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  • Summary: Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken were once legendary detective partners in Clawville PD. Predatory division, nicknamed as the Chicken Police. But that was a decade ago and time had passed them by... Sonny is a semi-alcoholic wreck of a bird on paid leave, while Marty still hides behindSonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken were once legendary detective partners in Clawville PD. Predatory division, nicknamed as the Chicken Police. But that was a decade ago and time had passed them by... Sonny is a semi-alcoholic wreck of a bird on paid leave, while Marty still hides behind the facade of a star-detective.

    On the night of New Year's Eve, a mysterious woman visits Sonny with an errand which goes back to a dark corner of his past. Now, Sonny and Marty are back together again on a case stranger than anything they've ever encountered before!

    Chicken Police is an "Orwellesque Buddycop Noir Adventure", with a carefully crafted world, a gritty, dark story, and absurd humor. The game mixes elements of story-rich adventures with visual novel style dialogue-heavy storytelling, complete with a complex interrogation system, detective gameplay, and an ever-changing city.
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  1. Apr 20, 2022
    I honestly came into Chicken Police expecting not very much, maybe because of its silly title and premise, but I can admit when I’m wrong. I came away with an amazingly unique experience that I can’t speak highly enough of. Even though it may not seem like it takes itself serious initially, it’s done so well in every aspect that I truly fell in love with the game, probably one of the better games I’ve played in recent memory. Sure, some might find the premise absurd, as did I initially, but give it a chance and Chicken Police may take you by surprise if you give it the time to sink its beak into you. If you’re a fan of Noir style settings and games, Chicken Police is one of the best indie games I’ve recently played and had a clucking good time.
  2. Nov 5, 2020
    Chicken Police - Paint it Red on Xbox One is a real surprise - a glorious homage to Detective Noir fiction. It’s stylish, sassy and fun - Sin City with a wattle. But while it isn’t overloaded with gameplay, it’s a page-turner from start to finish, and we would happily spend more time with its characters in cases to come. In all honesty, we were expecting something of a bantam class, but Chicken Police turned out to be a heavyweight.
  3. 90
    It practically provides a one-of-a-kind puzzling adventure with plenty of mysterious discoveries and a surprising ending. It really can be quite thrilling to play and to be honest, it was even better than I thought it would be. I couldn’t pull my attention away!
  4. Nov 10, 2020
    It’s both hilarious and serious, but Chicken Police is more than just 2020’s weirdest game. Beneath the clucked-up surface is a genuinely engrossing story, amazingly developed characters, and a cast that brings them to life. With slick production values, this is one hard-boiled detective story with a unique flavour.
  5. Dec 3, 2020
    Chicken Police: Paint it RED! offers a pleasant experience that keeps the player's attention throughout the story thanks especially to a good balance of intrigue and humour. Every piece of the puzzle finds its place, both in plot and in gameplay, and the final product is really a fully satisfying one. A good game.
  6. Nov 10, 2020
    Chicken Police: Paint It Red proves you can create a smart, original game even by putting together pieces of 40’s noir movies with old point&click adventures and painting it all in cool B&W visual style. The smart move is adding animals to the equation: grumpy roosters and sexy cats lead to sharp dialogues and funny wordplay, while at the same time showing what is wrong in human nature. The plot may not be the most original, but Chicken Police is definitely worth playing.
  7. Nov 6, 2020
    Chicken Police: Paint it red! is a visual novel that knows how to disguise itself as a graphic adventure. Creative universe with sound and visual care. A fantastic tribute to the noir films and animals. The functionality and usability of the menus could be better as well as the puzzles and other interaction elements.

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  1. Nov 18, 2020
    It doesn't take long into The Wild Gentleman's Chicken Police to realize you just stepped into a special world. Clawville is full of amazinglyIt doesn't take long into The Wild Gentleman's Chicken Police to realize you just stepped into a special world. Clawville is full of amazingly well written characters with dialogue delivered by professional acted voice actors. I'd go to the point of saying probably the best I've heard in a game in years and maybe ever. It's pure perfection the way they deliver their lines, and pull you into the story so well. Every character feels important to the story, and you actually care about every one of them. None of the characters come up short, and all get their moments and time on screen. You will have your favorites I'm sure , but I really think most people will enjoy every one of them. I especially say this for animal lovers. They really show a ton of love to the animal kingdom in this title, and go to the point of showing just how many animals we've lost over the last couple decades. I really was impressed and touched by this gesture.
    You play as Santino“Sonny” Featherland a cop with only 121 days until retirement. You really feel for this guy, and hope he makes it to see that day. He has lost his wife, become some what of a drunk, been shot by his ex partner the gun loving Martin “Marty” MacChicken (who really steals the show comedically at times), and has been pulled into a really dangerous case this time. Sonny and Marty really shine on screen, their back and forth is some of the best I've seen in a game. I'd actually say better then most films I've seen in awhile as well. I actually would loved to see this duo in a animated film. The story is just such quality. It really has that Film Noir feel you know and love from classic detective stories. It feels pulled straight out of a detective novel, or off a screen in days past. I'd have to say this as a great compliment this story and production feels like something delivered by TellTales or DontNod. Maybe even better. I can say with ease I enjoyed this as much as "Life Is Strange" and "The Walking Dead" games. It's top quality. I really think this is my "Indie Game of the Year" winner. I don't want to tell to much about the story like I have seen some people doing. I feel this is one you will want to experience for yourself. I just want to make sure I express the overall quality of this one.
    I know I compared it to some heavy graphic novel titles, and I usually say I don't enjoy those games. This is something different though. There is much more than just reading and watching these amazing stories and characters. You have to do a lot of detective work as well. Shooting puzzle solving, investigation really come into play. There is a lot of interrogation as well. You have to question and listen to a lot of characters to help you determine just who the guilty party is in the end. We aren't going to spoil that for you though. We aren't even going to tell you what you are investigating. I want you to feel the same way I did around every plot twist and turn. There is exciting shoot outs and escapes as well you must control. Like I said i isn't sitting there reading the whole time. It took me around 7 to 8 hours to complete Chicken Police, and I will certainly be going back to play it again soon. I loved it so much, and is one the best game I reviewed in awhile. This is those type of games you love as a reviewer. There is no way you saw this coming. To be honest It was more of a WTF is this moment when it popped up in my email to review. A game with "CHICKENS" as "POLICE"? I was so wrong though. Minutes in I was in love with this game.
    I also loved the music I must say. It really felt like something you'd see in these type of films. Even some beautiful singing from one of the characters Natasha. You cat lovers are really going to adore her I think. She is the main female character of the game, and she is a Dame as Sonny might say. She is the main thing that gets you into this mess is all I'll say. I'm sorry I'm so vague, but this is a special game and story and I really want you to experience it all for yourself. Once you play it I'm sure you'll understand why. Chicken police is something very special that you must experience for yourself to really understand. I say a lot of people see my score for this one, and think I'm crazy. They will quickly understand and feel the same once they give it a chance themselves. I'm so glad I got to review this one, because it is one of those you might miss out on. Just looking at it from the outside it doesn't seem like something as special as it is. Once you get your hands on it, and start to read other reviewers takes on it you know just how important this one is. If you only play one Indie game this year I hope it's Chicken Police: Paint it Red.

