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  1. Apr 10, 2020
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution is by merit the most comprehensive title in the franchise, and the best way to play the card game virtually today. While it does have certain shortcomings, it's an ode to nostalgia for the franchise's biggest fans, who will enjoy every duel they play in its history mode.
  2. Mar 31, 2020
    Quotation forthcoming.
  3. Mar 24, 2020
    New and old fans alike will find something to love in Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution. Featuring several generations of the iconic series and over 150 duels from the show, there's plenty of content to keep you occupied. It's not the perfect replacement for a physical deck of cards, but it sure comes close.
  4. Apr 17, 2020
    A worthy game of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise, and besides, it's a great card game.
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  1. Mar 30, 2020
    Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist Links Evolution - The classic anime card game returns with this installment. Gameplay wise Links EvolutionYu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist Links Evolution - The classic anime card game returns with this installment. Gameplay wise Links Evolution offers up a vast amount of content for players that fans of the series will gobble up happily. Taking part in Online Multiplayer mode and competing in duels that follow tournament rules will offer countless hours of gameplay alone. Coming to the Single Player modes, you are offered up several modes to take part in, Campaign mode firstly where you can relive all the card dueling action from the Iconic 1st series right through to VRAINS. As you battle through you will unlock characters that can be used in the Dueling mode in Single Player, along with Decks and Cards. Using the battle points gained from dueling you can also purchace various things to boost your custom built or premade decks! Featuring a massive 10,000+ cards there is a huge amount of variety and no deck will ever be truly the same. While some moments of the campaign mode can be very annoying and you are outmatched massively within just a couple of turns (EG: Weevil gets basically gets his Ultimate moth summoned within 1st turn) You can be left feeling utterly hopeless before you can even take a turn and watch on hopelessly as they destroy any monster you summon and drain your lifepoints within a few turns OR you admit defeat and just surrender, HOWEVER believe in the heart of the cards and you will pull through those moments after a few attempts. The visuals are nice, however I honestly felt that it could have done with a boost, feeling slightly dated, however given that this game is pretty much just an updated version of Legacy of the Duelist I suppose a visual update may have been out of the question, and in my opinion the game suffers for it. The controls are very nice and easy to use. Nothing complex here as that is left to the dueling stratagies both employing and countering. There is a few issues out of the box like the constant prompts each turn if you have a trap / spell card that can be used however these can be skipped by holding the B button or disabled and manual activation of card effects turned on in the settings. Overall: For fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh series I would highly recommend this game to as to relive the action of all the series in a single game. For fans of card games this is a possible good addition for you and does offer a nice story line to follow to boot. As a standalone game it could have used some updates to make it feel and look more current but it doesn't deter from the game and is still a good solid game. Full Review »