys have been better than Activisions, from multiplayer, campaign and especially zombies. Overall prognosis, ghost sucks. Can't wait til November for the new Black Ops. I don't even play ghost that much, not even that long. I would play Black Ops for hours on in, smaller in your face maps, making it a rush, shoot em up style. Not like Ghost where most of the games end because time ran out. I might just stop playing it and switch to playing sports games only. P.S. I wish I could give it a negative score on top of another negative to the 3rd power. Activision, you just lost another fan of your brand. Stanks A lot Expand
  82. Jan 19, 2014
    The Call of duty series is ruined because it got to popular, now these companies use less people, time, and money to make these games cause they have way to many fans, for some reason, to buy them. Put it like this- you buy cod mw1for $65 then a month later you buy a $10 add on and so one. Then another sequel that is half finished then you pay extra for the crap not put in the game already. I'm never giving them a dime of my money again. Cod ghost sucks balls Expand
  83. Jan 18, 2014
    Let me first off say that this game is absolute crap. Nothing has been improved at all. This game first off has to be the worst call of duty ever invented so far. Second graphics look horrible and even on next gen they do to.the graphics look like 2008 graphics Even call of duty 4 has better graphics then this crap. Third is that multiplayer is the same crap every year and even worse this year.

    Worse of all, I can't stand this community anymore. It's now just losers, no life's, nerds, annoying and gay people, little kids, loser gamer girls, and homos.

    The creators suck and don't even try to make this a better and improved call of duty because they know lots of people are going to buy it. But not that many this time. Thank god I rented it and didn't buy it. I'm glad not that many people are buying this or talking about call of duty all the time now because this game has gone to garbage and soon to be completely done. Goodbye call of duty, I will never spend a dollar on you again.
  84. Jan 18, 2014
    I have been a COD player sense World at War and have found that through out all of the games in the series this has been by far the worst. With a formulaic multiplayer, an over all forgettable campaign, and a stale extinction mode this game is an over all waste of money. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS BROKEN GAME!!!
  85. Jan 18, 2014
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a vastly improved game in areas, and not so in others.
    The campaign is not as interesting as other Call of Duty's, due to the lack of suspense. It will not leave you rearing for more and will leave you confused and annoyed at the ending.
    I found the multiplayer fun to play, but it became increasingly hard to earn squad points. It boasts a variety of game modes,
    but is weakened by the lack of popular game mode "Capture the Flag", however, the modes are fun to play and the community is generally friendly.
    Extinction mode was my favourite, thanks to the awesome "Spray and Prey" feel, mixed in with some objectives. I enjoyed playing Extinction and would recommend it over campaign and multiplayer.
  86. Jan 17, 2014
    the best description for this game is "disappointing". the campaign is forgettable and repetitive, but that is to be expected from a Call of Duty game because, to be honest, they are all more or less the same. i feel like most people would agree that the big draw for these newer games is the multiplayer. therein lies one of the most disappointing experiences i've had with a game. what it ultimately boils down to is that the multiplayer is just not very enjoyable, at least in my experience. I've always been more of a "run n' gun" kind of player; I do not enjoy spending my time in matches hiding in spots, waiting for people to walk by. this game does not lend itself to how i would like to play. this is not coming from a few bad games. this is coming from me putting time into the multiplayer, trying out each gun, reading the forums, watching the youtube videos, trying to figure out what the best guns and class setups for my playing style are. the first horrible aspect is the way you setup classes. at first, i thought it was cool that you could purchase some of the "better" guns by playing a few rounds, instead of grinding out challenges to level up quicker. however, after realizing how few of these credits you earn after each game, how much even the smallest attachments cost, and the downright RIDICULOUS cost of purchasing a fourth or fifth class was, i began to realize that this was a rather poor, and crippling, way to approach the multiplayer. this structure really did not allow for players to try out each gun as they progressed through the game, it was either spend points on gun A or gun B, and if you don't happen to like the gun you purchased, than god have mercy on your poor soul. overall, as stated before, every aspect of the multiplayer was disappointing. with each new map, it felt like the game rewarded the players that would just camp in spots the entire game, while punishing players like me, who preferred running around. even for maps where i had gotten a good feel for where i should go, and how to approach the map that fit my style, it was still a struggle. an endless source of frustration was the I.E.D., which to me was a certain kill, regardless of whether or not you were anywhere near it when it detonated. hell, there were times i saw these items kill players through walls and around corners, but it just wouldn't be a CoD multiplayer if the laws of physics weren't totally trampled. bottom line: the campaign was, by and far, the only part of the game that approached the realm of "fun", and for a game that puts all of its eggs in the multiplayer basket, that is not a good sign. avoid this game at all costs, it is just no good Expand
  87. Jan 17, 2014
    Story (6/10):

