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Summary: Powerful, personal and uncensored, Barry Avrich's The Reckoning: Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret explores the most explosive scandal in pop culture’s history: sexual misconduct in Hollywood. The film is raw and a culture-change agent. The film begins with an insider’s account of the once-feared and loathsome Harvey Weinstein, and the launch of an emotional movement that led to the evisceration of some of the biggest players in show business. It features devastating accounts from a diverse cast and points a spotlight on the irrefutable facts that propelled these seemingly-invincible players to be protected and their secrets hidden at all costs. [Vertical Entertainment]
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Runtime: 90 min
Rating: Not Rated
Official Site: https://reckoningthemovie.com/
Production: Melbar Entertainment Group
Genres: Documentary
Country: CA
Language: English
Director Credit
Barry Avrich Director
Writer Credit
Barry Avrich Writer
Melissa Hood Writer
Michèle Hozer Writer
Principal Cast Credit
Alan M. Dershowitz Himself
David Carr Principal Cast
Jeanne M. Christensen Principal Cast
Jenn DeLeo Principal Cast
Jesse Berdinka Principal Cast
Joan Collins Principal Cast
Ken Auletta Principal Cast
Rebecca Corry Principal Cast
Terri Conn Herself
Cast Credit
Bandy X. Lee Cast
Dominique Huett Cast
George Hickenlooper Cast
Katherine Kendall Cast
Marie Henein Cast
Producer Credit
Barry Avrich Producer
Caitlin Cheddie Associate Producer
Melissa Hood Producer
Patrice Theroux Executive Producer