Brian Harnois

Biography: Brian has been interested in the paranormal since age 11, when he had a paranormal experience at a friend's house. Prior to coming to TAPS, he was in the air force as a military police officer in Minot, ND. He was the found of Rhode Island Paranormal, and then later joined TAPS. He has completed over 500 paranormal investigations, and has seen just about every kind of paranormal activity there is known at this time.

When Brian is not investigating the paranormal, he writing a book about his experiences. He is a fan of Star Wars and Darth Vader.

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tbd Ghost Hunters International: Season 1 Jan 9, 2008 Tech Manager tbd
tbd Ghost Hunters: Season 3 Oct 11, 2006 Investigator / Investigator [Archive Footage] / Investigator tbd
tbd Ghost Hunters: Season 2 Jul 27, 2005 Investigator tbd
tbd Ghost Hunters: Season 1 Oct 6, 2004 Case Manager / Investigator [Archive Footage] / Investigator 5.8