Lorber Films | Release Date: February 12, 2010
Summary: How can you explain what has happened to Italy in the age of its current prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi? Videocracy is director Erik Gandini’s critically-acclaimed inquiry into the mercenary underbelly of the high-glitz, low-politics, skin-baring media culture promulgated by Berlusconi’s ownership of the majority of the country’s television stations — a powerful tool in shaping public opinion to his financial and political benefit. Approaching the material as both insider and outsider, Gandini gains remarkable access to the opulent world of Berlusconi’s associates and the armies of willing wannabes that swarm around them, examining the key players (and their conflicted interests) and unveiling a modern Italy as both comedy and tragedy. (Lorber Films)
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Runtime: 85 min
Production: Zentropa Entertainments
Genres: Documentary
Countries: Finland, UK, Denmark, Sweden
Languages: English, Italian
Director Credit
Erik Gandini Director
Writer Credit
Erik Gandini Writer
Cast Credit
Fabio Calvi Himself
Fabrizio Corona Himself
Flavio Briatore Himself
Lele Mora Himself
Lorenzo Paolini Himself
Marella Giovannelli Cast
Nina Heric Herself
Rick Canelli Cast
Samantha Crippa Herself
Silvio Berlusconi Himself
Simona Ventura Herself
Producer Credit
Ann-Louice Dahlgren Associate Producer
Axel Arnö Producer
Erik Gandini Producer
Hanna Storby Assistant Producer
Kristina Åberg Executive Producer
Mikael Olsen Producer
Tobias F. Dahl Assistant Producer