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  1. Mar 25, 2019
    Xenon Racer is an adrenaline-filled and enjoyable arcade racer with lots of contents, but doesn't bring anything new on the table and feels a bit dated, lacking enough innovation. It's however advised to anyone missing a good Ridge Racer-esque experience on modern consoles.
  2. Apr 1, 2019
    Xenon Racer is a good game that so desperately wants to be great, but it falls short in too many areas to reach that status. Cars feel a bit too weighty while tracks lack life due to low-quality trackside details. The game’s tough learning curve won’t be for everyone, but does offer a greater sense of reward than most games when it comes to making a victory feel like a true accomplishment. Unfortunately, visual problems and a mundane soundtrack hurt the overall presentation. The end result is a game that comes as a mild recommendation for racing fans until some of its issues are hopefully fixed with patches down the line.
  3. Apr 10, 2019
    The content of this game is somewhat scarce, but its arcade gameplay, the variety in the customization of automobiles and the multiplayer, make it a good game.
  4. Apr 17, 2019
    I felt like Xenon was love at first sight. My first 4-5 races were absolutely a blast. Then the warts start showing up and really ruined the experience. I love arcade racers, and when one doesn’t deliver I am not happy. Especially in today’s world where the genre is so dormant seeing a game with so much out-of-the-gate potential stumble before it gets started is such a bummer. Perhaps they will stick with it and patch out some of these issues, but the window for success could be long gone by then. I really wish Namco Bandai would bring back Reiko Nagase and the glorious Ridge Racer series. The time is finally right.
  5. Mar 29, 2019
    If you’re after a racer, then maybe head towards one of last year’s many releases, you know, like the incredible Forza Horizon 4. As for Xenon Racer, it doesn’t match up with modern racers and is sadly one that will probably be forgotten pretty sharpish.
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  1. Mar 28, 2019
    In Xenon Racer the presentation of the visuals and sound by MonsterCat made the a la ridge racer style racing and drifting that much moreIn Xenon Racer the presentation of the visuals and sound by MonsterCat made the a la ridge racer style racing and drifting that much more enjoyable. I was pretty excited to get started on Xenon racer as Sodesco has a long history of making good games, backed with a powerful sound normally present in this genre. The difficulty of this game is a bit extreme, but thankfully the lower difficulty settings made me feel relaxed and enjoyed the variety of ways to drift and control your vehicle. The presentation is stunning to say the least while I would have liked to have seen more vehicle customization options, I thoroughly enjoyed what the visual and sound design brought to the table. The racing controls have the right feeling, tight and responsive with a fluid frame rate, and pack a lunch for your racing hunger. Xenon Racer is fun and enjoyable with plenty of upgrades for you to unlock. The game AI is unforgiving just as well as the ridge racer series, so be prepared to practice and I fully recommend playing on and easier difficulty to get use to the controls and get use to the tracks. While the AI is difficult It never felt Mario Kart in the way you could be half a course in the lead and one wrong move you were passed by 3 competitors. What is here is an over the top visual audio arcade style racing feast. Nice work Sodesco and MonsterCat. Looking forward to what's next. Expand