    Overall Impression: 9.8
    Chicken Police is a can't miss. With out question my Indie Game of the Year. The story, the music, the voice acting, the characters. It all just adds up to something very special that I'm sure most will fall in love with it like I did.
  2. Nov 25, 2020
    Chicken Police: Paint It Red is a narration based detective game that contains a stylistic presentation and a compelling story behind theChicken Police: Paint It Red is a narration based detective game that contains a stylistic presentation and a compelling story behind the presentation. At first glance, it is tough to come up with the words to describe the experience it provides to the player. The Wild Gentlemen created the game and it’s really distinctive in many ways. That isn’t necessarily a bad mark, and it certainly makes this one of the most noticeable titles that HandyGames has published. It grabs your attention from the beginning and doesn't stop till it ends. Chicken Police: Paint It Red is a cross of a visual novel and an retro adventure. The gameplay revolves around investigating scenes for clues and insight with the cursor or by talking with other characters. Players will also have to solve occasional puzzles, which are not overly difficult and are further complemented by a few action-filled moments. The latter can involve shootouts with bad guys or having to escape a particularly sticky situation, although there are only a handful of these instances throughout the whole game. The main portion of Chicken Police: Paint It Red gameplay comes in its interrogation segments. Players are given multiple choices for what to ask and have to take into account the traits of the individual being questioned. Impressions discovered during the process that might change your opinion etc. It all feels very much like The lack of focus driven gameplay might put off some gamers, but overall it works by allowing you to concentrate fully on the naratiion and characters involved. That is where Chicken Police: Paint It Red excels, the decision makes sense after playing. The story of Chicken Police: Paint It Red revolves around Sonny Featherland and his former partner Marty MacChicken. The duo once made up the legendary Chicken Police but are now just washed up nobody’s. Sonny is on paid leave from the police force when he is dragged into a mystery thriller that takes many different twists and turns as it progresses. The story does gets a little predictable as the conclusion approaches and the shock factor at the end isn’t there but you won’t mind because the plot retains your attention enough and still comes together in a satisfying package. What assists Chicken Police: Paint It Red is the story that exists outside of or main plot. There’s a variety of characters to meet in different locations, and this allows players to talk to them as often as needed, finding out more about their background and motives. Stories are hidden in each conversation and players only have to dig to uncover them. It’s easy to become interested in Clawville quickly. What makes the world of Clawville interesting is the little teasers that Chicken Police reveals in the game world. Chicken Police: Paint It Red contains a lot of lore and there is talk of different animal nations, meat wars, and even mythical creatures known as “humans” of all things. Chicken Police: Paint It Red also has an exceptional presentation. The visuals are cinematic, with a photorealistic vibe that gives the world a feeling of immersion. Chicken Police: Paint It Red  looks like a classic film brought to life with the addition of odd animal heads on human bodies for some flare. Backing up the stylish graphics is the strong soundtrack and solid voice acting. Chicken Police: Paint It Red entices players to follow its winding journey through to the end and combined with the features w’ve touched in is an easy recommendation for this unique tile for your Xbox One library. Expand
  3. Dec 16, 2020
    The game is a film noir adventure which isn't a total disaster but it has some serious flaws:
    1. The story is extremely linear and the
    The game is a film noir adventure which isn't a total disaster but it has some serious flaws:
    1. The story is extremely linear and the gameplay not challenging to the point of being almost like a novel with minor exceptions
    2. The choices that score the interrogations are poorly designed and half of the time they are unintentionally misleading
    3. Several characters and dialogues are completely redundant or out place making the game half of the time just boring
    At the end of the day if you're extremely into film noir adventuring you might like it but it's generally a flawed game.