Netflix | Release Date (Streaming): September 28, 2018
Summary: Alia decides to leave Bangkok and return to Jakarta after her parents die. She and Abel, her teenage sister, move into their childhood home away from the city. But Abel, who is often strange and frightened, dislikes the house. She says there is something else besides them. Alia and Davin, Alia's boyfriend who accompanied Alia, ignores everything Abel says. But Abel's attitude gets worse. Feeling she must help Abel, Alia takes Abel to a psychiatrist. But Abel refuses and she says that she can see those who are already dead because her third eye has been open since childhood. Abel invites Alia to see Mrs. Windu, a psychic who helps Abel. Wanting to prove the things that make no sense in this, Alia asks Mrs. Windu to open her third eye. And slowly, Alia begins to experience unusual events. She sees things no one else can, and the presence of ghosts ask her help. But those who appear at Alia's house hurt her. Their energy is so negative that it can harm Alia and Abel. Without any other place for them to stay, they are forced to remain and ask for Mrs. Windu's help. Can Mrs. Windu assist?
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Runtime: 108 min
Rating: TV-MA
Production: Hitmaker Studios
Genres: Thriller, Horror
Country: ID
Language: Indonesian
Director Credit
Rocky Soraya Director
Writer Credit
Fajar Umbara Screenplay
Riheam Junianti Screenplay
Rocky Soraya Story
Principal Cast Credit
Afdhal Yusman Papah Alia
Anita Hara Mama Alia
Bianca Hello Abel
Citra Prima Mrs. Windu
Denny Sumargo Davin
Derry Drajat Uncle Herman
Epy Kusnandar Mr. Asep
Jessica Mila Alia
Shofia Shireen Young Abel
Voke Victoria Teenage Alia
Cast Credit
Agus Julian Sumarno
Alfi Fahri Sumarno's Son
Asri Handayani Mrs. Sumarno
Daniel Leo Ayah Davin
Dea Rizkyana Tasya (Little Girl On The Wheelchair)
Ladislao Pria Bule Di Cafe
Reni Novita Tasya's Mom (Grieving Mother At Hospital)
Producer Credit
Mohan Nankani Line Producer
Raam Soraya Producer
Rocky Soraya Producer