10 Shows Like 'SEAL Team' to Watch Next

Get more high-stakes missions in high-stakes TV drama.
by Allison Bowsher — 

'SEAL Team'


Since 2017, the military drama SEAL Team (Metascore: 57) has captivated its fans with its realistic portrayal of life as members of the United States Navy SEALs. The series, which just streamed the finale of its sixth season on Paramount+, also highlights the struggles and sacrifices required by the friends and family members of those who choose to wear a uniform and serve their country. 

David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., Toni Trucks, A.J. Buckley, and Jessica Paré star as members of the Bravo team, a sub-group of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group. The elite members of this group are given orders to infiltrate some of the most hostile and dangerous areas in the world, with their missions taking them away from their loved ones, who they must keep in the dark about their assignments. During the six seasons, the Bravo team has lost troops and witnessed grave tragedies, with many of the show's storylines taken from the experiences of those who have served. Several members of the writing staff are veterans, as are many members of the show's crew, helping to give the series credibility and create authentic storylines. 

Premiering on CBS and moving to Paramount+ with Season 5, SEAL Team has continued to enjoy a loyal fan base that has been riveted by the show's non-stop dramatic storylines and have connected to its celebration of the close-knit relationships held among members of the military. For those who can't get enough of SEAL Team, there are several other military dramas that viewers will want to add to their bingeing lineup while they wait for news on another season of this drama.

Here, Metacritic highlights 10 shows to watch after SEAL Team, ranked by their Metascore.


Damian Lewis (left) in 'Band of Brothers'


Band of Brothers

Metacritic: 87
Best for: History buffs and anyone who enjoys critically acclaimed dramas
Where to watch:

, , , ,
Seasons: 1

Few miniseries have commanded the amount of praise and respect bestowed upon Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks' 2001 project Band of Brothers. Inspired by real events and actual soldiers, the 10-episode Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series follows members of the U.S. military's Easy Company as they train stateside and eventually land in Europe in the midst of WWII. Applauded for its stunning depiction of what life was like for soldiers during the war, the series boasts an incredible cast of then-knowns and unknowns, including Damian Lewis, Ron Livingston, David Schwimmer, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, and Andrew Scott.

"It doesn't even look like a TV miniseries — it's more like 10 theatrical films that do an amazing job re-creating battles." — Scott D. Pierce, Deseret News


Mandy Patinkin and Claire Danes in 'Homeland'



Metacritic: 81
Best for: Drama fans with an interest in Middle Eastern politics
Where to watch:

, , , , , ,
Seasons: 8

Another Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series that will keep viewers on the edge of their sofas is Homeland. The series is anchored by Claire Danes, who stars as bipolar CIA operative Carrie Mathison. When al-Qaeda returns a Marine prisoner of war (Damian Lewis) to the U.S., Carrie suspects that he has been turned by those who held him captive. The series expands to include additional missions, with Carrie as the brilliant but troubled lead. Both Danes and Lewis took home multiple awards for their roles in a series that is stacked with incredible performances, including Mandy Patinkin as Carrie's supervisor and Morena Baccarin as Lewis' wife who believed her husband had died in the Middle East. 

"At its best, what Homeland achieves better than most is tapping into not just the apprehensions raised by terrorism — and the sacrifices undertaken by those who combat it — but also the moral and political tradeoffs associated with that struggle." — Brian Lowry, Variety


The cast of 'Generation Kill'


Generation Kill

Metacritic: 80
Best for: War drama fans who miss The Wire
Where to watch:

, , , ,
Seasons: 1

Like SEAL Team, the HBO miniseries Generation Kill also enlisted the help of veterans to tell a realistic story about a group of U.S. Marines who have boots on the ground during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The seven-part series is based on war reporter and Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright's novel of the same name, with Wright serving as a writer along with The Wire's David Simon and Ed Burns. Lee Tergesen stars as Wright alongside Alexander Skarsgard, Jon Huertas, and Rudy Reyes, a former Marine who plays himself in the series. The Emmy-winning Generation Kill provides a gritty and uncensored look at the life of Marines during the Iraq invasion, highlighting the physical, mental, and emotional toll endured by soldiers and, in some scenes, the people of Iraq.

"An engrossing, detailed military character drama, Generation Kill is a modern-day Band of Brothers,a warts-and-all account that hits closer to home because it depicts such recent events." — Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


From left to right: Scott Speedman and Andre Braugher in 'Last Resort'


Last Resort

Metacritic: 74
Best for: Those worried about the level of violence depicted in these shows and those interested in the politics of service-time decisions
Where to watch:

, , , ,
Seasons: 1

The Last Resort ended after only one season, but the military drama shows great promise with an impressive cast that includes Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, and Robert Patrick. Braugher leads the series as Captain Chaplin, whose U.S. Naval submarine and its inhabitants are deemed enemies of the state when they refuse to fire nuclear missiles on Pakistan. Chaplin and his team enjoy a temporary safe haven on a fictional French island, but soon find that their refusal to follow orders has become an international incident. 

