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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Nov 16, 2021
    I didn’t think that Sherlock Holmes Chapter One would be something I would initially gravitate towards, but I’ve been converted once I felt like a genius after solving my first case, wanting to know more about Sherlock, Jon and his mother’s passing. Not being forced to find one ‘correct’ solution to cases was a breath of fresh air and I was completely content with the ending I received. While it’s not episodic, I’m hoping to get some form of a Chapter Two someday, as I want to see how my Sherlock evolved into the legend.
  2. Dec 6, 2021
    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One brings us a young Sherlock Holmes in an open world adventure that will have you glued to your seat solving mysteries for a long time.
  3. Dec 3, 2021
    Overall, if you like the world of Sherlock Holmes, enjoy a good investigative adventure, or have enjoyed any of the previous games in the series, either new or old, then Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is likely to be a game you will thoroughly enjoy. It has charm, wit, excitement, and plenty of harrowing crimes to chill you to the bone as you explore the picturesque locale of Sherlock’s childhood stomping ground. This is what I always want a Sherlock game to be.
  4. Nov 22, 2021
    Quite possibly developer Frogwares’ most accomplished crack at the iconic detective yet, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One combines a compelling story, detailed world, and involving investigation mechanics to great effect.
  5. Nov 16, 2021
    Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is powered by a brilliant story and the chance to take in some superb cases. The ability to get accusations wrong and to choose whether to save or condemn is a solid touch that allows the game to deliver a great dynamic. There are a ton of hours included here too, with a huge main story and loads of side quests to take in.
  6. Nov 15, 2021
    It wasn’t easy following the extraordinarily ambitious The Sinking City, yet Sherlock Holmes Chapter One takes some of the best ideas of its predecessor and builds on them, combining it with Frogware’s experience with the Sherlock Holmes universe. The result is a game that can feel very rigid and linear at times but excels in the deep and emotional exploration of Sherlock Holmes as a character. The game is full of interesting and memorable cases, even if player decisions and agency barely matter. This game lives in the legacy of old adventure games like the Broken Sword series and if understood as such, this is a wonderful modern adventure game.
  7. Nov 15, 2021
    If you’re keen to test your cerebral matter then Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One will delight frequently. Occasionally clunky it may be, it’s still hugely satisfying and offers some compelling cases to solve. There’s some work to be done to make this the definitive Sherlock Holmes game but for now, revel in its wonders.
  8. Nov 15, 2021
    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a title that comes excruciatingly close to achieving greatness. When you are in the midst of one of the many mysteries that Cordona Island holds, cracking cases and soaking in Frogwares’ fantastic writing, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is up there with the best the series has to offer. Unfortunately, performance issues hold back the open-world exploration to an extent that drags the overall experience down. Nevertheless, even with the technical drawbacks, the main gameplay loop of cracking cases and solving puzzles is stronger than ever and well worth the price of admission.
  9. Nov 15, 2021
    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is a good (re)starting point for the famous detective's video game saga. The mysteries this time are a bit easier, but there are many more contents than usual thanks to the new open-world approach even if the new features would have used a little more development. All in all, the new direction of Sherlock Holmes is definitely the right one and we're eager to see where it will lead in the future.
  10. Nov 24, 2021
    This is one of the best detective titles you’ll play and its story and voice-acting is a pure joy. Just don’t go in expecting any high level of visual sheen, or system fluidity.
  11. Nov 15, 2021
    For its ambitious prequel, Frogwares relied on an open world that enjoys a rather generous scope for a wide range of surveys. These also give the game a very solid lifespan. On the other hand, the proposal proves difficult to measure up on a technical level, with slowdowns, rigid animations and clipping in support. More engaging in its second part, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One offers progressive dynamism and a commendable conclusion. The heart of the adventure lies in its clues to be connected and the accusations to be made, which follow a pattern of investigation which, however, runs out of steam too quickly.
