Gifts for 'Supernatural' and 'The Winchesters' Fans

There are so many ways to spot 'Supernatural' fans in the wild; here are some gift ideas for the one in your life.
by Danielle Turchiano — 

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles in 'Supernatural'

The CW

For 15 years, Supernatural delivered monsters of the week and epic showdowns between two very special brothers and the demons and heavenly creatures they fought, including God himself (and his sister!). It also delivered the Warner Bros. consumer products department epic amounts of official merchandise opportunities, in addition to fan-created art and other items. Somehow in all of that time, we never got an official LEGO set of either Baby, the beloved 1967 Chevy Impala, or the Men of Letters bunker Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) called their home base in the later seasons. But from Funko Pop! figures to diecast cars and so, so many pieces of clothing with the boys' faces and/or most quotable lines of dialogue, Supernatural fans could spot each other in the wild very easily.

The show may be over now, but that doesn't mean the time to celebrate it with collectibles and other pieces of merchandise has passed. For one thing, the prequel spin-off The Winchesters, which expands the origin story of Dean and Sam's parents, Mary and John (now played by Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger, respectively), provides ample opportunity for new branded items featuring the family name — and they have a new car, to boot.

See below for some gift options for the Supernatural and/or The Winchesters fan in your life.

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'Cards Against Supernatural' game


'Cards Against Supernatural'

GameCraftsCo on Etsy
  • List price: $50

If you're familiar with the Cards Against Humanity party game, then you already know how to play Cards Against Supernatural — only the people you choose to play this game with need to be much more specific. Only the biggest Supernatural fans will really know how to best fill in the blanks on the black cards with whichever white cards they draw to maximize in-jokes, references, and lore.

Winchester Bros. distressed vintage shirt


Winchester Bros. distressed shirt

Mamapower on Etsy
  • List price: From $22.50

Looking to pay tribute to the boys who saved the world (many times over)? This bleached (for a distressed and vintage look) shirt features familiar iconography to anyone who grew up with the original series, from the devil trap symbol, to the "saving people, hunting things" motto, to the "established" date being 1983, the year Mary was killed and John turned his and his son's lives upside down to hunt the demon that killed her. The shirt comes in a variety of colors, but if tee shirts aren't your thing, the design is also available on tank tops, sweatshirts, and sweatpants.

Ugly holiday sweater


'Supernatural' ugly holiday sweater 

  • List price: $54

The next time you queue up your DVDs or streaming service of your choice to watch "A Very Supernatural Christmas," you might want to be cozy in this sweater. Well, technically it's more like a sweatshirt because the design is heat-dyed on, rather than woven in, but either way, it's a way to show off your favorite fandom while also being festive at holiday parties throughout the winter seasons. Although it's advertised as an ugly Christmas sweater, there is no religious iconography on it — well, not unless you consider Sam, Dean, and/or pie your religion.

Castiel plush


Castiel plush

  • List price: $40

If you need a little angel to cuddle in your life, look no further than this adorable 6.5-inch plush. The company that makes it considers it a decorative item, not a toy, so it might not be suitable for young children or pets, but it can still be played with in gentle ways, such as reenacting your favorite scenes, especially if you also buy the Sam and Dean plush dolls too. You can buy all three for less than $100.

John Winchester's journal


John Winchester's journal

  • List price: $17

Admittedly, this journal was first published in 2017, so it doesn't take into account the fact that the prequel spin-off proves John actually started hunting long before his wife was killed. (Therefore, notes in the journal talk about him encountering creatures for the first time when ... maybe that's not true anymore?) But at almost 200 pages there is plenty of room for you to add in new notes and lessons from the new show, or simply use it to store other cherished memories, thoughts, and feelings. His notes and drawings don't take up the whole book, leaving plenty of room for your own. The journal, which is designed to look as if it is leather-bound, also features a back pocket to hold photos, receipts, or other important slips that you don't want to glue or tape down inside.

Anti-possession blanket


Anti-possession blanket

  • List price: $45

It's not permanent protection the way a tattoo would be, but that just makes it suitable for the whole family. You can cozy up under this 50-inch by 60-inch woven cotton blanket adorned with the infamous devil's trap while streaming the original series or while tuning into new episodes of The Winchesters on Tuesday nights on The CW. It is a black blanket with black fringe on the sides and a white design for a clean, modern look.

Baby metal poster


1967 Chevy Impala metal poster

  • List price: From $44 (price ranges by size and finish)

This metal poster of a 1967 Chevy Impala isn't technically of Baby (peep that different license plate), but it is one of the more artistic renderings of many Supernatural fans' favorite supporting character. And you might be able to easy cover the incorrect license plate with the correct one, if you don't mind a little 3-D effect on the poster anyway. Created by David Pick, this poster comes in two sizes, can be either a glossy or matte finish, and can be purchased with or without a frame. (If with, you have multiple color options.)

Baby plush


Baby plush

  • List price: $26

If you'd prefer to hug Baby than hang it on the wall and gaze at it lovingly, this plush toy is for you. It's almost a foot long in length and intended for children over the age of 3 (so not necessarily suitable for pets either). It's not 100-percent picture accurate, as it is the two-door Impala, not the four-door sedan Dean convinced John to buy and then later inherited, but it does feature the first license plate seen on the show (Kansas KAZ 2Y5).

What Would The Winchesters Do? tee


What Would The Winchesters Do? tee

  • List price: From $24 (price ranges by style)

Since The Winchesters is only in its first season, there isn't any official merchandise from Warner Bros. celebrating it just yet. But if you want to show your love for that demon-hunting family overall, check out this What Would The Winchesters Do? t-shirt. The answer may be different, depending on which Winchester comes to mind when that question is raised — which means it should be quite the conversation-starter with the people you encounter. The shirt comes in various fits and colors, though the design is always black lettering on a solid color tee.

Always Keep Fighting moose pj pants


AKF moose pj pants

  • List price: $35

Padalecki's Always Keep Fighting message is alive and well, well beyond the end of his demon-hunting drama, and you can continue to show your support for it, him, and charity (a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these pants go to the Wounded Warrior Project) while staying warm and cozy. The pants are unisex fit and a cotton-polyester blend. They come in one color: black with white letters and green moose heads.