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  1. Oct 9, 2017
    The new and improved Pinball FX app delivers a great pinball experience without costing you an arm and a leg. Not all of your old tables will work with the new app, but the ones that do offer an almost brand new feel with the graphic overhaul and fine tuning to the physics. Combine that with the new challenge modes and great multiplayer options and you have yourself a great package for pinball fans and casual players alike. As a huge pinball fan, you owe it to yourself to give Pinball FX3 a try, you won’t be disappointed!
  2. Oct 17, 2017
    Given the price of Universal Classics Pinball equating to under £3 per table, it’s bloody good value and even though Jaws lets it down, I’d highly recommend adding this pack to your Pinball FX3 collection.
  3. Dec 4, 2017
    The Universal Classics pack of for Pinball FX3 delivers on three charming film-based tables of the '70s and '80s with Back to the Future, Jaws and E.T. With booming soundtracks to complement the tables, each stage captures the essence of their based-films perfectly. From the magical moments of E.T. to the heart-stopping moments of Jaws, there is a lot to do in each during that great chase for the top of the score leaderboards. While some tables are easier than others, it certainly does not make the experience any less fun, as this pack is a great way to begin the table collections for Pinball FX3.
  4. Oct 18, 2017
    While it is sad that the licenses obviously didn’t include certain speech samples or distinctive music, the quality of the table layout and puzzles is undeniable and reflects the movies they are based on.
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  1. Dec 15, 2017
    Really pleasantly surprised by this game. For free, I got a (modest) graphical upgrade all my old tables (from Pinball FX2). More importantly,Really pleasantly surprised by this game. For free, I got a (modest) graphical upgrade all my old tables (from Pinball FX2). More importantly, PBFX3 introduces new "challenge modes" such as one-ball play, 5-minute high score runs, and tournaments. First time in a long time I've gotten more content for free from a video game developer and I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. Expand