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  1. Dec 12, 2018
    If you’re looking for an strange little alternative to No Man’s Sky then look no further than The Long Journey Home.
  2. Nov 26, 2018
    So, is The Long Journey Home worth it? Overall I’d say yes, the moments of discovery and dealing with alien races makes the experience worth engaging in. My only hope is that the developers introduce a difficulty setting that allows players to dial back the drudgery of resource collection. The good outweighs the bad here, but there’s a much better experience waiting to be discovered underneath the busywork and failure.
  3. Official Xbox Magazine UK
    Feb 27, 2019
    A nice idea, with several fun bits, let down somewhat by poor action sequences.
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  1. Dec 5, 2018
    The different mechanics hold up pretty well on the whole and some of them are interesting and unique which keeps things fresh and interestingThe different mechanics hold up pretty well on the whole and some of them are interesting and unique which keeps things fresh and interesting for longer. I really enjoyed the world in which the game takes place in because it feels alive in almost all areas and interacting always feels worth it. You can tell right from the get go that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the presentation of the game and both the visuals and sound design stand out because of that. There’s a ton of variety present in a number of different aspects and this in turn means the game has a lot in terms of replay ability. The solid tutorial present in the game prepares you for the game. I found the controls to be a little awkward every now and then which did cause me to become frustrated somewhat at times. More weapons would’ve been nice because each weapon basically plays out the same way. The game can be difficult in parts and takes a while to get used to. I love game’s that feel alive because when a game feels alive it makes me want to continue playing and in the end I get more enjoyment from a game of that ilk. Thankfully The Long Journey Home does exactly that and I was very interested throughout my time with the game thanks to its wonderful and creative world. Another thing the game does well is that it eases you in gently and if you still don’t feel confident then the game also delivers a very informative tutorial for you to get to grips with. This tutorial is very important in my opinion because the game does get very difficult at times and it does take quite a bit to get used to. Another thing that takes a bit of getting used to is the controls because they do feel awkward quite a lot of the time. That being said when you do get used to these aspects you realise quite quickly that there’s a few unique mechanics present in the gameplay and when in full flow you realise that the game has a ton of replaybilty. This then means that The Long Journey Home does more than enough to get a solid recommendation from me and if you like game’s of this type then I can guarantee that you’ll get a lot of enjoyment from this game. Thumbs up. Expand