Bob Illes

Biography: Southern California native, raised in Los Angeles. Attended LA City schools, and University of Southern California school of Telecommunications and Journalism. Wrote monologues for Bill Cosby. First agency - William Morris. First agent - Michael Ovitz. Among charter clients for Creative Artists Agency. Emmy awards for Lily Tomlin Special and Carol Burnett Show. Nominations for America 2Night and Dick Van Dyke & Company special. Also "Night Stand", "Sister,Sister", co-creator of "Goode Behavior", "City Guys", "Love They Neighbor" starring Sherman Hemsley, "Bent Reality" a pilot for Vin DiBona... Current projects - creator/writer/exec.producer of Nickelodeon pilot "Louie and Matsui"; creator /producer "Peter Parrot's First 100 Years" (working title), an animated feature film for Disney, and "David and The Phoenix" animated motion picture for Disney Feature Animation.

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tbd Sister, Sister: Season 3 Sep 6, 1995 Writer tbd
tbd Family Matters: Season 6 Sep 23, 1994 Writer tbd
tbd Family Matters: Season 4 Sep 18, 1992 Writer tbd
tbd Silver Spoons: Season 3 Sep 16, 1984 Writer tbd
tbd Double Trouble: Season 1 Apr 4, 1984 Writer / Creator tbd
tbd Silver Spoons: Season 2 Oct 15, 1983 Writer tbd
tbd Silver Spoons: Season 1 Sep 25, 1982 Writer tbd
tbd Flo: Season 2 Oct 27, 1980 Writer tbd
tbd Flo: Season 1 Mar 24, 1980 Writer tbd
tbd The Love Boat: Season 1 Sep 24, 1977 Writer tbd
tbd The Captain and Tennille: Season 1 Sep 20, 1976 Writer tbd
tbd What's Happening!!: Season 1 Aug 5, 1976 Writer tbd
tbd Sanford and Son: Season 3 Sep 14, 1973 Writer tbd