"The series manages to be both entertaining and self-reflexive, populist and purposeful, and that's a rare thing in and of itself." — Phillip Maciak, Slant


The cast of 'Strike Back'


Strike Back

Metacritic: 71
Best for: Viewers who like the intersection of military dramas and espionage
Where to watch:

, , ,
Seasons: 8

For an international take on terrorism and life in the military, SEAL Team fans will likely enjoy the BBC production Strike Back. For eight seasons, the lead character reins are handed down through several impressive actors, including Richard Armitage and Sullivan Stapleton. The action-packed, fast-paced series is based on a novel by Special Air Service (SAS) soldier Chris Ryan and opens with a team of SAS members in Iraq during the 2003 invasion. The drama examines terrorism in the Middle East but also expands to Europe and South America in later seasons as more characters, including various military intelligence officers and CIA operatives, are introduced with dangerous new missions. 

"Strike Back unfolds quickly and confidently with brilliantly choreographed fight sequences and the exotic locales." — Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times


From left to right: John Krasinski and Wendell Pierce in 'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan'

Amazon Studios

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Metacritic: 64
Best for: Action fans who are familiar with the Jack Ryan book or movie series
Where to watch:

, , ,
Seasons: 2 (so far)

Thanks to The Office and the hugely successful Jack Ryan books and films, Amazon Prime's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan already had a sizeable built-in audience when it premiered in 2018. But the series has worked hard to keep its viewers, with John Krasinski's title character seemingly in a constant state of danger as he flies planes, rides motorcycles, fights baddies, and looks cool doing it all. The series may not have the same sense of reality grounded in SEAL Team, but it has just as much action, with the former MArine battling terrorists and eventually his own government, along with the help of his trusted team, including characters played by Michael Kelly and Wendell Pierce

"Ryan's part of the story is a breeze: He's the good soldier, here to save the day. Sometimes he'll face some sort of moral dilemma, but it's never too difficult to guess what the outcome will be. The rest of the series is much thornier, and all the more real for it." — Karen Han, Vox


Eric Dane (front) in 'The Last Ship'


The Last Ship

Metacritic: 60
Best for: Viewers who like their military shows to focus more on entertainment than plausibility
Where to watch:

, ,
Seasons: 5

Like Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, The Last Ship is another Michael Bay production, which means viewers never have to wait long for a high-octane action sequence. The series isn't based in reality, as SEAL Team is, but it does explore military dynamics and the close-knit relationships of those serving together. Eric Dane stars as Admiral Tom Chandler, the commander in charge of the USS Nathan James. When a pandemic annihilates most of the world's population, the service men and women on board are tasked with finding a cure. The series offered plenty of entertainment value when it was released in 2014, but in 2022, the pandemic angle gives the show a much more dramatic edge. 

"One doesn't expect a whole lot of nuance from Last Ship maestro Michael Bay, who's also produced all four Transformers movies, with another one in the works. You just sit back, swallow this thing whole and wait for sturdy, studly, stolid Captain Chandler to fire off another round of uniformed rhetoric." — Ed Bark, Uncle Barky


The cast of 'Station 19'


Station 19

Metacritic: 55
Best for: Drama fans who like a healthy dose of romance with their shows
Where to watch:

, , , , ,
Seasons: 6 (so far)

For those who are more interested in the camaraderie of the characters on SEAL Team and less in the military-centric storylines, there's Station 19. The Grey's Anatomy spin-off has plenty of drama and action thanks to its setting in a Seattle fire station, but the Station 19 team members also share their personal triumphs and heartaches with one another. Jason George stars as Dr. Ben Warren, who began his shift on the flagship drama as an anesthesiologist and later surgical resident. After assisting in several highly intense rescues inside Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, Ben decides to make a career leap to firefighter, where he finds a new crew of co-workers who soon become family. And because this is a Shonda Rhimes production, there are plenty of sexy times at the office. 

"Like other Rhimes productions, the show is very much a work of capital-T Television, a turbocharged melodrama in which twists and surprises transpire with comforting predictability." — Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times


The cast of 'SIX'

History Channel


Metacritic: 54
Best for: Viewers who want to see an even more serious take on SEAL Team
Where to watch:

, , ,
Seasons: 2

SIX walked so SEAL Team could run. The History Channel's drama follows members of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), aka SEAL Team Six. These military personnel are responsible for dealing with terrorist groups, with their elite training constantly being used in highly dangerous and classified missions. Walton Goggins stars as Rip Taggart, a former SEAL Team member who is captured while protecting an all-girls school in Nigeria. When his former teammates hear about his kidnapping, they set out to rescue Rip and the students who have been taken. The second season focuses on the fallout of the mission while the SEAM Team members are put into harm's way many more times to save others. 

"Six is not Band of Brothers or even Generation Kill, and it doesn't always get the balance of its many storylines right (though I respect it trying). Still, it's an engaging series that could continue to get better as it goes deeper with the drama and character building." — Allison Keene, Collider


Mike Vogel and Anne Heche in 'The Brave'


The Brave

Metacritic: 54
Best for: Those looking to keep the military-show binge going
Where to watch:

Seasons: 1

The Brave is another military drama that only got one season and tried to use the most of its time to deliver non-stop action. The late Anne Heche stars as a Deputy Director of the DIA Patricia Campbell opposite Mike Vogel, who plays Captain Dalton, a communications director for a Special Operations team in the CIA. When an American doctor is kidnapped by terrorists, the group must follow orders from Patricia and travel around the world to retrieve the doctor and stop a larger terrorist attack from occurring. The Brave wasn't a huge hit with critics, but it definitely scratches the itch for more military stories, should you still be in the market for them after all of the other titles on this list.

"The Brave's patriotism and its approach to dealing with threats to Americans is cathartic. Plausible? You'll have to find another series for that." — Mark A. Perigard, Boston Herald