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  1. May 24, 2021
    It’s been quite a while where I’ve been at my paying job simply waiting to come home so I could dive right back into a game; Biomutant did that for me. Even after completing the game I started up NG+ right away and continued on my journey with the same excitement. For such a small team, all of their hard work has paid off, as Biomutant is easily my top contender for Game of the Year at this point.
  2. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is an RPG that has all the ingredients to become one of the best games in the genre this year.
  3. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant has ticked a lot of the boxes needed for a wide-open adventure RPG like this. Lots of customisation, wonderful graphics, interesting characters, humorous elements, free-roaming and combat that you can handle in different ways without being restricted. One could say they also ticked boxes that didn’t need to be there like the light and dark auras, as I didn’t feel it offered much to the game. But don’t let that detract away from the experience as is was massively fun to play and there are so many side quests to complete that you could have just as much fun exploring as playing through the story.
  4. May 24, 2021
    Combined with its determination to not unduly punish players by keeping systems intuitive and making crafting choices easily reversible, Biomutant keeps its fun gameplay and beautiful environments open to many gamers who otherwise might struggle with the game's many systems and combat.
  5. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant finally became the indie pearl, many gamers had hoped for. The game might not be as polished as a triple-a blockbuster, but with much blood, sweat and tears Experiment 101 delivers an adorable mixtur of open-world action, faeri tale and wonderful art style that outshines most of its minor weaknesses. Caution: Don't play it on Xbox One S or the older version of the console because of the game's poor performance on these devices.
  6. Jun 9, 2021
    Biomutant has been conceived to awaken great loves in the public, but it will not conquer everyone equally. His personal way of presenting himself and posing his gaming experience is a break from the more classic format and feels like an evolution of the old PS2 and Xbox games.
  7. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant juggles a ton of balls at any given time, and while it might not be able to keep all of them in the air, it's still an ambitious open-world adventure that's hard to not fall in love with. Maybe it's coming at the right time as well, as its generally laid-back approach to storytelling, wonderfully silly crafting, and deep character customization more than makes up for the rough combat that could do with some more polish.
  8. May 24, 2021
    Once Biomutant gets going, you really get to feel it. The combat is the outstanding element, the chance to dictate your own route through the world is another, and even though visually things occasionally come across as hit or miss, on the whole the Biomutant adventure is one that is utterly engrossing. Give it time and this is one post-apocalyptic kung-fu RPG you won’t be able to tear yourself away from.
  9. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is a game I had issues with, but could not stop exploring the world. It has its issues for sure. The combat feels extremely unsatisfying at times and the repeated designs are disappointing. Still there is nothing quite like this game and I adore that. It reminds me of getting unique experiences that we just don’t see in this new world. It is clear that this team also remembers those types of games and have crafted one of the best ones to date. Don't’ sleep on Biomutant. It is truly one of the most original experiences I have played in a long time.
  10. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant shows big potential, but it unfortunately misses in fully reaching its initial ambitions due to reused content, some narrative problems, and a technical production not on par with today's standards. The game is nevertheless still good and capable of entertaining with its frenetic gameplay and its beautiful scenarios; it's therefore recommended to lovers of the genre.
  11. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is what we expected from it, no more and no less, namely a generous project, steeped in good intentions, and which, through his atypical vision of Action-RPG, breathes a breath of fresh air into the genre. The studio title Experiment 101 is an ode to the exploration of a colorful post-apo universe, karmic destiny, avatar customization, and martial arts. It is difficult, it is true, to concretize these different aspects and to merge them. The fact remains that this experience, equal to no other, changes, surprises, and throws off to the point of becoming memorable. However, it is necessary to ignore a technical achievement which is clearly behind schedule and a progression that is sometimes too interventionist.
  12. May 24, 2021
    While lacking the polish of its well-funded cousins, Biomutant brings a whole world of heart to the open-world RPG genre that can’t be found anywhere else.
  13. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is a game that has a good base in almost all of its sections, but it doesn't manage to polish any of them 100%. You get the feeling that, with a little more time to polish certain aspects, the game developed by Experiment 101 could have become a real must-have for Action-RPG lovers.
  14. Jun 3, 2021
    Biomutant is a nice ARPG, with a nice universe, despite a not very good combat aspect.
  15. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is a clear labor of love that’s loaded with imaginative world building. The in-depth character customization options create a more personalized kind of action RPG. It’s eyes are often bigger than its stomach, which can often result in a repetitive, at times unstable experience. Even with those flaws, it’s hard not to be charmed by a kind-hearted project with some environmentally conscious storytelling.
