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  1. 95
    I just love the sport in the form of a game and find it so much easier to become a champion with all the ways I can practice and take on challenges with other players whenever I’m ready too! So if tennis is a game you’re searching for, and want to really play with ease and not break a sweat? Then Matchpoint Tennis Championships is a game you should give a shot!
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  1. Jul 18, 2022
    With its concept of discovering the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, and a nice career mode, Matchpoint - Tennis Championships could have been a decent enough tennis game. Although one can sincerely appreciate the handling and the immersive view, this unfortunately does not compensate the monumental shortcomings as regards the art direction and the soundtrack. When playing the game, the only thing that comes to mind is how can such a technically poor game be released in 2022? Torus Games still has a long way to go to be taken seriously in developing sports games…
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  1. Jul 21, 2022
    Reading some good reviews about this game, i downloaded this through Game Pass. People were comparing this with Topspin 4. Unfortunately, thisReading some good reviews about this game, i downloaded this through Game Pass. People were comparing this with Topspin 4. Unfortunately, this game is not so forgiving for casual tennis fans as said title.

    In Topspin I could easily beat the AI on easy level. Not so much here. This game is clearly more focused towards tennis adepts and better.

    In Topspin you could just press a button and the game would keep it in the "in" zone. Here you constantly need to check your placement or the ball will go out. I can understand if you do this for normal or pro difficulty, but i just want to play like in AO tennis 2. I don't need a tennis world tour, where the rally takes like 60 shots on grass, because the AI is programmed not to make mistakes. How many real players have 100% services in or make 0 unforced errors?

    In this game even my own character, with a rating of 22, controlled by the AI, gave Nick Kyrgios (rated 89), played by me, a run for his money, playing perfect power shots and aces, and beat him. While when i was playing i always ended up losing against players below 50 rating.

    Clearly this game is too hard for a casual like me, although i played Topspin 2 and 4, Virtua Tennis 3, Smash Court Tennis, AO tennis 1 and 2 and Tennis World Tour. This game reminds me of the latter, with it's brick wall AI.

    -Technically, the game drops frames a lot, which is strange considering how bare bones the game looks.

    -The controls are like every tennis game on the market, like one could expect.

    -Sound is bad, commentary is like a one liner per game. Crowds don't really react to exciting gameplay.

    -Gameplay is fast, but hardly ever fluid, because of the frame drops (stuttering), even on my Xbox One X.

    Concuding, i can say this game feels bare bones, the career mode is boring, the visuals sub par and performance is bad on xbox one. Technically this game looks and feels like a xbox 360 game, but underperforms even on xbox one x.

    My advice: check it out on game pass first! Don't buy it right now, because this game feels like a beta.
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  2. Apr 16, 2023
    The graphics are unbelievably poor. It's hard to believe someone would publish a game with such poor graphics in 2022.