Andrew Garfield's Best Movies, Ranked by Metacritic

From Spider-Man to Jonathan Larson, Andrew Garfield is a versatile performer. Discover his best movies, ranked by Metascore.
by Natalie Oganesyan — 

Andrew Garfield

David M. Benett / Getty Images

Andrew Garfieldis perhaps best known in popular culture as the least-favored Spider-Man in recent iterations. However, as a formidable star who first broke out onto the mainstream with a critically acclaimed supporting turn in 2010's The Social Network, he is certainly much more. A versatile, sublime performer, he has been nominated twice in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category at the Academy Awards (in 2017 for Hacksaw Ridge and this year for tick, tick…BOOM!).

The 38-year-old had a string of movies released last year that catapulted him back into the spotlight. Spider-Man: No Way Home brought closure and peace to his underrated depiction of Spidey; biopic The Eyes of Tammy Faye saw him opposite Jessica Chastain as the titular wife to his corrupt preacher Jim Bakker; and his biopic-adjacent musical exploration of Jonathan Larson in tick, tick…BOOM! was called "sensational," "inspired," and "fizz[ing] with energy and outsize emotion" by Metacritic reviewers.

From historical dramas including Silence to sharp, indie films such as Boy A, Garfield has a captivating screen presence both as a leading actor and member of an ensemble. For fans who want to explore some of his more under-the-radar work, there's the thriller-with-a-message 99 Homes or romantic sci-fi drama Never Let Me Go (which boast a Metacritic score of 76 and 69, respectively). His staple movies — and highest-ranking ones — are must-watches, including The Social Network, which has a near-perfect rating at 95.

Here, Metacritic highlights the top 10 movies Garfield has acted in, ranked by Metascore.

The Social Network

Metascore: 95
Best for: Docudrama enthusiasts, David Fincher fans, Mark Zuckerberg haters
Where to watch:

, Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Vudu
Runtime: 120 minutes

The Social Network traces Zuckerberg's (Jesse Eisenberg) turbulent journey toward founding Facebook, the now-maligned social media company that kick-started a new wave of social media platforms and interactions. From his days at Harvard to his eventual ousting of co-founder Eduardo Saverin (Garfield), this Oscar-winning Fincher and Aaron Sorkin collaboration is a timeless tale of greed, power, and competition. Come for Eisenberg's chilling performance, and stay for Garfield's now-iconic delivery of "You better lawyer up, asshole."

"Keep your eyes on Garfield — he's shatteringly good, the soul of a film that might otherwise be without one. The Social Network is the movie of the year." — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone


Metascore: 79
Best for: Fans of historical drama, religious period piece, and quest movies
Where to watch:

Google Play, HuluiTunesParamount+, Vudu
Runtime: 161 minutes

Helmed by Martin Scorsese, this religious epic sees two 17th century Portuguese Jesuit priests (Garfield and Adam Driver) travel to Japan in hopes of locating their mentor, who has abruptly ceased communicating with them and is rumored to have renounced Catholicism. An Oscar nominee for Best Cinematography, the film is rounded out by cast members Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano, and Ciarán Hinds.

"Building implacable dread and tension from scene to scene, the story is as simple as its underlying ideas are endlessly complex." — Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times

99 Homes

Metascore: 76
Best for: Fans of thriller-drama and social commentary on the corruptible influence of wealth 
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Pluto TV, Tubi, Vudu
Runtime: 112 minutes

Single father Dennis Nash (Garfield) unexpectedly finds himself working for the devious yet charming real estate broker (Michael Shannon) who evicted his family from their home. As he works to regain the foreclosed house for his son and mother (Laura Dern), he effectively transforms into the cause of his demise, acting to evict other families from their homes. Enticed by a world of legal loopholes, wealth, and power, Nash becomes further entrenched in America's rigged home-owning system. 

"This is a tough, muscular, idealistic drama that packs a mighty punch, and Shannon and Garfield are excellent." — Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Boy A

Metascore: 75
Best for: Fans of indie crime drama, reinvention stories, and romance
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes
Runtime: 106 minutes

Jack, née Eric (Garfield), strives to reinvent himself following a long-term stint at a juvenile prison for his involvement in a violent crime. Now 24 years old, he re-enters an unrecognizable adult world, complete with a new job, close work friend, and budding romance. But a chance rescue of an endangered young girl threatens to unravel his carefully constructed persona, threatening his newfound life and relationships should the people around him uncover his dark, hidden past.

"That the audience is forced to examine its own assumptions about the situation is the result of an extraordinary, moving performance by Andrew Garfield." — Stan Hall, The Oregonian

tick, tick...BOOM!

