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  • Summary: Debris Infinity is an action packed game that puts your reflexes to the limit, allowing you to manipulate time itself to make impossible maneuvers, using an advance scoring system to rank your performance.
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  1. Oct 12, 2019
    Debris Infinity wears its inspiration on its sleeve, but manages to pull off such a good cover that it gets a pass. If chasing high scores isn’t your thing then you’ll find little here to keep you going. But if you just fancy something quick and easy to pick up when coming home from the pub then this will likely do the job. If nothing else, your intoxicated brain will be mesmerised the sheer spectacle of it all.
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  1. Oct 19, 2019
    This has been a great week for space shooter games. Had Hyper Sentinel review earlier, and now this. Both games are really nice quality and IThis has been a great week for space shooter games. Had Hyper Sentinel review earlier, and now this. Both games are really nice quality and I really enjoyed both. There is something special about Debris Infinity though.It blows my mind the quality, replay value, and fun you get for under five dollars. It really is a must grab modern retro space shooter especially at that price point. It looks so good on your television. Bright colors exploding every where. Really catchy techno music that really pulls you in, and some times even aids in putting you in a trance. The game is so addictive. You remember when you were a kid, and you'd be playing a game over and over and you would get in a zone. It would be like nothing else was around just you, that controller, and the game. Debris Infinity takes you to that place all over again. It also takes you back to the days of arcade classics and retro consoles. To that time when nothing mattered but that high score. It let's you know it is that type of game right from the start when the first thing you see is a beautiful top 10 list scroll up your screen. I love how they spotlight their fans like that. I hope most those scores aren't developers though. I hope some fans are getting to see their names on there. I know for one thing you won't see mine. I'm stuck some where in the 90s. I'll be first to admit it I struggled at times. It's really challenging it also becomes totally chaotic as you advance, and I love that about it. It shouldn't be easy to climb the boards, and that also gives it it's replay value trying to improve and climb. I haven't felt this way about a high score in awhile since Asteroids which I have flipped the score. This game gave me the same type of feel a mix between it, and Geometry Wars.
    There are three separate modes in single player. First off is Normal mode where the enemies and challenge increases depending on how well you are doing. This was my favorite mode I think. There is Time Attack mode where you are given three minutes to get the best score you can. Taking damage affects your score, and you can get negative points if not careful i think this is the game I did the best on. Then there is Power Wave mode where enemies attack you in waves and when you clear them out it gives you more time. The round ends when you run out of time or die. All three modes are about your score though. All three modes are on the leaderboard as well. The scoring system is really advanced and awards you for killing , and evading enemies. I'm going to copy and paste this scoring system because they can explain it better than I. If your interested in playing it like you to know how the scoring works in their words not mine.

    Combos: Destroying enemies constantly without letting the Combo Meter to be depleted will increase the current combo and the score value of each enemy.

    Streak: Defeat enemies without receiving damage will increase the score multiplier. Being impacted reduces it.

    Reflex: Get a score bonus by having good reflexes and destroying enemies as soon as they appear. The longer they stay active, the smaller the bonus.

    Chains: Destroy enemies of the same color in groups of 4 to create a chain. Chaining rewards you with a bit of energy for slowing down time or launching a powerful hyperbomb. Make lots of chains and you will get a temporal bonus weapon or more shield.

    So there you go, now you know how to make your way into that cool Top 10 Screen. If any one makes it on there let me know. I'd be really impressed, and like to see one of our Gamer Guys or Gals up there.
    There is also Coop you can play the entire single player journey with a friend. This takes great team work as one controls the ships movements and time manipulation. The other controls the bombs and guns. You really have to be on the same page for this one. It is so addictive to get this down with a friend. The other is versus where you both are on the screen at the same time. Waves of enemies approach , and you have to out score and outlast your buddy. You can lure enemies towards him, hoping to kill him off. He can still win though. It is all about the score so you might have to get him out of there to beat him.if he is better than you.
    I'm really enjoying and hooked on this game. I hope I get better , but even when I'm learning and failing I'm having a blast. I think you guys will to. If any one gets this add me so we can battle on the leaderboards. No one on my list has this and really enjoy having some one I know on my friends list to battle with.

    Pros: Addictive chaotic action
    Beautiful graphics and colors exploding every where
    Amazing Techno music
    Just as fun with a friend as it is alone
    Scoring system that makes you care about scores again
    Amazing Value
    Replay for days

    Cons: Can't think of anything, maybe more modes or content

    Overall: 9.0 Don't miss this one guys, see you on those boards...
  2. Oct 11, 2019
    Debris Infinite is a two-stick arcade space shooter. With incredibly simple graphics, this game is reminiscent of Geometry Wars, or Asteroids.Debris Infinite is a two-stick arcade space shooter. With incredibly simple graphics, this game is reminiscent of Geometry Wars, or Asteroids. Graphics aside, Debris Infinite is a high-paced, high skill game that demands a lot of reflexes. This aspect is slightly offset with the ability to slow down time, at the cost of energy, which is not easily refilled. Being able to move and shoot in 360 degrees is a challenge all it's own, and often times the screen becomes overwhelmingly full of obstacles, all of which are destroyable. This too has an offset, as it is not one-hit you're dead, you do have a life bar that drains as you collide with countless hazards. The final goal of play appears to be the Global leader board, that is show to you after every death. Death is the end of your game, finalizing your score and posting it to the leaderboard. With 3 game modes, an upbeat soundtrack, and addictively hard play Debris Infinite delivers exactly what it was set out to accomplish, an intense experience! Those looking for Geometry Wars 4 this is the closest experience there is out there to scratch that itch for your Xbox One. Expand