  16. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant really feels like it has so much heart behind it, and that’s more than enough of a pull to keep you coming back for more. You could just focus on those end-game bosses, but it would be a crime to do so — Biomutant’s expansive world offers so much that you’ll lose hours to exploration before even thinking about taking on some of those sidequests. It’s also a breath of fresh air to see the unique combination of inspirations and themes behind the game, which do indeed help it to stand apart as a real mash-up of genres wrapped up in a “post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable.” The only issues are where Biomutant doesn’t quite measure up to the scope and complexity it offers, leaving it feeling as though a little more polish would complete its transformation into a real gem.
  17. Jun 17, 2021
    As beautiful as the world of Biomutant looks, so ugly is its filling. Cringe-inducing dialogues, a completely negligible story and bad boss fights and puzzles almost distract you from the fun aspects of the game. Exploring and figuring out the unique game world and a nice sense of progression for example.
  18. May 24, 2021
    If approached with awareness and without great pretensions, the pleasant technical sector and the combat system can still give many hours of entertainment, especially in the absence of valid exponents of the role-playing genre.
  19. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is a scrappy and charming open world RPG, but despite its many systems and gameplay mechanics, there isn't enough depth and direction to make this game truly great.
  20. There are so many borrowed ideas that you’re bound to find something you like about this game.
  21. May 28, 2021
    Biomutant is full of creative ideas and unique thoughts that, when combined with such a gorgeous and compelling environment to explore, could have made for a top-tier experience that is easy to recommend. However, the fact that it has so many ideas crammed in that it almost feels like too much, and an open world that can feel very by-the-numbers, makes Biomutant a solid game that misses the mark almost as much as it hits the nail on the head.
  22. May 25, 2021
    An ambitious open-world action-RPG from a new studio that does a lot, but doesn’t do a lot very well. In the end it’s finding new weapons and gear, alongside using new mutations and abilities in combat, that resonates. With less filler and more Kung-Fu killer, this could have been so much more -- with less.
  23. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is a game with good ideas that are executed in the most boring way possible. The experience is tedious and lacks substantial motivation for the player.
  24. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant has an interesting setting and world but is held back by technical issues, an unintuitive combat system, lack of proper characterization, and very repetitive missions.
  25. May 24, 2021
    With excellent enemy creature design, a rich and diverse world, and piles and piles of choice when it comes to combat and customisation, Biomutant has a lot of the building blocks of a top-drawer action RPG. It’s really missing only a few, but they’re big ones: its cookie-cutter approach to objectives and puzzles feels two-or-so generations off the pace of other open-world action games, and that leaves the quest to gather all of the things feeling repetitive early on.
  26. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is an ambitious animal populated open-world with so much to do most players could spend 60-70 hours exploring without seeing everything. However, size is its downfall. The player will get lost and bogged down in the morass of thousands of side quests, thousands of superfluous items, before they realise there’s not much plot to hang it all from. Add a number of glitches at launch, no lock-on in combat, and a narrator that will drive many players to distraction, and sadly Biomutant does not live up to its lofty ambitions.
  27. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant has a lot on offer, and while RPG fans will find a number of systems they'll be enthusiastic for, I'd wager they'll find equal parts unappealing or overdone.
  28. 55
    Biomutant is a vibrant and beautiful looking game that unsuccessfully attempts to leverage so many different aspects of open-world games from the last decade. It buckles under the weight of its own ambition and is sorely lacking the focus needed to offer a stand-out open-world experience and carve out its own identity.
  29. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant has a lot of issues that more lenient players might be willing to look past for its fantastic strengths, but the overall package is a tough sell.
  30. Jun 21, 2021
    Biomutant is a game that works technically well and sounds fantastic on paper, but in reality, it has nothing interesting to offer to the open world adventure genre.
  31. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant works best on paper, but it has too many derivative elements for anything alone to stand out.
  32. May 24, 2021
    Much like the character you create, Biomutant feels like a Frankenstein creation of various ideas. Some are good, some are bad, but the end result is a misshapen product which feels messy and buried in its own ideas. Areas of the game that should have received more attention feel relatively barebones, while others feel overly complex. The repetitive nature of looting, levelling up, and looting some more never truly evolve and make the beautiful world often feel lifeless. We really wish we loved Biomutant, but unfortunately, it's a game with many ambitious ideas, but lacks the conviction to fully utilise them.
  33. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is trying to be too many things. It can be fun when you’re comboing supernatural abilities and homemade weaponry to take down a group of bad guys as a furry little post-apocalyptic ronin. But its RPG mechanics are so clunky and uneven, and its various story threads are so underdeveloped, that you’ll end up feeling like nothing you do actually matters. If you just want to explore yet another open-world and beat up some bad guys, then Biomutant will keep you busy for a few hours. Just be ready to encounter a slew of baffling and questionably executed design choices.