  12. Nov 18, 2021
    I need a little more hand holding than Sherlock Holmes Chapter One gives. I’m not as smart as Sherlock, and found myself bumbling around at times like a lost child. When I was in the zone I was having a good time. The variety of costumes made for a fun time, and the eavesdropping mini game were a good distraction to a worthwhile story. The game has flaws, but those can easily be overlooked with a mountain of fun and interesting mysteries to solve.
  13. Nov 22, 2021
    Despite these issues, it's difficult not to get sucked into Chapter One's web of intrigue. The central mystery is uneventful until its final moments, but the cases surrounding it are consistently excellent, and the role you play in solving them is incredibly gratifying. The open world is more of a backdrop than anything else, but it expands the game with dozens of side cases that are just as alluring as those found in the main story. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One may stumble at times, but it scratches that investigative itch like few games even attempt to.
  14. Nov 16, 2021
    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One seeks to innovate by making the gameplay more free and complete. Truth to be told some technical limitations, still the game remains a pleasant experience without highs.
  15. Nov 16, 2021
    Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One deviates little from the established Frogwares detective game template, but that doesn't stop it from being a compelling adventure and perhaps one of the studio's stronger games overall. It's got a meaty and intriguing core story, loads to see and do off the main path, and some swerving cases that will take some serious sleuthing to come to the right conclusions — I'm not sure what more you could really ask for from a game like this besides that tried-and-tested trifecta, except maybe a little more polish. The lack thereof doesn't hurt the game too much, mind, so if you enjoy solving crimes while being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking, this mid-price mystery should definitely find its way onto your wishlist.
  16. Nov 15, 2021
    Sherlock Holmes Chapter One presents an interesting set of mysteries to solve, but its open-world setting doesn’t really elevate its familiar investigation gameplay to a substantial enough degree, and its combat sections are uniformly dull and repetitive. There are certainly bursts of satisfaction to be earned when you get on a roll with an inquiry, but too often the vague case criteria can cause your sleuthing to stall and force you to fall back on guesswork, while the annoyingly unhelpful advice from Jon only makes these moments feel all the more frustrating. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a decent detective game set in an open-world that’s a bit too elementary.
  17. Nov 15, 2021
    There are a lot of things to admire in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, and when it works, it all comes together in a fantastic new way. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances of clues that perhaps made sense to the team that made it, but not the player. Just when you start finding your stride, a roadblock appears as you struggle to figure out your next steps. The jump to an open-world setting ultimately feels unnecessary and adds to the confusion. Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is not a bad game at all, but the experimental gameplay feels like a missed opportunity that a sequel could perhaps refine.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 29 Ratings

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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 29
  3. Negative: 8 out of 29
  1. Nov 17, 2021
    Just my favorite game ever: great story, interesting characters. I feel being a real detective.
  2. Nov 17, 2021
    Honestly with the latest entry in the Sherlock Holmes series, Frogwares have attempted to create a new take on the character, one that isn’tHonestly with the latest entry in the Sherlock Holmes series, Frogwares have attempted to create a new take on the character, one that isn’t as lacking as the original that was shown in the games prior, yet one who seems like he’s already mastered all what is needed, still with the games new fresh approach in variety and options, and it’s expansion to existing gameplay mechanics and features, the game is able to succeed on becoming the best Sherlock Holmes game that Frogwares has come to made yet, and hopefully if the title preforms well, we’ll be able to receive another entry similar to the title. Full Review »
  3. Nov 28, 2021
    Amazing Graphics. Great Gameplay. Tight Mechanics. Overall one of the BEST Sherlock games so far. You get to see a younger more cockyAmazing Graphics. Great Gameplay. Tight Mechanics. Overall one of the BEST Sherlock games so far. You get to see a younger more cocky Sherlock. The Detective Mechanics are fleshed out & refined. A pleasure to play. If you have enjoyed the other Sherlock games, then you will definitely enjoy this entry to the series. If you got the time pick it up & play today!! Full Review »