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  1. Mar 16, 2020
    Sure, you'll spend some time watching in hope and fascination as your hero goes bouncing around the board, but you'll actually have some control over what happens thanks to the character skills. As an added bonus, everything comes wrapped in fun cartoon graphics and a sense of humor. If you enjoy arcade puzzlers, you'll definitely want to take Roundguard for a spin.
  2. Mar 25, 2020
    Roundguard is charming and engaging, both in extended sit-down plays and in shorter intermittent play sessions. Silly characters and nemeses draw heavily on established fantasy tropes, and strike the right tone for the light nature of play. Peggle veterans who have longed for a sequel should definitely play this clear homage. But even newcomers to this style of bouncy-ball fun will find a lot to smile about in this friendly dungeon descent.
  3. Mar 12, 2020
    Considering Peggle hasn't seen the light of day in a long time, Roundguard now carries the torch while offering plenty of fun twists.
  4. Mar 16, 2020
    Aside from a few weird game ending issues, Roundguard on Xbox One is decent fun. Fans of Peggle will love what it brings, and even though the roguelike elements don’t always come off, throwing in some dungeon crawling brings a nice touch of variety to the usual peg-puzzling scene.
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  1. Mar 13, 2020
    Roundguard is a spin on the classic PopCap formula firing balls down the screen, with the aim of clearing as many pegs as possible. SuperRoundguard is a spin on the classic PopCap formula firing balls down the screen, with the aim of clearing as many pegs as possible. Super simple action, but difficult to master. Sadly, no new Peggle game has been seen for some time, the last being the Peggle 2 DLCs for Xbox One years ago. However, Wonderbelly Games is picking up where Popcap left off. Roundguard plays very much the same as Peggle. I spent some time with the intricacies and fun around Roundguard, and I realized it was much more than a clone. It’s its own unique, delightful treat and once I started playing, I found it hard to drag myself away from it to write this review. Imagine Peggle‘s gameplay crossed with a Rogue-like dungeon crawler and that best describes Roundguard. It's Peggle on steroids and the 3 characters and randomly generated 3 maps per play through offer a joy for puzzle genre lovers like myself. You must maintain health, mana, and strategy in which items to maintain and dispose of. you’ll unlock a wide range of skills, passive abilities, new weapons and armour to strengthen your hero. It’s just like an ARPG, then, except for the small fact that your character gets repeatedly fired out of a mechanical cannon at the top of the screen like peggle. After clearing a level, you’ll often have a choice of paths to take unless you are in a straight on or boss battle and a press of your RB button will reveal a basic map that’ll show you what rooms await: treasure, monsters, or a boss. Choosing your path carefully can lead to greater rewards, as finding new weapons and equipment along the way can be all the difference between life and death. Not only is it a blast to play, Roundguard looks great thanks to a bright graphics and art style. Despite its similarities to Peggle, it feels entirely original thanks to the clever blend of dungeon crawler mechanics wrapped around Peggle's simple conceptThere really is so much to love here for me personally. Honestly, I challenge you to play Roundguard without enjoying it. The game even offers online leaderboards to challenge friends with. If you are a Peggle fan of old I cannot recommend this game highly enough. Better in many aspects, and just as good in others. Well done Wonderbelly Games, I'll be looking forward to the sequel on my Xbox Series X console! Full Review »