Paramount Pictures | Release Date: December 11, 1998
Summary: The ninth film in the Star Trek series. A Federation investigation of a planet is actually a cover for an insidious plot to destroy its people and steal their secret for longevity. (Paramount)
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Runtime: 103 min
Rating: Rated PG for sci-fi action violence, mild language and sensuality.
Production: Paramount Pictures
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: May 13, 2002
Director Credit
Jonathan Frakes Director
Writer Credit
Gene Roddenberry Creator: "Star Trek"
Michael Piller Story
Rick Berman Story
Principal Cast Credit
Brent Spiner Lt. Commander Data
Gates McFadden Doctor Beverly Crusher
Jonathan Frakes Commander William T. Riker
LeVar Burton Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge
Marina Sirtis Counselor Deanna Troi
Michael Dorn Lt. Commander Worf
Patrick Stewart Captain Jean-Luc Picard
Cast Credit
Anthony Zerbe Vice-Admiral Dougherty
Daniel Hugh Kelly Sojef
Donna Murphy Anij
F. Murray Abraham Ad'har Ru'afo
Gregg Henry Gallatin
Mark Deakins Tournel
Michael Welch Artim
Stephanie Niznik Perim
Producer Credit
Marty Hornstein Executive Producer
Michael Piller Co-Producer
Patrick Stewart Associate Producer
Peter Lauritson Co-Producer
Rick Berman Producer