    The story 'on paper' is interesting. Comparable to a Hollywood blockbuster action film - explosions, a predictable twist and some grossly emotional scenes. However, in execution it is let down by a rush to force players into more action and shooting. The game would benefit from taking more time to explain the story and add more depth in-level. I would encourage
    Activision to accept that a large percentage of players play Call of Duty for the multiplayer and focus on a short, story driven campaign, and be more daring with its ideas.

    The level design is familiar to other Call of Duty's - narrow and linear passages, whereby your shot at from in-front. Additional gameplay elements would provide a better sense of accomplishment but there is nothing apparent wrong with gameplay.

    Multiplayer (8/10):

    Multiplayer is similar to all other Call of Duty titles...and this isn't a bad thing. It is successful for a reason. It doesn't have the scope of Battlefield 4 but it possess a fun arcade charm.

    There has been a lot of comments regarding hackers in lobbies. However, I have accumulated 24 hours of gameplay online and have failed to encounter a single one.

    The introduction of squad points is an interesting addition. Although, almost everything purchasable is valued at a low cost. Therefore, the system misses out on the opportunity to provide a greater sense of accomplishment.

    Level design on multiplayer is slightly different to previous generations. The maps are now larger. Personally, I prefer this change, it lends it self to different tactics. Some levels lack character but all are well designed for their purpose.


    I have only played extinction once. It isn't bad but I am not drawn to it. I think you either like it or dislike it.

    Overall (8/10):

    I enjoy playing Ghosts. I prefer it to MW3 and am enjoying the multiplayer. I was previously playing Battlefield 4 on my PC (Max Settings - for those who are concerned with graphics) and I personally prefer Ghosts. The graphics aren't on par and the scope is smaller. But it is fun. I'd recommend those who are having second doubts about purchasing this game to just give it a go!
  88. Jan 16, 2014
    Ghosts is a complete let down for Call of Duty games, they've tried too hard in trying to make it better by only making it worse. Adding things in from other games such as Battlefield, Gears of War and Left for Dead-Soon they'll be adding a bit of FIFA in there. The whole idea of extinction i think is a bit pointless and could be improved massively, at least with zombies in other Call of Duty games had a connection with the campaign and have many maps giving you more to do, whereas with extinction I don't understand why or what the story behind it is? I also think machine guns are completely over powering the game, it might not be a very bad thing, but with Modern Warfare 2 (Being my favourite CoD so far) your able to use snipers which makes the game more fun for people that enjoy sniping. Removing search and destroy, I think that was a very stupid idea because it's a widely favoured game mode. Finally the whole set up of the game, for example customising classes I found quite confusing before getting used to it. Expand
  89. Jan 16, 2014
    In terms of story this game will do what it's supposed to do and provide an action packed experience with memorable characters. The story will not have you dropping your jaw, but you will enjoy it if your not extremely picky about story lines. Now lets get into multiplayer which is the core of the game, now I will say that Call of Duty Ghost is way better than Modern warfare 3 in terms of map size, customization and game mechanics, and it even surpasses some of Black ops 2 gameplay. On next generation this game looks stunning, however on current gen it almost seems like they made it look terrible on purpose to make next gen look better. Now this game is not as terrible as people make it out to be, however it is not really up to expectations for next gen conversion. So I would personally just wait for the next game by treyarch to come out and hopefully that should be up to standards. Expand
  90. Jan 16, 2014
    Online is simply abysmal. Fair play more realistic but is that what avid gamers really want in the multiplayer aspect? Shot once or twice with any weapon and its gameover with absolutely no chance of countering. Its tedious having to slowly creep around a huge map, forever aiming down sights, in the fear that your constantly 2 shots away from death. The maps are huge and disorientating, I find myself aimlessly wondering in a bid to find some kind of structure to the maps only to be gunned down by an invisible camper or a respawning enemy. If you're a good COD4 player and enjoy that style of play you'll hate this game. In short its simply awful. Expand
  91. Jan 15, 2014
    Let me clarify two things right now. One: I do not hate this game. Two: I do not like this game.

