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  • Summary: Set off on an amazing journey through Unknown Fate. Passing seamlessly from the real world into a surreal universe you’ll come across strange characters and unfamiliar artifacts.


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Unknown Fate - Gamescom 2017 Gameplay Trailer
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  1. May 1, 2019
    Unknown Fate on Xbox One is a mixed bag. I love the concept, the world, and the experience that really has compelled me to keep playing. On the other hand, the control system and the game-stopping bugs have ruined things multiple times; thankfully the overall experience has a strong enough lure to make you want to go back.
  2. Apr 26, 2019
    Despite of the interesting initial premise, Unknown Fate lacks in decent gameplay, a good story or an acceptable technical section.
  3. Apr 26, 2019
    Unknown Fate could have been the next Q.U.B.E. had the developer spent less time focusing on mysterious set pieces, and spent more time focusing on refining the game’s functionality and its mechanics. The end result makes for a puzzle adventure that tends to be more convoluted than it needs to be, and far less engaging than it should be. There’s certainly fun to be had, but it’s oftentimes chased away by the game’s lack of care.
  4. May 13, 2019
    This first person adventure game is based on some interesting ideas, but they're very poorly executed with bad narrative, gameplay and many technical problems.
  5. May 8, 2019
    Not only are the ideas of both the narrative and combat experiences not well executed, but the game seems to struggle with an identity crisis. It appears the developers were trying so hard to make environmental interaction a top priority that they forgot to pay attention to the other aspects of the game. Had they delved deeper into Richard’s story with a longer game, and slapped some much-needed polish on the graphics, voice acting and combat, this could’ve been a completely different and exponentially more enjoyable experience. That’s not to say it’s all bad however as they nailed the tone of the game, the soundtrack is great and the object manipulation is pretty satisfying.
  6. May 13, 2019
    At first, it was an eerie nightmare I got excited to become entrapped in. Things start becoming much brighter and the mood is suddenly less appealing. The music even changes (it’s pretty decent though). I quickly began to lose interest because the story never really plays out well. I had some guesses and then it gets even more confusing by the end. It’s even left open for the possibility of a sequel. So the title stays true; it is indeed unknown.
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  1. Apr 25, 2019
    Unknown Fate feels like a walking simulator genre with puzzles which aren't overly challenging so they are enjoyable and combined with theUnknown Fate feels like a walking simulator genre with puzzles which aren't overly challenging so they are enjoyable and combined with the story. Originally presented as a VR title Unknown Fate is a game that takes you on an immersive adventure and at times it succeeds but unfortunately the issues present in the game suffers with does hold its potential back quite considerably despite it's twisted immersion. The presentation side is extremely vivid, crisp, and the art style very unique as is the immersive sound. It also provides a mysterious story which brings you in tune with the game events that unfold before you. The problem is that the gameplay feels unfinished and doesn’t help the immersion and instead it hinders you. The puzzles the game offers are solid although easily forgotten because after the puzzles there’s little else present as the enemies you battle in combat is a dull experience combined by lack of depth in the gameplay doesn’t bring enough to the table. I never felt in full control which did throw up a few frustrating moments so, Unknown Fate is basically a mix of good and not so good. It gets about half wrong and about half right. It is a beautiful and unique adventure which give it a bit extra on top of that. I truly feel its biggest weakness is that it was originally a VR title as I stated early on, and it struggled in transition to reality. I will say this in closing I did find the twisted-ness of the game speak clearly to me which I did in fact quite enjoy. Expand