Description: Oakvale - a village under siege by corrupted beasts. The fleeing refugees suspect Leshy, the forest spirit, and wish to have him destroyed. The Woodsman thinks otherwise and comes to our hero, pleading for a more peaceful way. Will Ivan bow to the anger of the people, listen to the Woodsman's plea or decide Leshy's fate all on his own? Find out if he's strong enough to defeat the festering corruption, while also crossing paths with vibrant characters such as the fabled Kuma Lisa, the Trinket Kid and Gigi the Loan Shark inside sidequests of their own.


  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: Oct 27, 2022
  • Versus Evil
Publisher: Versus Evil


Bogdan Tanasoiu
Written By: Game Design & Writing
Flaviu Vescan
Written By: Game Design & Writing
Catalin Zima-Zegreanu
Written By: Game Design & Writing
Toby Longworth
Cast: Ivan
Rachel Atkins
Cast: Yaga
Neil McCaul
Cast: Tzar
Ève Karpf
Cast: Grandma
Jess Robinson
Cast: Maria Morevna
Clare Louise Connolly
Cast: Tormented Ghost
David Rintoul
Cast: Koschei
Tim Bentinck
Cast: Goat Priest
Kevin Howarth
Cast: Priest
Alex Jordan
Cast: Pikefish
Glen McCready
Cast: Polevik
Kerry Shale
Cast: Vodnik
Emma Tate
Cast: Widow
Keith Wickham
Cast: Crazed Man
Chris Nelson
Cast: Numerous
Claudio Saez
Sound: dialogue editor