    Now the story is all over the place, something about an alternate universe where drug cartels and oil companies ruling South America... even though that's happening in this universe. The story CAN be interesting, but it fails to grasp you at an emotional scale. The ending, though... I
    realize they have to make sequels for this, but this ending is worst than the Mass Effect 3 ending. I realize I cannot take that back, but I'm saying it. The action is fine, not always pulse-pounding but it's not boring. I am not good at multiplayer at all so I can't give an honest opinion about that.

    Overall, mediocre.
  92. Jan 15, 2014
    Worst COD title I have ever played. I have been a major player sense COD 4 and this is by far the worst. I have expected them them to just re-release the same game with new maps and A new feature. They instead build a game where the graphics are just as old and terrible as they should be (the same ones sense 2007) but made the maps to big so don't encounter anyone and the kill/death is very inconsistent. Sometimes I die way to slow sometimes I kill quick, it's a mystery when you join a game as to which will happen. Just don't buy the game and go out and get bf4 it is soooo much better and well worth your time. Expand
  93. Jan 14, 2014
    After 2 months of playing Ghosts, I really can't seem to find any reason for the franchise continuing on like this other than for the sake of easy money. CoD Ghosts' campaign is a super slow starter that does peak a bit to the point of being interesting and worth finishing, but the methods of which this franchise's storyline will be carried on were pathetically scripted and made for a cheap excuse to continue on. Honestly, why bother with over-theatrical endings with impossible outcomes when you could just end it here and start fresh like just about every other company? That leaves us with the multiplayer to rally what has become a bothersome and uninspiring series over the last couple iterations. Like Black Ops 2, the multiplayer of Ghosts copycats its predecessors heavily but strips out a lot of the best things about the glory days. Gone are cool killstreaks like the AC-130 gunship, nuke strike, predator missiles, and such. Instead, we have things like rockets that are near impossible to nab kills with and high-end killstreaks that are incredibly tough to acquire. The setup is hilariously bad at times and saps some of the arcadey fun that we used to have back in Modern Warfare 2 and 3. Also noteworthy is the poor spawning system that seems to be setup for much larger maps but instead gets squeezed into the maps at hand and ultimately screw you over as players will literally spawn behind you, leaving you unaware and defenseless at random. Also, the dedicated servers that were promised are still missing in action. Infinity Ward have gone on to comment that they're coming, but no date has been given and it's been confirmed that they aren't even available for most platforms. Xbox One owners should eventually have access to them through the support of Xbox Live, but it's entirely possible that by the time they're implemented, we will all have sold off this mediocre excuse for next-generation gameplay and be on to something more promising like TitanFall or Destiny. If you are buying an Xbox One, or any other next-gen console, for a better experience, this is not where you want to end up. Try Battlefield 4 if you must have a shooter now, or try something else completely. Or... wait until March 11, 2013 for TitanFall, which is made by the guys who designed and helped write the first Modern Warfare game and made CoD great. Expand
  94. Jan 13, 2014
    The campaign is just horrible, not the ending ..
    Just the gameplay, it's so crapping dramatic :/
    The multiplayer is unplayable, campers, lucky noobs, and most annoying of all ... 12 year olds..
    If anyone's a halo fan, do Ghost a favor, rate it to hell..
    I'm a huge halo fan, I only play Cod for the competitive feeling, yet all Cod's are so dull, same for single player :/ And here you
    got 10 year olds rating Halo bad.. just cause their 8 year old buddies lie to their buddies Halo suck :/ to all you people that actually think like that, buy halo demos...
    Really addictive.
    Gamertag- VeryThunder :D
  95. Jan 13, 2014
