Human Film | Release Date: October 5, 2012
Summary: Husham works tirelessly to build the hopes, dreams and prospects of the 32 damaged children of war, under his care at a small orphanage in Baghdad’s most dangerous district. Against this threatening backdrop, with funds running desperately low, the bittersweet dramas of childhood play out: 7-year-old SAIF can only remember his dead mother’s name, ‘Mejuda’, as he faces the taunts of other kids in constant playground battles; teenager Mohammed struggles to balance academic life with his search for self-identity ; whilst young Salah fears he may never be able to go to school. When the landlord gives Husham and the boys just two weeks to vacate, a desperate search ensues. (Human Film)
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Runtime: 82 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: http://www.humanfilm.co.uk/in-my-mothers-arms
Production: Human Film
Genres: Drama, War, Family, Documentary
Countries: UK, Netherlands, Iraq
Language: Arabic
Director Credit
Atea Al Daradji Director
Mohamed Al Daradji Director
Cast Credit
Saif Husham Cast
Producer Credit
Atea Al Daradji Producer
Isabelle Stead Producer
Kathryn Adelaide Wilson Assistant Producer
Mohamed Al Daradji Producer