Paramount Pictures | Release Date: April 20, 2001
Summary: The big challenge in Spring 2001 will be not how American TV contestants survive the Australian Outback, but how a simple Aussie survives the City of Angels. Wrestling crocodiles is nothing compared to swimming with sharks in Los Angeles. (Paramount Pictures)
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Runtime: 92 min
Rating: Rated PG for some language and brief violence.
Production: Silver Lion Films
Genres: Adventure, Comedy
Countries: USA, Australia
Language: English
Home Release Date: Sep 18, 2001
Director Credit
Simon Wincer Director
Writer Credit
Eric Abrams Written By
Matthew Berry Written By
Paul Hogan Characters
Principal Cast Credit
Linda Kozlowski Sue Charleton
Paul Hogan Michael J. 'Crocodile' Dundee
Cast Credit
Aida Turturro Jean Ferraro
Alec Wilson Jacko
Betty Bobbit American Lady
David Clendenning English Tourist
Duke Bannister American Tourist
Gerry Skilton Nugget O'Cass
Jere Burns Arnan Rothman
Jonathan Banks Milos Drubnik
Kaitlin Hopkins Miss Mathis
Karen Crone Barmaid Ida
Paul Rodriguez Diego
Serge Cockburn Mikey Dundee
Steve Rackman Donk
Producer Credit
Conrad Hool Co-Producer
Jim Reeve Executive Producer
Kathy Morgan Executive Producer
Lance Hool Producer
Paul Hogan Producer
Perry Katz Co-Producer
Steve Robbins Executive Producer