    As a Cod player since cod1 im surprised to say that i dont like ghosts even when i had the sights on the guys head and fired he would turn fire a few rounds and i would be the one dead come on infinity ward pull ur fingers out ur arses and actually attempt something ground breaking dogs have been done before.
  96. Jan 12, 2014
    This game was just bad. It had a lot of potential with the new engine, and IW had good intentions of making a new and better Call of Duty, but it turned out to be another copy and paste, again.
    The story was pretty cheesy, and the multiplayer was pretty bad, as you would get killed every time you spawned, especially on Blitz.
    The maps were HUGE, but they had no reason to be so, since
    there were no drivable vehicles, like on Battlefield.
    I am a big CoD fan, but I feel like this time, they've really blown it.
  97. Jan 12, 2014
    I prefer playing World at War before playing this piece of overpriced s*** feels like an apple product. If it cost 10 bucks i'll probably rate it with a 6.5, but for 60$ they give us that crap? C'mon activision, don't work only the week after the game release!
  98. Jan 11, 2014
    By far, the worst CoD of all time. Do not waste your time with this game. Here are the issues:
    1- Maps suck, meaning they have no flow and are a clusterf***, with sometimes as many as 3 different levels with 50 different entrances and windows.
    2- Spawns are chaotic. They are the worst out of all CoDs and it's impossible to control them. For example: you're playing Domination with a
    party, nobody is rushing spawns, and you have A and B locked down. Too bad. Enemies start spawning behind you.
    1 and 2- 1 combined with 2 gives me a headache when playing.
    3- There's no demolition, headquarters, CTF, ground war, hardpoint, and I think a few more. The only thing worth playing is Domination, and that gets old reeeaaaal fast.
    4. Most of the weapons in the multi-player are the same re-skinned guns.
    5. Limited 8vs8 games online.
    6. It feels like MW3 part 2, and that's pretty bad considering MW3 was MW2 part 2. Seriously, there's nothing new.
  99. Jan 11, 2014
    This game is just like every other in its series- a copy/paste game with different textures. The only thing different was the storyline. which made absolutely no sense in it's own write.
  100. Jan 11, 2014
    Very good singleplayer. Infinity ward did a good job on making all of the characters unique and and special in their own ways. The dog was a great addition to the game. I like how infinity ward took a whole different approach to this game. Not the usual run and gun, kill this villain, your team mate dies oh no. This was entirely different. I had great faith that infinity ward would make a good comeback, after all of those terrible games they made before. The multiplayer is a different story. It's the same god damn thing, just with some create a soldier and extinction which sucks hard and was a huge disappointment. I overall enjoyed the singleplayer, but infinity ward need to work on their multiplayer. The lean feature is pretty useless but the sliding is pretty cool. I don't understand why people hate it so much. They're just so butthurt that it's the most bestselling first person shooter of all time and that it's not as perfect as battlefield or halo. Expand
  101. Nov 5, 2013
    Absolutely appalling. Recycled garbage once again. I mean, these guys have had countless opportune windows to make this franchise feel alive again, and thet just cant. Theyre clearly thinking "if it aint broke dont fix it". No, please do fix it. And wtf did they do with search and destroy?? Dont buy this game. If you are reading this, allow me to convince you just not to buy it. Please. Buy battlefield 4 or something. Its atleast better than this trash Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 29
  2. Negative: 1 out of 29
  1. Dec 18, 2013
    It's strange for Call of Duty: Ghosts to be released so close to the next-gen console launches, and in a way, it feels like it was rushed to the finish line.
  2. Nov 29, 2013
    If a deep and compelling single player experience is what you crave, look elsewhere. If you just want to get online and go up against the world, then join the hordes of ghosslings already invading your online network of choice.
  3. Nov 25, 2013
    Call of Duty: Ghosts is a good game but something feels missing.