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  1. May 24, 2021
    Biomutant is the story of an open world game that could have been a great Action RPG experience, but it fails in the combat and exploration systems. Not a bad game, but not the big game it could be.
  2. Jun 8, 2021
    Biomutant had long been awaited. Unfortunately, we find it slightly disappointing. It offers great elements such as the fighting sequences in its gameplay, as well as an extensive customisation whether for the character’s stats or for its equipment. Exploring the world map is entertaining and discovering the various locations along the way is almost systematically rewarded. Alas, adding to the several technical and outdated aspects, the dull scenario truly becomes the main drawback of the game. We quickly understand that Biomutant is better suited to those searching for an instant dose of satisfaction and pleasure with its gameplay and for whom the narrative is of no importance. As for the rest, looking elsewhere might be a better idea.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 197 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 40 out of 197
  1. May 26, 2021
    Biomutant is a very beautiful game to say the least, although it does not contain a dynamic mission system, how does that work then? Well theBiomutant is a very beautiful game to say the least, although it does not contain a dynamic mission system, how does that work then? Well the explanation may be difficult, so let's use an example to simplify the matter:During my visit to one of the areas, the game told me that there were several things to collect in it, so I began to explore it and harvest all that my eyes fell upon it until I arrived at a candy machine, and despite the clarity of my ability to interact with it, it did not respond at all despite my many attempts so that I considered the matter a technical error and proceeded On my way, I am not surprised later that this candy machine was related to a major task that one of the characters needed, evidently if you cannot simply say that you have obtained a piece of candy in advance to simply give it to her, but you need to go back only because the game does not contain a dynamic system in this regard and Unfortunately, this matter was repeated in my play several times, even in side missions, when I was looking for a side leader in a certain area to open one of the hidden vaults, I was not surprised that he was not present at all, so it became clear later that this leader is linked to a side mission again, and believe me when I say that I have not seen a call for this decision. In any way, it only disrupts exploration for you, no more and no less. Discussing the game technically is the most conflicting stage here, although the game is beautiful in appearance, as I mentioned previously, it suffers from many technical and design bugs alike, for example, after you defeat the enemies, moving away from them a short distance will make their bodies disappear and with it the tools that are supposed to be They give it to you, and if you move away from the area in which they were a little while while fighting them, they will not only return their stairs, but they will regain the points of their lives that you have planned to waste all this time! After you finish the game, it will allow you to play New Game +, which will provide you with all the tools that you have gathered in addition to calculating all the side tasks that you have accomplished with returning the main tasks to the zero point again, which is what I see as a great thing had it not been for one troublesome and that you have to return to All the different areas that I visited again because the fast-moving areas have disappeared and I have to go to them again in order to be able to move to them. Good luck, I saved the game before I finished the last mission, which allowed me to return and continue exploring freely, there is a problem with the protective clothing as well. Sometimes, when I was preparing to enter an area containing radiation poisoning with my protective clothing, I found that the percentage of radiation protection that appears on the screen was only thirty some percent, which is pure nonsense, as I was wearing the full shield that gives me 100% protection. Fortunately, when I entered the area, I was not harmed by radiation, meaning that the clothes I was wearing were working, but the apparent rate was not correct at all. This does not mean that Biomutant is a broken or non-playable game, not at all. Although the errors inside it are not few and may become somewhat annoying, they are not enough to spill into the overall experience, in addition to the fact that many of them will be resolved with some future updates. 

The age of the game here is like any open world game, and it completely depends on your completion of side tasks or not. I spent at least thirty hours in the game before completing it with the completion of many side quests, but there are still many tasks that I have not completed. To the many areas that I have not visited yet, there is no doubt that the game offers greasy content and with the team behind it consisting of only 20 people, this is an amazing achievement the dev team deserves to be proud on the whole, my experience with Biomutant has been very satisfactory and I quite enjoyed it. Despite all the negatives that need addressed in time, I still think that you should give Biomutant a chance, while it may be full of scratches, It has a gem of beauty, fun and content that will keep you busy for hours on end!. If you love open world games, be sure to head over to the Xbox digital games store and download Biomutant today! You wont be disappointed. I know I wasn't! Full Review »
  2. May 26, 2021
    very bad game, very bad graphics, stupid gameplay, stupid game. I have asked for a complete refund
  3. May 26, 2021
    Well, 6 years of development and we get this, come on guys... Physics, graphics feels like 2010, background voice for some people could beWell, 6 years of development and we get this, come on guys... Physics, graphics feels like 2010, background voice for some people could be very annoying, there's no function to switch it off.
    I put 3 only because I love raccoons and this game have potential. But it's definitely for 5 year old kinds.
    Full Review »