'The White Lotus' Season 2: Who Is Dead and Who Are the Chief Suspects?

Metacritic breaks down the top guesses following the premiere's take on la dolce vita.
by Amber Dowling — 

'The White Lotus' Season 2


Warning: This story contains spoilers for the first five episodes of The White Lotus Season 2. Read at your own risk!

The White Lotus is back for Season 2, presenting a new wave of privileged white folks vacationing at the titular luxe resort in Sicily, along with the employees and locals affected by them. And that means one thing: another season of breaking down potential murders and suspects. 

The premiere episode opens with new character Daphne (Meghann Fahy) raking in the final few sun-soaked hours of her vacation, only to discover a body floating in the ocean during one last quick dip. Upon further investigation, White Lotus manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) learns several bodies are being bagged up in front of the horrified guests. 

Since then, we've gotten to know these shady characters and their darkest secrets. Throughout the first five episodes of the season, the story grew darker and more complex, unraveling new clues as to which bodies are the ones that washed up on the shore and who the murderer — or murderers — may be. 

Read on as Metacritic breaks down the most likely characters to kill and be killed as the back half of the season unfolds.

The Dead

At this point, it's unclear whether these deaths are accidental or murders, although that doesn't exactly change the current body count. So, who are these people floating in the water? There are some working theories:

Cameron (Theo James)

The creep vibes are strong with Cameron in the beginning when he winks at Harper (Aubrey Plaza) on the boat and then fully undresses in front of her while borrowing a bathing suit. Plus, while Cameron's friendship with Ethan (Will Sharpe) goes way back, his motivations in inviting Harper and Ethan to Italy seems suspect. 

After all, he wants Ethan to invest in his company. So maybe his painting on a "good time, let's party" face and attitude is masking something more complicated. If he's really struggling financially, could things go south for him if an investment does not come? 

Not only that, but he may carry a torch for his former roommate based on his jokes about wanting to be inside of him. Add in some of Cameron's other shenanigans, like cheating on his wife, not paying for all services rendered, and his casual Molly use, and there are several people who may want him dead. Or, there's a good set up there for an accidental death, at any rate. 

Greg (Jon Gries)

Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) and Greg are now married, but he treats her worse than he did in the first season. Tanya seems desperate to make things work (and for someone to love her in general) and is once again oblivious to how her actions affect others. But also, Greg is playing Tanya, based on his phone conversation with that unidentified person he says he really loves and for whom he leaves Tanya in Sicily. All of that together doesn't exactly bode well for him. 

Add in the fortune teller, who sets Tanya off at the mere mention of another woman, plus Tanya's new BFFs who are opening her eyes to the tragedies of love, and it seems likely that Greg could be on the list of dead people — assuming he returns to Sicily.

"The Gays"

Tanya's new friends have a boat, which seems like a pretty big clue. Should something happen to them there, that could easily explain how so many bodies wind up in the water at once. It's easy to imagine Tanya exposing Quentin (Tom Hollander) and his trysts with the young man he calls his nephew, Jack (Leo Woodall), leading to chaos breaking loose on deck. Especially since Jack and Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) have also become something of a thing. 

Mia (Beatrice Grannò) and Lucia (Simona Tabasco)

If there's anyone who is overstaying their welcome at the White Lotus it's Mia and Lucia, who are continuously on the hunt for rich men — and women. The show makes a huge point to explain how the bodies in the water are guests, but it also keeps reminding viewers that, technically, Mia and Lucia are officially registered guests of the hotel thanks to Dominic (Michael Imperioli) putting their names on his and his father's rooms.

If those are their bodies, the twist would be in line with the show letting the rich off the hook, despite horrible behavior, while the locals suffer. 

Ethan (Will Sharpe)

Early on, Daphne makes comments about spousal murder, which immediately conjures images of any of the husbands dying. That makes it worth pointing out that Ethan's relationship with Harper isn't as blissful as it seems on the surface, which is another indicator things might worsen. Meanwhile, Ethan is also finally standing up to Cameron and throwing his brains and money in his former roommate's face, and so far Cameron isn't reacting well to any kind of adversity. After the wild night they had together that included Cameron hiring escorts, doing drugs, and having sex on Ethan's couch, even murder might be possible. Especially because Ethan isn't likely to take some of the blame for the night (or anything else) if Cameron asks him to cover for him.

The Murderers

Assuming these deaths aren't the result of some fishing or scuba expedition gone wrong, the following characters seem to be the most likely to tap into their dark, murderous sides. 

Albie (Adam DiMarco)

Albie could wind up being the worst of the Di Grasso men if he becomes a murderer, which is sad since right now he's still the most innocent. But, as he falls deeper into a "relationship" with Lucia, it may come back to bite him. Right now he believes this woman is a victim of her circumstances thanks to her stories and the mysterious threatening man in town. But if it turns out she's playing him and she hired that guy or asked him for a favor, he may realize he has become like his dad and grandfather, and he may snap. 

Or, he may maintain his innocence but still take lethal action to protect the woman he keeps bringing back to his hotel room (for a cool 2,000 euros a night).

Dominic (Michael Imperioli)

A more likely suspect, though, is Albie's dad, who straight up asks Lucia to leave his son alone and she refuses. He has everything to lose by the women being his hotel guests: his family, his money, and any shot at earning back his son's respect. Those are plenty of motives for murder.


The show sets up several motives for Cameron to become a killer. Right now he owes Lucia and Mia some cold hard cash, and if they push for it, he could go into a rage. But the guy is also building up tension with Ethan, and all signs point to that friendship ending poorly. Is Cameron capable of murder? At this point, it's hard to think of anything his privileged mind isn't capable of.  


Given how much Cameron screws up Ethan's life while at the resort (not paying for escorts, having a threesome in front of his friend only for Harper to find out, continuously hitting on Harper), Ethan could certainly want him dead. Or Ethan could accidentally snap when Cameron eventually takes things one step too far. After all, it's always the quiet ones who have the most rage inside. 


Tanya is one of the most likely suspects after her reading with the fortune teller, but she also seems like the most likely character to kill someone by accident. Perhaps she contemplates suicide but someone else dies instead. Or perhaps she does start some kind of commotion, which leaves Greg, Quentin, or even Portia in the line of fire.

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