Edward Mulhare

Biography: Born in Ireland, actor Edward Mulhare built up his stage and film reputation in all corners of the world. Mulhare happened to be in Israel when he made his first film in 1955. His subsequent screen roles ranged from the benign priest in Von Ryan's Express (1965) to the megalomaniac villain in Our Man Flint (1966). In 1957, Mulhare made his Broadway debut, replacing Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins in the long-running musical My Fair Lady; before long the actor was globetrotting again, touring with the My Fair Lady company in the Soviet Union. In 1968, Mulhare again replaced Harrison after a fashion, starring in the American TV sitcom The Ghost and Mrs. Muir as the ghostly Captain Gregg--a role originated by "sexy Rexy" in the 1947 film version of the same property. TV action aficionados are most familiar with Edward Mulhare for his work as the erudite, impeccably dressed Devon Miles in the 1982-86 weekly series Knight Rider, a role he recreated in a 1991 "reunion" TV-movie.

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Title: Year: Credit: User score:
tbd Knight Rider (1982): Season 1 Sep 24, 2008 Devon Miles 8.1
tbd Murder, She Wrote: Season 3 Sep 28, 1986 Julian Lord tbd
tbd MacGyver: Season 2 Sep 22, 1986 Guy Roberts tbd
tbd Murder, She Wrote: Season 2 Sep 29, 1985 Richard Bennett tbd
tbd Knight Rider (1982): Season 4 Sep 20, 1985 Devon Miles 7.2
tbd Knight Rider (1982): Season 3 Sep 30, 1984 Devon Miles 7.8
tbd Knight Rider (1982): Season 2 Oct 2, 1983 Devon Miles 7.6
tbd Battlestar Galactica (1978): Season 1 Sep 17, 1978 John 6.3