Generally favorable reviews - based on 12 Critic Reviews

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
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  1. Dec 30, 2019
    Music based rhythm games are one of my favorite genres, and it’s been quite some time since I’ve enjoyed one this simplistic in premise, but challenging at the same time. Obviously your enjoyment will depend on how much of an AVICII fan you are and if you want to challenge yourself to climb the leaderboards, but if you fall into those categories, AVICII Invector is a great way to spend some time experiencing the work of the late, great AVICII.
  2. Dec 10, 2019
    AVICII Invector proves to be something of surprise. Edge of the seat rhythm action, great visuals and a varied and moving soundtrack make this a fantastic retrospective of a genuinely unique artist.
  3. Dec 10, 2019
    It’s a game I’ll certainly be coming back to again and again, hoping to perform just that little better each time.
  4. Dec 6, 2019
    Created as a collaboration piece with the man himself, AVICII Invector is of such a high quality that it will not just appeal to fans of the late superstar, but will certainly come of interest to all manner of gamers from around the world.
  5. Dec 15, 2019
    Avicii Invector’s visual style compliments the audio. I am not the greatest at rhythm games but I completely enjoyed this. If you’re a fan of the genre, this won’t disappoint. I love the music and I thank Tim Bergling for bringing it to the world and its ability to pick people up. Rest in Peace.
  6. Dec 17, 2019
    A carefully crafted farewell letter to DJ Tim Bergling, AVICII Invector is a perfect way to immerse yourself in his music, as players travel across a colourful futuristic setting to a high energy soundtrack. It can be difficult to find and master the button pressing rhythm on the harder difficulty settings but, eventually, over time, it becomes more manageable and like second nature.
  7. 80
    Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Avicii, Invector offers incredible gameplay, and hey: it might even make an Avicii fan out of you.
  8. Dec 6, 2019
    With so much emphasis on art and audio, there was always a risk of style over substance. But the almost hypnotic blend of rhythmic tapping and gliding create a compelling flow state experience – at least that’s when you manage to master it.
  9. Dec 6, 2019
    There’s very little in Invector that you haven’t seen before, but that doesn’t mean any of its elements are unwelcome. Instead, Hello There Games has cherry-picked the more enjoyable elements from a number of different music games and brought them all together for a game that may consist of second-hand ideas but will have you up all night with that elusive ‘one more song’ feeling regardless.
  10. Dec 23, 2019
    AVICII: Invector doesn’t do anything revolutionary, but everything it does, it does it quite well. A few more songs and online multiplayer would’ve been fantastic.
  11. Dec 16, 2019
    Quotation forthcoming.
  12. Dec 10, 2019
    Avicii Invector is a game based entirely on music by the late Avicii. The gameplay itself is easy to learn, but hard to master - not least on the higher difficulty levels. Unfortunately, the gameplay does not significantly affect the music, but the graphics and sound still create an fantastic audiovisual bang. We just wish the tracklist was larger.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 12 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 12
  2. Negative: 2 out of 12
  1. Jan 25, 2020
    AVICII Invector is a rhythm flight Game featuring exclusively AVICII. After his untimely passing in 2018 Invector became a tribute to AVICII'sAVICII Invector is a rhythm flight Game featuring exclusively AVICII. After his untimely passing in 2018 Invector became a tribute to AVICII's work. Hello There Games worked beside the artist to start making this game before his death. The game plays as you Fly through a triangular path, your buttons play the melody, and the left bumper hits the main rhythm. then your arrow key turns the stage. Alternatively, there are sections that play out along a "road" where you use the arrows to move between the three lanes. Hitting your keys with perfect timing rewards you with the best score, as with any rhythm games. AVICII Invector features 25 of the artist's tracks, and several areas to change up the background. Personally not being a fan of the EDM genre, I still found myself tapping my foot, or bobbing my head to the music, sometimes even caught myself kinda dancing in my seat. The gameplay itself is quite addictive, and upping the difficulty adds more buttons for you to have to concern yourself with creating a heavier challenge. If you can spare the attention, the backgrounds are incredible and add more than you'd expect to the visualizations. Fans of rhythm games and any AVICII fan should add this to their game library! Full Review »
  2. Apr 10, 2020
    Un muy buen juego, lo que cualquier usuario de videojuegos anteriores en dispositivos móviles esperaba. Un excelente control, la música deUn muy buen juego, lo que cualquier usuario de videojuegos anteriores en dispositivos móviles esperaba. Un excelente control, la música de Avicii y un entorno plagado de geometrias y formas que van a cada nota de aquellas melodías convierten en Invector en un excelente juego que rinde tributo a uno de los magos de la producción. Asi que es totalmente recomendable para cualquier fan, ya sea de videojuegos musicales o de la música de Tim. Full Review »
  3. Dec 27, 2019
    One of the best games cause i played this year, AVICII Invector is so perfect.