Metascore: 74
Best for: Jonathan Larson enthusiasts, musical fans, all people who worry about meeting their potential 
Where to watch: Netflix
Runtime: 115 minutes

Based on beloved playwright Larson's autobiographical musical of the same name, Lin-Manuel Miranda's adaptation pays tribute to the Rent creator's frenetic dedication to creative pursuits. In 1990, an aspiring composer and waiter (Garfield) struggles to make headway on a potentially life-changing musical showcase amid a trifecta of time-sensitive issues — his girlfriend's wish to move out of New York City, his best friend's urging that he also commit to a glossy corporate job, and the growing AIDS epidemic. A meditation on art, dreams, and ambitions, Larson is left to face the ticking clock and do the most with the time he's given. 

"Deftly expanding the source material into a movie, the film is anchored by a sensational performance by Andrew Garfield as Larson." — Brian Lowry, CNN

Hacksaw Ridge

Metascore: 71
Best for: Fans of war movies, historical/biographical drama, and Saving Private Ryan 
Where to watch:

, Google PlayiTunes, Vudu
Runtime: 115 minutes

Based on the true story of conscientious objector and army medic Desmond Doss (Garfield), the Oscar-winning Hacksaw Ridge follows the story of how one man saved a troop of soldiers in one of the deadliest battles during World War II without carrying a weapon. The war drama traces Doss' romantic life, his path toward armed service, and the backlash — both institutional and interpersonal — he faces for his pacifist views. 

"There isn't a second in…war film Hacksaw Ridge — not even the ones that should register as clichés — that doesn't burn with his peculiar intensity." — David Edelstein, Vulture

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Metascore: 71
Best for: Marvel fans and those who want justice for Garfield's Spider-Man
Where to watch: Still in theaters, but there's an option to pre-order on Vudu
Runtime: 148 minutes

Immediately following the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Tom Holland's Peter Parker — and by extension, his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) and girlfriend MJ (Zendaya) — must deal with the consequences of being unmasked as the web-slinger. When it becomes too overwhelming, he seeks out the help of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), whose spell — which he naturally interferes with — spins out of control into a bona fide disaster, sending a flurry of legendary Spider-Man foes across the multiverse. But he's certainly not alone in his fight, as transdimensional Spider-Men (both Garfield and Tobey Maguire) relinquish their friendly neighborhood titles for more weighty, universe-saving ones.

"A rousing entry that doubles as a love letter to the comic-book character." — Brian Truitt, USA Today

Never Let Me Go

Metascore: 69
Best for: Fans ofBlack Mirror, dystopian romance drama, and Keira Knightley
Where to watch:

, Google PlayHBO Max, iTunes, Vudu
Runtime: 103 minutes

Never Let Me Go, based on Kazuo Ishiguro's acclaimed novel, unravels the threads among three friends (played by Garfield, Knightley, and Carey Mulligan), from their seemingly normal boarding school experience to young adulthood. After leaving their shelter of Hailsham and learning the truth behind their disturbing fate, the trio must contend with buried feelings of jealousy, love, and animosity — all of which threaten to rip them apart. The cast also features Domhnall Gleeson, Charlotte Rampling, and Sally Hawkins.

"It's romantic, profound, and superbly crafted, shot with the self-contained radiance of a snow globe. And it's depressing." — Amy Biancolli, San Francisco Chronicle

The Amazing Spider-Man

Metascore: 66
Best for: Fans of underdog yet somehow cool protagonists, and comic book nerds
Where to watch:

, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu
Runtime: 136 minutes

In Garfield's Peter Parker origin story, the high school social outcast's life is irrevocably changed after he's bitten by a genetically modified spider. Raised by his Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) and Aunt May (Sally Field), he digs deeper into his parents' disappearance, which leads him to the Oscorp lab headquarters and his father's former partner, Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans). As Parker entangles himself further into Connors' web, he must face off with his first nemesis — the latter's alter-ego, the Lizard — all the while balancing being a normal teenager and navigating his first crush (Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy).

"None of this is new to us, but Garfield and [director Marc] Webb make it feel convincingly fresh and exciting." — Mary Pols, Time

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Metascore: 65
Best for: Fans of fantasy, Heath Ledger, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
Where to watch:

, Google Play, Hulu, iTunes, Vudu
Runtime: 123 minutes

A moralistic yet comical tale, the Oscar-nominated film from Terry Gilliam follows a traveling theater company that presents a show unlike any a viewer has ever seen. The troupe's leader (Christopher Plummer), who's made a deal with the Devil, gives audiences a chance to choose between difficult self-enlightenment or blissful ignorance through a personalized magic mirror showcase that reflects their own desires and imaginations back to them. Garfield plays Anton, a member of the troupe who is a sleight-of-hand expert. The Imaginarium also features Lily Cole, Jude Law, Johnny Depp, and Colin Farrell.

"Shot through with a bold, extravagant generosity of spirit, this journey behind the literal and figurative looking glass marks a gratifying return to form for Gilliam." — Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post